British PM Tony Blair: Brexit Or Not, Britain Will Remain A Great Country | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. I would have love for Mika to ask the PM a thoughtful & intelligent question but stayed quite & only made polite jokes.

  2. I grew up in DC I remember when the workforce it was okay to have Hispanics working there for half a we work for and how many people got rich off of them immigrants backs?

  3. Tony Blair is one of the main reasons Britain is a mess. As soon as he opened his borders,
    his country went downhill. Migrant crime is off of the charts. Even worse, England has lost
    its National Identity.

  4. The Brexit negotiations are failing because the British are being imperialist in their approach. This is a faulty start point. History has shown how internationally the British have been appallingly bad negotiators – look at Ireland, India, Israel and many more. Historically it is the differant peoples who have suffered and not the British themselves. Now they are negotiating for themselves and as in the past they are going to fail with terrible consequences for their own people!

  5. Just read the UN migration pact for asylum seekers and refugees. The UN/EU wants to flood our civilized countries with 3rd world African and Muslim migrants. Look at what the EU is doing to tiny Ireland flooding very small villages with migrants.
    Ireland is preparing their young daughters for breeding with the Muslims and African migrants and refugees from the 3rd world.
    If the Irish men can't or won't reproduce with Irish girls the Africans & Muslims will gladly give them new Irish babies.
    Sadly the UN and the European Union has determined the white Irish future already

  6. Britain really needs to have a seriously discussion and fair vote regarding Brexit. It's become the longest suicide note in history.

  7. 🧐 – Hmmm, my former Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
    Ok, I’ve never been an individual, that has agreed with all of Tony Blair’s past principles and policies, and !
    Upon viewing this MSNBC’s Morning Joe segment, it’s still the same.

    That said ;
    He has stated some good points and opinion, regarding the Brexit fiasco.

    I fully agree though, 'Brexit or not, Britain will remain a great country'.

    Just a thought;
    If Britain finally leaves the European Union,
    It may, just be the chance / opportunity, for Britain to rekindle and build, a strong relationship with all the Commonwealth Countries.

    ( my apologies, for the break in writing. I’ve just saw Lomachenko’s final punch on Crolla. What a brilliant boxer, Lomachenko is. )

    Ok, enough about boxing.

    Britain needs to learn from their mistakes of the past.
    When negotiating / making deals, please, take 'greed' out of the equation.
    And !
    Learn from the mistakes and ill treatment, that was / is bestowed on the 'Windrush' travellers.

    On another note:
    I must say;
    Sweden seems to be doing very well, all around.

  8. Blair is so slimy, by populism of the left he really means he would like to replace Jeremy Corbyn with someone more like himself.

  9. From England, I have no respect for Blair as a man. He travels the world cosy up to the wealthy and the powerfull. But it is a big but/ compare the intellegent manner he answer questions.. compared with any of any things that moron Trump says.

  10. Why is racism rising in the UK? This man … when former Eastern European (communist block countries) joined the EU every other country had a moratorium on Freedom of movement for these counties for 10 years except the UK, his decision lead to massive migration from Eastern European to the UK that was completely unprepared for it i.e. socal services, schools, etc …. feeding into right wing narrative of "They here to take your jobs and take all your benefits…" Blair is one of the major reason were in this mess with regards to Brexit … and dont get me started on the fact he's a war criminal …. the people in this clip sycophantic view of him made me nauseous

  11. But uh….. Has not this already been decided by "the people". 3 years ago. Wow. Now that's expediency in government.

  12. Anthony Charles Leyton Blair . Caught doing illicit acts in a public toilet with another man ?was arrested then let off in Bow street Magistrates court ( Google it ) Question is whos piles was he pushing ???

  13. Please Morning Joe. More qualified guests, less round panel discussion. That’s the keys to a well-rounded, informative news show.

    I know it’s impossible to have guests as qualified as a former Prime Minister on for every program but even a New York Times columnist who is allowed to speak/answer questions for an extended period of time is better than most cable news these days.

    Tried rewatching Fox Business the other day following a several year hiatus and was disgusted with the direction they’ve taken on what was once a largely open forum dedicated to business news. Appears to be completely partisan these days.

    More qualified guests with wide ranging political opinions. Minimal input from moderators unless they are fact checking with sources. That’s the key to a successful news program now.

    If I can look up a certain statistic or pull up a speech someone made 10 years ago with the few clicks of my finger, you guys should be able to do it real time. There’s no excuse not to. Obviously I’m not asking you to contradict what people are saying, at least have the courage to ask them about it. It’s a new, fast paced world. Adapt to it.

    Also, Joe needs to talk less or learn he can’t inject his opinion in to everything. He can be a great moderator but injects too much of his own opinion in every question. I have no problem with people’s biases, everyone has them. Guests and host alike. We need to acknowledge that in order to have a real debate.

    I really have liked the growth I’ve seen from him but he still is the Republican Representative elected in the 90s at heart and he needs to acknowledge how this effects his opinions at some point.

  14. Tony Blair really needs to clarify the difference between Progressives in the UK vs Progressives in America because they are fighting for totally different things. Progressives in America are fighting for policies that were adopted in the UK 30 years ago.

  15. Unlike the USA the British convention is not to address a former Prime Minister as Prime Minister.
    If the United Kingdom leaves the EU it will lead to the break up of the UK. Scotand and Ulster will quickly split off, England & Wales will be left isolated outside the EU and eventually re-apply for membership.

  16. The reason there is a so-called "Mess"/"Chaos"
    is because the politician s ignorantly, blindly ignore
    the will of the People.

  17. America has so many checks and balances, such a big change will never happen based on how people vote on one day? Wrong, Joe.

  18. he took britain into an illegal war and he has made a fortune despite his mistakes. keep him in the us please. we don’t want him

  19. He shouldn’t talk about Immigration, most the people coming to Europe are refugees, caused by the mess USA and UK have created in the Middle East,

  20. I agree that technology will be a big challenge, but it will be nothing compared to global warming. They think immigration is bad now It will be a 100 times worse in 2 or so decades.

  21. Tony sounds like a corporate Democrat. Do not trust the government. Trust the corporations and the filthy rich and greedy. They have all these "new" ideas that will marginally help people while still allowing corporations to keep paying poverty wages and collecting the profits while socializing the losses.

  22. He may have bought into the Bush con-job re Iraq, but at least he’s got a good enough brain to form a coherent sentence, unlike that goose scamming the US as their president.

  23. Blair is wrong or lying about why left leaning European parties are failing, it's because they all started to copy the Bill Clinton/Tony Blair "centrist" neo-liberal model which has proved to be deeply unpopular, Labour party in the UK under Corbyn's leadership has been the exception to the rule because they have wisely walked away from that, the problem with Blair is he still lives in the politics of the 1990's and refuses to believe that they have long term been an utter failure.

  24. The irony of Blair giving advice on technology when his own two year old channel only has 580 subscribers.
    The man is a fraudster, and war criminal.

  25. Blair who has been backhandedly working with members of Europe to F***up the process and using his Blairite followers to undermine Corbyn within the Labour Party. he is a traitor and a war criminal & has no place to be on any media giving advice

  26. Yup… he's right, and hiz past action as pm of Britain has proven as much when he ganged up with the Americans and invaded Iraq and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.

  27. Absolute slime Scum and a waste of air, how does he look his children in the eye. The most idiotic move (and the most telling) the EU and extreme left could have made was wheeling this poor propogandist for hire and poor excuse for a human being out.

  28. "Populism is born from pessimism." What an idiotic thing to say. Left/liberal populism says "*Together,* we can lift everyone up and ensure every human being in our nation has an equal, sufficient and stable foundation on which to base and grow their talent, ambition and work ethic. We support each other." There's nothing pessimistic about that, you corporate tools. "Millionaires funded by billionaires", indeed!

  29. Why stalk with Brexit, or stay with Brexit,or don't stay with Brexit,why not have something new,common British people is smart.

  30. Joe: " It would never happen here, the country just does't turn on a dime depending on how the people vote.." … well its should, because that is what democracy is.

  31. Oh look, the cretin that crept out of the crypt to crap all over democracy. Send him back to the underworld with the evil dead.

  32. They actually referred to him as PM. How disrespectful to our current leader. What's happening in British politics is a complete rejection of the globalist politics he and the Clinton's endorsed. He lied to the British public, ignored 1.7 million protesters and killed 500000 Iraqi people. He should be in jail not playing at PM. The man is a disgrace.

  33. I can't understand why the media keep giving this war criminal a platform.

    Also, while everyone blames to Conservatives for over privatisation, Tony Blair's Labour government were actually the ones who started the process of privatising the NHS.

    Tony Blair and his ilk are like the Corporatist Democrats in the United States.

  34. Joe is talking complete nonsense here. The only borders argument going on in Europe is between no immigration and controlled immigration.

  35. Tony Blair is part of the problem. The ultimate agreement will be the biggest nonsense deal ever. It will be like what Trump signed with Mexico and Canada, that hasn't even been ratified, and is no different from NAFTA. His "center left" allowed for the extreme right to fool everyone with fear. That's all they do. They need to pass laws against the insane, lying, right wing press and politicians.

  36. Shut up Blair, you are useless, ,no one listens to you, You were George Bush's poodle, no backbone. Hundreds of soldiers died on your watch, because you sent them to war on false pretenses , it's why you Wil never get a knighthood.

  37. I liked Tony in government and I respect your views on Brexit but, Labour needs to be in power and Jeremy Corbyn, for PM.

  38. Blair is still full of BS. Nothing stops centrists from putting forth solutions to the problems you created but you don't do it, so please step aside and stop sucking up air with your apologetic plattitudues.

  39. I'm not a socialist and I'll probably vote Tory next time to help keep Corbyn away from power, but if I outlive Tony Blair I will buy a bottle of champagne and toast his death.

  40. Funny when Joe mentioned Newcastle FC and Blair pretended he knew what he was talking about.

    Blair doesn’t like football. Every Englishman knows that you can never trust a man who doesn’t like football.

  41. Where is Mika's head. She seems very distracted. And that look she was giving TB!? not sure it was for him or for whatever has control of her thoughts.


  43. Interesting that the war criminal is opening his gob around the world, promoting anti-Democracy. Surely, the good people of the USA can see straight through this creep?

  44. This guy is seriously deluded he is one of the reasons why Brexit happened with his sucking up to the US and his complete wrecking of the country he say he loves so much

  45. The great ex Labour PM who assisted Bush to create wars – Muslim against Muslim, and brought the war back to our doorstep. Yes, well done for causing hatred in so many countries since then. Even now, the Muslims vote Labour with a promise of stopping eastern Europeans getting in, leaving more room for more more Pakistanis. Perhaps soon the Muslims will also see our 3 main political parties for what they really are. To them, Muslims will always vote Labour, because they are easy to manipulate given that only the men speak English, and some of those have never received an education. But be warned Labour, the new generation ARE educated, they ARE NOT stupid, and once they realise that WE the British people have NEVER BEEN THEIR ENEMY, they will realise that all the hatred and divide did in fact come from government! God bless us all for getting the 3 main parties OUT!!! Watch us thrive!

  46. Why has Tony got an ear piece in his right ear? I thought the only thing he listened to is the demond that possess his soul!

  47. Personal distrust and disgust will follow Tony Blair [EU fanatic and 'go to war in Iraq without legal cause'] to his grave. Ghastly. And, guess what? His former PR man, Alistair Campbell, is leading the PR team for overturning the 'Leave' vote from 2016. Blair is to Brexit what Hilary Clinton is to US progress.

  48. Tony Blair could have prevented this mess by having a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. All of this is his fault and his alone.

  49. I know at least one group of people which profits from Brexit, and it's the Kremlin supercorrupt gang. As for any democratic state I'm not quite sure.

  50. Between you and me, Bliar is the secret strategic weapon deployed by the Brexiteers. His not so secret mission is to discredit Remainer camp by playing cheer leader for Remainer camp . Only the liar of this magnitude can achieve this.

  51. it's amazing to read the comments in this thread, which have NOTHING to do with what Blair says.
    Even more amazing, considering that he led the UK to the most prosperous years since records begun, and (during that time) the UK came to terms with its own position in the world, and accepted the EU and Ireland to its huge benefit. But the type of responses here just say it all.

  52. Well done Blair..the Deaths of Thousands of OUR Troops on your u sleep at night? OBVIOUSLY YES. OUR WEAKEST LEADER IN HISTORY. You put SHAME on Britains HISTORY! Keep Lining your pockets.

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