Boris Johnson launches UK Tory leadership campaign

the front-runner in this race had been all but invisible up to this point leading to accusations that he was dodging the media and all the difficult questions about his past but he couldn't do it forever and to try to get off on the front foot by promising to deliver a brexit that would be good for everyone no community no person feels left behind and that is the way we will reknit the bonds of this amazing country and in everything we do we will seek to strengthen the union of our four nations that invincible quartet the awesome foursome that makes up the UK the world soft power superpower first as is customary he had to feel questions maybe someone should have given him a crash helmet as foreign secretary you offended people at home and abroad you have a reputation for being cavalier with vital detail and already in this campaign you're telling some supporters you'll do everything to avoid leaving the EU without a deal and others that you gladly would do that it's a simple question if you want to be Prime Minister can the country trust you you brought shame on your party when you described veiled Muslim women as letter boxes and bank robbers people who have worked closely with you do not think you're fit to be Prime Minister you told GQ some years ago now when asked whether you take in cocaine yes I tried it at university and I remember it vividly and asked whether the drug had actually gone up your nose you said yes it must have done but it didn't do much for me were you telling the truth then and do you regret the fact that you took a class a drug of course he prepared for all this and either diverted of course occasionally some plaster comes off the ceiling as a result of a phrase I may have used or justified his conduct by claiming he's the source of Straight Talk of the public once but if Johnson got away with the questions about himself there was a much greater one on which he offered very little detail namely how to renegotiate a different and better brexit trade deal in the very short amount of time available before the end of October on that point he was almost entirely vague suggesting that in his opinion the European Union would have what he calls a symmetrical enthusiasm about reopening the talks something the EU has said it will not do [Applause] whatever platitudes Johnson or the other contenders come out with about renegotiating they can't stretch time and there is such concern in Parliament's are the prospects of a No Deal brexit that the opposition parties launched the first of what could be several procedures which they hope will allow MPs to block any attempts to see it through Johnson may be a far better communicator than Theresa May but the task facing him is no different Lawrence Lee al Jazeera London

Maurice Vega

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