Camerota asks voter how she would vote if Trump shot someone. Hear her response

Maurice Vega

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  1. I remember hearing obama’s pastor screaming “God damn America!!” At his church service…. that will be the last time that I ever voted for a Demorat.
    Democrats are swine.

  2. So I should judge someone who shoot someone in self defence the same way as a murderer? You people have lost all fucking common sense!

  3. CNN is wack there are plants in there , swinging Trump 2020 .. PLANT BOTTOM LEFT top MIDDLE so see there give it up.. Top right dumb AF FAKE NEWS GET BOOS

  4. The things said here were crazy BUT is anyone gonna call out the fact that “why did he shoot him?” Is a good question and it stopped there to add dramatic effect?…

  5. So (1) this Crystal person claims that every president has asked foreign leaders to aid in our elections before admitting she does not know that to be true. (2) claiming that the president is being helpful before admitting she does not know how he's bringing the Democrats and Republicans together, and (3) nothing will change her mind on him even if he went out and shot someone in broad daylight before giving a high five to someone who agrees with her? I must ask why is someone like her even allowed to make arguments without knowing anything to back them up? And I will say that people like her is what's wrong with this country despite political affiliation or preference. Ugh! rant over!

  6. Democrats socialist liberal party
    Caught in action rig voting machines an illegal immigrants trying vote in Florida over 25 thousand

  7. WTAF is wrong with everybody now days?
    I think that they are putting something in the damned water supply or some such thing man… LoL.
    Because I would honestly swear that folks just did not use to be such fucking pathetic, conformist, koolaid drinking sheep; nor were so many as willfully ignorant as so many of these fools undeniably ARE currently.
    Sure, you certainly can chalk some of it up to tribalism, & populism, & nationalism, all the familiar suspects that are most usually at least partly to blame, historically speaking… and every time any of the ideological identity political trends has gotten large enough to technically be termed as being a "movement" it has inherently brought with it the danger of cultism & fanaticism… That's all a given though, and it really just does not seem to explain why so many Americans are just so invested in this trumpian cult of personality… (And what in all the nine hells is THAT shit all about anyway man? WHO in their right mind would have admitted to admiring or respecting Donald fucking trump six or seven years ago? Not all that fucking many, now let me assure you of that fact, jack.)
    These folks are such lobotomized imbiciles, that… well hell, honestly they've become an actual cause for them just also being an American, effectively making the same me in the eyes of the rest of the world, has become a real embarrassment to mw…
    I am ashamed that they are my fellow countrymen… as any educated, reasonable human being wouldbe ashamed of this sorry lot…
    The trump voter is almost ALWAYS some hypocritical, insincere, and as intolerant & as they are intolerable…
    They are mostly
    under-educated, unenlightened, pretentious squares.

  8. Do you think trump is part of dividing the country,the w/o me all together:NO..QUESTIONER:HOW IS HE BRINGING ALL OF US TOGETHER THEN,ANSWER:5:01.

  9. Search David Pakman show Title 'Uneducated whit voters'. He uses one of the women featured in the interview as an example. It's very interesting.

  10. The disturbing thing is not what the president does or says. It's the fact that there Are people stupid enough to believe, follow and support his words and actions. The right wing and republicans have really lost their way and their senses. Even they speak and think like Trump now. They just tend to blame you for what you are blaming them for and repeat nonsensical answers. They use childish arguments and behaviour. They say they want to work together and compromise yet when it comes down to it are not ready to compromise any of their ideas and beliefs. Like the fact they want to help the homeless instead of giving money to Ukraine. But when it comes to spending money on homeless they will say the government is wasting tax money by giving handouts. The far right basically only like the constitution and laws when it suits them. They always praise and put veterans on a pedestal to showcase their patriotic values. Yet if a veteran says anything bad about Trump or the right wing suddenly they are traitors and not trustworthy or working for the democrats.

  11. Dear God in Heaven, some of the people in this group must be living in a completely different universe than I do. They think the tRUMP is doing a "fantabulous job" when he has supported the 1% and given billions of dollars to the rich in tax breaks, while this same group has probably received NOTHING. Yet they still support him? And it "depends on WHY the president shot someone on 5th Ave." Where did that response get started and take hold? Fox News? These are the mind-sets that have kept this monster-in-chief in office, and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. And NEVER WILL. God Save Us All!

  12. People dying, children in cages, supporting Russia and dictatorships, safety and environmental protections rolled back, cuts to health care, education and destruction to the environment is considered "Entertainment" by one of these panelists? What in the world could be wrong with this woman? And some of the rest of them… I wish they would go live on another planet with their "glorious leader" and be forced to live in the dicatorship the tRUMP wants to run. They could become the proletariat they truly are. It's unbelievable. SMH.


  14. CNN completely fails to understand the subtext of this conversation. These women are coming from places where their local economies are hurting and they see poverty surrounding them. They couldn’t care less about some Ukrainians dying or about US Civics; they want someone who will fix their economic situation. Trump has made it appear that he cares about these problems.

    Whoever the next Democratic candidate is will need to address the economic, criminal, and opioid problems the country has. The only candidate I see caring about that is Yang.

  15. Trump's Dream Demographic.
    He sits at his empty desk or in his golf cart and daydreams, "Oh why can't all voters be this stupid. These ladies just love me. They would love me to grab their pu*****! I know, I'll hire them all to fill in all of the vacancies in my cabinet. They would be loyal to me and they obviously would forgive me anything, even shooting someone in the middle of 5th Ave. I think that rough and tumble Crystal could be the next Secretary of State. She'd go to the mat for me, brawl it out with reporters, throw punches, just to defend me. Why couldn't my wives love me like that?"

  16. you know what I don't understand is everytime we want to use money to ourselves like healthcare people say it's impossible. the first lady taking in the middle is bsing. as soon as something on the table for the people of the us they don't want it but complain about not getting any help.

  17. I cannot believe CNN showed this to us…yes, we all have these ideas…Trump is not Mr. Perfect, but, he's not a communist…like we see running on the Dems side of the isle…

  18. Crystal owns a "Grounds maintinence" company… which means she don't care about the wall… most of her labor is illegal aliens.

  19. The stench of privilege reeking from this group… We see this as a country, and that political decisions negatively affects us, and these women think it's just business.

  20. If ya didn’t have stupid wars ya wouldn’t have so many homeless PTSD veterans. What sort of business does Crystal have ? Probably a beauty salon/fish and chip shop/lemonade stand.

  21. White women, need I say more. They love Trump!!!!! You want to know why there are some many psychopaths coming out of white households who feel comfortable in shooting children in school houses and people in movie theaters and shoppers in Walmart. I could go on and on.

  22. Well when you have foreign governments helping you, then you can get elected and still lose the popular vote. Just saying!

  23. What the heck? This is why a good education is so important, these people didn't have one. Politics and business are governed by completely different rules. Quid pro quo is illegal in politics you idjits. What people does he care about sorry? Oh that's right only rich white business people like these morons. Disgusting. I m disgusted.

  24. Stop using homeless veterans as an argument for your stupidity. I don't see you doing a damn thing. Veterans barely get legitimate health Care.

    -a veteran

  25. Total missed opportunity at the end. I would have said to Crystal: "alright, let's just say he shot somebody just to prove he could do it. Would you vote for him?"

    Don't let her get away with dodging the question.

  26. This is why we need to invest in public education. So we don’t have morons like these women voting for a buffoon to run this country like a “business”. Newsflash a country is NOT a business!

  27. The average intelligent American will at the very least questioning Trumps motives and actions… I don’t need an “entertainer” to run my country. Why did he shoot? That says it all….we should be required to pass an IQ test to vote. My dog could make better choices.

  28. Why didnt alison tell them about the whistleblower protection act? It seems like none of these women have heard of it.

  29. The u.s. is helping ukraine fight against Russian aggression and Republicans cut taxes helping blow up the homeless and mental health problem. That's not a feeling, that's fact.

  30. This reminded me of the movie Idiocracy in which the citizens of our nation became more ignorant as time passed. It’s scary that some people really are this ignorant about our constitutional democracy, rule of law, and ethical standards.

  31. The ones who described: “divisive, entertaining, and embarassing.” Are okay.
    The one who said that she will vote for trump no matter what, legit straight up look coo coo

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