Boris Johnson launches his official leadership campaign

yes of course you can if I get in will come out Deal or No Deal on that make that mean come back conservative again we've got half the courage to tell the people of this country that we can do it if we really want a lot of teachers are telling me that they've got they've got it they got they feel that the the funding per pupil safe big city was when I used to run it I can tell you we got crime down by people come down by 20 percent by the murder rate down I also think we need to be supporting the the wealth graders and the business sector because otherwise you're not going to have them of the doctor to invest it cut some taxes and you get any money in would you normally think of yourself as a as a conservative voter would you say no ever can I ask you a terrible question would you consider voting for me yes if there is one lesson in that referendum of 2060 it is that too many people feel left behind that they're not able to take part fully in the opportunities and success of our country that's why now is the time to unite our society and unite our country to build the infrastructure to invest in education to improve our environment and to support our fantastic NHS to lift everyone in our country and of course also to make sure that we support our wealth creators and the businesses that make that investment possible now is the time for us to believe in ourselves and what we can do and that's why I am standing to be leader of the Conservative Party you

Maurice Vega

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  1. There is really no choice. Boris is the only Tory who can beat Corbyn. Without Boris, Corbyn will pull the chain on Britain first chance he gets.

  2. There is really no choice. Boris is the only Tory who can beat Corbyn. Without Boris, Corbyn will pull the chain on Britain first chance he gets.

  3. Horrible ugly man inside and out, deserves nothing but pain and misery, I hope he never gets what he wants.

  4. campaign of the Trump clone the useless ex mayor of London, a grown man that can't comb his hair or even tuck in his own shirt, he looks like a member from the old raving loony party and he wants to be PM ? On November 1st the UK will deliver the worse leave deal in history that will force a general election that by all accounts Trump will buy for Farage

  5. Forget the party leadership who ever gets the job the tory party is responsible for a lot of the problems we have in the UK.
    The lack of social housing can be placed firmly at the door of Thatchers council house sale programme, the lack of industrial skills are firmly ensconced with the abolishing of the apprenticeship schemes during the Thatcher years and the problems with foreign ownership of the country's utility companies is down to the sale of the family jewels by the government in the 80s. Thinking about it it was all down to policies during Thatchers term as leader, BE CAREFUL the popular choice is not always the best.

  6. When they need vote that's when they know you, otherwise they show there backside, men's do not have JUSTICE in UK against women's, FIX that first and you will have my vote, along with 13000 thousand votes

  7. Now is the time for the country to believe in all the lies coming out of his mouth once and for all. All the gullible people out there vote for Boris like you voted to leave the EU. When the country is forced to leave without a deal which will create an economic disaster, the NHS is bit by bit sold off and privatised so you have to pay for the care instead, when the pound is so weak it costs a fortune for you to go on holiday, when food and other goods cost more because of terrible trade deals if any and when you are sitting down to eat you chemically cleaned chicken which was shipped from the US, maybe just maybe you will then start to realise what a mistake you have made voting for Boris in a general election. Shame on you.

  8. Nice video Boris but it means nothing unless we come out of the EU on the 31st October 2019 , if you don't come out then the Brexit Party will be waiting for you at a general election and you will have lost us Tories for good as we vote for the Brexit Party.

  9. Funk that public school Turkish kebab who constantly lies, you cheats on his long suffering wife. He respects nobody and he will cheat you out of democracy. These self interested villians want to control you because the EU legislation prevents them making you slaves,

  10. Boris Johnson could be in prison by Christmas. The fact that he has the support of the "The Sun" proved just what they are really like.

  11. If he is so eager to get us out of the EU why the heck did he vote for Mrs Mays treaty at its THIRD attempt ?????

  12. It was Johnson and his crew who let the majority of the British people be left behind. This pathetic Tory needs a good thrashing.

  13. Mate, Trump might not be popular, but he does represent America very well.

    Same to be said about Bojo and the UK.

  14. What difference does it make? Evelyn rothschilds and his banking associates have funded both sides of every war since napolean, what do politicians do? Oh, you mean like when the pharmacueticals fund the research for the whole of the medical industry when allopathy has never cured a single illness, but those companies fund the same political parties to keep them elected? I see… Or do you mean when glasgow had a higher violent crime rate than london, but the issue was dealt with holistically ; housing, social resources, schools etc. yet in other places we will stop and search more as an excuse to blame a group of people instead? Is this guy even human – or a deamon from another planet?

  15. Just as others didn't believe was going to win the presidency as he just did, it seems like anything is possible like Boris Johnson could be Prime Minister

  16. Boris has been sacked twice for lying, in court for lying, said he would lie down in front of bulldozers to prevent Heathrow Expansion, said no ticket office closures on the Underground – and closed them .
    Total liar – and some think he's fit to run the Country! !!!

  17. Boris for PM… He’ll deliver Brexit and the other things too, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…..

  18. He's going to do it 🀣
    We are going to live in a world headed by Trump and Johnson πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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