Can South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg break out of a crowded field of Democratic presidential hopefuls

Maurice Vega

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  1. to understand "booty-judge" you have to know he came from a family where his father dedicated a statue in Virginia to the founder of the communist party in Italy. booty-judge is for the "equality act" which would make men and women in separate prisons illegal,would outlaw men and womens bathrooms, men and womens sport teams would be illegal. he is a radical communist kook.

  2. Sweet pretty boy smooth talking Buttiegieg… Really! Figures that Wallace would do this interview! Too young and not my president!!

  3. Softball questions from a Trump hater with no follow up questions pressuring complete answers just platitudes. So yea he is able to persuade some to the left with this propaganda.

  4. If youre for or against this guy you have to agree that him coming onto Fox News is a power move. Usually politicians stay within their own side or their own “lane” not him. He is going out of his way to introduce himself to everyone.

  5. Listen to this little wimpy character. Just imagine him with testacles on his chin. Then try and take him seriously.

  6. Interesting to see when you actually put these non-establishment Democrats and their ideas like Sanders and Buttigieg in front of the Fox audience they get such a positive reception, it's good to talk to people and to be listened to, the results can be surprising

  7. This guy has and is everything we want from a president too bad orange man will still be re-elected…

  8. I love the comments people are making and excited for him running, fresh ideas and brilliant. He’s so much smarter and kinder than the current administration..

  9. Fox is the ultimate winner , this channel won the fight with MSNBC and CNN , this interview proves it

  10. Thank the Lord..finally a true candidate…If Trump can be President so can this 37 YO, now or 8yr from now.

  11. 6:44 that's a great Idea. In fact to avoid the political bias in the appointments of Judges India follows something called Collegium system which is very similar to what Pete talked about

  12. I'm Irish but I would illegally immigrate and create a fake identity vote for him and proceed to return to Ireland.

  13. Buttigieg if not 2020 definitely a POTUS of the future. So refreshing to see a smart, intelligent person.

  14. So happy that we have a chance to elect someone who knows what America needs and will effectively communicate with the people and both side parties lets go everybody we need Pete for 2020

  15. 🙌😘❤💋💕💖💝💞 Best of luck Pete!!!! We neeeed you sooo much to be the next president you are an amazing individual so kind & unic!!!

  16. Big mistake voting for this guy we need to keep Trump in office at least we have a president that's not afraid to take on the enemies and fight back our president is not a coward.

  17. He seems like the kind of guy who can convince people to agree to long term improvements even at a short term cost. Hes so intelligent and clear in his vision. He would make an amazing leader of the free world.

  18. If Buttigieg says he is proud of his husband, does that mean he is the wife. So if he wins, his husband becomes First Gentleman and he is the Pres and First Lady at the same time? Gender identification becomes more confusing in America!!!!

  19. It’s funny how CNN will interview right winger public figures and try to set them up for failure but when FOX interviews a left leaning person they give them a good spotlight to stand out and they don’t ask intrusive questions.

  20. Guys, I guess I've never been so emotional reading a comment section.
    You make me have faith in politics again.

    From a brazilian rooting for the well-being of America and the world. Cheers!

  21. Consider the alternative: someone comited to making the rich richer, stupid, racist, bankrupt, incapable of thinking or speaking, reality star.

  22. Bootychurch has another glaring negative to answer for. His family has thrown him under a bus. Hope it didnt scratch his flute.

  23. He's lost considerable respect in backing out of a scheduled interview with Dave Rubin just because an ideological group "required" it.

    Someone who is already in the pocket of a narrow-minded ideology is severely limited in what good they can do for the country.

  24. In the Supreme Court, if he is to do his idea, I would recommend he do 5 Democratic, 5 Republican, and 5 unanimous independent in order to prevent there being 10 Democratic or Republican Justices and choosing more Democratic or Republican Judges respectively to take the unanimous position. This would also balance the whole thing.

  25. Pete Buttigieg For President 2020 !
    The Best Choice for our Nation of those running .

  26. Love Pete, and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. He's got my support.

    You can tell Chris is so hard to moderate the debates again next year. Mixed feelings about him.

  27. One must be President for all the people, not President of 51% of people.

    You need to convince the whole population of your agenda so they go along for the ride and are united in the good of the country.

    This guy has the right idea about bridging the gap and treating humans like humans. He doesn’t shame those he doesn’t agree with or change his values based on who he’s talking to.

    He simply makes a strong case to encourage all Americans to agree with his views, fair and square.

    Wonderful refreshing candidate.

  28. Noticed that the interviewer left the facts check on high crime rate and the the question "why are you is such a hurry to be president? Is almost like a puzzle that fox news is trying make this candidate not credible to run for president and mayor Pete did not even blink when it come to just being transparent and genuine.

  29. Mayor Pete next to Trump is like Methuselah next to Orange Cry baby. Would love to see a live debate between them!!! Mayor Pete will defeat him devastatingly!

  30. I'm a moderate and an indpendent at heart, but I'm a registered Republican. Buttigieg is making me want to switch parties so I can vote for him in the primaries. He's so fiercely intelliegent and eloquent but yet at the same time he is strong and steady and holds his own space. It seems like he really is able to bring people from all sides of politics together. I really, really hope he keeps this momentum.

  31. You're trying too hard to sell your narrative…too early. I'm a vet, and Tulsi Gabbard is the best candidate I have ever seen (I never voted for a Dem before). Last weeks survey of TV time for the candidates… Tulsi was last, not even close to any of them…grand total of 15 seconds in the week. The media is threatened by her…anti war…anti Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, where will the media and DNC get all their lobbyist and corporate money if Tulsi gets elected? They smear her or ignore her, only the people can get her going…up to us.

    But she will shine in the debates, and they won't be able to block her. And people who think for themselves and don't bow at the temple of the DNC and MSM like her a lot: Daniel Ellsberg, Ron Paul, Oliver Stone, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Joe Rogan, Mike Gravel, Jill Stein, Jimmy Dore, Susan Sarandon, Kim Iversen, etc.,

  32. Apparently some Dems get it. Trump was a big enough shock to let them know they needed a better candidate than Hillary and here he is.

    In British therefore can't vote in US elections.

    I would have voted for Trump in 2016. Now mayor Pete has my vote.

  33. "…and when we do come out, it's gonna be a big one." ( 01:08 )
    Oh, Pete! -you had me at "exploratory".

  34. Platitude Peter, an empty fake

    Go for Bernie, Tulsi, Yang & Marianne
    Pete hardly has policies

    The fact that mainstream media pushes him forward is A BAD SIGN

  35. There are voices if Mayor Pete Buttigieg would be selected to become president, his vice president will be Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI)

  36. This guy's impressive: never takes the bait, never deflects, always has an articulated, calm and convincing answer. Not to mention, he made me watch Fox News twice already. He's that powerful 😉

  37. America will never elect a homosexual to its highest office. He looks like "what me worry" Alfred E. Neuman

  38. I hope he wins. Time to get someone younger to be president, while I respect (old) age, I think being 77 and president is not acceptable.

  39. Mr. Word Salad. He’s a deep state “intelligence” officer who’s only interested in serving the rich & protecting the status quo. He has NO policies but a lot to hide. And the bots/online supporters aka shills he pays are so phucking annoying! They’re almost as annoying as he is.

  40. Notice the bots/shills/paid supporters of his in the comment section on any video where he’s discussed or interviewed. He has no actual supporters that aren’t paid to “praise” him. This strategy didn’t work for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race.

  41. This guy pops up out of nowhere with all of these “supporters” that are psychopaths. Look at this comment section. Does this seem like a regular comment section? He’s paying people for online support just like Hillary Clinton did. It didn’t work for her, it won’t work for him.

  42. Bravo! Mayor Pete, Your answers were as concise as ever, now, until the election I’m watching Fox News Sunday. They’re impartial and regular.
    But Mia Kulpa, I am totally ignoring whatever the others in the line up say.I skim them off the screen. I am partial to the Mayor of South Bend.

  43. Pete doesn’t duck shots from any interviewer. He is never flummoxed. Somewhere along the way I suspect, he exchanged a computer for his brains. This interviewer, one of the best I’ve observed, concedes very subtly his reluctant and amazed approval of Mayor Pete’s replies, and that should tell us something.

  44. So now it's October 2019, there's an impeachment investigation going on, Giuliani is bringing down the house and I live in one of the reddest states in the Union. Kansas is about as conservative Republican as it gets. I am a fiscal conservative, social liberal, registered Independent that, having lived in Kansas most of my life, has learned to live with frustration and disappointment. I fell into Pete Buttigieg by accident at the first Democrat debate and was fascinated by him before I knew anything about his "private life" which is to me and should be to any intelligent human, irrelevant. The deeper we get into this campaign the more I like what the man says, believes and stands for. I've read the comments that came before, the good, the bad and the downright ugly and everything I see and read and study tells me this Rhodes Scholar, quietly Christian man is the closest we'll ever come to the kind of person we want to follow into tomorrow, to face the rest of the world for us as an example of intelligent, thoughtful, caring leadership. OMG. Please.

  45. pete is a nutcase who wants to make male and female – prisons-bathrooms and sports teams illegal. ask him. I think he hates women because one news guy asked him- "if women were put in prison with men,would that be extremely dangerous for the women?" nd Pete just smirked and did not answer. it was sinister.

  46. Now "package those ideas"!!!

    It's a handful of pages.

    2054? What? Try 2021 if you become President.

    You plan for 'Swallow' at The House?

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