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  1. "I'm part of the common sense party here". haha love it Carol. Talk about telling it like it is. Your awesome, keep it up!!

  2. So Obama's balanced approach to deficit reduction is to tax the "rich" $250k (which includes most small businesses). No spending cuts. A proposed 50 Billion dollar stimulus–which all but wipes out any revenue gained from the tax hike. And to top it all off he requests unilateral, dictatorial power to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval.

    Sounds like a great idea if you are planning on bankrupting the country.

  3. Warren Buffet wants to raise taxes on the rich because he's an insider… (He's on the receiving end of big Government spending….) … Also, lets take a look at Warren Buffets past record on how he feels about taxation… (by the way CNN has recently edited this video on their site and cut off most of what you said at the end)…

  4. Let's also note that you could tax everyone making $250,000 + at a rate of 100% and Government would blow through it in about 140 days… Taxing will NOT solve anything. Need to cut spending drastically.

  5. Carol – I agree in part here with your views, not a solution FULL STOP, but Part of the pronged approach to a sustainable solution. If you could explain why additional revenue would not be a good thing then maybe the idea of not raising taxes on the more affluent in the society would have more proponents.

  6. And I love how everyone thinks obama spends every dollar that comes in. Dont forget your congress and the ridiculous bills they may put forward.

  7. @cacman1993 did you calculate the total cost of heartache and kids growing up without fathers or the total cost of lives lost. Or the constant deployments and emotional sacrifice? Probably not and neither are these politicians that is why we are in the mess. No valid reason we should be over there.

  8. 1. Why should the tax evader, Warren Buffett, be an authority on fiscal policy?
    2. The top 1 percent of income earners pay roughly 37 percent of income taxes and the top 5 percent pay 59 percent. Can any liberal tell me what EXACTLY their "fair share" should be?

  9. 1. Given he is pretty good at dodging taxes, he can probably give your government a tip or two on how to better tax the rich.

    2. Because that is still only taxing the rich at an average of what, 15%? That is more than what the likes of Buffett or Romney pay. What is the average person in your country paying (I don't know the number, but may be worth taking a look at)? Their fair share would be one that at least matches this.

  10. Piers, if your goal is peace and understanding you're going to need to stop being so aggressive and condescending (vocabulary choice, tone of voice). And it's blatantly obvious to everyone: That you enter every discussion like you've already won it. Resulting in, among other things, all interviewees and you the interviewer yelling your heads off at each other. I actually can't hear anything yall are saying.

  11. Really bad interview; I disagree fundamentally with everything she says but she should still have had a chance to make her points without interruption or being shouted down.

  12. CBO estimates on the Bush Tax Cuts will "cost us" 800 billion over 10 years. That's 80 Billion per year. The current ANNUAL budget deficit is 1.6 Trillion. That's less than 8% of the current budget deficit. The tax cuts are a distraction from the real issue, unsustainable government spending.

  13. A fair tax would be one flat rate of XX% or XX dollars but liberals don't want that when they cry fair share. Progressive taxes aren't going away though the government likes to have control of an economy and people's behaviors.

    As for Buffet if his name was General Electric I doubt you'd be defending him. A wealthy man supporting a political party a wealthy corporation supporting a political party.

  14. "Raising taxes would be detrimental to everybody." Right, just like how we did terribly from the transition from the Great Depression to post-WWII. There was some sort of tax hike and spending in between, I forget why.

  15. The liberals always overlook the fact that after paying the majority of tax revenues already, the rich are double taxed at an incredibly high rate with the death tax.. They pay more than their fair share. And who is generally taxed to death when under progressive policy rates are hiked? S corporations. The most common type of high profit, high employee small business that becomes taxed out of business or out of the country. Small business makes up 80% of the job market. DUH libs! THINK.

  16. I should have said "under progressive policy WHEN rates are hiked"..(derp) Oh well, it's late & I should be sleepin' 😉

  17. Compare government spending and GDP and you'll find that's nearly 40%. The governement spends 40 cents of every dollar we make. Very simple stuff.

  18. Right. Cuz it's not like there were ANY OTHER factors during that period of time that could have POSSIBLY contributed. Certainly not our dealings with a post-War Europe. Nope, it HAD to have been taxes.

  19. Well said. The idea that not stealing from people is somehow "costing" us is a dangerous and calculated lie. It is spending that costs us, not tax cuts.

  20. Good lord, she didn't dismantle the opposing argument whatsoever.
    I think 8 mins to get across both sides is no where near enough time for a thorough comparison, nice try though Carol.

  21. She was slightly wrong about the "Clinton Surplus". He never ran a surplus


  22. We had high tax rates during the Great Depression, they don't work except to tank the economy! The world economy is not the same as it was after the second world war.

  23. This 'Nose Job Nancy' is just another useless
    FOX dolt toeing the party line.
    Democrats ALWAYS END UP cleaning Republican messes.
    Roth and Levin are proof positive that not all Jews are smart
    and WILL sell out with the best of them

  24. Warren Buffet always says rich people don't pay enough in taxes, but then structures his income so as to not be considered "income", so that he pays no taxes on it, and…..AND, he doesn't offer to pay any more to support his view. Shocker.

    Do the math folks. Warren Buffet cares not about you.


    I totally disagree that Clinton's last year had a surplus. 1999 and 2000 both show increasing national debt.

  26. How come barley any jobs were created when Bush was in office how come these business tycones didnt invest in American jobs with lower taxes? I'll tell you why because if they ship these jobs over seas that means they pay their workers shit money for hard work and save money and with the low taxes they take home a bigger cut of the pie and pocket the God damn money they dont care about investing in American jobs they showed that back in the Bush era and people got fed up with the bullshit Aand said enough is enough mother fuckers time to pay the check.

  27. How can normal people be so brainwashed to refuse to support IMMEDIATELY a fair tax on the riches? Really, this has nothing to do with left and right or with how much will this help. Of course this will not fix all the problems. But still, why should a normal person NOT support this? I mean, it's just common sense. The damages of decades of propaganda on the human brain are terrible.

  28. Robert Reich is wrong all the time. He's like Krugman. And whenever you hear that nebulous phrase, Fair Share, run for cover. The speaker is an idiot.

  29. What the idiot on the Left fail to understand is that putting money into the black hole called government is a bad investment. It's a waste of money.

  30. WE DON'T HAVE GUNS TO OUR HEADS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    You forget about the IRS?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. Bill Clinton balanced the budget after 12 years of Reagan and Bush Sr. quadrupling the debt. Don't give me the crap that he had a republican congress because Bush had a republican congress and ruined the balanced the budget he inherited and left Obama with a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. BTW, Obama cut the deficit he inherited by two thirds. Democrat Presidents are better with our money than republicans.

  32. Carol, did Clinton add SSecurity revenues collected that year on to the plus side of the budget to sum up the 70 Billion surplus?

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