Caller Wrongly Believes Voting Doesn’t Matter

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two. David P really important issue. Brought up in this voicemail about the importance
of every vote. Take a listen David, my name is Joshua phone in Chicago,
Illinois. My friend voted in 2016 for Hillary thin. Yes. And ever since then, once it was all came
back, the Trump actually won. I guess she’s on the opinion that she just
believes that votes doesn’t matter pretty much. Right. And I was just wondering if there was a way
to maybe do, or there’s something you could say to convince her otherwise. Cause me personally, I do believe that both
matter and I personally believe I’ll type of off Obama’s proof of that because it both
didn’t matter then because a lot of people said that Barack Obama was never going to
get in. Yeah. Here’s the deal. Uh, there were a lot of people who had the
same thought as a, as your friend and didn’t even vote in 2016 there are millions of people
in 2016 who said, you know, I don’t really think my vote matters even though I don’t
want Trump. I’m not going to bother and go out and vote. And if those millions of people just had gone
out and voted for Hillary Clinton, we would not have president Trump right now. We would not have the disaster that is facing
the Kurds in Northern Syria right now. We would not have one of the most radical
right judiciaries at both the Supreme court and lower court levels that we’ve had in decades
thanks to Donald Trump. So if anything, the 2016 election, it should
not dissuade people from voting. It should be confirmation that if only a few
of those people who said, I’m not going to bother to vote, which is half the country. How embarrassing is that? Half the country doesn’t vote. If even just a fraction of those people had
gone out and voted, we never would have had president Trump to begin with. So your friend is right to be frustrated,
but the conclusion to draw is not, doesn’t even make sense to vote. The conclusion to draw is if all of us who
are skeptical about our ability to make change by voting just went out and cast the damn
ballot, we would have easily defeated Donald Trump in 2016 and we could easily defeat Donald
Trump in 2020 that’s the, that’s the conclusion that we should all be coming to. No matter what state you’re in, no matter
how safe you think your congressional district is for your member of Congress, if you like
them or whatever else, go out and vote. If everybody who questioned the importance
of voting went out and voted, they wouldn’t stand a chance. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. We will talk about Bernie’s plan to give workers
an ownership stake in big companies. We will talk about a record setting, sub two
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Maurice Vega

98 Responses

  1. Public opinion doesn’t matter to the DNC, or we’d be talking about Bernie’s upcoming second term right now.

  2. The caller isn't wrong!! The Electoral College decides everything!!

    Just look at the last election!! Helloooooooooo!!

  3. Well this is quite a mixed bag, but it all depends on who is up there in 2020 and what not. If it is Joe Biden vs. Trump or some corporate Democrat vs. Trump, I am not voting at all, period. End of story.

  4. "It (voting) is meaningless. This country was bought and sold and paid for a long time ago" George Carlin, 1996.

  5. The smaller the voting numbers the more likely a Republican, Right-wing or Conservative will win offices and take control. The larger the voting numbers raise the likelihood that a Dem, Liberal or Progressive will take office and control. Small voting numbers kill democracy.

  6. The electoral college forms a wall between the people and their votes. This isn't a facade, it's a real thing. The electoral college DOES NOT have to vote the way the popular vote for their state votes. The reason voting matters is that by voting one is consenting to the system not choosing a candidate. It's a measure of confidence in representative democracy and no more than this.

  7. I live in an area where one party completely overwhelmingly outnumbers the other. I vote, but I still believe it is basically a waste of time. I am in the minority.

  8. Where are all these idiots coming from that think it doesn't matter if people vote??? By their reasoning, life doesn't matter either so why not just off yourself? Half of the population doesn't bother to vote… and THAT is why the left loses, because they don't bother to fucking vote!

  9. Defeating Trump should be the low hanging fruit. I wonder how large the "O.S.!" moment would be among incumbent Senators & Congressmen when presented with strong voter participation. It's only possible by voting.

  10. What if you and your friend go out to vote and you know going in that you will vote one way and your friend the opposing way… in that case is there a point in voting since you know you are cancelling each other out?

  11. Yes, but we were forced by the DNC to vote for Hillary Clinton. A handful of crooked politicos sabotaged Bernie Sanders and thus ended his chance to run against Trump. I could not bring myself to vote for Hillary. I knew Trump was deeply flawed but I loathed (and still detest) Hillary. So I voted for a Third Party candidate as protest. Those who did likewise did not put Trump in office. The blame goes entirely to people like Debbie Wassermann Shultz, Donna Brazil, Karen Finney and all the upper echelon of the DNC. They gave us Trump. As for Hillary Clinton? May she rot in hell!

  12. Voting would mean even more without the electoral college! But even now it's not just important, it's god damn VITAL!

  13. A vote for Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden doesn't help Americans. I refuse to help people like that rise to power. I'd vote if I had a choice of someone who was going to represent me. Until then, I will not support a system that force feeds the worst candidates down our throats. The end.

  14. I have a couple friends like this. It's super-frustrating. Here's what they say…
    WA friend: "WA is blue. My vote won't make it MORE blue" I say: "How many of you does it take to turn your state red?"
    WV friend: "My state is red. my vote won't turn it blue" I say: "It could turn blue if enough of you voted"
    The best I could get out of them is the one in WA said he'll vote but only if Bernie wins…..smh

  15. "The way I personally voted didn't win, therefore voting doesn't matter."

    Sounds like your friend needs a reality check and a lesson in how logic actually works.

  16. David once again LYING. Obama got elected and black people lost 50% of their wealth and Obama did nothing while ignoring all the black people murdered blocks from where he lives. If voting mattered it would be made illegal and on top of that the electoral college literally undermines any vote you cast. Electoral college can elect batman if they wanted to.

  17. The people who think their vote doesn't matter is part of a group of millions that feel the same way…. and those millions certainly make a difference

  18. I have to lay the blame for this squarely on the Democratic party's lap their failure to ever reward their voters in policy for their victory to the point where their voters actually end up going backwards in standard of living measurements Meigs voting in the end seem irrelevant. Why are you voting if you're going to end up in the same position no matter who gets in office?

  19. I have, do, and will, VOTE. even though I believe that bush and Trump proves that the electoral college will always supersede the people's vote!
    I still vote.
    Even though, money has corrupted the electoral system, and it has allowed for a crony capitalists Republican War State PLUTOCRACY that will gladly sacrifice us to a CHRISTIAN-DOLLAR-GOD!!
    I still vote.
    even with Trump's pedophile fascist kakistocracy is looming over the people ready to destroy us, and consider us nothing more than FREE-RANGE SLAVES.
    I vote!

  20. It doesn’t when the elections are rigged by the CIA. Think 2000 and 2016. You are naive to think we have a legitimate electoral process

  21. Before taking interest in politics, I was always told and ended up thinking that voting didn’t matter. It was an example like going to baskin robbins and thinking you can choose which ever you want but in reality you didn’t choose those 31 flavors. So I don’t really have much of a chose because they were given to me. It was something along those lines I can’t remember his philosophy on it. However now I do believe voting matters but I think we will still get screwed in the end. Idk I just hope I’m wrong and we get Bernie in 2020. I tell people to vote now and made my fiancé vote in the last midterms for the first time in his life.

  22. Voting matters! Giving up in this situation is the worst possible course of action, please don't.

    But let me digress a bit: when voting for president here in California, my vote is statistically irrelevant in that specific case. The Democrat will get the California electoral points (which is fine by me, I want that outcome). HOWEVER, there are other very, very important offices, and even ballot measures, that need to be voted on at the same time. Almost everything in my local district, county and city are held by Republicans, even though I suspect that republican voters are heavily outweighed by left-leaning or fully left people. … … unfortunately I know that a great majority of people in this district are not even registered to vote. And many of the independent and democratic voters will sit out elections despite being registered.

    If all who were registered voted, we'd likely have a lot more Democratic (or independent) representation in our city hall, and in our county and district offices. And if even half or more of the citizens in this area were registered and all voted, I think that instead of having a republican representative in congress, we'd have a democrat. Instead of an all-businessman conservative city hall, we'd have a mix that better represented the community. And we'd probably have a lot better city policies so that homelessness wouldn't be such a chaotic epidemic in our city while also being something our city wants to ignore, likely in the vile hopes that all the people who have lost their homes just wind up dying — while they keep making sure the rich neighborhoods and commerce centers are getting beautification projects.

    So look, even if there's some good reasons to believe your vote for President won't matter in the scheme of things (and to be honest, in a good number of states it likely won't — though enough people deciding their vote doesn't matter and abstaining could completely change things) by sitting that out you're allowing your local government to be directed — unopposed — by those who do vote. Typically hardline white christian zealots who want the world to be a harsher place for everyone who's not them, or not rich. Locally, your vote definitely matters. The numbers are as massive, and your individual vote is counted.

    Also keep in mind, though, that in addition to voting yourself, you can encourage others to vote who otherwise might not. And if enough of us do that, it makes it impossible for the "winner" to be someone people didn't want in the position.

  23. Kinda looks like the People's have their backs to the wall… Either way, you will see the eventualities of your choices. Based on the true knowledge of your information, will determine whether you Survive the coming Catastrophic times just ahead….!!!?????☠️?….

  24. Voting is the only way we currently have to keep the government accountable to the people. If you want to piss that away, you may as well move to China or North Korea where you see the results of an unchecked government firsthand.

  25. Had i known Treason May was purposefully trying to lose the tory majority in an attempt to derail Brexit and had i known Boris Johnson would become PM then i would've voted tory in the last UK election but i foolishly voted Labour.
    When deceitful politicians like Treason May pull stunts like that it's hard to see the validity in continuing to vote.
    And then there's the mainstream media bending over backwards to deceive and manipulate voters.
    Maybe the answer is to not support politicians with a vote or in any other way. The less people participate the less power the organised crime racket they call government has.

  26. What David said is exactly what happened with me. I used to think voting wouldn't matter, but now I want to vote so something like this doesn't happen again. I just hope more people will think this way and do the same.

  27. I left a lot of blank slots on my ballot last election. Voting for the lessor of two evils is still voting for evil. I did not vote for Trump but I did not vote for Clinton. I did vote for some propositions which were important. I am seriously considering voting a blank ballot again this time.

  28. If more people had voted then Trump could've won by a landslide. Don't presume to know that the majority who didn't vote in 2016 would've voted for Clinton.
    Also lets not forget Clinton is not a saint, she would've done plenty wrong as President herself although it's hard to imagine anyone topping Trumps wrongdoing.

  29. In part it doesn't
    Fuck you David

  30. People are cynical because of the voter suppression and the out right rigging and destroying of ballots e.g. Stacy Abrahams and Tim Canova. You cannot blame people for feeling a bit disgruntled.( not you David- in general) Yes, vote.

  31. I didn't vote because Oregon was going to Hillary because it's a liberal state in the concentrated areas like Portland and Eugene. So I didn't bother. What we ought to be discussing is the electoral college versus the popular vote. With that I can understand the perspective of feeling like your vote doesn't matter. Along with other issues such as gerrymandering.

  32. This is the biggest problem, so many people just don't bother. This is how trump won. It's lazy. Pull your heads out of your arses folks and stand up and do you civic duty. If you don't vote, don't moan about the destruction of your rights!

  33. Ehhhh yeah saying people should hsve voted for hillary isn't going to land. They didn't vote because both of them were horrible options. Pick a better example.

  34. Voting doesn’t matter. Both sides are puppets for the international banking cartel. David is 100% wrong to assume that if more people voted we would not have Trump… how does he know the people who didn’t vote, would have voted for Hillary? Oh wait I forgot, David knows EVERYTHING! My bad. Anyone who supports the corrupt system that we have is COMPLICIT in the corruption IMO. If you vote you can’t complain…

    Rip George Carlin. A man who really did know everything!

  35. The people elected Hillary, the electoral college elected Trump. I think that is why people are so frustrated. It frustrated me. I think you need to do a video on the electoral college and the "winner takes all" mindset.

  36. We voted Hillary, we got Trump.
    In our state we voted for a Democrat who promised to stand up for us, they immediately went back on all their promises in the first few weeks after being elected.
    Lastly, the Electoral college. Check out how that works.

  37. Can't the electoral college just install whoever they want ultimately? Just saying, last time they overrode the will of the people to install Trump, and we see how that's turned out.

  38. David my grandparents,. taught me the importance of voting when I was very young, more important they would themselves not miss an election. With that being said my siblings and I always vote, it's OUR CHILDREN, that usually don't vote, and no matter what I say to my adult children ( a couple of them ) still refuse to vote, believing that whoever the establishment wants in these offices are who gets in. I do believe there is some truth to that, via electrical college system , plus some illegal ballot tampering and other sorts of misgivings. It's been proven. Let's take Trump, he I don't believe is the legitimate President, because Russia had some type of effect on the results. I don't care if it was a little influence or a lot,. IT EFFECTED the results. Look at the fact that , we have to listen to that daily, about how Russia influenced our election. If that's the case , some may feel why vote ? The United States government does not have a good enough handle on our electorial system. If so people would not feel these things. I think it's a good argument for some, still I believe inspite of these set backs everyone should vote. Voting is a privilege, we could be in a country that did allow voting , a dictatorship , sort of place that was fraudulent perhaps. I have even recently thought for the first time, myself how disgusted I am, with the goings on, and thought maybe I will set this one out. If there's none strong enough to beat Trump, I could not deal with 4 more years of this ugliness. I do again encourage people too vote, no matter what, have your say, than however it goes, you did your due diligence. In essence I do understand why some feel helpless and distrusting. Thanks David.

  39. The problem is that a blanc vote is not against the Sistem, is just a vote not in favor of one candidate. For example: imagine that there are only 100 persons allowed to vote and 99 decide not to do so. The candidate who gets that vote will win. It doesn't matter that he hasn't the majority of votes, he won by the indifference of 99. (Sorry if my grammar is wrong, English is not my native language).

  40. as a foreigner
    i thought that the electoral college was the one who chose who will be the president.
    And so, if it's the case, that mean the popular vote doesn't matter.
    Can someone explain to me why the second part is wrong?

  41. So let me get this straight. If more people who would have voted for the candidate who already got the most votes actually voted, that candidate would have won? She got over 3,000,000 more votes than he did. What is the difference between getting more votes, and getting more votes? Th electoral college needs to be eliminated because now it is evident that countries see it can be manipulated from outside of our country. Paper ballots, most votes wins. Either that or we get used to having a president that works for another countries government.

  42. We should be happy those lame people didn't vote. Hillary wanted to start WWIII with Syria, Iran, and Russia. Trump is pulling troops out of Syria. Let the Arabs and Russians fight over the sand.

  43. David isn't telling the full truth here I'm sorry to say. ONLY the Electoral States matter. The vast majority of Americans that voted, voted for Hillary. She still didn't win. That proves your vote doesn't matter to a great extent. I live in a conservative state. That state voted for trump. My vote literally didn't count. Then, on top of that, the small handful of the Electoral College voted for trump. That means the vast majority of voters votes DID. NOT. MATTER. So unless you are from a swing state. Your vote literally does not matter.

  44. That's absolutely horrible. Can you imagine if everyone thought this way?!? Voting is the ONLY WAY WE HAVE to make a difference. USE IT!! In Europe typical election turnout is between 80-90% compared to 50% in the USA (!!) There's your reason why Europe has Healthcare for Everyone, Free education including College, 4-5 weeks Vacation MANDATORY for everyone, far higher minimum wages etc etc. If PEOPLE don't vote, the extremists and rich WIN, it's as simple as that. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!! In EVERY SINGLE ELECTION, President, Senate and Congress! WE NEED 90% TURNOUT IN 2020!!

  45. Well clearly not every vote matters, because Clinton won the popular vote by millions. That's millions of votes that didn't matter.

  46. I agree that voting doesn’t matter I’ve stated this over and over again. If it did we would see a third party as a president at some point. Not to mention Hillary wouldn’t of been able to steal votes from Bernie. The system is broken fix it and I’ll vote. Until then it doesn’t count.

  47. Vote by absentee ballot (possible for everyone in most states) . It takes honestly 5 minutes to check the boxes and stick it in an envelope. I spend a bit more time looking up some local candidates. You can always just mark the Presidential race if that is the only one you feel informed enough to vote on.
    Not voting is simply lazy. Any other reason given is just an excuse. Don't let the losers here in the comments discourage you.

  48. With the electoral college, your vote doesn't count if the other candidate wins your state. They get all the delegates, even if they only got half the votes.

  49. But Clinton won the popular vote. Trump didn't win, he was given the job by the electoral college. So how does voting matter? You need to realize that the system has become too corrupt to be changed in the traditional manner. There is no longer a baseline of facts and truth. Each party holds to their own idea of truth and reality religiously. And now, there is no room for compromise and negotiation. The real problem is wage inequality and only a progressive candidate can solve that issue. But, a progressive like Bernie or Warren will never win. Why?, because they are fighting for the people. And that isn't in the interest of mega donors and corporations that run our so called government. The voting system is there to make you feel like you are participating but in actuality it does nothing.

  50. If votes didn't matter Trump wouldn't be prez. Nobody wanted him: neither democrats nor republicans nor independents, by and large. He got elected because radical people got off their asses and voted, unlike my kind (liberals)…who sat and rung their hands and then didn't vote.

  51. An individual person's vote isn't going to matter. A "few" votes aren't going to matter. We should stop pretending like one vote matters. Large blocks of tens or hundreds of thousands of votes matter completely. The way to affect election outcomes is to sway and influence the minds of many other people. The collective action and community consciousness is necessary. I personally affected the outcome of a congressional election a few years ago — and I did it without voting at all. I did it by working on the candidate's campaign staff, ensuring that phone banks were calling and taxi services were driving people to the polls and yard signs were in place and donuts were delivered to volunteers. I was way too busy that day to cast one single puny vote.

    I live in a midwestern state that is 52/48 and went for Obama in 2008, yet is always shown as red and is never considered a battleground. The national media greatly damages the cause of progressive voters in my state by assuring us we're lost before we start.

  52. If ur a democrat in alabama or a republican in illinois ur vote literally does not get applied in the electoral college to the candidate you voted for. Ur vote literally gets thrown out. And no, it doesnt matter.

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