Braiden and the Gavel and 45 Years of Support

(funky music) (Judge Caprio) Serena Simone. Good morning, Your Honor. When I asked earlier, Serena, if anyone wanted to help me, you raised your hand, but I don’t think it was really you that wants to help me. What is this guy’s name? What’s your–
Braden. What’s his name? Braden.
Braden? You wanna help? Okay, Braden.
He needs help. You wanna come up here and help me out? Come on up here. Give me that gavel. He wants the big one.
I got it. (laughs) Braden, tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are you?
Six. Are you in kindergarten?
Yeah. And he’s late.
You’re playing hooky? You’re not going to school this morning, or are you gonna go after court? I’m gonna go after court.
He’s late. Mama.
Sorry. We’re busy here.
Sorry. (laughs) Now, Braden, I remember that you were here with your mommy on a previous occasion, right? So you’re experienced now, right? If I remember right, the last time you were here, you banged the gavel. Was that right?
Yeah. We’re gonna do something different today. Oh! We’re gonna let you do this gavel. Can you handle that gavel? Oh, be care– Can I have mine back? (chuckles) Okay. So you hold the gavel, and we’re gonna decide what we’re gonna do with your mother, okay? Okay.
Now just listen. Serena, you’re charged with speeding. You were caught on camera. The speed indicated is 31 MPH. What do you wanna say about that? I say give me the benefit of the doubt. Why? ‘Cause I… I never speed. All right, now your mother says that she never speeds. What do you think, does she speed once in a while? Like, sometimes, does she speed? Sometimes.
Sometimes! ‘Cause she speed right now!
What? She speed right now to here. All right.
(audience laughter) He throws me under the bus every time. ‘Cause Mom was in a rush. I was in a rush! He says you were speeding on your way to court because you were in a rush. I was in a rush.
You were, right? I was trying to beat the crowd. She was trying to beat the traffic, right? When she was speeding, did you have your seat belt on? Yeah.
Oh, you did? Okay, I’m just trying to figure out how many offenses we can charge you with. I need to go to school and you’re making me late. Oooh! So you wanted to bring your son to court? You thought he might help you, huh? (laughing) I did. Well, he makes a nice impression, he’s a handsome young man. We’re gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. Thank you.
Okay? So we’re gonna dismiss the speeding charge. However, you have a parking ticket for parking at an expired meter. Yeah, you’d better take that away from Thor. I’m getting a little nervous with this guy. (chuckles) What do you wanna tell me about the parking meter? The parking ticket? His father is in hospice care. He’s dying of cancer. I had to go to court because he’s having his child support suspended. Obviously, he can’t pay for. When it was time to go down to pay the meter or move the car, the judge said that we couldn’t go. It was around 12:30 in the afternoon so, again, I need the benefit of the doubt because I was trying to raise this child by myself. You did everything right. You were parked at a meter, and you put money in the meter, and you had a receipt that you had on the dashboard. The receipt said you could park there until 12:37. Yeah.
And they tagged you nine minutes later, right?
Right. Given the circumstances that you just explained to me, the matter’s gonna be dismissed. Great, thank you.
Good luck to you. Yeah, thanks. Look me in the eye. Say, “Nice to meet you.”
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Have a good day, thank you.
Good work. If you noticed, at the end of the case, I asked Braden to look me in the eye and to say, “Nice to meet you.” One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is to make a good first impression. A firm handshake, solid eye contact, and a pleasant greeting will open many doors. In Braden’s case, I’m sure that once he’s inside, he’ll do just fine. Is it Eina?
Yes. Eina.
Good morning. Good morning. Don’t be nervous (laughs). I am nervous. Don’t be nervous, take a deep breath. You got your savior here.
Yes, my support. He’s ready to help you out. Look at him, he’s already counting the money. (laughter) You can tell by the pain in his eyes. Your name, sir? Speak into the mic. My name is Lev. L-E-V.
Yeah, speak into– L-E-V, Lev. Okay.
Last name. Who was driving the car?
I was driving. Ah, you were driving? Why did you bring him to court this morning? He’s supporting me, Judge. He’s supporting you?
We do together everything. How many years has he been supporting you? 45.
45? Yep. You look tired. (laughter) I think you know it. It’s a long haul. Maybe you’re tired, too? (chuckles) All right, you’re charged with speeding on Blackstone Boulevard. Yep.
Next to Lincoln School. Next to the Lincoln School?
Yeah. This was on a Friday?. Friday morning. Friday morning, 11 o’clock, right in the middle of the school day. No, it’s not school day. Yeah, Friday’s a school day. Not for this school.
No, no, it was, it was. It was?
Yeah. Yeah, it was. I don’t want to have family arguments, now. He corrected her, she said no, no, no. You’re not used to that, are you? Being corrected? Yeah, by your wife?
No. Never?
No. About every waking moment, you know what I mean? (laughter) What do you want to tell me about this, Eina? I just have no explanation, I don’t know it’s happened. It’s my first tickets in 28 years, so I never speed, but I do know how it’s– After all these years now, you’re becoming a hotrodder. I don’t drive much right now because I’m retired. Eina, the ticket is $95. My inclination is to charge you $50. Yeah, I’ll pay $50. You’re better off paying $50 than coming back, having a trial. Only one question to you, your honor. It’s not going to affect my insurance record? No, no.
Okay, that’s no problem. It doesn’t go to the registry, it doesn’t affect your insurance. Okay, I’ll pay $50. Who’s gonna pay, you or him? You? He just let a big sigh, he went (exhales deeply). (chuckles) All right, Eina, it’s $50. Good luck.
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Maurice Vega

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  1. I was thinking like “what kind of monster will take her son to court when the son gonna be late to school …where is his father?”
    And then ”his father is dying …”

    WTF cruel world! I need to take my Prozac now!!

  2. Judge Caprio is not perfect. Only one judge is and he's not among us now. But, Judge Caprio is a close second!

  3. Judge Caprio gave sound advise when he asked Braiden to give him eye contact. So many children are socially uncomfortable and miss out on real communication.





  5. This judge Frank Caprio can be tough if the situation calls for it,he also shows the most respect and gentleness of ANY JUDGE anywhere that I've ever witnessed,in my opinion,Judge Frank Caprio gets the Judge of the year award,i can't say enough good about this guy,he and his bailiff are great people!!

  6. All judges are to be like his guy most of the judges are hard-nosed this guy is for the people not everybody's rich and he knows it

  7. This one actually surprised me. She was too quick to say she’d pay lol. Usually he lets you off if you have a clean record. First ticket in 28 years is pretty decent.

  8. James 2:13 New International Version (NIV)

    13 because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

  9. Braiden's mother has been there already in other case maybe it was the same boy, just younger, she should have learned her lesson..He helped her, and does it again..I don't know?? ??

  10. I am a lot attendant for a nation wide parking company, I work a parking lot for the courthouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma for my company. I like the fact that the judge dismisses alot of the parking ticket the public received for from city.

  11. I want to see videos of some of the out of line people or the ones that ain't showing any respect and stuff.. cause he can't be this nice all the time I'm sure he has to show some Authority

  12. Chief Judge Caprio is some kind of Bodhisattva (Saint)! I do wish he had dismissed the second case…

  13. I find this Judge to be creepy around young kids. I’ve seen a few videos now where he physically handles the children. Notice how his right hand is not in view….where is it placed?!

  14. I love this judge..he is very respectful person he is a big good heart..God bless u ????? watching from the Philippines..

  15. Sending love and respect to Chief Judge Caprio from the UK. Our judicial system could learn so much from this extraordinary man. God bless you sir

  16. Those Russians were glad to pay 50$ instead of spending 25 years in Siberian prison, which they expected based on their previous experience in Soviet Russia

  17. I dream to be a lawyer or a vet when I’m an adult because I want to and my mom and grandparents recommend me to go for it so I better study for both of them

  18. Want to thank the judge for his encouragement as to teaching good manners to children. As an educator, I spent many classroom moments trying to teach young people as to polite behavior and respect to elders. So thank you judge!! Sadly, parents do not do that as much as should.

  19. hahaha i cant wait to finish the video so that i read all the comments below. you make me laufg judge. you have a big heart…???

  20. What a humane judge.
    He sees the future of our world in our children's hands. He's a great teacher of basic interaction that children these days seem too wary of talking to adults.

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