Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage MEP discussing Boris Johnson's Brexit policy

all Trump the numbers man isn't he I mean he looks at things like the Peter a by-election where the brexit Party and the Conservatives together got over 50% of the vote and labour won the seat with 31 percent of the vote so Trump the businessman says hey there were two parties here there's a committed Pro brexit new leader of the Conservative Party if they work together they win if only life was so simple well indeed so are you telling viewers that you think the prospects of that a pretty remote well I think the Conservative Party upper-echelon have always absolutely loathed me still a majority of them do not want a clean break brexit they want to try and revisit this dreadful deal that misses may negotiating with Brussels the only circumstances in which we could talk at all about this is if Boris Johnson was committed to us just leaving on WTO terms on the 31st of October I take the view that no deal is the best deal available right now but I just don't see him moving to that position I hope though he surprises me well he he has been clear hasn't he and he says you know do or die it'll it'll happen in some form on the 31st of October well if he really means it and let's hope he does if he really means it I don't believe that's achievable he's got virtually no majority whatsoever there's no sign the European Union are really gonna budge so I would have thought the only way then would be an early general election if he's got the courage to do it then we still could get a proper brexit on the 31st of October behind the scenes I shall have there been any you know conversations what can you tell viewers about the kind of contacts if there are any between you and your people and this to some of the people in this new incoming administration how would you describe that yet not formally with Boris Johnson's team but there are lots of MPs sitting in Parliament you know quite openly chatting and speculating and saying well look you know if Boris does decide to go for No Deal we simply have to get together nothing formally with Boris Johnson's team he thus far has said that he would not do a deal of any kind with us and I understand that because you know if he was if he was to contemplates it it would lead to resignations from the Conservative Party from our perspective you know we would have we would absolutely have to believe in what he said and here's the hard part you know Teresa may told us 108 times we were leaving on March the 29th we didn't Boris Johnson tells us do or die we're leaving on the 31st of October but I'm not holding my breath on that when you look at certain individuals and for example Dominic Cummings who obviously was a very very key figure in the the lead campaign now assuming a very important role behind the scenes in Downing Street is that the kind of person who encourages you or not well I think thus far these are good appointments because he's putting in place people who believe in leave quite where Dominic coming stands on another referendum we'll have to see but at least he was part of the leave cam but the key here is who is the brexit secretary gonna be who was the Chancellor gonna be who was the Northern Ireland secretary going to be these are the big appointments and we'll find out whether Boris is trying to balance his own party between levers or remainders or whether he puts in place a team dedicated to getting this over the line and all of that I guess we're gonna know in the next 48 hours we certainly will and we may know some of those top Bern names today and you've mentioned some of the great offices there and so for example if someone like Dominic Raab became foreign secretary do you think that would be a constructive move or not yes I do I heard Jeremy aren't talking just two days ago about shipping in the Gulf and the need to build a European protection force a European Navy I'd much rather see someone like Dominic rob who believes in brexit and doesn't want us being part of a European army Niger Faraj good to talk to you again thank you very much for joining us from New York

Maurice Vega

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