Boris Johnson’s funny Love Actually parody | Our final election broadcast

Get all of this done.
And move on. Vote Conservative on Thursday. I’m sick of this. What? All their arguing! They just need to get it done. [Doorbell] I’ll get it! Oh. Hi. Who is it? It’s… It’s carol singers. Give em a quid and tell them to bugger off! [Music: Silent Night] Enough. Enough. Let’s get this done.

Maurice Vega

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  1. This could have been a million times more hilarious with far more amusing slogans on the flash cards. It could have been the vintage Boris moment that hasn't happen in this election yet Poor Boris must be nervous wreck wondering when his staff are going to to relent and allow him to unleash his inner chaos!

  2. What do you mean by Brexit done? The withdrawl agreement is just the first step and has taken 3 years, CETA took 7 years to agree so you really need to admit it's going to be a LONG time before Brexit is done.

  3. Hugh Grant on BBC Radio Today in an interview this morning (10.Dec.2019) with Nick Robinson this morning stated that the card "Because of Christmas you tell the truth" was not included in
    @BorisJohnson's Love Actually parody @Conservatives TV ad. Even his spin doctors couldn't get away with such BS!

  4. This is incredible, the final election broadcast has absolutley no substance at all other than "Get Brexit done" and "watch out for the boogey man" – If you are stupid enough to fall for this you have my pity

  5. Boris come on we need ur IQ test must be something betwen 52 or 82 I hope u win Good luck will be more fun with u best comediants ever

  6. ADVERTISE THIS MORE!! You are extremely close to winning. Spend as much money as possible on adverts and make them play across YouTube. Trust me! This is what’ll lead the conservatives to victory!

  7. Reggae for undecided voters 🙂 There's still time to share this and hope people realise our potential next PM is in fact a coward, a liar and cheat. 🙂

  8. fuck brexit tbh.

    if the tories get in, they'll keep destroying the environment with weak climate change policies. that should be what everyone's worried about.

  9. So it is a matter of "luck", not skill as Boris doesn't have any of that. Especially after Boris being the one that has blocked Brexit throughout: by voting against Theresa May's deal twice, blocking Brexit (although some people didn't think that was Brexit), and by blocking it again by stopping the Bill in November after Parliament had progressed it. Conservative majority will not get Brexit done and over: it will take at least 50 years and be with us forever. Jeremy Corbyn's referendum, while not ideal, is the only way out to see it sorted. A hung parliament will keep the Prime Minister to account, while Boris runs from it and wants to shut it at his convenience as Brexit done is a ruse to him seeking absolute power. The slogan is the most dishonest part of the campaign. This is not a laughing matter either, it is serious impact on the country: glad Boris takes it all so seriously as he makes people merely feel good based on his deceptive buffoon act.

  10. Christmas already sucks, at least leave us atheists with this film… HC Strache, Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson the never ending cramp

  11. How cringey, an awful, pathetic attempt at clawing back some dignity from this useless, coward of a man. Grow some balls Boris.

  12. Tories have been in power for ten years, if they wanted to help people they would have done it already. I don't want to lose the NHS and my access to Europe for this lying moron of a man. I mean, just look at him, it's unbearable.

  13. Lib / Lab couldn’t run a corner shop. Diane Abbott couldnt count on policing costs nor did that other African lady on her homeless figures Nick Ferrari’s Lbc show. Hence Lab are just not fit for office. There too far to the left. Socialism is fine during wars and natural disasters. But not in 2019. You need to spend wisely not all out Corbyn philanthropy.

  14. Oh I loved that (actually). Brilliant. The best political plug of all time. He's won my vote. Actually, he already had. Happy Christmas, everyone.

  15. Why does the media always promote this aganda of black man and white women????. can the media just stop promoting this. the only reason why they promote it is becouse they want white genocide.

  16. Boris Johnson is not interested in the UK and Brexit has never been interested, he never cared.He only defends the interests of multinational companies so that after the Brexit they do what they want, no one will control them, and the United Kingdom will fall to pieces.

  17. You Da Man Bojo , a stroke of pure inspiration well done to the team who thought of this Hugh Grant will be livid cause he did not think of this

  18. By getting it done, he means a decade more of trade negotiations. I’m so fed up with Brexit and f*****ng Boris even when he’s parodying a cheating c*nt


    Labour Actually – Dr Rosena Allin-Khan Tooting came up with this format to apply to her campaign. Posted on 22 Nov 2019, what does the Conservatives party do…rip it off and use it as their own. Surprised, not much. Vote Labour.

  20. This is actually really nice to see, something lighthearted in stead of all the fake news and doom n' gloom. Well played, Boris, well played.

  21. Absolute genius. If elections were about the best manipulative marketing campaigns and acting, the tories might just win…. Oh hold on… Silly me. They are!

  22. Boris conveniently omits to say that he and the Member for C18th along withe Member for Himself and Mrs Gove were part of the biggest con ever played upon the Nation. Brexit cannot be "done" in a month. But he and his pals can inflict huge damage upon Britain in less than a month…

  23. This is a blatant copy of Rosena Allin-Khan's "ElectionActually" campaign video – except this one is for the tories and not labour. But yeah, go on, steal the jokes, steal the video, steal it all you unoriginal little ferret.

  24. Spread the word 👉 ~ Boris Johnson Blocked the Release of Report into Russian Interference ~ Donald Trump & Boris Johnson tied in with Russian spies 🐷

  25. Unsurprisingly, the lying toad just stole the idea for this parody from a Labour candidate.

  26. Ok so the British trump is trying to pull heart strings know him for who he is. A waste of space that always cowers and loves the rich. Best thing he ever did was his bit in eastenders. Anyone that is working class that vote conservative is a fool and will one day lose there home when they get sick.
    To quote Tony Ben if they take the NHS that was given for all of us the British people should fight back. After WW2 it was a reward for the good fight don't forget the fallen and all that fought for you.

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