Brian Kemp Holding Up 53K Voter Registrations As He Runs For Governor | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Kemps a criminal – period! Send him to nirwana! Betrays all basic principles of a democratic society. Now they dont even try to pretend anymore.

  2. How can this man continue to do this in this day and age? Do these people know that their registrations were cancelled?  Now we have to get the "MOB" as they call us and move on Georgia!

  3. don't believe this woman…she is a lying Extremist who is unbelievably distorting the facts!!! ..there is NO ONE who wants to vote being denied to vote!! Maddow is pure EVIL!!

  4. can not believe the gullible people buying this load of crap!!! Maddow is an EXTREMIST…we need to ignore EXTREMISTS from BOTH sides!!!

  5. Listen closely – You will hear what Regressive-Republicans and some Democratic representatives are scared! Listen closely and take her words to heart locally and regionally! New strategy versus old strategy, what a concept! By-the-people, for the people!

  6. This stuff is a gag.Rigging an election is like rigging a news story, it is in the eyes of the beholder. PEOPLE STOP LISTENING TO THESE NEWS ANCHORS. They have already proven their inept ability to tell the whole truth. We get our info from news. We do not know if they are telling us the truth or are lying to us.

  7. 600,000 registrations on hold via exact match, how many exact match for voter fraud 0. penalty for vote fraud is 5 years prison, how many sentenced 0.

  8. At what point does anything happen to stop these sorts of things? Is this really democracy? Do we have to take this into our own hands? These sorts of stories are everywhere and no one is held accountable and nothing changes…
    How many millions of votes did Trump lose by and he's still in office? And all because a rigged system is being utilized. When do things change before certain people start being targeted for their injustices?

  9. I tried to change my address to vote for 2 months online. After checking and checking I called the dept of registration. I was told oh our site has been hijacked and I'm sorry. She the gave me the website, but it was too late the 9th. I have voted all my life. I have voted in New York, New Jersey, California, Flordia, and here in Georgia. I AM A VETERAN (VIETNAM) U.S.A. I KNOW WHAT YOUR TRYING TO DO Kemp. I checked with my Son who is a student (22 yrs old) in Georgia to make sure he is registered to vote. He along with a coalition of young Men and Women are insuring their VOTE COUNT.
    SHAME ON YOU KEMP. THANK YOU RACHEL for letting me know about the provisional

  10. The Dept of Justice should step in. This is so wrong, that a gov. candidate has control over the voter registration. Kemp is a crook and should be disqualified for holding up 53,000 voter reg., 70% of whom are Black voters.



  13. I'm from Kansas. Kris Kobach is running for governor while also acting as KS Secretary of State, running his election, too. Why isn't anyone talking about this?

  14. Thankful that I live and and was born in a transparent country where the electrol process and new voting registrations are controlled by our own independent to political parties citizens where politicians, members of Parliament, and the courts have nothing to do with it and is considered illegal to do so. Not what I'd expect from a nation that pins the phrase land of the free, all I see is land of confusion, corruption, and division.

  15. The Devil came down to Georgia, he was looking for some votes to steal, he was in a bind and he was way behind so he was willing to make a deal! VOTE ABRAMS!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. One of the several fundamental problems that render the US a semi-democracy at best is this outrageous demand that a citizen will have to register especially for voting. I mean, I'd assume that in the US, just like in the non-federal State of Israel (where I grew up), the authorities have the details of every citizen (or else he/she wouldn't be a citizen) and the his/her address. Am I wrong? Because if I'm not – why should one "register to vote"? What's the new information that the authorities get by this registration which they don't have to begin with?

    In Israel, and I'm quite sure that's the case in every fully-democratic country (i.e., unfortunately, not the US), when local (city hall) or national elections are approaching, the authorities send every citizen over the age of 18 a note stating where exactly is the venue in which he/she can vote on election day. Moreover, this note (if I remember correctly) is just for your convenience, and even if it got lost in the mail or you lost it yourself, you can vote – you just need to check (e.g. on the internet) where exactly is the venue you're supposed to vote in. Oh, and you need to bring with you your identity card. It's that simple.

  17. If this doesn’t warrant Kemp going to prison what would? This is so far beyond political ideology or differences. This is an attack on constitutionally guaranteed voting rights. If people like Kemp are allowed to get away with stuff like this, what’s next? Who’s next? Maybe you will be next?

  18. I am shocked. I always thought that our leaders made a commitment to make decisions based on what the people of this country want, whether the leader agrees with it or not. I am very disappointed that not only is Trump making very big decisions without finding out first if the people agree but this guy is clearly fixing the vote in his favor. It seems like we are electing people that are making decisions that better their own lives but take away the rights of the people. How can they get away with this? Did we always give our leaders this much power or have we just gotten lucky that we ended up electing leaders that actually cared about this country? I do not feel safe in this country anymore. What else are these undignified, unrespectable, bullies not telling us?

  19. This is ridiculous. The voter registrations have to have match social sercurity and driver license numbers. Also Birthday. It has always been this way there. If you go to the poles with correct identification and numbers you can vote as always! Lol! A black is running so they play the race card to win. This is the same rule is used every where for fair elections. Unless you want peeps of all races getting to vote with no matching I.D.s. People think! This is media hate and race stirring! Follow rules for voting. Get your crap together with identification, numbers matching. The way it has always been done.

  20. All that matters in politics today is winning. It's trench warfare with virtually no rules unless there is publicly egregious and obvious flouting of the law. One would think there would be a requirement on the books in Georgia to prevent the Sec. of State from running without recusing himself *first*. Corruption rules.

  21. Again, false and misleading information coming out of the mouth of Maddow. The question to be asked of the Georgia Secretary of State is 'why have you done this?' until you hear from the man himself this is just a biased commentary from a basically uninformed, biased, MSM commentator and should be taken as such! Both liberal and conservative, Republican and Democratic voters should feel the same way about ALL of the MSM Network commentators and check their facts before blindly believing what they hear. After reading the comments posted here, most of the people blindly believe everything this person, Rachel Maddow says! She is a biased, obviously liberal, news commentator and is NOT a news journalist. She is NOT an investigative reporter! A commentator give us their personal views of a situation. The same goes for Hannity on Fox News and ALL other news commentators, regardless of the network. This also includes all internet news sites! Please dig deeper and get an interview with this fellow asking the question why are these registrations being held up!!! With all of the cheating and scandals out there now, there might be a very good reason why they are being held up. Do not be sheep, blind obedience Is For Fools!!!

  22. REPUBS 'OWN' THE ANGER VOTE NOW !! Democrats are Losing too many new polls now ,..and everywhere you look online,, Republicans are hungry , ENERGIZED,..and they smell DEMOCRAT BLOOD in the water !! Kav fired up independents to go vote with gop; dems are toast !! nov 6 !!

  23. Didn't Gore fail to become President precisely because of this kind of gerrymandering in Florida?
    USA is becoming too corrupt to claim moral superiority EVER again.

  24. So why didn't Maddow research the real problem instead? Had she done her research she would have found the following:

  25. How is this behavior legal? We need to have the voter rights legislation reinstated. At this point the republicans have totally corrupted our rights to vote for our governmental representatives. The Republican Party is destroying our constitutional rights.

  26. from what ive heard ,he isnt holding anything up,however the law is being followed,
    just whiny non attentive voters who havent met the criteria of registration,..
    is kemp the sec of state,..
    just crybaby liberals i hear they can still vote

  27. if she were to win she would also have to uphold the law as written ,.these holdups are legitimate,..issues that can be corrected..quit your whinning…

  28. Why are we discussing a man that the people of that state knows this man is not right. This cannot be true, there must be someone working in that system that will make this system work properly because it's the right thing to do. These people who calls themselves God fearing, God will not forgive you for letting this forbidden mess go on. Let it be known that God has a plan to punish each of you because you allowed this system to take advantage of people who cannot help themselves. This man is doing wrong, stop him and anyone before they destroys the state. When you take on the responsibilities of taking care of people it's your job to do so until your job is completed. You "must be fair" to all no matter who they are and where they may come from.

  29. I think people are oblivious when they think about history. Slavery and Jim crow aren't that long ago when you think about a system put in place that is the foundation of racism, subjugation and debasement of people of different hues /not white.

  30. Quit crying. People should learn how to fill out a registration card. Too bad they don’t teach you how to do that in schools anymore.

  31. Kemp has been a life long racist white supremacist & continually works towards the destruction of the black community. Kemp strategically targets the elderly & ethnic communities holding hostage these voters registrations.

  32. Lying Brian trying to steal the people of Georgia election in which I am a resident. We need some help u all !!!!!

  33. You need I.Ds and you need to put the name that's on your birth certificate and driver's license when you register… Making mistakes isn't suppression

  34. I was always told that common sense and not alway common for most people, but this is crazy. How could anyone think that this is morally and legally correct?? Why are there not laws in place that requires you to step down from your current position in government IF/WHEN you are running for another office?? How is this possible and why has no one challenged this practice before now smdh???

  35. Had you focused on Kemp and the institutional GOP strategy of voter purging, as much as you have Putin, maybe more folks would've been more animated to stop it Too little, too late, Rachel

  36. This is a test for Mr. Kemp.
    This will either haunt him for the rest of his life or it will bring peace to him and his family. The temptation is there. In one hand there is greed, corruption, dissension, and pride. And in the other, there is passion, joy, undisputable​ growth, and honor.

    Choose wisely, Mr. Kemp… Don't tamper with the bar.

  37. Votes are cancelled all the time to avoid allowing dead people or people who moved out of state to vote.
    Also, exact match is not new and it only requires you TO SPELL YOUR NAME CORRECTLY. Must be hard.
    Everyone gets a letter in the mail informing you of your polling place. Also, in there, YOUR REGISTRATION STATUS. Another lie.
    How do you fix this issue if you were denied. All you have to do is bring ID to the polling place and you can vote. Who else has to bring ID. EVERYONE. This entire story is preposterous

  38. Couldn't you put Brian camp and and the buffoon Orange headed Donald and the rest of his cronies in the same cell and throw the key away

  39. Msnbc clearly democrat doing unfair reporting! Journalism suppose to be neutral, obviously Msnbc is not in journalism, is in gossip sections, like people magazine

  40. Exact match law or rule has been in effect for a while and there's nine other states that have the same rule stop being snowflake cry babies it is to see if your signature matches your registration card to make sure someone is not forging signatures which is a crime forgery

  41. Kemp got away with 8 years of Jim Crow Election Voter Suppression and got unmasked stealing stealing the Governor Seat for himself. He will RUE the day he STOLE the Governor Seat. He messed with the wrong woman! He will always be known and the SCUM CROOK!

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