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your awakening message begins now so open your soul maybe that is for you it is with great pleasure that
consciousness in frequency the energies that hit the planet are terribly
powerful and other people react otherwise betting on the extent of
frequency one belongs to most of the people are already on there thanks to
the fourth and fifth dimensions and are terribly receptive to the energies we
Galax engaged on the ships have heaps to try to do
there are several light ships within the atmosphere that require facilitate with
coordinates and calculations for the location of our ships eventually since
several terrestrial galaxies have needed facilitate from their galactic families
and needed to travel home to their lightweight ships they need been
bolstered it is an important task for the light staff from the sunshine ships
to figure on attempting to provide light to the places that are most addicted to
the sunshine there has never been most darkness and suffering on any planet
before and that they want bigger powers to assist the people in these places the
people in these places Mother Earth what she will be able to alleviate this
suffering however it’s the people themselves who should come back to the
conclusion and alter their approach of being in notice that the dark time has
turned to one thing brighter there has been amendment relating to the people
who need to serve others and who don’t facilitate for the nice of everybody
except for their own gain these people are taken care of to be delivered to
different places and can jointly regenerate to light weight there will be
more and more revelations concerning abuses within the world and people who
have started reacting to continually being abate by people with power the
sunshine has come back to prevent nothing will stop it any longer
heaps of labour is being drained the background to boost the link of the four
most vulnerable people as well as with a brand new financial system that may
profit everybody no more poorness however food and water
for everybody with new energy and facility systems these new systems are
around for a protracted time however they need been unbroken secret to the
people by people who have the ability to manage others each and politics and
among people who have heaps of power thanks to the wealth a need gained at
the expense of others the light staff who had the atmosphere facilitate us
Galactic’s to unfold the sunshine to the people so everything goes in line with
arrange the divine arrange and everything goes because it ought to this
year 2019 could be a crucial year in several respects a lot of it once a
forum mentioned to come back is already here and more are on the approach with
relevancy the massive event when the autumnal equinox the energies have
associate with stronger force and therefore the portals are open to more
crystalline lightweight to humans and at the start of next year 2020 the last of
the four big waves can reach earth then the good ray from the good central Sun
hits everything living on earth it is vital to be ready for humans to enter a
brand new existence on earth you’re shifting from a carbon-based body to a
crystalline body which will be terribly confusing for people who haven’t woken
up and completed that everything has modified and that they don’t recognize
where ever to travel this can be once the sunshine staff are required most
frequently to assist with explanations of what went on give steerage and
recommendation to those people we are terribly excited concerning this channel
that has the chance to tell people of however so much they need are available
they’re sent live and love and within the gift time doesn’t matter any longer
within the fourth and fifth dimensions captains I and the crew big thanks in
love iron I am share our messages too I will provide a
daily angelic guidance number love and angelic blessing send of the message
watch your channel awakening people previous videos for a universal
understanding subscribers will be updated with the latest articles and
informations leave your suggestions in the field bellow while the love to you
beautiful Souls and we are proud of you as viewers and of your support for your
channel all for awakening people and please support us to develop our work of
lop our work

Maurice Vega

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