Caller’s Trump Delusions DESTROYED Live

Let’s go next to our caller from the three
zero three area code color from three zero three who maybe is making tea or whistling
in the background. Hello? Dude, are you there? Yeah. So are we on speaker or Bluetooth? Um, give me one second. I’m very good. How’s it going? Hello? Hello. Yes, that’s much better. Yeah, the question man. So yeah, I have a question. So I’m leaning a little more. I’m in the middle of either democratic or
Republican. I had a question because I’m not too sure. Like I see usually like CNN usually talks
bad about Trump and I just want to know what do you, if any, do you have any policies that
you necessarily agree that he was put in place? Are you a character that yeah, that Trump
has put in? Yeah, I mean, listen, so one of the things
that I think overall Trump’s tax plan was a disaster, but one of the things he did is
he lowered the threshold, at which point medical expenses become deductible. I think that that’s good. You know, I think that that, I mean it’s like,
it’s, it’s very, it’s, it’s pennies on the dollar. It’s a drop in the bucket, but I think that
was the right decision. Um, he made a couple of tiny little tweaks
around disclosure of pharmaceutical pricing that I think are fine, but they, you know,
they don’t really change the broader problems we have. Like, yeah, I can find little tiny things
if you, you know, kind of pushed my hand. Sure. Oh, I was just, I was curious because I don’t
know, I’ve like, I’ve, I’ve been always in the middle, like I don’t necessarily agree
with all these gun rights that I think liberals are more pushing or censorship kind of deal. I do agree with somethings like health care,
but I just, I kind of find myself in the middle and I, I’m having a hard time. Well, but let me ask you this. I mean, let’s see. Remind me what your name was. I don’t know if I caught it. Oh wait, sorry. It’s Mackenzie. Mackenzie. Okay. Mackenzie, listen are, when you look around,
do you think right now that we have an imbalance of power in this country where the rich have
too much power or do you think that they don’t? Uh, I think they do. Uh, and most places. Yeah. Okay. And when you look around, do you think that
huge businesses are over-regulated and can’t make any money? Or do you think that businesses are getting
away with things like paying no taxes while raping and pillaging the environment? Well, that’s why I may disagree. I do agree that they may be getting away with
some taxes, but if you look into like business models and, uh, development or I guess ideas
that they, uh, put money and invest in, I think that that’s something that not a lot
of people look at. Like, I don’t know if you point out Amazon
and say, Oh, they haven’t been taxed a lot or it should be taxed more. But you look at how we are getting two day
shipping, one day shipping something that 10 years ago you would’ve thought was, Oh
that’s impossible. I wouldn’t be able to uh, get that object. Right. But when it comes to that one and two day
shipping, Mackenzie, if I were to tell you the way Amazon is able to do that and do it
cheaply is by subcontracting those one day delivery deliveries to underlie synced and
untrained third party delivery companies that are getting into accidents that are, you know,
getting into all sorts of trouble. And then Amazon says, Hey, it’s not our problem. They’re not our employees. That said, does that sound okay to you or
does that sound like a problem? No, that does. That definitely does sound like a problem. I, I’m not too educated on that. Got it. And when you look around the world, Mackenzie,
and you see people like Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong, Owen and Vladimir Putin and Bashar
Al Assad and whoever else are those, the types of leaders that you want our president to
be more like or less like big picture for me, definitely less like, because I wasn’t like,
uh, you know, the bad things that they do over there. I don’t want to talk about that on the phone. So listen, every, everything I’ve asked you
so far means that if you vote your values, you could not possibly vote for Donald Trump
in 2020. Now, which of the democratic candidates we
could talk about. But I don’t see anything in there that would
in any sensible way mean Oh, Trump is the person that you would, you would be voting
for. I just don’t see any points of agreement. Yeah, I, I definitely do agree there, but
I, I’m, I’m personally, I was a Bernie supporter. Uh, I definitely liked the free college idea. I mean, I don’t personally go to college. Okay. Uh, but I do agree that like investing in
a younger class will definitely help the future, but part of me is, is more on the fiscal side
of, I don’t see where that money’s going necessarily come from. Okay, well that’s a bigger, that’s a bigger
conversation, which, which we can have, but listen, I’m glad we did this because to me,
and I think the audience will agree and check out the YouTube comments when we upload this,
you’re clearly someone who should be voting for one of the democratic candidates in which
one kind of remains to be determined. Absolutely. Well, thank you for your time, David. Be calling a lot more. This is my first time calling you. Thank you, sir. All right, very good. Appreciate the phone call. I apologize that I am out of time, but I am
sorry to everybody I didn’t get to. I see Ronald Reagan is holding and a call
in earlier next. I’m Ronald and I will definitely get to you

Maurice Vega

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  1. People who say they are “in the middle” are pretty much always completely oblivious to the political realties of the world.

  2. I like people who are willing they don't know and ask for advice. If only more people could just talk and discuss instead of arguing it would be so nice.

  3. I don't think this caller was deluded. He said that he was somewhere in the middle. The guy was undecided. He was easy to speak to. Not a Trumpster.

  4. Lol clearly his values align most with Sanders and he even explicitly expressed prior support for Sanders, yet you wouldn't even recommend Bernie and shifted it to "someone from the democratic field." This is why people don't take you seriously if you claim you support Bernie: if you really did you would have recommended the best candidate. This is even more important since Sanders is trailing to Warren.

  5. I hope the caller studies it even more and realizes that only the Dems are actually proposing solutions to our problems. They aren't necessarily in agreement, but at least they are trying to deal with the real problems.

  6. I got the feeling that the caller was really a die hard Trump supporter trying to feel David out. When he said CNN always talks bad about Trump was a clue.

  7. Caller is definitely someone who is not a radical Trump cultist! The true base only screams and cusses! because thats what their leader does. The moderate Republicans are reachable, of course its their right to vote as they please, but long term the have a grip on reality!…

  8. I agree with pretty much everything Pakman says, but these click-bait lying titles on his (and so many others') videos is beneath him. He did not even come close to "destroying" this caller who pretty much said next to nothing regarding his views. Fox News does this; are you trying to emulate Fox News, David?

  9. "I'm not too educated on that subject."—The confession of every Trump Supporter, when pressed.

  10. "I'm not too educated on that subject."—The confession of every Trump Supporter, when pressed.

  11. Donald Jr.,Eric & Ivanka Trump along with Jared Kushner need to be investigated for their business dealings around the globe. Only fair if Trump demands that Hunter Biden be investigated as well.

  12. Americans don't deserve our sympathy anymore. They did this to themselves because their culture is rotten and their education system is even worse. They are ignorant and arrogant. What sort of a wretched, shit hole country doesn't have real healthcare? Fuck 'em, they have no self respect and aren't willing to fight for real freedom. They fear everything and the world should be sick and tired of their pathetic, whiny, fake revolutions.

  13. Why the fuck are there 'medical expenses' in the first place???!!!! Get real healthcare you pathetic cro-magnon losers. All you people do is complain. No action. No civil disobedience. Lazy. You deserve the GOP.

  14. Yup, little tweaks and pennies to the masses are what the 1%er think will keep us in line, while they run away with 50% of the entire wealth in our country.

  15. Amazon literally has warehouses in every state, and hundreds of businesses sell through them. That’s why they can offer 2 day (but for me it’s next day, or same day) shipping. They also now primarily use their own delivery system. It’s not because they ship through third party 🙄

  16. David, I am mostly a silent observer, I am a 63 year old white male. I do not identify as a democrat or republican, for that matter I have never even voted in my entire life. I am also an atheist that believes most war's were fought over religious bigotry. In my opinion, the only way Democrats are going to make any headway against Trumpist's is to put it in there face. I would suggest that any Democratic candidate, before they go to a town hall, would be to load up a bunch of Trump's own words, in video clips, on a big screen to show everyone what he actually said. That way they could not deny it, but show that his rhetoric about fake media was false and show them what he actually said. They could not deny his own words and if they do, ask them where they get their news. 9 out of 10 would be the "actual fake news" of Fox Media. Then, they could take control of the Town Hall and tell the truth. Just my opinion, but I thought it was worth sending. Aloha, Mark

  17. I don't think it was fair to call him delusional or that he "delusions", but more that he was on the fence. Sometimes people need to open themselves up to the idea that they might be wrong or that they might not be seeing things from a big picture perspective, and in this case that is exactly what this gentleman did.

  18. The caller hints at the question of where will the money come from to pay for socialized higher education or Medicare for all… We know that some taxes might be higher for some individuals but there is a net savings overall for the average family when it comes to M4A. And I would make a similar argument about higher education.

  19. I think ppl say they're fiscally conservative because they feel it's the responsible way to be, but that's wrong! It has nothing to do with being conservative in the small-c sense.

    Progressive economic policies can be the more responsible option. We must fight that narrative that conservatives are somehow more responsible with money.

  20. This is why we need to vote republicans out of office. They place big business over people's health. They are allowing companies to pollute our land, water, air, and food supply again with no recourse for the average person. Profit over people and Ignoring global warming. Look at what how trump and the republicans are bankrupting farmers with his tariffs and leaving crops to rot in fields by demonizing and deporting immigrants who harvest them. Firing scientist who disagree with him. Remember only the rich got tax cuts by 2026 the middle class will be paying the taxes the rich use to. The only thing Republicans have to offer for your future is hateful rude behavior, higher taxes, FAMINE and EPIDEMICS with no healthcare!

  21. It's very easy, McKensie. Now you pay twice the Prize in Healthcare Taxes to greedy Insurance Companies than you'll pay to the Government in Healthcare Taxes. It's that simple. That's where the money will come from. And you'll have more money for yourself. And never risk to be denied treatment.

  22. Title of the video is pretty misleading, given the nature of the caller. He certainly didn't have any Trump delusions, nor were they 'destroyed'. You're better than that, David, quit the clickbaiting…

  23. Now let's be honest…does Trump himself actually come up with these ideas (particularly the good ones) or does his cabinet and associates come up with them in meetings? I think I know the answer.

  24. I don't think a dictatorship bodes well for anybody besides who would stop Trump from hostile takeovers of any companies it wishes? a beast that hungry for power isn't going to stop at the presidency.

  25. You do realise there's nearly 45 million slaves in the world that help make your 2 day delivery possible….are you OK with that?

  26. And another really ridiculous clickbait title. This guy was not under a lot of Trump delusions and they weren't destroyed in all caps. he was a middle-of-the-road person and some clarifications were made for him that hopefully were helpful to him. The clickbait has to stop because all it does is make me not want to subscribe and not watch any more videos. I'm sure it does the same for others.

  27. David, I've heard you say a few times that Trump lowered the threshold for medical expense deduction. But you need to update that information! It WAS lowered to 7.5% for 2018, but it's now sprung back up to 10% now. What he ACTUALLY tried was to eliminate those deductions altogether: "The Trump plan eliminates the medical deduction altogether, which would significantly impact senior citizens, especially those requiring significant elder care, and taxpayers who have incurred extraordinary medical expenses. What is curious about the elimination of the medical deduction is that, just a couple of months ago, as part of the failed ACA repeal, the administration wanted to reduce the medical AGI limitation and allow larger medical deductions. Now, it wants to eliminate them altogether."

  28. "Caller's Trump Delusions DESTROYED Live" is pretty damn insulting to the caller. Insulting and completely inaccurate. Do better please Mr Pakman.

  29. I don't like the title. David, I'm only criticizing the title because I'm a huge fan. You need to be a little sensitive to the caller. If he was to see this video and reads the title, he may end up taking offense and being dissuaded instead of the contrary.

  30. David this is your best video I've seen yet by far in terms of identifying exactly why the caller's audio is so annoying

  31. Beautifully done, David. The caller seems to have a critical enough mind to engage in honest discussion, which is great to see. I’ve had similar conversations with Trump supporters I grew up with who, when asked about big picture values like this, clearly have no business even considering Trump—or the vast majority of Republican politicians for that matter. Their hesitance on Democratic politicians typically comes down to either fiscal conservatism, whatever that means, identity politics, or guns. Which I understand. Government programs have to be funded, identity politics often is annoying and challenges common sense, and guns are culturally ingrained in large swaths of the country. But pulling out the lens to put these single issues into perspective and painting a holistic picture of what our country needs to look like is the way to maybe try to bring these people down to earth.

  32. Great caller!
    I think it's important that he remember to not fall for scare tactics.
    There's definetly a lot of leftie people who he will discover he has a lot in common with.
    Gun regulations is a huge issue to him, but I wonder, is it all regulations, or do he agree that there's a necessity to do SOME regulations?
    Some legislation that might not sound like much, can actually have high effect on gun violence!
    Regulations on storage of firearms and ammunition, at home and during transport, affects the numbers of firearms that ends up in the wrong hands. And like this, there's a lot of small tweaks that can be done. The left isn't going to ban all guns!
    And the left isn't going to close down Amazon, just because there's a wish to ensure workers rights, etc…..

  33. Wow this David guy is a complete dbag. You libtards actually watch this garbage?? I think I would rather watch TYT then this moron.
    He can only think of 2 minor accomplishments that this president has done?!
    How about the Prison reform?
    Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem?
    Got rid of Isis?
    Best economy and lowest unemployment rates in history?
    The VA Accountability Act?
    The list goes on……
    He has also kept his promises. Now let me ask you what has Obama or Bush done for the country?

  34. Bernie Sanders has laid out his plan for how we will pay for college for all. Here's the plan.

  35. David tell it like it is about Trump! You have a platform to do it! Even if you can't change this guy's mind other people are listening where you could. You're trying to be too politically correct David. Let people know what's going on they don't apparently hear it from Fox anyway! Thank you

  36. All power to that guy. He was looking for answers because he had questions because his mind was opening. How many of us no matter what side we think we're on with any issue or belief can actually do what he is doing?

  37. Mackenzie, you were honest, polite and curious. I hope you don't vote trump, but if you do I'll at least know you thought about why and sought others' opinions. Cheers.

  38. I live in Canada and support gun rights also. However, that's more for people who hunt. My go to weapon for self defense are the palms of my hands and the police. I don't have to worry about getting shot because nobody runs around with their guns here. In the US people seem to want to be able to fight back against their own government, but what good is that if you can't buy missiles? It's better to have a population of people who can respect that fact that while defending yourself is a right, guns are a privilege.

  39. ugh gross this clickbait title.
    I generally really like this channel but this crap is becoming more common here. In no way did David DESTROY the caller's delusions.
    Clickbait is lying. Don't fucking do it.

  40. David, you are giving Trump supporters way too much credit and unwittingly feeding into the Trump campaign narrative. In this video, you are suggesting that there is a certain set of opinions and values, a certain political philosophy (albeit a bad one) that would logically lead one to support Trump. There is NO such set of values and opinions, NO such philosophy. It does not make sense for ANYONE, of ANY political persuasion, to vote for Trump.

  41. To the caller: where is the money coming from ? Trump and GOP gave a massive tax cut with lost tax revenue to the filthy rich, 200 billion/year. 330 billion are spent a year on over seas wars. You can do a lot of good things with extra 500 billion in the budget, being invested back in the USA. Bernie and the progressives want tax revenue to be spent into society, the GOP and Trump want to spend it in corruption and war.
    The GOP has long stopped being the fiscally conservative party and the party of the law and order. Now they are the party of high crimes, cover-ups and treason, and every time they are in government and control the budget, they balloon the deficit to spend on cronyism. See how that worked out for Bush junior.

  42. Personally I would have called him a xenophobic bigot racist & have his boss cancel him from his job but I suppose David's approach works too I guess.

  43. He was not delusional, he was very reasonable unlike Trump supporters. And he said he was in the middle, not full blown Trumptard. Why "destroy delusions"?

  44. I thought this was well handled, but the title of the video will probably undo any work you did to convince the caller to not vote Republican.

  45. Well done talking sense into this caller. The edge in politics is in the nuance, and so is yours. But that's beside the point, I'm not here to stick feathers up his bum as we say; I think it's odd that people from "the other side" of the political spectrum go to specifically your (and other "libtard" (and that phrase on its own tells a tale) content makers) to ventilate their frustrations. As a European citizen, it strikes me as really odd that one has to go to the opposing political spectrum to do just that. I can see why though, not much fun in adding another echo in the echo chamber…

  46. Sounds like a run of the mill undereducated not so smart American. But he is curious…. And open minded. And that is a quality that I adore and tip my hat too. Good for him to ask the right questions and be open to be more informed.

    I guess I am being condescending with my comment, sorry about that.

  47. I really do not like the title compared to the content. The caller was not exactly well informed on everything like most americans are, but to call him delusional is bit far fetched. Click bait David, please do better

  48. I wonder if he was open to reason because his mind wasn't clouded with hatred for Democrats. Trump, Hannity, Carlson etc promote an adrenal-fueled rage that becomes a physical addiction. A well reasoned discussion of policy is too dull for many Trump supporters. It doesn't come with the thrilling rush of fury. Trump provides his customers with the enemies they need to get high.

  49. There’s three kinds of people if I recall; the unmovable, the moveable, and the movers. The only ones I cannot tolerate are the unmovable

  50. It boggles the mind how anyone can be on the fence (or in the middle) regarding Trump. You've either drank the orange koolaid and dropped to your knees or you haven't.

  51. TRUMP back stabs the Kurds that was fighting ICIS that died HELPING US and now CHAOES and ICIS now regrouping your not safe WHITH TRUMP WAKE UP

  52. Typical American voter. Uninformed, undereducated. Not up to date on the minutiae of the relevant issues. This is who republicans speak to.

  53. Good call, the guy seemed reasonable and open to debate, David talked to him in a decent and genuine way-I hope he does decide to vote for a Dem because it really doesn't sound as though he agrees with Trump at all. I think I understand his worry, that he isn't sure where the money will come from to fund the things he agrees with like college tuition and that he's worried America couldn't balance its books but if he calls in again I think David could help allay his concerns in that regard

  54. why do you need to stall the callers so much for no reason? Like if you're running out of time in the end was a real issue, c'mon dude you're doign a youtube show. You'd have done us a huge favor by answering callers last healthcare question/objection in a satisfactory manner. The way you did it seemed like you evaded a valid question. You don't need hours of speech to address speople's most flawed misconceptions about M4A they got from the media, yet now there is potentially one more person out there who is reinforced by you in those MSM talking points, just from poor/rude handling it like this.

  55. David, you need to have a word with whoever writes your video titles. The caller didn't have any 'Trump delusions', he had questions and wasn't speaking in favour of Trump at all.

  56. "Where do we get the money?" – for things we're already paying for. College? We overpay in student loan servicing. Health care? We pay for insurance, copays, and other out-of-pocket costs. Infrastructure? We pay Nestle for bottled water when Flint's water is goop; we pay for the accidents on crappy roads; we pay for rebuilding when bridges collapse. We pay more, all the time – it's just a matter of which "we" is paying, and we let the people who can least afford it do the paying and overpaying.

  57. If you support GOP or Trump, you're not a fiscal conservative, sorry….the GOP pretends like they care about not spending, but each time a R president takes charge the deficit worsens by 10x. I hope the caller returns to the side of right and light "libturds".

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