Caller Really Doesn’t Like Tulsi Gabbard

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P. here’s
a voicemail from someone who really doesn’t seem to like Hawaii. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabard. Hi David. This is a really silly reason to call, but
I’ve heard sillier. I just was wondering is there a reason why
you’re suddenly saying [inaudible] Gabbard instead of Tulsi. Robert, I just noticed it in the last few
days. You were completely mispronouncing it. Her name. But that’s that. I can’t stand her. I really don’t care if you mangle it into
a garbage disposal, but just wondering if I’ve missed something or there’s a joke there
that I’m missing. That’s all. Thanks. And by the way, I’m that guy who said you
were ugly. That’s ugly. Only inside. And um, that’s that. That’s all. You’re very good looking David. Ooh, thank you. Bye bye. Listen, here’s the thing. I English is my second language and I’ve heard
Tulsi Gabbert name pronounced a number of different ways. Tools. See, Gabbard is the most common other way. Someone yesterday told me it’s tool C [inaudible]
but that definitely doesn’t seem right. I’m just trying to sort of hit all the marks. Either way, I’m going to get criticized for
pronouncing it incorrectly, but I figured out at least I’ll try to get it right a couple
of the times, if you know what I mean. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. Um, a radio show has been canceled after a
remark about a nice school shooting. We’re going to talk about who said it, what
happened, the scandal should they have been canceled, so on and so forth. And I will again say, this is why it’s so
great that nobody can cancel my show. Uh, you could all stop listening. You could all stop watching, you could all
cancel your memberships, but there’s no boss that could come in and cancel my show. And I am very, very grateful for that. When I read stories like this, we will also
talk about, we’ve talked about a lot of the problems about a overnight delivery, Amazon
prime grocery delivery, and those types of, of systems in terms of what they do to infrastructure,
uh, and to wages. But there’s a study that says that actually
grocery delivery, online grocery delivery by expanding who can get fresh produce, for
example, could help to alleviate food deserts, which are big problem that is very much class-based. We will also talk about a Trump administration
proposal that would allow the importation of some drugs, some drugs from Canada. So a very busy bonus show. I invite you to become a [email protected]
to get instant access to the bonus show. But if you are waiting around for like the
real opportunity, there really good opportunity to become a member on January 1st, 2020 I
have this superstition where I feel like the first day of the year signals how well the
whole year will will go. It’s not really a superstition. I’m kidding. But I’m trying to be interesting. I’m trying to build a story around this. So anyway, uh, on the first day of the year,
I want to kick off the year really strongly when it comes to bringing in new members because
it’s an election year. So we will be offering a sickeningly obscene,
I mean, this is, uh, if we were to be investigated, this type of membership special might be illegal
in a lot of the Southern States because it’s so obscene. Um, we will be offering this membership special
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that membership special, and please join me tonight on Twitch or a live commentary
of the democratic presidential debates, Pakman. I will see you there. The David Pakman [email protected] [inaudible].

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Her “present” vote was the most cowardly thing I have heard. If she really doesn’t believe what he did is impeachable take a stand and vote no. I don’t care that she served in the military, she gets no respect at all from me.

  2. WHAT! You teaser! I need to become a member now. What's up with the food/grocery supply chain in very poor areas of USA?
    BERNIE 2020 🇺🇸

  3. Folks, read between the lines, the reason she voted present is because the Democratic media establishment accused her of treason. That was her "fuck you". It's not complicated.

  4. Tulsi “CFR member & 2020 controlled opposition in other to perpetuate the illusion of duality” Gabbard!!!
    Oddly, the Alt-Right & MAGA hat wearing people love Momma Tulsi! Cognitive Dissonance is a disease.

  5. Not sure about Gabbard.
    But Tulsi is a Hindi word for Holy Basil – a plant endemic to the Indian subcontinent. Its pronunciation in Hindi is with a softer 't' sound. And I don't think that 'softer t' has an equivalent sound in the English language. But the way David pronounces it is closer to the Hindi pronunciation than what I usually hear in the media…

  6. Simply, it should be Tool C Gabbard, since she is a Russian commie tool. lol A right winger called you ugly? LOL thats crazy considering Jabba the hut is in the white house and they support him. There's no adorable republicunts either. They nasty.

  7. If Tulsi Gabbard wasn’t an attractive woman we wouldn’t even be talking about her. She is literally a NON Entity, and all this talk about her is utterly ABSURD.

  8. That "English is my second language" dodge is weak. Just own that she annoys you and you're trolling her fans, if there are any left after that showboating present vote.

    The sooner she does the inevitable party switch or takes the FNC job the better. Who ever is actually pulling her strings was clearly trying to sow division in the Democratic party and very few people fell for it.

  9. I like how David Pakman has developed a following of strange people who frequently call the show. People like that drunk Trump supporter Jimmy from Philly, and that guy who does the voices like Turkey Burger Trish. They're similar to what Howard Stern's "Wack Pack" is.

  10. Former gay conversion therapy advocate, Modi coddler, Assad apologist, Putin stooge, Romney-esque politically expedient flip-flopper, Trump enabler… what's there not to like?

  11. ''Caller Really Doesn't Like Tulsi Gabbard'' … me neither!

    And the caller is also correct! David is VERY good looking and should be single to spead the love!!


  12. I don't like her either! Her refusal to vote for impeachment was ridiculous. Biggest vote of her career and she basically says I can't decide. In decisive and middle of the road. Definitely not what we need for potus!

  13. Tulsi is a conservative plant.
    Never forget.When duty called!!! you voted present!!! I guess all that battle field courage doesn't always equate to moral and civic courage 🤔hmmm

  14. Tulsi is an Indian name for the plant Holy Basil. It's pronounced "Thul-see" not "Tull-see" or "Tool-see". So, David's right…

  15. i don't have any thing on her to like or dislike her . she told everyone she was done with the " squad " .that was kind of saying that they were going to take over the political scene, that's why I did not think it would work . the Republicans are emulating the group with their own version .

  16. As a conservative I think Gabbard is a turn coat. If a fellow conservatives had done the same we would be incensed but we won't let hypocrisy get in our way of tribalism.

  17. I hate to say this but as someone who remembers Bush’s second run which at the time seemed like something he would lose, with Trump actually only needing about 30% to win the electoral college. I’ll say he is probably going to win again.

  18. We now have three DINOs running for president; Gabbard, Klobuchar, and Biden. Buttigieg could probably be included in that and Bloomberg may be as well. The only real Democrats I see on stage are Sanders, Warren, and Yang.

  19. Idk if David reads YouTube comments but I am a veteran YouTube watcher, and in all my years I’ve refused to pay for anything and your channel is the first one I seriously have been considering helping support, And I think on January 1st I’ll actually do it. Thank you for the great content

  20. Horrible candidate. She needs to drop out asap. The only thing she’s good at are publicity stunts and pandering to right-wingers which people like Jimmy Door and Niko Haus eat up

  21. With that huge nose and thin face you constantly look cross-eyed. If you were to stand side by side with a average 5/9 or six foot American with a less cartoonishly funny face as yours well we can guess.

  22. I used to be all for her. Her true colors have been revealed multiple times, whether on Rubin report, her votes, and her total apathy towards the constitution by trying to placate the center.

  23. Hey, David. Debate Niko House on camera or keep Tulsi Gabbard out of your mouth. Hang up on callers that want to talk about her.
    Put up or shut up. You got nothing.

  24. What does this have to do with you secretly endorsing warren david? Wish you would announce your endorsement already, grow a pair lol

  25. I guess the caller's miffed because she wishes Tulsi isn't MORE of a statist. "Liberal" State-fellators . . . the stupidest people in the world.

  26. TG just cooked her future–she now has none in politics. I cannot imagine her getting re-elected in beautiful BLUE Hawaii!!! You guys need to primary the bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Tracey: Tulsi's "present" vote was not a passive abstention, but a conscientious and affirmative rejection of the idea that an impeachment process driven by the military industrial complex and security state bureaucracy is an acceptable mechanism to hold Trump accountable for wrongdoing.

    Greenwald: The woman who resigned her position as DNC Vice Chair & thus risked her political future to denounce her party's cheating, who just defied her party in a vote of conscience, (& who volunteered to fight in a war) is the coward.

    Those who followed the herd are the courageous ones.

  28. How about listening to how SHE says her name and guide your own pronunciation based on that, you tool?. You want to try all possible non-variations and at least get it 2 or 3 times right? Yeah- you are using her name to express your dislike of her. No wonder you are getting called names. While none of us can help how we look, you have a dark, ugly soul. Deliberately mispronouncing her name.

  29. All people that pronounce Tulsi's surname wrong are haters. Other haters spell her first name wrong. There are also haters who call Tulsi animal names.

  30. Why don't you just watch something where she introduces herself and get the actual pronunciation than give a weak excuse. Come on man she has ads out there this isn't difficult.

  31. Tulsi seems nice, I just have not heard a good explanation for her support from Russia and the Alt right and other shady folks.

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