Cable News Ignores VA Gov. Scandal For Weiner’s Sex Life – Political Maniacs

but the biggest story that we’ve been
hearing in that you know the little issue i wanna talk with you guys about
is the fact that their only to you mentions this past
Tuesday of bob McDonnell’s over one hundred
thousand dollars in questionable gifts and loans well Anthony Weiner sex life was
mentioned over 90 times Richard we think our prize or speak
clearly cells I’ll give you that sex definitely
cells but thanks they were scared for all the
way if elvis was the rule I mean it is the Dolomiti
to be responsible or and cover the news that’s important
cover the news that really affects the lives there you know that the live the
lack thereof and have a lead on the show before Robert on is joining us this week well i i
really feel as though in this situation I me being me I care because I think
what bob McDonnell’s does threat and the lives and the compromises
the Virginia gotta come over Virginia absolutely i mean in you’d be
hard-pressed to find such you know it juicy story I think
sometimes a lot it just has to do with where the story breaks in the new cycle
yet I think over what will local locally for bob McDonnell story broke at the
beginning in July on there’s a lot of other stories going
down he had snowed in going down we had the immigration 58 you have a
student loans star of arms I think because the news of
the day oh and not to mention you have this
trade I think Tremont is like a blessing in disguise Ramadan yeah I’m I think that if it weren’t for that
verdict dropping around the same time like he’s totally
spirited under the radar in this case om because that as really all anyone has
been talking about for the last week comin I I think he just got lucky and
it’s very interesting to see how this plays out by personally I’d like to see a little more
coverage on this you know Anthony Weiner I think is you
while there’s some some I some things that are offered to
pay you know I think that to three weeks now this anything there’s gonna be a
relevant and bob McDonnell’s have lasting effects I mean any election oh I mean I don’t
know I mean does bombing those have lasting effects media that talking about it if it’s not
like a designer you know a check echo chamber out what’s
happening I’m not sure I mean it’s gonna be a low-turnout election it off-year election arm was much as I do
support a McAuliffe and you know North almond arm haring are is gonna be is gonna be big I is this
are they enough to sort rally virginian behind are corrupt and you know evil Republican
Party and nature I will be deeply disturbed if it doesn’t om if we have to i mean
total wrong i think i mcauliffe cannot raise II support area fully you cannot raise
can Cuccinelli but is this story going to be enough to
weigh down the Republican ticket if nobody’s talking about on over after
I think that you’re a great point there and you know that that’s something that
we deal with in the medium dollar fell comin you know that’s why we
have these conversations about you know show you guys what’s already reported
which are you know maybe give you some reasons why
these things are happening and make sure that your informed about
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Maurice Vega

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