Brother, Can You Spare A Trillion?: Government Gone Wild!

Maurice Vega

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  1. No constructive suggestions here, just the typical "hate government" rhetoric of those who use fear to get elected. The problem of the debt is real and needs to be addressed. But you're not addressing it when all you do is try to get people to hate government so that you can keep on getting elected and enriching your pockets from corporations and Big Business. I LOVE government, because "government" is We The People. It's us. When it's broken, as it is now, I want to FIX it, not get people to hate the entire concept of we the people running things. I mean, when you want to get people to hate "government," like it's not us but some evil entity, what is your point? Elect YOU instead. Hello? Then YOU would be the "government" and if you can't offer meaningful solutions now, why should we imagine you'd have any to offer if you were put in charge. You can't even mention the main drag on our economy and ability to pay down the debt, our out-of-control military spending. There are things we should fear, but we should not TRAFFIC in fear, as you do, we should be hearing about how we can turn things around. Starting with reducing the influence of money that turns most of our politicians into political prostitutes. Why not rant and rave about THAT?

  2. To those who are completely ruled by their fears you would be correct in stating that he was not persuasive.

  3. Title 28 USC ch6 3002 15(a) UNITED STATES; a federal corporation. Irrefutable fact, go look it up. Yes I agree, UNITED STATES is a bunch of assholes and that corporation needs to die!

  4. Secession, revolt, or both is the ONLY solution to gaining freedom in this country! ALL OTHER "SOLUTIONS" HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED AD INFINITUM !

  5. The Grace Commission Report, initiated by Congress in the 80's already proved than "not one nickel is left (from income tax) after paying interest on the national debt." Look it up. Your "income", aka slave tax, doesn't pay for ANY goods/services inside or outside the USA. FACT. It goes to BANKERS !

    The debt is IMPOSSIBLE to pay off. The money to pay the interest doesn't exist. ALL of the money created in circulation is PRINCIPAL ONLY. The fed reserve doesn't supply the money to pay interest.

  6. I am an ultra Conservative. I would plainly ask if you do not know what you are talking about, stay out of the conservation. I am tired of supporting FREELOADERS and Jackasses that think we owe them a living. The Mexicans cost us more annually than the Iraq, Afganistan, OR what is building up for Syria. The cuts the Prez wants is about is 1/35000th. off the Nat. debt. If $4000 a month was your salary, that would mean you would have to cut back .10 (ten Cents) annually. Blacks cost more!

  7. Democracy is not limited to talking to representatives. Sudden, massive cuts would reduce the economic stream. Let your self be led by the nose by anything conservatives say, but don't toss me bull crap!

  8. And just where do you get your knowledge? Have you ever called you Congressman and demanded they rein in the budget. I would give credit where credit is due. If you have not called you have earned nothing. Do you believe everything they say. I cannot believe anything even from the Conservatives. Show yourself some decency and look up how bogus the people are representing you. I know that I know that I am right on that. do not take for granted
    By the way, Liberalism is the new true face of evil.

  9. Government should put the brakes on this. Truly if they did there would be no use for someone being on the till. Who do you Blame Dems or Reps? Neither has done a d$#n thing about stopping the flow of our labors overseas as a Conservative I could stop all of this in a few months. Liberals only worry about who is going to feed them next, most vote for a living!

  10. That my liberal foe is an oxymoron. Only a fool could come up with that. But let me say I do not trust 98% in Washington. That being said, I cast my vote away from liberals, long time politicians and like culprits. Liberalism is the new face of EVIL. Look at your own picture.

  11. Be careful with that Linda. Whether Secular Jews or Jews They have a lot to do with it. They own the Federal Reserve Please look up Jekyll Island and Federal Reserve), all the Major News is owned by the Jews (I do not see them being the Conservatives friend), They started the ACLU, 50% of lawyers there are Jews

  12. How low will you stoop to make this Government look better. You statement is so radically stupid. Give me the 26thousand dollar car if it makes you feel better about your spendy Congressman.
    No, actually I work for a living, I do not want a car.
    What kind of job do you have to come up with such an idiotic rebuttal. Or maybe you are just on welfare, you vote for a living.

  13. I have no health insurance. Never have, and I am 52 years old and have raised five children. Now I have to pay a penalty this year because people like you think nobody should be without it. That is not right. I should have the freedom to make my own health decisions. As for roads, bridges, etc., the entire federal budget for this is much less than the interest payments we make on borrowed money. Government is out of control on spending.

  14. Oh, I watched again and see that you are talking about interest since 1988, which is 8 Trillion. So 8 Trillion divided by 110 million = $72,727.27. Not sure why you are using a car for comparison over that long of a time period because not many people keep a car for over 20 years. Might be more effective to point out that every taxpayer is paying $312.88 per month just on federal interest payments.

  15. $413 billion divided by 110 million = $3,754.55. What am I missing here? $3,700 per taxpayer is still a lot, but it does not equal a dream car.

  16. It is not government gone wild, but there are liberals, like me, who now the debt is a monster that needs to dealt with.

  17. HJR192 = republican govt dissolved. US Treasury is in Puerto Rico. Stop watching the news and do your own research! This is public info. If you're a homeowner go get your warranty deed and study it!!!! Then ask your attorney or broker what that document means…..they'll never tell you, cause if you knew you would stop taking care if their family and keep your labor notes for you and your family. Peace & Read!!!!

  18. The math and logic in this video are more than problematic. This is a political screed camouflaged as voter education. Remember, debt is a result of revenue minus spending, not spending alone. We can eliminate debt (and deficit) thru increasing revenue, reducing spending or both.

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