Can Bernie Actually PASS Money in Politics Plan?

Let’s go next to our caller from the five,
seven zero area code. Who’s calling today from five, seven zero. Hey David, does that mean yes, it is. Hey, what’s going on? This is Nick. Yes. I watched your video either was yesterday
or a couple of days ago about, um, Bernie Sanders a new proposal. Um, in terms of campaign finance reform right
now, obviously I’m super for this. Um, I’m pretty sure, um, large majority, I
think they pulled at one time about 90% of Americans are for, um, some sort of campaign
finance reform and uh, just overall finance reform in general for, um, uh, politics. So, uh, it always interests me that this,
these things never get passed. I think burns’ proposals depends really super
effective if it, if it’s implemented even some parts of it. Um, I wanted to ask you, what do you think
some of the, uh, um, issues at hand, uh, it being not being able to pass with such a,
you know, large majority in public opinion. Um, especially, you know, you talk about things
like gun control, um, having such a large majority about things like using universal
background checks, the wanting to be passed. But at the end of the day, I think this might
even be more important in lead to other changes. So what do you think are some of the big obstacles
standing in the way of it? Well, the biggest obstacle is that it’s hard
to get people who are in power because of the system. We have to change the system that that’s like
fundamentally obstacles. So as you’re pointing out, I don’t know the
pole you’re talking about, but it wouldn’t surprise me that 90% of the country wants
at least some kind of a of campaign finance reform. Those aren’t the people who are in positions
of power because of the system, right? Someone who works in the local bricklayers
union or whatever that wants campaign finance reform, they didn’t get their job the way
that a Senator did because of the system of campaign finance that we have. And so Senator is not going to want to change
that system. So number one is we need to start electing
at every level of government people who are committed to doing campaign finance reform. But there’s also logistical obstacles. So like for example, one of the tenants, one
of the ideas of Bernie’s campaign finance reform money out of politics plan is you start
doing public financing of elections. You are not going to be able to even make
any headway on that for as long as the prevailing law of the land is that money is speech, right? So then you now have to link that provision
to can we overturn or somehow undo citizens United. And so the, the, the real obstacle is that
a lot of, you know, Bernie laid out enough different proposals that some could be handled
legislatively, some could maybe be done by executive order, but there is stuff in there
that you, you know, listen for as long as money is speech, it’s going to be very difficult
to do a lot of those things. And so there are, the obstacles are systemic
and they are big, but they are worth tackling for sure as it sounds like you agree with. Yeah, that’s true. I totally agree with that point. Um, and of course the citizens United case,
I feel like I agree with Tanya that has to be, um, overturned for any headway to be made
on there. Um, additionally, on top of that, do you think,
um, you know, Bernie is elected, a lot of those initiatives will get pushed initially
through executive order. Do you think there’ll be maybe some bipartisan
support, um, in the house and Senate? You know, I don’t know the answer to that. I, I would, I would really have to look at
the list because not everything is even potentially doable by executive order. So I would need to really look at the list
first to even see what is conceivably doable by executive order. I don’t have the answer for you right now. All right, great. Yeah, thanks for taking my call then. All right. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you again. That was a Nick. Great to hear from Nick.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Can't get a safe secure elections bill passed. So how are you going to get house and senate to vote against their campaign contributions? I'm sorry it sounds fantastic and i love the idea but i could see how fox frames that (they want to take away your freedom of speech) cause according to citizens united money is speech.

  2. So when people suggest that presidential candidates need to be medically and mentally evaluated, why is it that everyone says trump should be subjected to it, but Bernie is flying under the radar?

  3. So why do people think it’s great for Bernie or Kampala Harris and Beto to do things through executive order, but if Trump uses it it’s a travesty? (Not saying I like any executive order, I just think it undercuts the democratic process, I just want the bias explained to me)

  4. It would be impossible in even two terms. Talk about entrenched power.. it would take an unprecedented effort– like the effort to create a real health care system. Or worse.
    The blowback– especially from the Republican Party– would be fantastic.

  5. Bernie can just declare that our broken election funding system, wherein foreign interests are able to contribute to campaigns, as a national emergency and he can just get it done. Our elections address super broken, and they are a legitimate national emergency (far now so than the border that Trump declared was an emergency).

  6. I had given up before the "fight" had even began. I eventually found out about Bernie & how foolish I was for writing off all politicians as evil; I just hadn't researched well enough. Bernie has never given up, so I have no right to either. Our future depends on it.

  7. It doesn't matter if he can pass it. Bernie Sanders had done such a good job mobilizing support for more left wing issues since the 2016 election, and the more he pushes the establishment the more he pulls the rest of America in that direction.

    If he were president and were to simply rally hard on this issue, he could easily pull America into that policy if it were the president of the United States saying it.

  8. With 95-odd percent popular support? Even the mainstream democrats would have a hard time screwing that up. Bernie'd be able to pass the plan in his sleep.

  9. Death Bed Bernie is fading fast in the polls, must drop out now, take care of his clearly failing health, and support Warren for president.

    I hope he feels better soon, though.

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