California | Bernie Sanders

What choice do Californians
have in this election? The biggest one of all. You have the power
to choose a new direction for the Democratic party. To break the back of a corrupt
system of campaign finance that keeps a rigged economy
in place. To stand up to Wall Street and make the wealthy
pay their fair share. To fight for tuition-free
public college and universities. California,
it’s a long way to Washington, but you can send them
a message they can’t ignore. I’m Bernie Sanders,
and I approve this message.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Bernie Rally!!!A Future to Believe In Cathedral City, CA on 5/25
    Wednesday, May 25
    Doors open at 10:00 AM
    Des Moines Field, Big League Dreams – Cathedral City
    33700 Date Palm Drive
    Cathedral City, CA Bernie will be in attendance

  2. I will vote for trump if Bernie doesn't not win the primary! #bernieorbust fuck Hillary and the corporate media!

  3. Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight. Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died. Hillary Clinton in Black History

  4. Central California here! Only seen Bernie posters, bumper stickers, and signs around these parts. Time for Clinton to feel the California sunBERN!! MAKE IT A FOURTH DEGREE BERNNN! ….ps BERN the witch!!

  5. An honest, dynamic, straightforward, consistent, caring human being. He will be one of our greatest presidents ever.

  6. Californians, and everyone else on youtube/twitter: PLEASE MAKE THESE VIRAL: #HillaryDebateBernie #HillaryInsultsCalifornia
    #DebateGate #HillaryInsultsCA Please Upvote so help others find it,
    thanks 🙂 #BernieSanders #BernieOrBust

  7. Simple, straight to the point, perfect. Still near the end of the voting states and not putting out attack ads. Truly an amazing man. #FeeltheBern

  8. we need to spread his message, wherever with who ever, in the bus, metro, Venice, Hollywood, everywhere. if he losses Cali to Clinton its over, and all those donations will be in vain, #Spread the word, #Bernie the realest politician in decades

  9. Anyone who is unsure which of the "leading" presidential candidates to vote for will watch this commercial and realize Bernie Sanders is the person that will receive their vote.

  10. bernie is a good guy, but the man shouldn't be our president, time and time again he's shown to have no idea what he is doing in regards with economics and foreign policy, wanting to remove gmo, nuclear energy, 15 dollar minimum wage, and all while having 5.3% gdp growth, double the current rate, the man is CLUELESS!

  11. Too bad voting is made more hard and painful than pulling a tooth. Until that changes, hacks will forever blame people for refusing to vote. That's how America works: if you are weak, you are bled for it, even though the powerful make all the rules. Vote. Then pretend it matters. Super delegate will decide if We are ready for change or not, and they insist Hillary and another 8 years of no change are just fine by them. Face it. The money has won.

  12. Bernie probably won't win because California is a closed primary just like NY, and we all know what went down there… It will still send a strong message if we'd win!

    To all registered Democrats in California: VOTE FOR BERNIE!

  13. Haha! Bernie posts nice and calm videos like these. But back to reality, his supporters run around hitting, stealing, destroying and threatening everything they get in contact with.
    The media should ask him what he thinks about socialist heaven Venezuela, his dream country.

  14. Bernie has lost the election, Hillary is less than 100 votes from winning.
    Sadly Bernie is a poor loser and is beginning to look and sound like a bitter old man.

  15. Bernie has my vote in Long Beach. Long Beach is ABSOLUTELY a Bernie city. NO MORE LEGACY FAMILIES LIKE THE CLINTONS OR THE BUSHES! BERNIE OR BUST!

  16. #BernieSanders is such a great guy 🙂 Talk about "getting things done," he's invigorated the entire world and raised hundreds of millions of dollars already just during his campaign. Not to mention, Bernie has pretty much de-throwned an establishment Democrat (Debbie Wasserman Shultz) in the matter of a few weeks, and he has already helped several progressives move forward in local elections. Bernie is a mover, a shaker, a do-er.. and he's doing what he does best: changing the world for the better!! <3 #BernieorBust

  17. Come on California!…don't mess this up. Bernie needs to win as many states as possible so the delegates can consider ditching lying ass Hilary! I hope Wesserman bitch ass goes down with Hilary too!

  18. Glad my small donations are helping this man, this national treasure, to get his message out to the people that we have to get the big money out of politics. #EnoughIsEnough

  19. I have my ballot ready to drop off. Bernie for president and Steve Stokes for the US Senate. He has endorsed Bernie and his platform is the same as Bernie's Let's send a true progressive senator to D.C.! Let's have a Steve Stokes v. Kamala Harris election in November! This is the political revolution.

  20. Hillary Clinton put a private server in her residence and conducted her public business in private.
    .When she was asked repeatedly to turn over the property that was rightfully the Federal Governments, it took 2 years to begin to comply, and that was only after a reported 30,000 emails were deleted
    .Hillary Clinton has stonewalled each and every investigation including the State Departments own internal investigation in which she refused to be interviewed.

    All three points are undeniable facts, and all reported on in the most liberal newspapers in the country.

  21. #OnlyBernie Mark Ruffalo ‏@MarkRuffalo
    Join us in the Clean Energy Revolution Text "Revolution" to 69866

  22. The zionist promoting Viva La Raza, never a dull moment dealing with the tolerant left cunts here in LaLa land.

  23. Dear California,

    This is your chance to make the Golden State the golden dagger to the Clinton political machine

    Do not hesitate; vote Bernie Sanders for POTUS

  24. Take the day off and get there early. The lines are going to be out of control. Much love from Las Vegas.

  25. Trump fans in California, he is already nominee. So vote for Bernie to destroy Hillary, then its trump vs bernie in the general. That would be a fair fight.

  26. Please Boys and Girls!
    Sign this petition! FOR-US #TOGHETER

  27. The only hope to avoid a Trump presidency is for the super delegates to vote for Bernie. That really is the only way to avoid a national disaster!

  28. Is this old man even aware of the cost of UC and California Community Colleges? Our tuition already gives us a half-assed education, making it "free" will cripple the taxpayers and further decrease the quality of our education. No thanks.

  29. Trump, your ballroom days are over, baby. Bernie's drawing near. Shadows of the evening begin to appear. Trade in your bullfit for a reason to run. Five to one, one in five, Bernie eats you alive. You got no place to hide. Someone stick a fork in da bum and turn him over, 'cause he's done.

  30. Bernie Sanders is a hero and a leader that America needs in these dire times. Please help us fight for him CA.

  31. Does somebody want to tell Bernie that California is already a tuition free state? The Donahoe act was signed into law in 1960, state schools do not charge tuition. He is promising college students something they already have and they are getting excited about it.

  32. Cmon Cali! you guys can change this election for the better. Please vote for Bernie, we need him! #Bernie2016
    -From Dallas, Texas

  33. I wonder if Bernie will break up Apple and Microsoft. He should demand Steve Jobs estate give all its money to government. Then that swine Bill Gates should be hung and his riches given away too. And Intel and Qualcom and the rich video gaming industry! Lets not forget the Hollywood elites who been sucking up billions. Sean Penn, that hypocritical swine getting rich with those capitalist pigs should have all his money taken too!! Feel the Bern you Hollywood Stars!!

  34. It really tells you something when Hillary's videos have high dislikes and disabled comments. Can't wait til Tuesday to vote for Bernie!

  35. Stolen election. They proved it but there is always someone more powerful above that can stop any challenge to anything democratic. Be prepared for no improvement in America,

  36. dude fuck the Democratic party, im so glad Trump won, this is what happens when you loose the millennial voters because Hillary rigged the election in her favor by screwing over Bernie, fuck you if you support Clinton.

  37. Bout bernie sanders👍👍👏❤❤✊
    Votemos por bernie sanders

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