Can You Understand This Conspiracy Theory?

Let’s go back to the phone lines getting towards
the end of what has been a very, very busy week,
uh, in politics and at the David Pakman show, (617) 830-4750. Let’s go to our caller from
the two six, seven area code color from two, six, seven. Uh, what’s your name? Where are
you calling from? Is this a may? Yes, it is. Hello. Hey, David Dolan. Uh, I just wanted
to ask you about, uh, their opinion on globalism and your opinion on going. I heard you talk
about both, but not in relation to each other. I have this area that if we went into a like
semi globalists are fully global, is controlled like world that uh, if we didn’t have any
populous like America that was like fully armed, I think the statistics were that there’s
300 million registered firearms in America and that there’s, you know, about 300 million
people. That would mean that each American could take arms against, let’s say the American
populace or not the American populace, the American military, let’s say they had a deployment,
they can only put out about 200,000 people. So they stand no chance. Again, the American
populace. So I look at it like the American populace is kind of the, uh, big brother of
the world’s populace to keep the government in check. Would you be still in favor of a
globalist agenda if we didn’t have firearms in one massive population of citizens? Wow. There is so much there that has to be
dis-aggregated before. I mean, the question as asked is a tangle of conjecture, a conspiratorial
thinking and misunderstanding. So let’s see if we can, to just untangle a few things.
When you talk about globalism, are you talking about a OneWorld government sort of, uh, uh,
setup as there are some on the internet who talk about, are you talking about globalism
via coalitions of countries? Are you talking about coalition globalism merely in recognizing
that on some issues, like for example, global warming, these issues go beyond the borders
of a country. So we’ve got to work together. Like what are you talking about when you say
globalism? So I would believe that it would start as
a coalition as no one would allow for a one world government. I would think that if there
was no armed populace, that it would be a coalition that, you know, flight into a OneWorld
controlled government. You know, that would be kind of like a behind the scenes, a deep
state action that we wouldn’t have the sand as a, as a world populace. Now, why have not? Why, why hasn’t that been
attempted now? And the reason I asked that is in the sense, I mean there are lots of
firearms floating around in the U S but a lot of the coalitions that currently exist
to which the U S is party are countries with very little gun ownership, for example, where
if they all wanted to work together, they could very quickly, as you’re sort of suggesting
dominate the local population. Like why, why have we not seen an effort to do by any of
these, um, uh, international coalitions simply because they’re afraid of the American
government? Because, uh, the populace wouldn’t allow them to do anti-democratic or like anti
libertarian or anti Liberty things, but they’re allies with the American government,
their income, their income with the American government. The American government is part
of those coalitions. You’re saying that were it not for the American government, the [inaudible]
for example, or NATO countries or whoever would have already tried to establish one
world rule in on on this planet. Is that what you’re arguing? But the U S keeps them from
doing that. I’m saying that they would have if they weren’t
afraid of the American populace revolting against their anti Liberty and anti-democratic
policies overseas. Yeah. Well, the problem with these theories
is that it’s impossible to prove why something didn’t happen. And unfortunately that’s the
sort of point in the discussion we’ve gotten to a Dillon. It’s interesting, I think a,
there’s no evidence whatsoever for what you’re saying, but I appreciate you presenting it
to me. All right. Thank you, ma’am. Are we good? All right. Thanks very much.
Take care.

Maurice Vega

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  1. That's a respectful way to respond to that man's conspiracy theory. I know you were tempted (I was) but you resisted, and so good job.

    He's a little "out there". IMHO.

  2. Another defintion for globalism is when it relates to Flat Earth theory. Since a lot of flat-earthers call people that disagree with them globalists.

  3. I recently watched a great doco, told from the Russian side, about Russia's spy network that acquired the secrets to the Atomic bombs. It's always been assumed that those secrets were stolen. The information required to complete and test their first weapon by 1949 was of such an amount that it beggars belief that it was all "stolen". Rather, it is now said that those secrets were freely given by a multiple number of highly placed Scientists who truly believed that no One country, (the US included), could ever be trusted with such power. If is a big word leading to the fallacy of speculation, but I wonder 'IF' the US had been the only Nuclear power would they have used that to dominate the world? Given their vigorous pursuit of US "Interests" post WW2 , (Korea, Vietnam, South America, the Middle-East et al)? .. who knows? Maybe this caller has it all wrong, It's not the US keeping the World in check but the rest of the World keeping the US in check, … only just.

  4. 329.45 million people in the US and 393 million firearms or 120.5 firearms for every 100 people in the country. But how is firearm ownership distributed? And how many of those are pistols, shotguns, 30-30s, antique muskets, and Elvis Presley collectors firearms sold through ads in the American Hunter magazine?

    And the idea that civilian ownership of firearms can stop the US military is ludicrous. They've got cruise missiles, tanks, bombers and much more.

  5. David why do you put all these stupid people on your show? "The only reason there isnt a one world government is because of muh AR-15!! hahaha none of your tanks, stealth bombers and apaches are any match for us!!:

  6. Another lazy-brained impressionable, perpetual victim/white boy weighs in with conspiracy theories he rubbed his to gray cells together to figure out are easier to know than facts.

    Thank you for clearly dispatching him, David

  7. Right wingers really think the American people would team up and take on the oppressive government but in reality everyone would kill each other because nobody would agree on anything.

  8. I think the US should be afraid if countries stops lending money to the US, at the moment the Government is run by loans due to tax cuts, one day it has to be paid…

  9. Always makes me laugh, as an American myself, how US-centric these American conspiracy theorists are. They really have no concept of anything outside this country. There are 7.7 billion people on this planet, and only 327 million live in the US. You really think a bunch of American "don't take mah guns" types are keeping the entire world in check?

  10. This guy doesnt realize if there was a one world government that for the sake of argument controlled everywhere but the US wanted to invade and nukes were off the table the us would lose even with its gun surplus. China and India could field an arm force that would flood the us with 2 million or even up to 5 million foot soldiers alone

  11. In his autobiography Memoirs, page 405 [copyright 2002, at Amazon – ed.], Rockefeller said,

    “Some even believe we [Rockefellers] are a part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United states, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I’m proud of it.”

    "Waking Times Media

    SOCIETY & CULTURE David Rockefeller’s Chilling 1991 Speech at a Bilderberg Meeting
    ByWaking Times MediaPosted on March 28, 2017
    Kalee Brown, Collective-Evolution
    Waking Times Media

    With the passing of David Rockefeller, I started to reflect on his views of the world. Time and time again he pushed for a New World Order and a one world government, which would allow the elite and world bankers to hold complete control over the global population. This got me thinking: Do people even understand the gravity of the situation at hand, or what a one world government would mean?


    Throughout history, numerous politicians and members of the elite have spoken out about their support for a one world government or a New World Order, and the shadow government that’s pushing for it, but what do all of these terms mean?

    The New World Order is the supposed goal of a handful of global elitists who are pushing for a one world government and a heightened national security state. This group, often referred to as the cabal, has been using foreign threats to heighten security, strip us of our rights, and invade other countries. The entire world is practically covered with U.S. military bases, with the exception of Russia and a few other countries.

    Those pushing for the New World Order are the same members of the elite class who control the U.S. government, otherwise referred to as the “shadow government.” Numerous politicians have publicly discussed the people who secretly control the U.S. political system, creating laws and bending them.

    John F. Hylan, former Mayor of New York City, explained:

    The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation . . . The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties . . . [and] control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government. It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection. (source)(source)

    Senator Daniel K. Inouye, a high ranking Asian-American politician, has also stated: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” (source)

    Canadian economist Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, who is the University of Ottawa’s Emeritus Professor of Economics, also gave a great speech at the International Conference on the New World Order. You can check that out and read more about it here. Who is this group of elites? Well, Dr. Chossudovsky believes it originates with those who control the U.S., Israel, and other allies, but who is controlling these countries and this massive global agenda?

    The shadow government includes billionaire families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, members of the financial elite like George Soros, and large corporations and big banks. The following video from THRIVE Movement, a documentary created by the heir to Proctor & Gamble, Foster Gamble, perfectly explains how this system works:

    The shadow government can manipulate, or in some cases, create legislation through either close ties to politicians or even organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

    ALEC is a conservative group comprised of state legislators and corporate leaders that allows corporations to help write, or in some cases, just hand over legislation that the “official lawmakers” can then take credit for and formally propose. ALEC has been responsible for numerous immoral bills including those that aim to lower minimum wage, suppress voter rights, pro-gun laws, ag-gag (animal cruelty) bills, and more.

    Political satirist John Oliver explains this in detail below:

    It’s clear that corporations have a strong hold on government regulations; why else would chemicals be put in our food and the environment? Even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has strong ties to oil companies, despite the fact that they’re supposedly the government agency that protects the environment (learn more here). Some have even speculated that the Trans-Pacific Partnership was designed to enable a one world economy.

    Other countries are publicly recognizing the role the elite plays in the U.S. government. For example, after Bill Clinton accused Poland and Hungary of turning into a “Putin-like” and “authoritarian dictatorship” last year, their governments saw right through it.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded by saying, “The remarks made about Hungary and Poland … have a political dimension. These are not accidental slips of the tongue. And these slips or remarks have been multiplying since we are living in the era of the migrant crisis. And we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros.”

    He went on to say that “the mouth is Clinton’s but the voice is of George Soros.”

    In order to successfully create a New World Order, some of the tactics this group uses are false flag terrorism and the fear of global threats, which enable them to increase security measures on domestic populations (like Bill C-51) and thereby justify the invasion of other countries (like Iraq and 9/11, for example). You can read more about that in our CE article here.


    Although David Rockefeller just died, it’s inevitable that his family legacy will live on, quite possibly through the implementation of a one world government. As an elitest and a globalist, David was always a strong advocate of a one world government and was proud to support the New World Order.

    The transcript from a 1991 Bilderberg group meeting in Baden, Germany, was released, proving how deluded Rockefeller’s views truly were. Bill Clinton also attended this meeting, I’m sure along with many other members of the elite class. Rockefeller stated:

    We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march toward a world government. . . . The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries. (source)"

  12. When the one world government comes knocking at the door gun owners will be welcoming it with open arms and hoping to be part of the ruling class. The threat of Nuclear War will bring martial law to every country. That's when it hits the fan.

  13. For those old enough to remember….
    "Paranoia strikes deep…
    Into your life it will creep.
    It starts when you're always afraid
    Step out of line, they come and take you away…."

  14. This guy is saying the US doesn't do antidemocratic things overseas because we have a lot of guns – does he not know about all the wars we're in? Has he never heard of the Chilean coup, the invasion of Iraq, our undermining of elections in Central America? The government isn't going to be afraid of the people until we fix the flaws in our democracy.

  15. they could gas whole cities , doubt rag tag dumbass people with guns scares them …if they did they would have stopped manufacturing them 🤔🙄

  16. 1.The 300 million guns are owned by only 60 million Americans. 2. A "Global One World Government" already exists because of the "Global Economy" and it's stifling influence.There is very little economic interplay which is completely autonomous.

  17. Before the ban on semi-automatic weapons went into effect, there was a last minute upsurge in purchases of them, because gun nuts believed that the government is coming to take their guns away, and when they do, they planned to shoot-it-out with the cops.

  18. the caller is missing the point: the second amendment is the only thing that keeps the earth from stopping to spin. it would be a desaster. prove me wrong!

  19. if those citizens with guns did really prevent bad things from happening against the amarican people: why is healthcare still not fixed, but constan9getzing worse?

  20. Jesus was a globalist, and California should have a State militia made up from the people who live there along with their GDP.

  21. He may be nuts, but nuts Americans with firearms are a strong argument against open borders, so he has a point and proves it.

  22. I had an amazing dream that I was in a hotel room 2 stories up and someone was breaking down my door coming to execute me then i drop down and nearly break my legs and I see david pakman and we embraced each other then he went up there and scared the guy off. i was awake for an hour after that happened and i felt so fuzzy inside. thanks, david

  23. Firearms against jets, helicopters and tanks. I don’t like those odds. Americans rising up against the government with the military that’s a losing proposition.

  24. The will never be a "one" WORLD global government because every nation wants their own Autonomy. There are 350 million Americans. However, India has 1.5 Billion people and Chima has 2 Billion. There are 7 Billion people on ther planet. Doing the numbers America is kind of low in the population category. So that caller was truly in the Outer Limits of Reality.😲

  25. Like a bunch of armed fat-ass Americans, who can barely survive 48 hours without visiting the local fast food joint would be able to fight off the military….

  26. Globalism will never happen unless a number of factors happen and each one of those factors is highly unlikely to happen, so it's almost pointless going over the factors.

  27. This guy is an idiot to think a few citizen militias with AR15's can take on the US Armed forces, NATO, and the UN Peacekeepers etc.

  28. Ya, a bunch of civilians with small arms is definitely keeping the American military and the globalist agenda in check. Attack helicopters and tanks don't stand a chance against some militia morons with rifles and camo. I have to laugh anytime I hear someone dumb enough to believe this garbage. The guns in America are only killing other American civilians. If the government wants to implement marshal law there aren't enough hand guns in the world to stop it.

  29. Wow, David I think you need a call screener. Either that or you're going to have to spend more time in the parts of yt where paranoia, Jesus and fear reign supreme.

  30. Maybe if he understood his theory himself, it would be more logical??! [To me his Theory is; classic deflection and projection. It seems that in his eyes USA is the chosen one, the saviour?] His theory is; the European Union is the engine/driving force behind NWO – globalism – one world order. [?]
    What does he know about Europe and it's large and complex history? About the birth of the United states of America / Europe 2.0?
    [Happy Thanks Giving, BTW… Gratitude for the genocide] World leader = America;
    Russia and China are the other two leading economies/countries. TOP 3

    European countries need each other to stay a viable player as a collective on the world stage. They are too busy keeping it all together in their own countries. And keeping the union between themselves. Don't get me wrong EU is not a saint. But also not the big bad / big brother.
    They (the people collectively) don't want war in the EU, or somewhere else on the world.
    We don't want one ring to rule us all. We like our privacy and independence. Which don't actually exist anymore.
    [Thank you Snowden for blowing the whistle]
    Trump complained about the NATO… USA is the world leader in arms export!
    USA is the Leader of the Western World! (Christian & scientific; quantum)

    The battle between the One 'throne' is between USA, China and Russia. In the NWO conspiracy. These are the ones with the powers to do so.
    According to the Ragnarok, and all the other stories about the fall and decline of worlds/societies.

    The ideology might date back to the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic church was the most powerful structure for very long in Europe and the western worlds. The cult of Christianity. Side by side with the Jewish and Islamic 'religion/cult'. Births of monotheisms, the binding/uniting life-view. [Amon; Amen]
    Most of Europe separated state and church – has America?!?

    We also know this was the same for all narcistic farao's/emperors/monarchs with god-complexes. The blue bloods, dictators etc.
    (Governments don't work the people, they should work for the people, the people work the government.)

    EU – 28 (Brexit=27) countries, that used to be at war all the time, living in what one could call peace.
    U.K. monarchy once was ruler over most of the world and 7 seas. The Queen – Victoria – (Victorian Age) Grandmother of Europe.
    So that would make them the most logical suspect, but we have the 'Brexit'. So still not the EU.

    The five largest arms exporters in 2014–18 were the US, Russia, France, Germany [EU] and China. Together these countries accounted for 75 per cent of global exports.
    Europe has weapons, it even is storing nucleair weapons from the USA. [Cold War – for protection against Russia] The country that had interfered in 2016. Remember?! The country that would love to sit on the throne made by the USA that is the LEADER of the WESTERN WORLD, thus including Europe, and displaying the power hierarchy!!!
    SO what was his theory about and based on?!?

  31. I'm still struggling with how firing a corrupt prosocutor who is actively shielding burizma from investigation helps hunter biden, who's job is in no way related to a pre-existing investigation into whether the oligarch in charge of ukrainian gas, didn't charge them enough for permits.

    It doesn't make hunter wealthier, it doesn't "get him out of" trouble, it doesn't even benefit the company he works for indirectly.
    Makes absolutely no sense.

  32. But the military has missiles and planes…the people united can make corporations bend the knee and also government
    That is exactly why everybody is so divided it is by design

  33. But I mean can we talk about the numerous undemocratic coups or quellings of revolution that have taken place in just the past few years alone? Where was this millions-large armed militia of private American citizens when democracy needed defending in Chile or Iran?

  34. how on earth can you believe in this conspiracy without also believing the gun manufacturers are part of their conspiracy? they supply zombies with pea shooters to make them believe they keep the all powerful world wide coalition in check with all their drones and tanks and nukes and control of food and water and medicine and media supply. guns is like his safety blanket, it just a symbol, a false sense of security, a pacifier, not a weapon against what he believes in

  35. Okay, so
    1) Are we not a globalist society? I have literally no idea what this guy is talking about. Comment below if your Toothbrush, or your television is American made.
    2) Just because there's one firearm for every person in america, that doesn't mean every person in america owns a firearm. The average is above 10 per gun owner. (and it's not a bell curve. )
    3) there are only 200,000 active duty service members? No way that's accurate. Marines, maybe?! … … checks assumptions … … including the reserves, the US has 2.2 million.

    4) if by "globalist" you mean to say "one world government" (I'm guessing?) then why are we only looking at US military? Probably closer to 10 million… But then, like any decent one world government, it would have whatever sized military it needed, probably culled from slaves or mandatory service of some kind… unless of course it's a socialist utopia… but deep staters tend to be anti-utopias for some reason.

  36. Hmmmm…
    The word-salad is deep with this guy (the caller)…
    Unless he means globalism in reference to it being an anti-semitic dog whistle?
    Just WTAF, I don't understand this?

  37. I believe the earth is a sphere and we went to the moon, but also the government is filled with twisted monsters so corrupted that they'd let events like 9-11 happen in a second to pass laws that make the constitution invalid so they can write unlimited checks for themselves and the military industrial complex so they can spy on AND torture whoever they want without due process or fear of punishment.

  38. Ok i can kinda understand how a US based conspiracy takeover could be unwilling to do anything overt because of the people with guns (if they control the military it's not a direct threat but it might be bad PR). But is he saying that the only reason that the conspiracy theory background leaders of the world only don't take over publicly is because the US won't follow suit?

    If they control the US military and the governments of the rest of the world and don't care about people then what's stopping them from having all the armies of the world invade the US? Definitely not small arms held by untrained militia. If they control everything then they wouldn't care about bad PR since the only people seeing it would either be already in their control or fighting against them.

  39. Speaking of reDICKulous, have you heard the one where the reason why trump went to the hospital unexpectedly was because his food Tate tester was poisoned by a chemical agent?!?! Idiots actually belief trump went to the hospital because someone tried to poison him! SMH!

  40. If every right wing extremist with a miniature arsenal decided to fight against the US military, it'd be a bloodbath… for the radicals not for the military. Our military has more than small arms. Tanks, air-power, long range missiles, artillery, armed unmanned drones, troop transports of land, sea, and air. Honestly, if the US military decides you're a threat, best you can accomplish is to irritate them, not defeat them. This is an extremist fantasy that our founding fathers included the second amendment in case the US government gets uppity. Bullshit, they included it because they didn't want a permanently standing army. The militia was meant to be the homeland protector, minute-men ready to fight off invasion. We long since abandoned that in favor of the standing military. Our second amendment needs further amending to bring it to the 21st century among other amendments.

  41. How about the European Union as a model? Started as a trade union, but morphed into a monster that took away national sovereignty by means of an all powerful unelected commission.

  42. FFS. It is nearly 2020 and we still have people believing there is a one world government coming to take their money, guns, and freedom. You are hard pressed to get a single room to agree on a single issue. LOL, imagine a one world government! FAIL

  43. "Can You Understand This Conspiracy Theory?"
    No, no I don't. I think this guy just randomly picked a number of threads off of 4chan and rattled them off during a bi-polar episode.

  44. he does have a point, I mean America will never let somebody else be the top Nation. Even if it was for the interest of the planet, too much greed.

  45. I'm Australian but went to college in the states (Illinois) we have this kind of dickhead too. New Zealand has this kind of dickhead. Britain has this kind of dickhead. Europe has this kind of dickhead. Canada has this kind of dickhead. Every country on the planet has this kind of dickhead.
    And if its not this idiotic brain dead bullshit they are spouting then it will be some other attention seeking brain dead bullshit.

  46. 20 years ago, in Seattle and then other cities, the "golbalism" we SJW's resisted in the streets referred to transnational corporate interests using WTO and trade agreements, along with the WB and IMF financial power, to dismantle individual country's environmental protections and labor rights and social programs through the use of debt enslavement. David's Argentina was especially a victim of this until Nestor and Christina were elected and basically told the IMF to go to hell.

    But now, "globalism" has been turned on its head into a nutty John-Birch-like, antisemitism tinged (George Soros! The Jews!) fascist conspiracy theory.

  47. Come on Pakman, you should know this by now. Globalism means "The Jews". So do "cultural Marxism", "multiculturalism", "Soros" and a ton of other code words.

  48. Let me surmise; we can't bring the whole world to our economic level so instead THEY must do their best at bringing us down, not happening as long as the American people have their weapons, that's taking the arms is a number one priority of the so called globalists. No new world order…..

  49. If every American had 10 guns with unlimited ammunition, a fraction of our military (with jets, missiles, tanks etc..) would easily (and quite bloodily) quash them.

  50. Can you understand this conspiracy theory? Look at the thumbnail for this video, then look at photos of the Israeli supreme court. Notice anything.

  51. This is extraordinarily silly. How would a civilian army deal with fighter jets that cost $1.1 trillion? This gun fetish is really fascinating. Best of luck.

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