Canadian politicians react to New Zealand mosque shootings

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued a statement condemning the attacks he writes in part we extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in this senseless tragedy far too often Muslims suffer unimaginable loss and pain in the places where they should feel safest Canada remembers – well the sorrow we felt when a senseless attack on the South hakuta had Islamic de Quebec in st. wah claimed the lives of many innocent people gathered in prayer to move forward as a world we need to recognize diversity as a source of strength and not a threat Canada condemns this attack and will continue to work closely with New Zealand our close partner and friend and others to take action against violent extremism opposition leader Andrew Shearer has just issued a second statement on the shootings in part it says houses of worship like the two mosques attacked last night should be places where all people can meet freely and without fear we stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters to ensure that they remain this way we must condemn in the strongest terms possible the type of extreme and vile hatred that motivated this despicable act of evil shears full statement comes after an earlier tweet about the attack was criticized the earlier statement made no reference to the words mosque Muslim or Islam and NDP leader Chuck neat Singh tweeted this statement heartbroken by the devastating news of deadly shootings at two mosques in New Zealand my heart goes out to the families of the murdered and all those impacted by this act of terror Islamophobia kills and has no place anywhere in the world Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says our threat level is unchanged and remains at medium the CBC's mere Baines has been following that part of the story and joins me now Meera Andrew Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodell is in BC's Okanagan today he spoke about this incident at a news conference in Kelowna and he talked about how Canada's threat level is unchanged take a listen Canada's threat level remains unchanged at medium where it has stood since 2014 we'll be working closely with police and of local jurisdiction across the country to ensure proper Public Safety according to the Government of Canada website a medium threat level means that a violent act of terrorism could occur and as Goodell mentioned there that Canada's level has been at medium since October 2014 that's when there were the shootings at Parliament Hill here in Vancouver the flag at City Hall has been lowered as an expression of sympathy the mayor of Vancouver issued a statement today saying that Vancouver police are in touch with the local Muslim community here to make sure that everybody is feeling safe and supported in the wake of these attacks and Mura what more did the minister have to say well Minister Ralph Goodale also talked about having solidarity with Muslim communities and this is what he had to say we've seen a similar sort of thing in Canada a couple of years ago at San Juan and we joined in the grief and the horror that this type of an event would occur and we stand in solidarity with our New Zealand allies and with Muslim communities at home and abroad any requested assistance that Canada can contribute to the government of New Zealand and the people of New Zealand of course we will provide and there in that clip geudael also mentioned the mosque attack in Quebec City in January 2017 the BC Muslim Association has released a statement because of these attacks it says the British Columbia Muslim Association deplores and condemns the massacre of innocent Muslims at the two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand this is one of the darkest days for Muslims and innocent worshippers whose only four was to offer a peaceful prayer in the sanctity of a place of worship and tonight vigils are planned here in Vancouver and we're just getting some of those details we'll have more for you later all right Mira thank you the Islamic social services Association is meeting in Winnipeg today at an anti hate conference prayers are being held there for the New Zealand mosque shooting victims and people in attendance spoke earlier about the attack I think the language needs to change we have to stop demonizing Islam and dehumanizing Muslims by going on and saying Islamic terrorism all the time calling terrorists jihadis I mean this is things that we have been advocating in our organization I have been personally educating for decades now like put a stop to those guys yes that sells newspapers yes that's sensational news to demonize them create a villain in our society but is this the price we want to pay for it is it work what it first messages to never lose hope and because of we just preached a message of despair then we are adding to the problem I want everybody to be part of the solution today so we don't lose hope and we don't preach despair but also point people to their resilience their coping skills and point them to their support system because during these difficult times families and communities can actually isolate and they might not share their trauma because they don't want to be burden on others but we encourage emotional expression during these difficult times

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