Can Universal Basic Income / Social Democracy Fix America’s Inequality? | Jeffrey Sachs

There’s a proposal around that’s got a
lot of interest called universal basic income where everybody is guaranteed at least a certain
level of income in the society. Some free market economists like Milton Friedman
talked about a negative income tax which in effect had the same features of guaranteeing
a certain level of income for everybody as a base. I think from a human rights and decency standard
there’s a lot of sense to the idea that everybody in a society should be able to meet
their basic needs. There’s on the other hand this sense if
you give someone a check whether they’re trying, not trying, working, not working. If there’s no effort, no conditionality
involved at all maybe we’re going to get a lot of people that are absolutely doing
nothing on the backs of those who are really working. So the incentive issues are real even if the
sensitivity and decency issues are also real. I think that one way to handle this is a little
bit more rounded rather than seeing a universal basic income as a check and kind of an unconditional
check that’s just handed out as income. I like the idea of social democracy as it’s
applied in real countries in Europe, the Netherlands and Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany. The idea is everybody has access to publicly
financed healthcare. Everybody has access to quality publicly financed
education including college tuitions. Not a trillion dollars of crushing student
debt, but tuitions paid for. Everybody has access to not only guaranteed
vacation, but paid vacation. Everybody has access to quality childcare
so that moms can go to work knowing that their kids are in a healthy, nurturing environment. Everybody has access to maternity leave so
that moms and also paternity leave, dads can stay home with their kids for several months. It’s kind of decent where you say we have
all this wonderful technology, this wealth. Why don’t we live decently, not miserably. If people want a market income beyond that
they’ve got to go work for it. If, of course, they’re disabled or for some
reason can’t then there’s added social support but it’s not cash in people’s
pockets. It’s decency. It’s public service. It’s basic needs met. I see it as basically living decent lives
in decent societies. They have a very different spirit to them. There aren’t a lot of super rich Wall Street
hedge fund misanthropes – and I’ll use the term advisably because I find a lot of
people on Wall Street don’t give a damn about anybody else except they care about
their money. And I find that really weird. But you don’t find that kind of idea in
northern Europe because it’s really looked down upon. And people don’t like it when people are
money grubbing. They’re kind of shunned. So the social ethos is different. I remember once I was running to the airport
in Oslo and I fly business class and I’m constantly moving around on trips relentlessly
around the world. And I ran up and said, “Where’s the business
class line to board?” And the guy looked at me like I was crazy
and he said, “Excuse me, we’re boarding the Scandinavian way. Get back in line.” And I just thought okay, that’s pretty cool
actually, you know. Everybody’s in line and let’s all get
on the plane. It’s a social spirit. It’s the idea that we like – well by the
way this is not people tearing their clothes and living in hair shirts and not enjoying
themselves. They like their vacations. They like their boats in the Stockholm archipelago. They like six weeks on their island. So they live beautifully. But they don’t want gazillions. They don’t want to do it at the expense
of others. They want to do it as a society. God, if America could just get a little of
that back rather than a president who believes in killers and losers. Sick, but that’s what we got and that is
what’s degrading American society. Not just the technical issues. Not just the rising inequality but this spirit
that you’re a winner or you’re a loser. And if you’re a loser get out of the way. That’s Ayn Rand talking. It’s ugly and we’ve had enough of it.

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  1. i think theres just too many people for this to work as well as places like sweden. that being said im sure a system could be put in place that would better the quality of life.

  2. I believe that everyone no matter what should have food, shelter, healthcare, and education. We are one the wealthiest countries in the world. No one should ever have to choose between rent or food. Basic housing should be provided and available anywhere in the country. You should be able to get a healthy meal if you are hungry. What ever happened to the belief of taking care of people less fortunate than yourself.

  3. Let me break this down.

    They are taxed heavily for the health care and often pay very high prices. This ranges from 2500 to 4000(higher then i think is needed) dollars a year. If we just had health savings accounts for a normal person for 30 years it would be.

    (doesn't include possible savings interest from market savers and banks)
    Health savings account from 20 to 50 :
    (200⋅12)⋅30 = 72000
    If doubled by employer which often happens :
    (200⋅12)⋅30⋅2 = 144000

    Now if the person is indigent then donations could be made to help these people and we could work to help those types of people similar to how lawyers have to donate a specific amount of time for their practice. Doctors would be required to do the same thing.

    Those costs I mentioned about should pay for most people's needs. Another thing that is a problem is many people don't ask the doctor how much they charge. They just offer up insurance.

    Lets break this down. For one patient from a health care mandate country they have a relationship with the government administration, insurance company, and then the doctor. That is a lot of overhead.

    How about we have the relationship be a person and their doctor and the doctor has to actually price things so people can afford it. Clearly they could target only rich people, but clearly more money rests in the hands of the many and sure elite doctors will always exist, but this opens the door of innovation.

    The only reason people agree to this is because they are victims of the things that happen around them. Once upon a time a doctor made house calls, a doctor worked directly with a patient and a person could even afford to have a nurse make house visits regularly.

    These massive hospitals with 100k wall art and massive water fountains are a waste and clearly a sign of a business with glut. The true way for progressives to move is to DEMAND innovation. We need automation. We need to improve pill dispensing based on physical conditions that can easily be automatically tested.

    If you are a true progressive liberal then you want to maximize people's options and freedom. You want to disrupt institutions. These insurance companies, governments, and hospitals(also companies) are institutions. They lobby, they have power over you, and you need to figure out ways to help people and also free people at the same time. Please use your brain. Maybe a UBI will one day be required. That is fine, but we aren't at that point yet.

    Education is already free. Again it is a institution. It holds power of authority with which it should no longer hold because just like blockbuster it is an antiquated method of learning. Khan Academy is a prime example.

    Paid maternity leave just means you are taxed continuously because you can't save the money and manage it yourself. If you want to have a baby then save for it. Better yet lets make it so we only need one income per household to survive.

    I think paid vacation is a good incentive employers can use and often many do. They also offer maternity incentives much of the time, but again this just takes away from your bottom line and you being in control of your money.

  4. America is in the brink of collapse and you are proposing much more stupid ideas. USA can't even afford basic healthcare for all because they need to support their military bases and petrodollar.Your socialist policies will bankrupt USA entirely in less than 20 years.

  5. Do people who are whining about UBI in the comments realize that a UBI is just a poverty income?

    It's so that people aren't on the fucking streets, living in precarity. It's not a Rolls Royce income.

    Come on, dudes…do we really have to keep the bullshit narrative of contempt for those this system curates in poverty to "justify" their suffering?

    This "fend for yourself" culture is one of the reasons America is one of the most unequal societies of the first world. Highest wealth in recorded history, yet the same nation with the highest level of its citizens without $500 in emergency money.

    Your "poor choices" answer doesn't address systemic trends that go as far back as the 1970s. Fuck off with it; that empty excuse narrative is no better than climate change denial.

  6. I live in sweden, and social democrats have ruined our country, our neigbours are lauging at us right now and our social security is going to hell, most people I Know are leaving sweden for finland / norway..

  7. Not in the United States. And it's not because of communism, socialism, or capitalism This is not a homogenous country, it is extremely multicultural and people have very polar values on everything. One size-fits-all entitlements creates extreme resentment, especially during hard economic times.

    If one group of people, racially or ethnically, starts utilizing the basic income at disproportionate rates compared to ones who don't utilize it, you are promising division. Swedes, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian etc… all have the advantage of their allegiance to their ethnicity and their nationality. This is not impervious to division but it's far stronger than a heterogenous society at making more unanimous policies.

    Americans do not see each other as of same stripe. The country is a Republic of the citizen but the citizens have their own hubs. It has never been a melting pot. Even being forced to think communally exacerbates divisions.

    This video talks a lot of values like decency and love-for-money to be rather unanimous in Scandinavian cultures. You'll get quite a bit of hostility for even trying to tell Americans what they **should**keyword here do or think. Americans are different from person to person and they want to stay different.

    And you can forget about low-skilled immigration if you have basic income. People know who's contributing to the pool of the income. It won't take long before people start showing infographics of which demographics use the income at higher rates than others.

  8. Whether or not you agree with having a UBI as a moral issue, we're going to need it when automation takes over all the jobs.

  9. It's all cool to talk about this stuff from his perspective, but from someone that actually comes from the city at the beginning of this video I must say people (Americans in particular) need to stop hyping up this system so much. We do not take care of our own as much as you'd think

  10. The idea that everyone pays for the things everyone will want when they need it is absolutely brilliant. That way, everyone who needs it can afford to use it, which is better for everyone in the end! It's a brilliant social safety net that prevents extreme poverty.
    For example, public transportation is free for college and university students in the Netherlands when they need it most (during the week-ends to visit your family if you live near your school or during the week to get to school if you live with your parents). Everyone by law has to have health care ensurance so that there is a max limit of how much money you ever have to spend on health care in a year. Depending on income the gouvernment supports you in paying for it. Even a chronically ill person from a relatively low-income family like me has few problems paying for the care I need because of gouvernment support, it's great! And I even get to study at a pretty damn good university for just under 2000 euros a year, just like everyone else who has the brain and motivation for it. University admission goes on capability, not on wealth (even though our system has weakened due to a right-wing gouvernment the past couple years, but we'll set it right after March' elections).

    But seriously, the anti-social system going on in the US is retarded (as in it's developed much slower than normal, it's fallen behind). I am cautious, almost scared, to visit the US these days because I feel like you can't trust just anyone to do their job right rather than screw you over and leave you to pick up the pieces anymore. I'm not a cut-throat kind of person at all, I'm a helper and a carer and a truster, and I expect others to help, care and trust too, even if I've just met them. I would not thrive in the US at all. Here, I managed to get my bachelors degree at 20.

  11. Most of these communists in the comments = collectivist Eurofag SJWs, not Americans. Trust me – the overwhelming majority of Americans consider the concept of a universal basic income as ridicuous. You can all keep your stagnant socialist nations and failing economies. We'll stick with individual and economic liberty, because we understand that no one has a right to the money or products of labor of anyone else.

  12. The reason this wouldn't work is because America is too racist and too capitalist to ever pass a bill that would give everyone a basic income. People have a huge problem with welfare saying minorities use it more and don't do anything besides collect it(which is wrong as shit) but those ideas are going to persist as you seen in these comments from people saying nothing is wrong everyone is equal again wrong as shit.

  13. This wouldn't work because it wouldn't pass the empirical method known as reality, and it violates property rights. The unintended consequences is pretty bad too. For example the future generations will not know the concept of property rights, and believe that they can steal from others like the government does.

  14. The basic moral question is "What do you think the balance between >needs-based justice<(1) and >work peformance-based justice< (2) should be?". Ideally you have both kinds of justice covered in a society.
    The extreme position for (1) is an ideal communism [all needs fullfilled, equal distribution of wealth, equality of chances, everybody gets the same salary on different jobs, economy is inefficient].
    The extreme position for (2) is a totally free market in capitalism [very unequally distributed wealth, inequal chances, salary is highly job dependent, economy is efficient].
    I think, like most extremes those are good to get an idea, but are mostly a bad idea to follow. I really like the idea of universal basic income. I also really like the idea of a social market economy (like in Germany and Northern Europe).

  15. those small neutral European nations aren't global superpowers whom need inequality to survive.
    if America was socialized it would gain a huge new set of problems. this isn't the easy solution. self refinement and accountability is the only method to reform structure and solve a large country's issues.

  16. Almost all the wealth of the world is because of the work of the dead generations that came before us. It sounds like you are talking about a jobs program instead of UBI. The problem with that is that abuses and waste would be throughout the system. Also, as autonomous programs take more and more of the jobs, almost everyone would be working for the government in their jobs programs. If everyone is a permanent government employee for life, with little chances elsewhere, that is not what democracy represents. That is communism. If people did have a UBI we would see private business spring up everywhere, for then anyone could afford to start their own company. And with various experiments we have seen this is the case. And besides, then I could escape my MSBP mother. Haha, seriously!

  17. So I can't be bothered to argue against this whole video but I do want to say a few things.

    Why is it fundamentally wrong for there to be inequality in only america? I say only because while there is a great difference between the 1% of the 1% vs the middle class or lower, if we compare the middle and lower class to say Zimbabwe's lower class there will be a horrendous difference between them as well.

    So how can anyone argue(cough bernie cough) that we should care about the difference between to groups but not between others. If we were to apply this kind of "poor have the right to the resources of the rich" thinking then arguably the only logical conclusion is for all of western society(you and me included) to bankrupt itself giving everything away to anyone deemed worse off.

    Finally I would like to say two things.
    1. Can anyone really say that the US government is efficient, on time, effective, that it generally spends money wisely or is it more apt to say that the US government is inefficient, often delaying, that in general you can't trust the government to do anything right the first time and on budget?

    2. If you agree with 1's second option over the first in any significant way how can you justify expanding entitlements, expanding military spending, and in general controlling your safety like how Europe does (guns and self-defense bad, physical assaults by thugs good)?

  18. Only Americans, who have to pay a lot for expensive day cares, schools, electricity bill, Led-poisoned water etc. and don't have any paid vacation or maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, universal heath care, non-piss smelling public transportation, non-corrupt politicians, a real democracy(apparently vinning majority votes is not enough to get elected) and many more, will still talk shit about European system. Is it the ignorance or mental slavery?
    (btw keep your "alternative facts" about supposedly broken EU economy and refugee invasion(an influx created by the (your)American greed to steal oil) to yourselves)

  19. once automation and generalized AI replace major sectors of the economy then we can talk about universal basic income. until then, theres really no way an economy as large as the U.S. can function that way, it will choke out growth and progress

  20. Those who can''t work and can't positively contribute to society should be kicked out of the tribe. Alternatively, those on the government teat should be "fixed".

  21. Can a town in the US accept this model and implement it? Not sure about how that would work on the governmental side. However, I am building my business up to give people a chance to become whoever they want to be. I want to get more of my peers to also take the reigns and work alongside myself to help build not only structures, but a culture with a fundamental role in worldly endeavors. I've been thinking about how best to implement this idea in this organization ever since I read a story as to how a Canadian town implanted this idea and flourished. However, that being said, I don't want people to become complacent on this. As you said something very similar. However, I want them to live good lives all the same.

  22. To the comments saying "if you want education or health care for it for yourself". How do you pay for your college if you are just eighteen or for your health care if you are sick? Unless you are lucky and born into a rich family. So your talking point for 'everyone having equal opportunity' is just bull-crap. Get out of here!

  23. This channel doesn't seem to take in account that the United States Military protects these social democracy nations and are continually perplexed by the U.S. Defense Budget. You have nations in NATO that do not meet the basic requirements, which is spending 2% of their GDP on their defense budget. This is why the U.S. Is required to spend 4% of its GDP to prevent another World War. This professor or whomever needs to receive a history lesson; and as always… those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. Last comment, when a conflict kicks off, these nations like Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands etc.. come crawling to the U.S. for help. Stop living in a bubble, the world isn't all about huge and kisses, there is a lot of insane/evil people… stop ignoring that.

  24. this is again a story of the socialists that sounds nice but doesn't work in reality where as a liberal way of ruling always figures out itself

  25. I love and agree with the spirit of the video but his critique / dismissal of Universal Basic Income is flawed. The current welfare system incentives (in part) people to stay out of work, or rather makes them fear losing their benefits if accepting a new job (I've met plenty of such people in such a bind). A basic income will mean any paid work they do will not jeopardise their payments. People will still be motivated to work as the Basic Income will not produce 'luxury living' but provide everyone with more options, for example to study or learn new skills, etc.
    Secondly, there's automation and an increasing amount unemployment rate. Reducing our human labour is inevitable and SHOULD be something to celebrate, if not for our current demand-driven economy. Time to update our economic model to suit, don't you think??

  26. No UBI. For God's sake we won't give free money anywhere else than on Wall Street. But let's do it a little, just a little, like the Europeans do it. As if they have no issues! This is a real SOB. But he is flying around the world, and as long as that is the case, everything is fine. (The solution is a resource base economy, as defined by the Zeitgeist movement. And an UBI, while waiting, could help.)

  27. Universal basic income is actually a better idea and a MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper idea then what the guy in the video is proposing. You wouldn't need any other social programs other then retirement, if you had universal basic income. Also who has the right to say that someone isn't contributing if they aren't working. There are a lot of other things that contribute to a community that people do that aren't paid jobs but should be. Anyone that acts like they have the moral authority to arbitrarily decide if someone is worthy or not, should be looking at themselves first and asking people what they think of them first, and then make all those changes to fit other peoples ideas of how they should act. If your not willing to do that then why would you think you have the right to expect others to fit your model?

  28. When I get to be a millionaire… Why should the poors get anything? I'm struggling now but, I'll be rich and have to pay significant taxes. Death machines in desert countries I'll never see ar more important than my neighbors. Bombs and guns for the others. Starve and freeze for the… people like me that won't be millionaires.

  29. While this idea sounds nice, how long can it last? A small European country is easier to govern, say than a massive country like America, because there is a greater diversity in geography, culture and government structures. I just don't see how it would be possible without future economic and social consequences, at least in North America.

    I'm not making any value judgements one way or the other, I'm just not convinced that this is viable at the moment.

  30. Imagine a world in which people were free to move from one country to the next – sort of like how you can move from California to Texas without a visa. In such a world, if you wanted to live somewhere with high taxes and a guaranteed income, you could. ..but if you preferred to live somewhere more dependent on your own success, you could do that too. Progressives seems to want to make the entire world exactly equal – so if you like it or hate it, there is no escape – rather than pushing for more freedom of movement across national boundaries so you can choose the lifestyle you want. Actually, good luck getting residency in Scandinavia. Like all progressive nations, they go out of their way to make it hard to live and work there if you weren't born there.

  31. He failed to mention Norway actually introducing a UBI of €700 per month for every man woman and child. Either that or the editors cut it out (wouldn't surprise me with all that soros money flying into the biggest alt media outlets right now). He did say he was in Oslo which is the capital of Norway. Check it out online guys, they did it all just by taxing the multi-national corporations correctly and putting that extra revenue into a publicly owned fund – so they didn't even need to put their taxes up!!

  32. When he said he was going to propose something 'more well-rounded' than a negative income tax i thought he was going to propose a more watered down, practical solution such as the Earned income tax credit, but then he just went ballistic – 'free healthcare', 'free education' etc.

  33. Social democracy is a good first step. The universal basic income is just a more efficient, and less bureaucratic, means to the same end. The trouble in the future (as it is now, just moreso) will be that technology, automation and artificial intelligence will drive down the economic value of human labor to the point that working will not be sufficient to give you a decent life. We will eventually also need universal basic ownership, so that a small handful don't just own everything and keep the rest of society on the dole at just above subsistence.

  34. We have had social democracy in the United States before. It was called the New Deal and involved a federal income tax bracket that was as high as 94%/annual income for the highest earners and remained above 70% until Regan became president. In theory, social democracy is great but in practice it doesn't work due to the fact that wealthy people don't like paying taxes and will do everything in their power to undo and get rid of them. This is exactly what happened in the United States which is why federal, state, and local governments are now in massive amounts of debt since they can't raise the capital through taxes to pay for the welfare services they have promised to provide. The same problem has emerged in many other countries especially in the EU like Greece, Italy, and Spain. Social democracy, the welfare state, and other wealth redistribution schemes are failing all around the world and simply don't work. The Left should quit trying to jam it down our throats and think of a new alternative to capitalism that actually removes the capitalist/labor class distinction which necessarily gives rise to wealth inequality.

  35. This guy wants a basic utopia. That's definitely a big idea. And it all does sound very nice and appealing and moral and warm and fuzzy. But he apparently lives in a different world–perhaps a different universe–where the laws of economics and human nature are entirely different. Does he really know what wealth is, and how and why wealth is created? He is certainly a dreamer, if not delusional.

  36. I live in one of those countries with social democratic system, or how many in the US see it: "a communist hellhole". I like this system, but would never imagine it being implemented in the United States.

    The reason?

    – In the US even the people who's lives would be greatly improved under a social democratic system oppose it with a passion. People are of course entitled to their opinion, and who am I to say which type of society someone else's society should be. So that's exactly why I don't propose such a thing to the US, I just came here to say why it social democracy will never happen in the US.

  37. He is obviously unaware of how we have it in Sweden right now……

    As long as u have Swedes in Sweden, what he say is correct.. But… we are not just swedes anymore… we have a epidemic of non European ppl invading and destroying our way of live! So what we have left of socialsecurity will be gone in about 10 years…

  38. We are doomed from this sort of mentality. The US was founded on the idea that people should be free to pursue their own life, and they should reap the results of their efforts. Now we are moving to the idea that people should get something from nothing because it's nice. On what planet does that advance people or work mathematically?

  39. I think this would work great if it were based on some sort of personal grade system, where individuals get a periodic grade depending on their compliance with laws and their habits. So addicts, criminals, etc would get lesser grades and their basic income will be based on that, however if they work on meeting the criteria for higher income by the next "grading period" their basic income goes up. This depends a lot on big data and high technological developments that can track this, but I think China has already proposed doing something almost similar.

  40. I love the optimism and support for a UBI in a America, but let's be real. A UBI would defy that 'American Dream' narrative that serves as the fabric of our way of life here in america. Its what gives america its appeal to people around the world. There is a reason more immigrants come to the united states for opportunity as opposed to places like scandinavia or wherever.

    I know this is a loosely formulated argument, but if you feel the need to rebuttle than you clearly understand where i'm coming from. In no way am I denouncing a UBI, but i'm simply stating that to have one would entail cultural changes that I don't believe we, as americans, are ready for at this stage in our development.

  41. It actually makes me sick that people are beginning to prefer being disadvantaged because they've shouldered the successful with more responsibility; therefore, being further removed from success removes you from responsibility. It's cancerous & it's pathetic.

  42. Roughly 69% of US federal spending goes to social programs, from what I've been able to gather (this includes SS and Medicare). Total spending is roughly $3.8 trillion, and the US population is roughly 320 million. So that comes out to $8200 per person. The average household has 2.5 people, so that would come out to a little over $20k per average household, if it were converted to a UBI. It would actually be much higher than that, since a large chunk of the social program spending goes toward administration rather than benefits. As a UBI, where the only administration would be devoted to identifying citizenship and tracking down fraud, it might be closer to $30k. I have read that the net value of social benefits for those receiving them comes out to around $36k per household per year. Converting all this to a UBI would nearly equal that, but since every household would receive it, taxes could be raised in such a way that it is effectively means tested, by raising the threshold of the lowest tax bracket to equal UBI minus a token amount (if anyone is forced to pay taxes, everyone should be, if if just a tiny amount). This would allow the UBI amount to be raised to match the current value of means tested benefits, with little or no noticeable net cost to taxpayers. This would of course require the elimination of SS, and Medicare as we know them – rolling those programs into ordinary income taxes and UBI. Politically, that's impossible in the US.

  43. I still think that a middle-income earner paying >30% is nuts. I somewhat like the Nordic countries approach, but if they paid a little less, they could still afford all the public services plus have more in-pocket money to spend.

  44. As an European i can say it's true about the Scandinavian model. However this doesn't mean at all that Europe > USA. It's the American individualism and meritocracy that gave us Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford and their products we use on a daily basis.

    The Scandinavian system works only in homogeneous societies who share the same culture and values. You simply can't apply this system in the USA where you have a large gap between black and white community (crime and income) and over15 million illegal immigrants.

  45. In the industrialized world, the sad reality is that we just don't need, and can't use, as many people as we have. There is an ever-increasing number of workers chasing an ever-diminishing number of jobs. This is the result of mechanization and robotics. There is no way to turn back the clock on this phenomenon.

  46. Or the Wall Street wealthy could simply stop being greedy ass lazy fucks and stockholders could decide to pay the people actually working a living fucking wage. Seriously, the only people stealing or being lazy in society are everyone who's job is simply being on Wall Street.

  47. You mentioned the Netherlands as having tuitions paid for. But unfortunately our government just got rid of those benefits. So now students have to get in debt just like in the US.

  48. in the other hand, worker are replacing by robots, so there is no problem if people stop doing useless jobs and just be creative and full of passion

  49. "We'll see people absolutely doing nothing on the backs of those who are really working"

    You mean like the capitalists do, living off of dividends?

    Automation is going to lead to lack of jobs and swaths of the population not doing anything anyway. Universal Basic Income is the least you can do to to make sure you won't have a dystopia on your hands and a possible revolution in the future. Social Democracy is nice, but it will not be good enough in 50 years.

  50. Why would anyone be against UBI?? It boggles my mind. Bring it in now and pay enough to cover all basic costs including house rental or puchase, insurances, car purchase etc etc besides all the basic necessities such as food, clothing etc.

  51. I doubt it.
    Most of the people around me worship their own ability to suffer and uphold it as some kind of "teaching tool" from a "God."

    And they get off on the unnecessary suffering of others, then try to "justify" it with a naturalistic fallacy and an argumentum ad baculum.


  52. Have had three "surgery's" (wasnt slept) for my ear that got messed up in a bad collision during sportsevent. Est. 120 dollars for everything. What would this have costed in US? Im curious.

  53. Americans say if you give people welfare they will lose all ambition, I say sure, if they are willing to live their entire lives on $10 a week + that shitty tiny apartment we give you. We will only pay for necessities which means you won't have internet, you won't have a computer, you won't have a tv, you won't have a phone, you won't have a decent credit rating and you will never ever be able to get a loan anywhere, the only way out of this? Get a fucking job.

    By the way, if we register any income on your accounts that same amount will be deducted from your monthly payments and if you get enough you will also be required to pay your rent that month. Still think living on welfare sounds fantastic?

  54. Americans always complain about Scandinavian countries having such high taxation which would be understandable to be concerned about if they got what Americans got out of their taxes. But here's the thing, they actually directly benefit from all those taxes they pay. And at the end of the day, in many cases anyway, you're actually SAVING MONEY by paying a tax rather than for a for-profit private service. Such as healthcare, the amount they pay in taxes to pay for healthcare is LESS than the amount Americans pay for private insurance…and they receive just as good of care. Or daycare for parents, that's paid for through taxes and compared to what Americans pay to private businesses for daycare, they're saving money by paying a tax instead. Now I'm not saying America should completely adopt the Scandinavian model. America is a very different country with a different form of democratic government. But there are many things America could learn from Scandinavia to adopt and make their own version of some social democratic programs. FDR put many early forms of social democracy in place in the U.S. and much of it has been scaled back since then but if FDR would've really had his way in all policies he tried to tackle and set up for others to tackle in the future, America would be a better version of the Scandinavian economies by now.

    Unfortunately, America has too many far-right anti-government people who see government as this separate entity from the people which is evil by default rather than being the representative democracy that it actually is (or could be).

  55. Short answer: Yes, but it'll never happen
    Long answer: Yes, But america is too entrenched in the markets to consider such a basic act of human solidarity/ compassion to happen. By christ, the majority of American's i've come across still think that Britain and Canada are outright socialist because we've got Universal health care! It's called "Looking after people in times of need" you greedy fuckers!

  56. Yes i think it would help a lot of people so they can live a normal life. With human dignity everyone deserves just because they are human.

  57. Universal Basic Income sounds like a good idea, but it won’t work in the USA. It won’t be indexed. The check will be larger than recipients get now but won’t cover other expenses like medical. It will be a slick way to cut social programs.

  58. shawn gill       
    You are a making yourself a komplet fool. Norway is one of the  riches countries in the world.
    We owns 1,5 % of all the stocks in the world. We are the 8th biggest owner of Apple, Facebook, 
    Tesla etc 
    US on the other hand, owes huge sums.Trillions. Parts of the US  is allready conc.

  59. Whether or not you support Andrew Yang or not is actually a really good litmus test of whether or not you are altruistic human being. Not trying to insult other people, there are good Berniecrats and even Trumpeters, just propping up the Yang Supporters for their willingness to give others a chance.

  60. It was unfair that communists coerced social democrats to follow their system. It is still unfair that social democrats coerce those that want to live in a free market to follow their system. If social democrats weren't bullies they would want taxation to be voluntary. It is really immoral that you can get thrown in jail if you don't want to pay for their programs

  61. The federal government was creating winners and losers, perpetuating poverty for political gain and dividing people along racial and partisan lines long before Donald Trump showed up. If US citizens decide to adopt a more neighborly ethos; it will be in spite of the efforts of government and the media.

  62. Less self retired in Europe left retard than Usa and middle class = higher taxes kills your savings to own a home and retire a millionaire in Europe

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