Budget 2019: 10 Highlights From Govt’s Last Budget Before Polls | The Quint

Maurice Vega

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  1. I really liked the way the presenter was dressed up. Very simple. Unlike big news channels where the presenter puts do loads of make up and hair.

  2. All the developing countries are compulsorily Giving free healthcare and education for the upcoming generation ..Modi govt can’t do that cause he knows it’s not easy to cheat from this…

  3. What Modi had done for me ?
    Ssc cgl and chsl case is still hanging in supreme Court (but we know that there is a mass cheating held in those xms)
    Ssc cgl and chsl 2018 is not yet taken and we are in the year 2019
    And also don't know when the 2019 notification came out and the xm will held
    Mr PM is telling that he is going to give 500 per month per acre to the farmers but I am a farmer and I don't have my own land I borrow a rich man's land for 6 months an there I cultivate vegetables, then how I get 500 per month, all money goes to that rich person's account of my village who have 100 acre of land

  4. All these illiterate idiots in the comment section saying that the government is doing this only for elections, not embracing the decisions but criticizing the government. Atleast they did something! You do need to realise that our Constitution makers added electoral competition for THIS EXACT REASON. Although I believe they have one of the best Governments by date, people should embrace the decisions. We need to realise that in a huge and diverse country like India, the past has to be respected and change has to be brought done gradually.

  5. Finally quint did not get anything to criticize government now so sorry quint better change ur stand start supporting NAMO for good be on good side

  6. I haven't seen what's the content, but due to your past history of contents, I AM NOT Going to waste my time here and took just 18 seconds to write this. Will vote for MODI in 2019.

  7. 08.01 – 08.07 how can TAX BASE increase by RUPEES such and such by such and such?? Government is clearly talking about the NUMBER of people! You QUINT fuckers don't even know what you talking about and you are in business of dissemination of information? #FakeNews

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