Brexit Party narrowly defeated in Peterborough by-election by 700 votes

Brisco called the Conservative Party candidate 7200 [Applause] Lisa Labor Party [Applause] the brexit party 4159 green party 1035 with the John William Stanley UK Independence Party 400 and I do hereby declare that Lisa Falls is Julius [Applause] you

Maurice Vega

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  1. Commie Corbyn the state murder apologist, antisemitist and traitor to the working class British person is very pleased with his newest anti-Semitic MP. All achieved through the help of his friendly convicted electoral fraudster in Peterborough where they have the highest postal votes in the country and massive immigrant vote….surprise surprise….not!….Criminals campaigning for Labour and seen in the counting room at the by election and photographed with Corbyn….WAKE UP BRITAIN!

  2. Please can we have another vote as Labour did not win by a lagre margin like the way they keep pushing for a 2nd referendum saying that Bexit did not win by a large margin.

  3. Momentum intimidation! Students voted twice! Labour stole the the postal ballots! No? Labour rock solid. Well done Lisa!

  4. That's not fair labour won ….😒
    I want another vote so brexit party can WIN this time ,
    No not really you got the majority ,( just ) but that's it you won .
    Just like we won to LEAVE

  5. Peterborough the next Rotherham. Great to see the sway Muslims have on election results. We can all see which way it’s going.

  6. Too close to be counted. The labour voters were misinformed and didn't know what they were voting for. I DEMAND another vote.

  7. Goodbye UKIP party vote BREXIT party people shake up the whole criminal system and start again with more ordinary people getting involved.

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