Buzzfeed editor, CNN host clash on Trump memo

Maurice Vega

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  2. There was no evidence or any source to corroborate that information…. why publish it? BuzzFeed and CNN failed on this one

  3. That. BuzzFeed Ben guy is delusional as hell ! It's his job to inform the public of the truth…of a fictitious and unverified document about Trump getting a golden shower??? Wow American media has lost all sense of credibility whatsoever. This is nothing but libel and slander. CNN is even worse staging protestors and cutting off people when the truth is being spoken.

  4. Buzzfeed's incompetence actually helped trump. CNN's breaking news was Russia has compromising info on Trump and can use it to blackmail him. CNN basically created a cloud of suspicion over Trump heading into inauguration. CNN coverage was purposely light on the details (so it can't be rebuked) and heavy on the innuendo (Russia, compromised, personally and financially). They would have perpetuated this narrative right till inauguration. By releasing the dossier, Buzzfeed allowed the public to do in 1day what these journalists/intelligence couldn't do in the months prior, debunk it. It also allowed Trump to respond and expose the bias media. The real question is why did intelligence not vet this before adding it to the security briefing shown to Trump/Obama?

  5. The media,really needs to do some reports on how they operate to dispell these ignorant, paranoid peoples' notions.

  6. Trump the orange Orangutan is in trouble. conflict of interest, puppy of Putin and attacks to all Americans. Trump will be hammered every day.

  7. It was probably the right thing except for the life of Steele. Buzzfeed should have arranged safety or acted carefully all his contacts are now ruined so basically buzzfeed ruined his life. There was a way to curate to obscure it

  8. People who watch this and only comment on how Much they hate CNN are literally operating insanely. Why do you watch? Did your retain anything learn anything. Factually speaking this interview had nothing here to reject. What a waste of consuming content. Search for news you can engage without collapsing the premise. Multiple sources is the way to get balance stop watching news like it's American idol and you're evaluating people – pay attention.

  9. This report was covered in the U.K.last week of October. Do not believe for a moment it's just popping up now to make life hard for trump.

  10. ohh you god sends journalism,where in the th hell were you during the entire obummer admistration. you are sick deep state pawns and arent even aware of it. FOLKS, CNN IS THE FINEST PURVEYOR OF FAKE NEWS PERIOD.

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  12. LOL, two fake news sites kissing each other's boo boos. Whaaa, Whaaa….I will survive…..I'm a journalist….I'll make something up, you'll see…..Whaaaaa

  13. Trump the Traitor Twitter Troll won the 'Electoral College' not the election. This anti American non patriot draft dodging bigot lost by 3.1 million votes. This does not include the 7 million votes that the other non patriot racist bigot Kris Kobach of the Inheritance Bros. Koch Kansas payroll. And the Dems let it happen in ALL red states. Time for Progressives to stop anti American GOP Oligarchic Kleptocracy and their non patriot anti working class minions … ! /-:


  15. CNN is so Fack I don't see them on in 2018. rep have a new health plan.dem say they need to see it first lmfao,remember what they told us ,u have to pass the bill to see what's in it.dems u lost deal with it before u ass holes start a civil war

  16. I thought the headline of this video would garner hundreds of thousands of views. Wow. Only 6103 as of my viewing it. Looked at views of other CNN vids. Numbers are awful. Any thoughts on this…?

  17. I think Trump was right in calling out CNN, they shouldn't have even stated the headline they did (even if it was without the "details"). As for what "Buzzfeed" it doesn't shock me; it isn't a journalistic news organization in the first place. Its in a realm of its own. Who expects "journalistic integrity" from a off the charts democratic shill pile of garbage that publishes videos about dicks and sex toys (yes literally).

  18. LOL this whole dialogue is meant to conceal the fact that a 4chan poster weaved a tale that was sent to Buzzfeed. That same outlandish story then made its way into a British intel dossier. You can go back and read the original thread for yourself from early November.

  19. Both of these news fabricating sources should run away, tail between their legs, hide under a rock and slowly wither away.

  20. Its an outstanding day in Journalism when Buzzfeed publishes a highly inflammatory and completely unverifiable document regarding the future President and then CNN regurgitates it, also doing no legwork to verify any it's contents.
    CNN and Buzzfeed have now joined ranks with bastions of journalistic integrity like the "National Enquirer".

  21. Buzzfeed did nothing wrong…the were clear that they were just allegations, but they were allegations being investigated by the FBI and others. It was much worse to report about birther-ism which had no credibility what-so-ever.

  22. I pray President Trump takes away your news press Pass just like yesterday's dinner!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. How many CNNers walk to work IN SHAME now? While the GOOD FOX FOLKS just stand and stare. … CNN- IF…. you'd like respect- then you really gotta donate to these dudes more than $8500 a year. *provided their imaginations stop creating stories

  24. These two guys are just like a couple of crooks ratting on each other in hopes of a lighter sentence. I'm really happy that CNN was openly biased against Trump. I really used to think Fox News was hit and miss but if CNN said it it must be true. One thing that really turned me off is that CNN is constantly trying to make all American police officers appear racist and gun happy. I can understand wanting headlines and ratings but I hold CNN responsible for the ambush and murder of many of our law enforcement officers.

  25. So funny more FAKE NEWS from this corrupted news site. Have not been able to trust main stream media in a decade.

  26. LOL looking at this comment section i am so happy people finally see CNN is fake news ….. CNN YOU FUCKERS ARE GOING DOWN piece of shit libtards

  27. You CAN call your cable TV service provider and ask them to REMOVE CNN and this BuzzCRAP from your lineup. MOST will GLADY do it FOR FREE!!!🤠🤠🤠

  28. those who dont like government and mestablishment wont start loving it because Trump is president. Lots of people dont like Trump so CNN will have consumers for their product. On the other hand, Trumps Admin's threatening of the press is dangerous.

  29. Nolte: NBC News Launches Media Site, Staffs It with Yawn Leftists

    by John Nolte 15 Sep 2017

    There will be a whole new set of contributors joining the never-ending masturbation circle that represents our national media’s bottomless capacity for self-obsession and self-love.

    Naturally, this is an exclusive club open only to the hive-mind. No outsiders, free-thinkers, iconoclasts, boat rockers allowed. Meaning, no normal people. Just provincial leftists enamored with — other than themselves — empowering central government, flooding our country with illegal Democrats, and protecting Obamacare.

    Yes, NBC News has just announced a new hub dedicated to covering the media, and has staffed it with a herd of left-wingers. Fox News-hater Gabriel Sherman, social justice warrior and BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith, Recode executive editor (and bigtime Trump-hater) Kara Swisher, a second editor from Recode (which publishes headlines like this), Peter Kafka. Another Trump-hater, John Huey, a venomous leftist who describes the likes of Senate candidate Roy Moore as “the American Taliban“; and finally, America’s chief Obamacare cheerleader, Steven Brill.

    Gee, I don’t know about y’all, but from this amazing new and vital NBC News hub, I personally cannot wait to hear all the exact same opinions and points of view about the media that I also get from CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and about 900 other mainstream media outlets.

    Simply put, I cannot be the only person sitting around wondering why the echo chamber is so lacking in more echoes, why the groupthink does not employ a larger group, why the hive-mind is so short on worker bees.

    Nothing more crucial is missing from our national discussion on the media than even more leftwing voices saying all the same things, expressing themselves in the exact same way, pushing the same opinions and ideas, and never-ever-ever going against the leftwing narrative — unless, of course, it is in the cause of moving things even further to left in the sacred name of social justice.

    Good job not upsetting the status quo, NBC.

    Intellectual conformity is where it is at!

    America cannot wait to hear more of the same from more of the same.

  30. U.S suppose to be a True Democracy Country. Eventually, when the real truth is out that Obama and Clinton causes so much “corruption “. We are all eager for the “Release of the memo” to be put. The world watches if U.S is truly a democratic country as it claim, then why isn’t the Media be punish and the corrupted DOJ and FBI jailed.

  31. CNN panicking because they endorse NOT releasing the memo , and say its a nothing burger… wooohhhooo i cant wait for the deafening silence from CNN after its made public

  32. You guys are chumps. So bias that you are not credible. What you do is not journalism, you should be ashamed of yourselves. "We did and many did", what a cop out, bullshit rubbish journalism. Fox News didn't. You at CNN are so biased against the WH that I can not wait till CNN goes completely down the toilet, your 3/4's of the way there. The public does not trust or believe you anymore, they just see you as little cry babies.

  33. No won't work this time. The memo will be released. Come up with all you want all fake desperate lies etc. the American people want to know, has the right to know. You know American people? Who supposed to serve? Listen it's a new day. Evil and you are being exposed.. has been exposed. You will never be the same. Your propaganda and twisting stories and plain out lying has destroyed you. We already won. We win in the end. The memo will be released no matter how hard you try to lie about it and throw your fits and tantrums…. it's just a matter of time. It's coming!

  34. BuzzFeed lol. shouldn't you be trying to figure out what type of cheese you are by answering 20 questions or something?

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