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Okay, hello guys welcome back to Korea Reomit With me, a Korean guy who speaks Javanese (medhok) As you guys know, Burning Sun case is a very hot topic right now Seungri and many suspected male Korean celebrities are involved in this case BUT what is actually happening here? In case some of you guys are clueless about Burning Sun, It’s alright, because i will explain everything from the beginning And also, in this video I will give you informations Which assumed to be closer to the FACTS Because we all still don’t know facts yet But I will NOT make up any stories
as if it was related to the case Okay? Let’s start Oh before that, a lot of you asked. Is this Burning Sun case a very hot topic in Korea right now? Yes, it is VERY VERY much discussed here Every single Korean knows about this case, okay? So this is a very hot topic in Korea, was this case made up to cover up other cases? The answer will be revealed in the end of video, so let’s start! Okay, before we start the stories I think I need to explain a bit about Burning Sun. In case maybe some of you are clueless. So, in Gangnam area.. You know Gangnam Style right?
PSY’s song? So, in Gangnam, there are many (night) clubs and Burning Sun is one of them Burning Sun just opened last year on 2018 Exactly at February 23rd 2018, so it was a little bit more than a year ago But, even though it has only been open for a year Burning Sun has gain the highest income in Gangnam area Very impressive right? That’s how big Burning Sun is. Club A which was previously
the number one club in Gangnam, Its income is estimated at around 125 Billion Rupiah (around 8.7 Million USD) While the Burning Sun club Gained around 213 Billion Rupiah in profit
(nearly 15 million USD) And this number doesn’t include other unrecorded income Because there are many transactions being made that avoid taxes What does it mean by transactions
being made that avoid taxes? We are supposed to pay by card
or money in stores right? But in Burning Sun, They asked their guests (Customers) to transfer the money to another bank account So it wasn’t recorded as an income Well, there is an information that you guys should know Seungri does have a lot of business And some of them…in the past, has been disputed because
he avoids paying taxes, Registered a place as a restaurant, but in fact that’s a place that sells alcohol So the taxes are lower So yes there were some old cases, and this time it is happening again Okay so now back to
Burning Sun’s case Back then, Burning Sun was located
right next to a five starred hotel. Why did i say “back then”?
Because it is closed now. Maybe most of you guys
know about Burning Sun case in this way, On November 24th 2018, There was a guy named Kim Sanggyo who went to Burning Sun He had drinks and had some fun, and suddenly dragged outside the building and beaten by an employee,
let’s call him A after that happened, Kim Sanggyo was not allowed
to enter the club again So he called the police,
but when the police came He was the one who got arrested
and suspected as the criminal So, people started to get suspicious Why was the one got arrested is him? (as the one who reported to the police) then after being examined, it was found that Kim Sanggyo might be drugs involved But this version is… not exactly wrong, but I will tell you the details on this case. This is based on informations that I can find I tried my best to get
as much information as possible I put them all together
so it turns into this, So it is right, on November 24th 2018 This guy named Kim Sanggyo
went to Burning Sun And based on his confession to JTBC TV (Korean TV Channel) He said that he actually
got hit by a guy inside the club, and then he got dragged out and the threshing continues outside the club What does it mean? Listen to me well, Inside the club, there was a guy (B) who hit Kim Sanggyo and then, another person came which is the A guy (different person) dragging Kim Sanggyo out of the club more fighting continued outside Huh? (How come there are 2 persons?) If it based on Kim Sanggyo’s confession, he said this “Seems like when I got hit by B guy,
the situation a little bit changed,” “as if the A guy hit me and
dragged me out of the club purposely, “So that the attention goes to the A guy, as if he tried to cover up B guy and take the blame” Who is the real B? he is actually one of Burning Sun’s VIP guest and based on CCTV, I’m sorry that I couldn’t show you the CCTV footage Because I don’t have the right as well, If we watch the CCTV footage properly, when Kim Sanggyo was got hit and dragged, this is the club’s front door,
and he was dragged to here there was one guy went outside
and entered a car and escaped the club This is the B guy So after B hit Kim Sanggyo inside the club The A guy dragged Kim outside
and continue the threshing Suddenly, B guy escaped from VIP access door and ran away with his car and make our attention
goes to A guy all this time After Kim Sanggyo got hit by A, The A guy went back to the club and turns out that A guy was
an employee of Burning Sun Let’s say, if you were one of the customer there, what do you think? Or you were Kim Sanggyo? Suddenly got hit by a stranger and when you want to enter the club,
you are not allowed to do so? With reason, This is what the security guard said, “Okay, okay, you’re already drunk enough. Please go home, You better go away than make more trouble in here” Who wouldn’t be mad? Got hit, not only by the employee
but also the security guards as well SO the security guard didn’t hit him directly But helping the employee
to hold him during the fight So, Kim Sanggyo was upset
and called the police afterwards Since the closest police station is Gangnam So Gangnam police came to handle Kim Sanggyo called saying that
he was beaten by people bla bla bla When the police are on their way
to Burning Sun, Since Kim Sanggyo was so mad and scared if the access door
to the club being closed, it might be hard for him to find
the A guy if the door was closed He entered the club, Um, He looked for trash can and
he scatter the trash in front of the door His intention was to block the door
with the trash, he said. After he messed up the trash, The police finally came But, the police also showed an oddity, which is.. When police arrives they are suppose
to immediately go to the scene but the police stayed in the car
and only sat there like this Until Kim Sanggyo approached the car
(sorry no CCTV footage) and said “sir, I am the one who called the police,” but the police didn’t move at all as if they are waiting for someone’s command
(sorry no CCTV footage) From what we see on the CCTV footage, the police didn’t go out of the car for couples of minutes (sorry no CCTV footage ) In this case, we need
another perspective So, from the police side,
they said If the Police came to the case scene and witnessing the caller
were scattering trash (do mischief) in front of the club so the police would assume that
there’s something not right about the caller They think they came to the scene And witnessing the caller
disturbing the business of Burning Sun Make sense, right? If it were the polices perspective. (Kim Sanggyo is the mischief) Arrives at the scene, and
there’s a man messing the trash correct? So that makes sense if
The police have a different perspective, But, strange things happened
after the police got out of the car. they’re out and then Kim Sanggyo, the police,
and the security guards have a chat. Because Kim Sanggyo considered
opposing the officers. he was then handcuffed but the one who are supposed
to cuff him are the police, because they have the right to do so If you guys have seen
the CCTV footage, When he was about to get cuffed, usually they’ll be dropped
to the ground first, right? Laid to the ground, On his stomach, and when Kim Sanggyo was about to be cuffed, anyway there was 4 police officers. Imagine, 4 men about to jump at 1 man.
Is it possible? Honestly, 4 men is more than enough
to take down 1 man. But for some reason, The security guards are
helping the police to take him down. Whereas it shouldn’t be allowed
since it was the police’s job The one who cuff and hold him
should be the police, and it looks like it looks like as if the police the security guards
have known and close to each other In return, Kim Sanggyo (the caller) was taken to the police station and sued as a perpetrator, So there are thoughts like, Are the police and Burning Sun related? And why are they so close? Kim Sanggyo who has already taken
to the police station Suddenly getting sued by 3 persons And all of them are women, by reason of sexual abuse The story starts interesting here, First woman, is a friend of Burning Sun’s owner. The owner name is Lee Moon-ho This close friend of Lee Moon-ho said that, “I was touched in unwanted parts” such as chest, waist, etc Second complainant, is a close friend of the A guy or the employee who hit Kim Sanggyo She also stated that she was touched in unwanted parts by this guy in the club (Odd right?) Both are close to Burning Sun’s owner and employee The third woman, she also sued him with sexual abuse as a reason. Her name is Ena (IMPORTANT FIGURE!) She is one of the most important figure we need to talk about, Who is this Ena? So, she is a woman in her 26 Chinese citizen and not a Korean She is also an employee in Burning Sun’s who handles VIP guests From Chinese speaking countries like Hong Kong, China, Taiwan. and so on Ena who works there, do you know how much she earns every day? Her income a day is about 250 Million Rupiah (17,500 USD) 250 Million Rupiah (17,500 USD) per day If Ena was paid that much per day, how much do you think Burning Sun get each day? because the commission is definitely calculated from the percentage surely, the customers spend bilion rupiah there Huh? How come they spend bilion rupiah in the club? Okay, let’s see the menu for VVIP guest in Burning Sun If we see the menu, from the cheapest, it starts from 120 milion rupiah (arond 8500 USD) their cheapest menu the most expensive reaches 1.2 bilion rupiah (around 87 thousands usd) imagine, going to a club with 1.2 bilion rupiah for the entry ticket *breathes heavily* Okay, back to the story of Ena A reporter said “Ena is kinda weird, though.” How come she has the bravery to make a report Huh? Wait, wait. Whats wrong? Ena, from what I said earlier, is Chinese currently, she is living in Korea with expired passport (live and work illegally) in other word the expiry date is over but she works in Korea and brave enough to make a police report and now, Ena is actually suspected or presumably she is the one who supplies and sells drugs in Burning Sun (drug seller) this kinda weird though, why? if her passport is expired most likely, what will she get? deported to China but now she is sued from being a drug seller In China, if someone ever comitted crime like drug case they will have death penalty so, we can say that Ena is shooting herself indirectly. This is what we have to think what was her reason behind making a police report? How can she so brave? and, Ena is actually having two partners named Yang Yang and Alice both of them are Chinese one of them is male, if I’m not mistaken These two persons, directly run away to China on the day Ena was arrested or being called for investigation. So, a little bit suspicious. Now, we are talking about why Burning Sun case is always linked into drugs. Firstly, CEO of Burning Sun, Lee Moon Ho has been tested is there positive or negative of drugs using and the result is positive. That is the first thing. The CEO itself has been using drugs and now, he has been arrested. Secondly, there were many women who testified: “I’ve been to Burning Sun, and a guy gave me drink (victims with the same experience) but, after I drank those, my memory got lost, in particular times.” We can say that their memory has been cut. It seems like they didn’t remember anything, from that time. A picture shown to them “you were taking selfie with me yesterday.” They don’t remember at all. and whats more unique, their friends said, “you were definitely normal yesterday, no babbling, walking like usual, you were sober though, do you really not remember at all?” and when these women feeling creepy. “How come I became like this?” and they said to the police “it seems like I’ve been drugged up, please check myself.” When they are tested, it turns out negative, or on the other word, there are no drugs detected in their bodies. Strange, huh? If it were because of alcohol, there must be time before they are completely intoxicated. In this case, they are directly lost and wake up into “don’t remember anything” condition, and they were stated as normal, by how they walk, their activities. Now, we are talking about the drugs. What kind of drugs it is? What kind of drugs in which recently being a hype in Burning Sun. According to one of the police and the drugs experts, drugs using in Burning Sun is Mulpong. The English or its scientific term is GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate). I don’t know how to pronounce it *pronounces the correct term* :p What is the function or the effect of this drugs actually? The effects are: 1. Intensify sex lust 2. lost their memory in particular time so, the person after taking this drugs will not remember at all what they’ve gone through. In a condition of high sex desire Amazingly, this drugs can’t be detected more than 12 hours, or even 24 hours. So, just within 12 or 24 hours of time this drugs can be wasted from the body. So that, it can’t be detected by the nowadays equipments or technology of police, not only in South Korea. Whats great about this drugs is what I mentioned earlier. Eh no, its not whats great but the danger of mulpong. Wrong interpretation, sorry. So, the story goes on like this: Burning Sun presumably selling drugs and Ena are one of them. However, there is one video has gone viral. Maybe some of you have watched it. This Ena girl, turns out having a video with Seungri seems like selfie video, in a party, woo just like close friends. When the video is shown to Seungri and the police asked, “are you close with this woman?” Seungri answered, “Well, I don’t actually know her. I’m not quite remember. This is really need to be questioned to Seungri, because he is an excecutive director of Burning Sun, for promotional purpose. Now, people started to think “is he really don’t know they have taken a video together as well.” Long story short, the group chat started to be revealed, that now, we all know. I will not tell you about the group chat issue now, because the investigation is still running. There is no conclussion yet. So, hold on a sec, okay? Later on, when the result is out, I will make another video. If only the euphoria is high :p So, please share this video as much as you can, okay? Share Share, ehee Ya, those, the group chat involving many celebrities, okay. We are not supposed to mention their names, but those issues, just hold on, don’t too we will have another part, it will be too long here. *posing* Now, how can they get the group chat conversation? I don’t know either, we all don’t know who is that person. So, the one who got the group chat excerpt sent those to an advocate, so that it can be followed up. When the advocate got the group chat excerpt, he said: “I need 3 days.” Because the conversation is too long and too wide (the scope of the conversation) and when the advocate read all of the excerpt, he said: “Whoa, is this what so-called Korean Mafia?” Thats what he said. and when it comes to clear, the advocate decided to not hand those excerpt to the police. Lah, who would the advocate sent it to? The excerpt is given to Anti-corruption & Civil Rights Comission Maybe some of you guys have already know Why is it not given to the police? Because according to the advocate, in those excerpt it looks like the police is involved in those conversation and the case themselves. So that, those excerpt should be handed to a non-police institution. The case then blew up became a big issue. Then, on February 27th 2019 Seungri finally show himself to the police to do the investigation. Now, we have reached Seungri we will continue this connection to YG What is YG saying and what are their actions? I have said earlier that on February 27th 2019 Seungri came up to the police for… what? to do the investigation. Then, on February 28th 2019 not even a day, just few hours, yaaa before 24 hours lah (February 27th late night: Seungri went to police)
(February 28th morning: YG threw away documents) YG suddenly called the waste company to threw away some documents. SO, AT 6, IMAGINE 6 in the morning, the trucks suddenly came up to YG bulding. There are two trucks, 1 ton & 2 tons. They came to YG bulding to take their documents which wanted to be wasted, they said. However, the reporters there stated it seems like they’re not only threw documents away, but also electronical devices, i.e. laptop and handphone eh, smartphone lah who use handphone nowadays they called it SMARTPHONE! Some reporters asked YG: “what are the thrown-away documents stand for?” YG said: “this is indeed our routine, we waste documents routinely, so that the unused documents will not fill up the space. Unfortunately, the due date is on February 28th 2019.” like such. YG also said, they are not linked to Burning Sun case. They clearly stated that people saying YG is behind this case will be legally prosecuted. Why are the police not confiscate the documents? Because they are lack of concrete evidence that these documents can proven they are linked into the case. So, the police have no rights to confiscate the documents and such. SOOOOOO many said that this case is used to cover up scandal A, B, C, D, E, bla bla bla, but, what I’m trying to say is this case is the one which should be revealed, from the deepest root, as clear as possible, in order to lessen the cover up-cases. Well, talk about the chronology starting from the violence case jump up into drugs, then sexual abuse, continue to tax evasion, and then seems like they have connection with the police, moreover, it seems also has the connection to something we don’t know yet. However, many says it will continue to political issue, people say. I kinda doubt it, but this case itself is something big, SURELY. Many Koreans said, this case should handle with profesionality. As the time goes by the case seems only dragging the celebrity. As if the celebrities are the one who take all the blame, but in fact, behind this it can be officials, police, conglomerate, or even politicians. 100% AGREED. Don’t let this case only gave the celebrities spotlights and all the blame. They should reveal who takes the responsibility. It should be clear. However, I cannot talk “the suspicious ones” are A, B, C, D, bla bla bla, or anyone. Because, BECAUSE, I’m an influencer. Please understand me. My subscribers are up to 800 thousands (almost 1 milion, ehee) its not like I want to show off, but my statements here, can influence people’s opinions. I don’t want to misslead anything, and I don’t want to make people think or having wrong prespectives, because of ME. Its different though, when I discussed something with my friends in a coffeshop, no one listening, I want to suspect A, B, C, thats okay, but in front of the camera? Ya……. I have to be careful. *posing* Okay, I only get those explanation so far. Now I have some messages for you guys. 1. PLEASE, don’t make assumptions. Don’t be too exagerated, before you know the WHOLE issues. PLEASE, there are so many of you saying like you HAVE KNOWN EVERYTHING. PLEASE, hold yourself together. What if your assumptions are wrong and they hurt another human being. Please, be careful. Okay? *posing* (Hansol likes to pose kkkk) 2. Many of you have dissapointed because of your idol become a suspect in this case *heavily breathing* I understand its kinda impossible, but we have to be objective. Now, if the evidences lead them to become a suspect what can we do, though? So, please be smart and wise, okay? Don’t be easily falter. 3. Do not linked this case into another scandal (you’re not Sherlock Holmes though lol) I understand I myself have been thinking, it seems like this case linked into that case. I do ever feel that way. Not only me, but some people too. There are so many posts saying that way. However, the more we think that way the more it is getting nowhere. Just let the expert solved this case. We just have to wait. Don’t let ourselves investigate those things without any data and conclude something on our own. Then we are willing to share our opinions and it becomes a mess! Finally, it is a missleading information!!! Am I right? It is not that your opinion doesn’t make sense, but still, be careful with your words. Why though? Here, listen, If you feel that there is one person spotlighting particular person on purpose through this case, We also have to think, Is there anyone, purposely, makes us think what they’re thinking, on their behalf? Is is true, that our opinions are influenced by some people who wanted us to think that way (omg creepy) This is what we have to re-think wisely. Don’t let us to be used for another people’s purpose. Okay? Whatever the facts are, everything has to be revealed. It has to be stated to the public. Don’t let anything covered up, based on my opinion. And if its wrong, we must admit and fix it. *breathes heavily* Okay? Thank you so much for watching, there are so many people saying that the case is tried to cover up SOPA scandal. *breathes heavily like again* Chill, SOPA scandal will be up tomorrow, okay? 5 pm Indonesian time. So, I guess to see y’all tomorrow. Don’t forget to share this video to your friends who have an assumption about the Burning Sun case. Please kindly share this video. Okay? Thank you for watching. Its 1 am in the morning. So, I will edit this quickly and prepare for an uploading, and you guys can watch my explanation like now. OKKKKAAAAY? Thank you for watching, see you tomorrow. Bye bye~ STOP FANWAR! DON’T MAKE AN ASSUMPTION BEFORE EVEYTHING GETS CLEAR, xx @harsadakara

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