Boris Heads To Istanbul To Trace His Political Past | Who Do You Think You Are

Boris’s great-grandfather Ali Kemal was
born in 1869 in Istanbul then the capital of the Ottoman Empire ruled by
powerful Sultan’s the once mighty empire was now in decline but it remained a
force to be reckoned with the Istanbul of Ali Kemal childhood, was a vibrant
cosmopolitan city lots of traditional Turkish geezers do nursing watch out
there Boris still has relatives living in the
city he’s on his way to meet his cousin CNN a grandson of Ali Kemal excuse me
Kira’s v he rusty misschien sucker he’s hoping seen an we’ll be able to
tell him about Ali Kumar’s early life maybe easily this is the crash you
missed you see none motivated you see oh you know
listen said why did you ask me to come to cure Ashly mischiefs okay
my grandfather your great-grandfather he came and was born somewhere and he was
born somewhere somewhere see he lived here for a while he spent most of his
childhood here we don’t know exactly which building it was somewhere in the
city Ali Kamal’s father was a wealthy
merchant who gave his son a traditional Muslim education he went to Quranic
school right and the Kirkham consisted and memorizing the Quran the hokuhoku
organ which is quite a feat attained considers that he was aged six sons and
which language was this in hey he’s healthy my great-grandfather Ali Kemal
could only read this whole thing we actually knew it walk by heart
amazing oh I won the scripture knowledge prize on what you know well that’s
really yeah in the world of divinity prize
Ali Kumar’s life didn’t continue in a traditional vein as a young man he
traveled to France and became a successful journalist in 1903 he married
Winifred Broome daughter of Margaret Johnson
three years later Winifred and Ali had a daughter Selma then in 1908 at the age of 40 Ali Kemal
returned to Turkey bringing his family with him they settled in the village of
bebek just outside Istanbul Boris knows that on his return to Turkey Ali Kemal
continued his career as a journalist he’s meeting up with historian been 40
as a journalist himself Boris is keen to see some of the newspaper articles his
great-grandfather wrote Ben’s taking him to the library where the originals are
kept so you can even read this duck any yes this is the original copy of the
newspaper that your great-grandfather wrote for it’s called big dum-dum and
your great-grandfather he’s the lead columnist okay let’s say that at the
right term okay and this is starting here running down two and a half columns
and there is your great-grandfather’s signature line that’s the spy line
that’s the prime real estate on the newspaper and its political yes yeah it
was political dangerously political a few weeks after Ali commands returned
there was a revolution in Turkey in the name of Liberty radical nationalists
seized power from the autocratic Sultan but soon the revolutionaries began to
use repressive tactics of their own including political murder appalled by
this and convinced there were better ways to bring about change Ali Kemal
used his newspaper columns to speak out against the new nationalist government
the contradiction that the was was waged was carried out in the
name of Liberty but yet Liberty is being in his view sacrificed or or put on the
back burner force and pressure cannot exist in a
constitutional era whereas we try to do everything by force and pressure so he’s
he’s being critical of the government he’s been critical of the Society for
relying on brute strength when according to him ideas consensus should carry the
day Ali Kemal was running real risks by speaking out there were ominous signs
that the nationalist government would not tolerate his very public criticism
only four days before this article is published on an opposition editor had
been assassinated by the chaos the real tough guys yes and so the person
murdered took a political stance very close to that of your great-grandfather
those must have been coming very close to the bone for him Wow we so this is
1909 and he’s starting to get apprehensive about the fate of people
who are in more less his political position that’s right I mean what you
see I suppose is a great lesson for about journalism and politics because
there’s no doubt is the first duty of a columnist is to be read and he’s writing
stuff that is readable when it’s punching its polemical whether it’s
politically safe is a difficult question and that’s where the boundary between
German politics becomes difficult because the imperative to be read and to
be punchy and provocative can conflict with your political cause you

Maurice Vega

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  1. Boris is a great Philellene, and he has a summer house in Pelio Greece, and he visits every year! The enemies of his greatgrandfather comitted also crimes against the Christian populations of the Ottoman empire!

  2. During the political revolution in the name of "liberty" 1,5 million armenians including women and children who were living peacfuly in their homes were killed and Ali Qemal was one of those who took the risk and as a journalist wrote abote the wilderness that was going on during that period and he was assassinated by the government as 100s of others who tryed to stop the tyranny because everything was going on uder the name of peacful political revolution and liberty.

  3. The Arabic language was never spoken and Wrote in before 1900 and after this is a conspiracy thiorey; that forced people to belive Turkey was an arabic speaking country ,shame !!!!


  5. 83 million turks on Britain. This is why Boris want to leave EU. Make deal with Turkey to help his cousins instead of Romanian and Polish. HAHAHA

  6. DNA salad, finally it explains why Boris has such a difficulty to manage his blond german hair with turkish twist. Maybe a visit to a great turkish barber might be the answer. ???

  7. Boris' grand father was muslim who lived in France and was against the nationalist government. Damn the irony!

  8. Ali Kemal was not born in Istanbul… He was born in Çankırı which is a city near the capital Ankara and today people living there are really nationalist…

  9. He was actually of  Circassian origin and he recorded the Armenian genocide ( which he condemned) quite well .

  10. and too think his position of pm in the uk was helped by the fear rumour of turkey joining the EU who would have thought

  11. Ikdumb & Ikdump & ikdum today To Date taking place investigative journalism Report in Qubar meaning news of laws of Conflicts

  12. They are Albania. surname Albania (Kemal ) , 5 million people live on Turkey but most assimilate,, Ali Kemal meaning (Ke mal ) you have forest Albanian surname

  13. He didn't afford to bring his children to Turkiya so they were left back in england with their grandma, their mother died.

  14. The only thing I can see in common between Trump and Boris is the fact both are conservative and both have funny hair. Other than that I think Boris is by far smarter than Trump who seems to have no clue about politics and often acts like a child with very bad tantrum. LMAO

  15. The UK is controlled a run by a Turk… the home sec is hindu and second in command the cancellor is a muslim pakistani

  16. With unequalled passion, Kemal condemned the attacks on and massacres of the empire's Armenians during the First World War and inveighed against the Ittihadist chieftains as the authors of that crime, relentlessly demanding their prosecution and punishment. In an 18 July 1919 issue of the Alemdar newspaper, Ali Kemal Bey wrote: "… our Minister of Justice has opened the doors of prisons. Don't let us try to throw the blame on the Armenians; we must not flatter ourselves that the world is filled with idiots. We have plundered the possessions of the men whom we deported and massacred; we have sanctioned theft in our Chamber and our Senate. Let us prove that we have sufficient national energy to put the law into force against the heads of these bands who have trampled justice underfoot and dragged our honor and our national life through the dust."In a 28 January 1919 issue of the Sabah newspaper, Kemal Bey wrote, "Four or five years ago a historically singular crime has been perpetrated, a crime before which the world shudders. Given its dimensions and standards, its authors do not number in the fives, or tens, but in the hundreds of thousands. In fact, it has already been demonstrated that this tragedy was planned on the basis of a decision reached by the Central Committee of Ittihad.

  17. Ali kamal was an Ottoman not a turk that means his origins can be Rum Greek or Armenian ..not all Ottomans were Turks but all the Turks were Ottomans
    Many million "turks" in Anatolia is from Greek Armenian Kurdish Slavic or Albanian nationality we call the Ottomans not Turks

  18. "The first duty of a journalist is to be read" not to dissipate the truth or help the truth to reach the wider public but to be read, thereby enriching the journalist, so that explains the forty years of lies & disinformation Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson perpetuated with the bendy banana & prawn cocktail lies? Interesting insight into the mind of a pathological Liar to say the very least!

  19. Trump has also german ancestors, but it is not meaning, that He is a german. He just has german roots not even more. Same thing to Boris, He has just turkish ancestors, but it doesnt mean, He is one. By the way, his grandfather tried to betray Turkey

  20. Am only a minute into this, but Boris don't look like he is from Istanbul/Turkey!!!! ok,, bit futher in now, there was this guy that used newpaper columes to speak out against nationalist governments.. and now we have this other man who promoted being a nationalist government…politics makes no sense.. makes no difference who you vote for the gov win. or rich elite families..

  21. read in between the lines
    turkeys come from the new world from the mayan civilizaton in ethiopia its 2012 this year mayans are were turkeys live, boris is turkish, therefore turks mayans 2012 ethiopia its armageddon baby read up

  22. Ali Kemal the Betrayer was lynched by Nureddin pasha's soldiers with stones and hammer his head was hammered until he died and then hung up as befitted a traitor. He worked for the English and repeatedly insulted and criticized the Turkish resistance against the Greeks and English. Ali Kemal has entered Turkey's history as a traitor. I would be very reluctant to be his descendant.

  23. Good luck to him ,let's hope he bring justice and freedom all around world,I believe he's special,he can connect people from different parts of the world,bit dangerous but at least he's not a liar

  24. The Ottoman-Turks conquest in Europe reached Vienna two times, first in 1529 & last in 1683. For all the countries which had been under their Islamic-Asiatic rule that means in practice a separation from the rest of European civilization ! There is an old interesting book in Bulgaria called : ''THE OTTOMAN RULE – AN OBSTACLE FOR THE CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF BULGARIAN & OTHER BALKAN PEOPLES''. (1958 edition)

  25. Once his grandfather was advocating the invasion of Turkey. Now his grandson is suspending the Parliament of Britain. Destiny?

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