Capitalism and Democracy – Leslie McCall

So I started studying the politics of
inequality in the early 2000s, and specifically public opinion and public
views about economic inequality, about the economy, about related public policy
issues. And starting with the 2004 presidential election, friends and
colleagues of mine who knew that I studied this issue would say to me, “Wow,
Leslie, isn’t it great that the issue of economic inequality is receiving so much
attention these days?” And then they said it again, a different group of people,
said it again in 2008, and then in 2012, and 2016. And, of course, nowadays everyone
says isn’t the most important issue in this year’s or 2020’s presidential
election isn’t an economic inequality. And so this has been a real concern
because, in fact, economic inequality hasn’t really changed very much over
that time period, really hasn’t changed at all, if anything it’s it’s grown.

Maurice Vega

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