BREAKING: White House Hid Calls With Russia And Saudi Arabia

>>The White House is apparently also restricted
access to not just calls from the Ukraine, but to calls with Vladimir Putin and Saudi
Arabia. Okay, now I’m gonna give you some context
on this. So remember one of what the whistleblower
said was not just that Donald Trump had an inappropriate conversation with the leader
of Ukraine where he said, hey, as a favor, please investigate my political opponent,
Joe Biden. But afterwards, they hid the call in a secret
server that is supposed to be for only the most top secret information, but the call
had no top secret information at all in it. And the reason they put it in that server
cuz they don’t even want other people of the White House, seeing the call or hearing the
call. So that shows guilty intent. They had to hide it. Well it turns out they’ve hidden calls from
Russia and from Saudi Arabia. Now you know some of those calls could be
potentially tremendously damaging. This is CNN reporting it and CNN is reporting
that it is people at the White House who are saying, yes, we would normally have access
to those calls. There was no classified information according
to the systems that we have in that call. But nonetheless, it’s not here. They’re not sure that it went into the secret
server, but they know that they don’t have access to it. So that means it was put away. So let me give you a little bit of an explanation
from Sam Vinograd, who’s a CNN national security analyst, he explains about the server. In my experience you would never move a transcript
to the code word system. If it does not have any code word terms. If the president is classifying and de-classifying
stuff. He does not want to get out, that is an abuse
of power and abuse of the system. In of itself, hiding the calls is a problem. But what’s in the calls could be a much bigger
problem. One of the calls that is missing apparently,
is the call that he had with Mohammed Bin Solomon, the leader of Saudi Arabia after
we found out that they had dismembered Khashoggi, who was a columnist for The Washington Post. Jesus Christ, what did Trump say on that call,
right? Another call that might be at issue is the
call where apparently Donald Trump called Putin after he won his election, but that
was a fake election. Most international body’s said there was massive
irregularities, he basically wouldn’t let his opponents run against them. Not really an election when you do that, right? And the White House staff was so concerned
they wrote a note to Donald Trump. I love that picture. Anyway, it said, quote, do not congratulate.>>Okay. Yes, literally, right? Because if someone ran a fake election where
they imprison all of their opponents, the President of the United States of America,
the shining light, supposedly, and spreading democracy is not supposed to go, hey, congratulations. Where gonna lock up your political opponents,
nice one, Vlad. Now we don’t know what’s in the call cuz it
apparently is one of the ones that are missing, okay? Now, all those could be potentially and politically
damaging, we don’t know what the dunderhead said to these folks, right? To me, the much more important part is, what
are you talking to Vladimir Putin about if it involves his business interests? Ding, ding, ding, ding. We got a winner, okay? So I don’t know where they hid these calls
but its now like Nixon’s tapes. You get those calls and this thing’s over
even quicker then it would normally be is my guess. It’s an informed guess. And like I said the story’s breaking right
now. Sometimes things change in the first 24 hours. Etc, but that looks to be pretty damaging,
very damaging to Donald Trump. Yep, curious what you guys think.>>I mean, that’s an abuse of the system. Before we even get to what’s on the tapes,
what happened during the call, just that is an abuse of the system. And that’s, I have a problem with that.>>Yeah, yeah. And by the way, apparently, some calls are
also missing from the, when he called Mexico and Australia as well.>>I think those ones are missing cuz they
made fun of him on the phone and he was like we gotta classify that.>>Hasn’t this man ever heard of a burner
phone? What are you doing?>>You cheated on your wife with a pornstar,
you should know about burner phones at this point.>>Like I guess my theory is now cuz when
first heard about the whistleblower saying it wasn’t just the context of the call, it
was also how they covered it up. It kind of felt like maybe this is the tip
of the iceburg and there is gonna be, this is a house of cards that’s going to fall. But do we have the trust that we’re actually
going to ever see these? Like how is that going to happen when they
just cannot be, this transcript that came out of this Ukraine call was from notes and,
the memories. We would obviously love to see these calls,
I didn’t even need to, but someone important and smart, I would love to be able to see
this who can go to the judiciary committee, but how are we going to do that? Can we trust them? Who is leaking the story? Like where is it all coming from within the
White House?>>Important context, earlier in the day,
Russia put out a panic statement about, none of our calls better be public, okay? Make sure that America would be a breach of
important diplomatic protocols if you make any of our calls public. Fascinating, the random panic note being sent
to the world. Look, if there’s a normal diplomatic call,
you know, of course we don’t make it public and we don’t need to make it public. Even if it’s not highly classified. You don’t need to make it public. So whether it’s Trump or Obama or whoever
the next president is, I don’t think it’s right for the whole country to sear a random
call the president is having with Mexico or Venezuela or anyone else. They might be talking about diplomatic things
that the public should know. Because maybe they’re cutting a deal but the
deal doesn’t happen, but at least they were trying to get to a diplomatic solution, there’s
a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t see those calls. But if there’s illegal material in the call,
and they hid it illegally, well that’s a reason to see it. And so if, and by the way there’s different
layers to it. By the time the public sees it, that means
its gone nuclear. So nobody’s saying, hey, I want you to turn
over the calls you made with Putin, and Mohammad bin Salman to me, Jane Huger, right?>>No, you give it to the people who are supposed
to have it. Because there’s people inside the White House
going, where are they?>>Yeah.>>Right? And the intelligence officials, et cetera. And they’re obviously hiding them and if you’re
hiding them, there’s something bad in them. And finally, guys, remember Donald Trump once
had a meeting with Vladimir Putin and he did not allow any American officials into it. And after they came out of the meeting, there
was an American translator and Donald Trump literally grabbed his notes and took it away
from him, okay? And said you are not allowed to have those
notes. Now those notes are top secret anyway, but
Trump didn’t even want the translator having it. Then he had another meeting with Putin where
he didn’t even allow an American translator. He said, I just wanna use the Russian translator. Who does that?>>Right.>>If you think that he’s not saying something
wrong to Putin. But he doesn’t want any other American official
which would normally be in the room or even an American translator? Nah, you don’t believe that. You know he’s doing something wrong. And so the meeting that they had, a long meeting.>>It was over two hours.>>Yes, the one with only the Russian translator,
we’re never going to find out what happened in that meeting. But the one with the American translator where
he took the notes, they should subpoena the translator. Under normal circumstances, I would say no
way should that be public. But at a minimum, behind closed doors, members
of congress need to know what the hell Donald Trump promised Vladimir Putin that was so
bad that he ripped up the notes for the meeting. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Tick, tick, tick, tick. If you don’t think, I can’t even talk to people
anymore who think, no, no him and Russia I don’t see any connections, I don’t see it
at all. Okay, well, you’re trying super hard not to.

Maurice Vega

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  2. In the long tradition of Trump being guilty about everything he accuses other of being guilty of……….WHERE'S THE SERVER!!?! I WANT THE SERVER!!

  3. Let's not do like with Russia where we keep excepting more and more and Trump supporters can weirdly conclude "That's it? All the worst stuff you speculated about wasn't even real" while what we already know to be true pretty much forces any politician respecting the constitution and democracy to impeach or, at the very least, open a serious investigation. The thing is, What they've admitted to alone calls for impeachment and, Maybe this'll be bad for the Dems, IDK, but I prefer to see them lose because they did the work they promised to do while defending the country and its constitution than to see Donald Trump have such a devastating lasting effect on America that it becomes normal and acceptable for politicians to do the opposite of what they swear to do.

  4. Cenk you are fooling your young Audience again. Those calls have to be very well secured as we all know that they are being illegally leaked to the press. The white house has to secure them so they do not continually get leaked. The staff members who are questioning how these calls are being secured are probably the leakers themselves. TRUMP 2020

  5. Man the liberals…and liberal media have gone full destroy Donald Trump! It's not working for you folks. You have discredited yourselves severely! Keep it up! Donald Trump will be your next president!

  6. Hey idiot's, the president doesn't have to show private call's with world leader's for national security reason's… Jesus you people are stupid… As for abuse of the system you need to look into the bidens, Clinton's, Obama's, John Kerry, and 95% of the Democratic party… Enjoy president Trump's 2nd term… Can't wait to see you meltdown again.

  7. Even if he was trying to "dig up dirt" (and good luck proving that), researching your POSSIBLE opponent is not illegal! He asked a foreign government to look into it because the crime that Biden committed was in that foreign goverment's country! No other way to research it! This is more BS from the globalist media and the Democrats because they have no candidates that have a hope of beating Trump. The Democrat candidates lineup all together have 0 charisma, the worst field I have ever seen. ๐Ÿ˜„ Any impeachment is DOA at the Senate steps.

  8. Hey lefty scum–Prez has total authority to deal with world leaders. You don't. We know the Dirty Dems are totally bereft of morality–they want revenge for the ASS WHIPPING they got in 2016. Sorry–it's coming again! Just end it all now–drink the Jim Jones koolaid now! lol Thanks voters for the TRUMP REVOLUTION!

  9. Make those calls a rally call like "lock her up" . " Release the tapes!๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

  10. Chunk and The Yawning Turds are on top of another journalistic scoop. He and Ana "Shart" Krakow will likely sell out and have a real TV show one day soon. It is nice to know that they pull up there sleeves and do the old fashioned late night homework…. Watch FOX News ! FOX gives the Turds both inspiration and a story to copy word for word. Too bad CNN and the other Fake News Media are not fans of Crazy Bernie and kind of throwing him a DNC style Low Blow. Speaking of a DNC style Low Blow, how is that corrupt Native American heritage stealing Pocahontas doing?

  11. The president has the authority to make any phone call top secret or classified gonna call for Obama's transcripts from foreign leaders conversation's?

  12. When I see cenkasore Uglyer speak i just wanna ๐Ÿคฎ The Young Jerks are terrible and the brain-washed fools that watch this are even worse !!! They are the ones that get triggered and then start their little protests with the masked soy boys aka ANTIFA

  13. If it turns out to be true that the CIA changed the rules regarding second hand information 'whistle blowing' just two days before this all started then are we looking at an attempted coup?

    Be fair now, I know you don't like Trump but do you want this for your country? Is this who you want to be?

  14. There is no doubt that radical self-righteous regressive progressive delusional piously ignorant extremists are in control of the Democratic Party who have their own anti-American agenda. It is hard to decide who hates America the most, TYT or AOC's low IQ demagogic hateful fraud squad.

  15. I rarely watch this channel. The hosts commentary drip with inscincerity and the underlying knowledge that they only report half the story, banking on an illinformed viewership hell bent on confirmational so-called "news". So sad, so lame, so weak. Never in a million years would I have believed that liberals would end up being the evil ones. An ex-independant

  16. Yet More, High-Quality Video Of Trudeau In Blackface Has Emerged
    Canadian Prime Minister has admitted to donning blackface on numerous occasions

  17. Stephen Miller: So-Called Ukraine Whistleblower โ€˜A Deep State Operativeโ€™ Who Has โ€˜Contempt for the Presidentโ€™
    โ€˜A partisan hit job does not make you a whistleblower,โ€™ says WH advisor

  18. Kamala Harris asked Barr at a hearing about investigations on politicians. Then George stephanopoulos interviewed Trump to handle damage control because the white house knew about the whistleblower complaint that they tried to cover up.
    This just proves that joe BIDEN shouldn't be president and trump is not fit to be president.

  19. "His Judgement Cometh and that Right Soon", a good crochet project that Milana can make for her husband trump. (Get the movie reference?)

  20. Crooked Trump: The mastermind criminal born to commit crimes. Republican: A criminal organization pretending to be a political party and now it has found its most corrupt and evil leader of them all โ€”โ€” Crooked Trump! A marriage made in criminal heaven!

  21. Trump works for Russia. Him and Putin are best friends. Putin flies to Florida under a secret name to play golf with Trump. If you search you can find pictures yourself.

  22. How you going to justify Bill Clinton's impeachment but not Trump's. I get that Bill Clinton lied to the FBI over blowjob, but Trump is doing worse. I actually want Biden to be investigated but why couldn't he use the resources from United States.

  23. There are reports coming out right now that henchman William Barr is extremely pissed off at Crooked Trump for naming him along with Giuliani as his personal lawyers that the president of Ukraine should be talking to in order to find dirt on Joe Biden and his son if the president of Ukraine wants to receive the military aids that the USA promised his country!

    William Barr was like: โ€œHow dare you lumped me with that senile blowhole Giuliani, Trump!!!!! I am a mastermind criminal with craftiness and underhand tactics! I commit crimes using the cloak of class and sly tactics! Giuliani is a blabbering, brainless blowhole without an ounce of knowledge of what heโ€™s talking about! I cover up crimes for you! Giuliani unveiled my cover-ups!โ€

  24. Different stokes for different folks.
    That right let Obama just do 1/16 of the things that the dumbest man in the United States that happen to be the president would have did. He would have been lock up by now.

  25. The laws of the land are inadequate to deal with hyper corruption. In fact, they are designed and regulated by those under suspicion. Trump will not get impeached, never mind being thrown out of office or charged with anything unless his Republican enablers drop him. Fat chance.

  26. Why wouldnt they am petty damm sure Obama had lots calls lol these fools are the fools how in the hell will a other country say anything in a call to our country again not a trump supporter but these guys are just plain wrong in doing this

  27. A warning for conservatives/Republicans/Trumpians.
    Think twice about what you're willing to excuse now, because you'll have no leg to stand on when a politician/president from the party you don't like, does the same thing.

  28. They hide calls for national security reasons you morons.
    Obama was the least transparent president of all.
    What a bunch of ignorant stumps on this channel.

  29. These people are public officials, paid on the public dime making decisions affecting the public. All of these phone calls should be public record able to be reviewed by everyone. It is unjust that ANY of this is hidden. F the classified BS. If you can't do it the open under the light of justice then it shouldn't be done.

  30. Turn is to be a hero IT guy that works for the White House to make a full backup of that server. You know dam well that trump is gonna go in or have somebody doing and try to delete those phone calls and we need to have those as record

  31. Overclassifying information is a huge risk to national security.
    Classifying the call with Ukraine's president is clear obstruction of justice.

  32. Is Megan, like, like, on crack or something? Who is this chick? TYT, really? Yuppy privileged white chicks are now on the panel? Like-like, really???

  33. Forget the calls what was said in Helsinki? Did everyone just forget about that? There should have been an immediate investigation into that meeting between Putin and Trump when the Democrats took over the House.

  34. Thank God foreign policy is Trumps domain and NOT the domain of unhinged democrats lunatics. But perhaps, Trump should release ALL Obama's, Biden, and Clintons's phone calls with foreign leaders. ESPECIALLY the ones with with Russia and Ukraine. Get to the bottom of Clinton's discussions with Russia to sell Russia uranium , the discussions of her payments to Russian Intel about the Russian Dossier and Biden bribes from Ukraine. THAT would be a hum dinger.

  35. I am not surprised by the actions of the liar in chief, it's what so many of us expect from the trump crime organization. BUT we the people should be angered, disgusted and demanding action be taken to remove the traitor in chief.

  36. Wait what trump may be a traitor…I've felt that for most of his criminal administration. Which begs the question why is Pelosi holing back on a trump impeachment? What is her game, who is she serving Americans,? Doesn't sound like it so maybe it's time to see who she's tied to, the corporations, trump, putin?

  37. "An election where you lock up all your opponents…" That bothers you, Cenk. What about Bolsinaro and Lula? You don't suppose he should not congratulate Bolsinaro? This president is in league with the murdering dictators of the world. So what about Ukraine? How important is that call? Zilch! Talking to MBS? Selling him bombs to blow up Yemenis. Trump needs a little jail time….lock him up!

  38. See what you get when you put a shitty businessman in charge of a country? I never understood the libertarian ideal of running a country like a business, by capitalist standards, especially US standards, a business is a dictatorship.

  39. People like Trump, criminals who got away with stuff, particularly their whole life have always done, they usually do the crimes more than once becasue they had goten away with it for a long time. However, once one of them is discovered or publicly made available, then people go looking for the other times they have done the exact same or similar crimes.

    Bottom line: Trump is done. He will be going to jail for this after the impeachment-conviction when brought up at his trail in court. If however some miracle he does not get convicted in the Senate, he will face those crimes still in a court of law afterwards where it will hold penalties.

  40. Cenk: Iโ€™m going to give you some context, you ready…? Orange Man Bad! Russia-Russia-Russia! Now, letโ€™s get to the propaganda part.

  41. WOLF!!! WOLF!!! WO…. what? Nobody is listening anymore? OF COURSE!!!!!! Thanks for continuing to show why Trump and Republicans are the correct option compared to the communism supporting, terrorist supporting thugs like AntiFa and yourselves. As an onlooker watching your country eat itself from the inside, I thank you for the show. If only the republicans were as unstable as the left actually is then you guys might finally solve all your problems and no longer be such a garbage country.

  42. So tired of the same rant. Get over it You better start tho king about the economy. Trump economy is doing great. Stocks are up again for the 3rd straight qtr. so why would we change that. When the democrats do something to hurt the economy the stocks suffer. I have $100k in markets along with my pension. Democrats hurt this

  43. 45 is running our country like a mob boss and doesn't feel he has to answer to anyone, that's what bothers me. He pressures people, blackmails people so enough all ready. Time to go behind bars for hard time and not the country club!

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