BLOOD SACRIFICE & RITUAL SEX: The Dark Road To ‘Political Power’!!!

You’re possessed. You have one kind of spirit – water spirit. A lot. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name Take him up. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name A woman is disturbing you in the spirit. A lot. You have married a lot of women in the spirit. Every day, I am tormented by these spirits. I don’t sleep at night. Help me, man of God. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name This is not yet confirmed. Because you have come all the way long with long chains – chains of women. Yes, it’s true, man of God. How many women before this woman? More than six or seven. Deliverance In Jesus’ Name He is free!
He will tell you more. TESTIMONY CONTINUES Emmanuel!
(God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Jabulani Buthelezi.
I’m a South African. Next to me is my lovely wife, Mrs Buthelezi. I am standing here because of the prophecy the man of God gave. He told me that I was possessed by marine spirits. I am with the woman next to me but I have not slept with her for the past four years because I had pain in my manhood that would not allow me to touch her. Why was all that? It was because of what I did in the past. When we started our government in 1995, a number of people craved for power. I was among those people who wanted to have power but I did not know how to get it. My family were people who had nothing to do with God. My family were naturally, were customary as you can detect from my surname, Buthelezi. We believe so much in customs and very little in the Word of God. As we grew up, we were all hooked on things of tradition. The power I needed, I had to ask my auntie who advised me that for me to be like those who were already in power in government, already ministers, was to appease my ancestors. I did not know anything about the ancestors because I was still young then. They introduced me to a man from Mozambique. I paid this man a lot of money because I was already working. He told me that we would undergo different stages of rituals so that I could attain power – the power to be promoted, attain money and be famous. It was all about fame and I never thought that in order to be famous, I should get it from God. I did not know God. I agreed and gave the man the money. He told me that the first thing that had to be done was that I had to appease my fallen family members. He asked me to buy some livestock. I bought sheep which he slaughtered in his house. He did not have a house. He came from Mozambique and leased a house in Soweto where he stayed at the back of the house. He only paid 200 rands which he did not even have. I supported him to pay the money. He did not have enough in the house, I supplied him with food because I wanted power from the man. He told me to buy livestock which I did. He slaughtered them at the back of the house where he was staying in a small shack. He took the blood of the livestock that he had shed and put it in a bath. He also took all the insides of the livestock which were very dirty – things that were supposed be thrown away such as the stomach of the animals and the food in the stomach that the animals had eaten – and put them inside a bath with the blood of the animals. He then told me to strip and take a bath with the blood; that was exactly what I did. The man who directed me to do those things, had no house and I was the one buying him shoes. This was the man from whom I thought all the things I needed would come from. Outside his house, I had parked a very big car. At that time it was the beginning of Volvo in South Africa and I was amongst the first people to buy a 4×4 Volvo. That car was parked outside; here was a rich man coming to a poor man to ask for a power. After doing all those things, he took me to the graveyard the following day. I had to leave my office – I was the Director General in Gauteng. I had to leave my office to follow this man. He told me to spot where my mother, father, aunties and other family members were sleeping. I took him to the graveyards. When we arrived at the graveyard, he took the soil from the grave and took it back home with me. He bathed me with the sand from the graveyard. He gave me snuff which is used by sangomas and told me to go back to the graveyards and say whatever I needed on top of the graves. He said I should take my time to sit on the graves and relax for about two hours, which I did. I parked my car next to the graveyard and went dressed in a suit to sleep in the graveyard during the day in full view of everybody. I did not consider whether such a thing was embarrassing. When you are involved in such things, nothing tells you that you are not supposed to do them. Everything for you is ‘Yes’. I stayed in those graveyards and even slept there. Everybody passing by would see this big man sleeping on top of the graves, trying to access power. After a few weeks, he said that I must come to his house and he would take me to a bush. He took me to the bush, I didn’t know that there were bushes in Soweto. He took me to a bush – it was a very thick bush around Soweto; I didn’t know about it. When I entered the bush, there were candles all around the area I was supposed to be in. He had lit candles all around and told me to go into the arena and relax there for two hours, which was what I did. I stayed in the middle of that arena in the bush and appeased the spirit of the bush. I finished with the spirit of the bush. The last exercise he had to do with me was to take me to the river. That was the spirit that was exposed. He took me to the river and I drove him with my own car. We went to the river. When we arrived at the river, he said that I should take off everything. I asked, “Everything?” and he said, “Yes, take off everything”. The river was not far from the road; everybody passing there, could see me naked but to him, there was nothing wrong with it. I was so ashamed because even children were looking at me. He said that I should not worry about them. So, I took off my trousers, suit and shirt and put them next to the river. I remained in my underwear. He said, “No my brother; take off your underwear.” I started looking around to see whether people were looking at me and I took off my underwear. I then stood in the middle of the river; the river was flowing. Not far from me, were women who were doing their washing. It was a small river in Soweto and the women doing their washing were watching me. Not far from the women, were dirty animals that were thrown into that river – rotten animals and all that water was flowing towards me but because I was craving power and needed power, I had to do exactly what the man told me to do. I stripped and when I was naked, he took scissors and started making incisions on me. He made incisions all over my body. The last action he did was to make incisions on my manhood. He made incisions on my manhood and I could see my blood flowing into that river. I was red all over my body. He told me to start swimming; I followed his instruction and started swimming. I swam in the river on my own. He gave me a 1.5 litre bottle and told me to scoop water into it, which I did. I closed the bottle and he told me to take it home. He also told me to drink the river water. I drank that water because I needed power. We went home. When I got home, I took that bottle of water to the corner of my bedroom. At that time, I had a woman who I wanted to get married to. Concerning the water he gave me – he told me that every night at 12 midnight, I must get up, pour some of the water into my bath, add more water and start swimming, which I did. He told my sister – I have a younger sister – that while I was busy swimming in my bathroom upstairs – he gave my sister a concoction – my sister should move around my yard and sprinkle the concoction on it. Now, listen to this. When my sister was doing all these things… He ordered my sister to do it naked – she should not wear clothes. The advantage I had, was that I could not see my sister because I was upstairs. I just did not want to see my sister moving around my yard naked. When I was taking those baths at midnight, I noticed certain problems in the house. The woman I was with at that time – the mother of my child – we started having unnecessary quarrels we could not understand. Little things were a problem. Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation After about a month, when it was bedtime, I noticed that life was different. When I touched my woman, if felt as if I was touching a man. There was no affection. I started separating myself from her and would face the other direction in bed because I had no affection for her at that time. But to my surprise, when I got up in the morning, I would be very embarrassed to see a pool of sperm on my sheets. It meant that I had made love the whole night but the physical woman who had slept next to me, I had no feelings for her. It continued. Listen to this. While I was busy doing these things at night and not having feelings for my wife, when I was going to work in the morning, the minute I got onto the highway, any woman I saw asking for a lift, I would stop and pick her up to take her to town. While I was driving them to town, I would feel that my manhood was very active but in the house, there was no activity. Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation When I felt that my manhood was active, I would not be afraid to ask the woman if before I got to work, we would pass somewhere just to have sex. The funny thing was that she would never say, “No”. On the way to town, there are small bushes on the highway, I would leave the highway – South African highways are very busy – I would leave the highway and drive towards the bush. While I was in the bush with this woman I didn’t know, within two minutes, I would jump to the seat where she was and we would be making love. However, I didn’t know the woman. To make it worse, whatever I did with this woman was unprotected – no condom. I would just do it. Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation I was told before that I should also sprinkle the water of the bottle in my office, which I did. When I arrived at my office, it would be as if I had not met a woman. Any client who came to see me as a big shot in the office, I would just call her to my office while my PA was sitting there. She knew that when I was talking to somebody in my office, she couldn’t come in. I would just call the client into my office, I can’t tell you what was wrong with me, within two minutes, I would find myself hugging the woman whom I did not know. This would happen while I was in my office at work. Within two minutes, I would be sleeping with that woman, in my office of government. I would not just do it with one, two or three women. By 5 o’clock when it was time to leave, I would have slept with at least four women inside my office. There were a lot of meetings I conducted as the head of office with my staff. My staff totalled more than 100. I would leave my office upstairs and get into the lift while my staff was waiting for me to address them on the ground floor. They would send somebody to call me because I would be the last person to come. When this woman came into my office, she would also be prey for sex. If I didn’t do it in my office, when I got into the lift – it was only three floors – in the time it took to get to the meeting, I would be on top of the woman automatically. While I was doing it in the lift, I didn’t care whether somebody could press the lift button and enter. That did not occur to me. I would just do it while going down from the third floor. Once I reached the ground floor, I would be dirty; I never cleaned myself. I would just zip up my zip and start addressing the meeting of about 200 people. One thing is sure; the Bible says that confession brings freedom. He, who experiences it knows it best. The position of the person speaking; you know it is not an ordinary person. The reason why he is going so deep to expose the devil is that he wants freedom. It is very important that we pay attention and learn from his experience, that we may avoid similar ones. Remember – devil is a person, but a person without a flesh or blood. Let’s be very careful and listen attentively and pick up the lessons that concern us. May God be with us in Jesus’ name. Within this period, I started accessing a lot of money – tens of thousands of rands. With that money, I bought every car you can think of in South Africa. With that money, I attended night clubs. With that money, I bought houses. I had an advertising company and I did billboards with an Indian man. He was also a man of rituals in his own culture. When I went to his house, it would be full of smoke and he would be busy doing whatever he was doing. Because he was a friend, I would try to make him happy and say, “Let me do the same as well”. He gave me those things and I got accustomed to doing things I did not know anything about. What later happened after having injected a lot of money into that business – I left him with the entire business, with all the money. I even went to the bank to give him permission to transact on the accounts on his own. I removed my name so that he could access cheques. That was the spirit he gave me – the spirit of blindness. In time, I met a woman. I did not attend church, never. I did not even want to see the door of a church. When I was initiated with the spirit of lust, I started craving for women all over. Because I had made a covenant of blood in the river, people of God, I did not enjoy anything sexually without seeing blood. I mostly enjoyed women who were menstruating. At that level, I would feel great within me. This spirit would lead you to do disgusting things. In other words, you are telling us that you did horrible things, being influenced by these demons, as a result of an initiation you underwent by the river side? Correct, sir. Tell us some experiences you had; how did these demons normally appear to you in the family? How did they torment your life? The woman who was with me when I started these things, started losing her mind in the house. When we were in the house, she would be afraid. I wondered, “What is wrong with you?” Whenever she was moving around in the house, she would grab me and say that I must accompany her around the house. I thought she was becoming crazy. My bedroom was upstairs and when we went to the bedroom, she would hold me like somebody who was lost and push me in front that I should go first. She would follow from behind. She was seeing things that I could not see. I saw her as a mad woman. In the bedroom, there was a bathroom. Whenever she wanted to go to the toilet in the bathroom, she would ask me to accompany her to the bathroom. She started moving like a zombie – like somebody who was senseless in the house because of the things she could see that I could not see. She ended up leaving the house. Could you explain to us; did you ask her what she was seeing? I did not even think of asking her what she was seeing. I was blind. I did not ask her because I thought she was crazy; that was all I heard, “She is crazy”. When we are in these things there is nothing that you would see. I thought she was crazy. She left the house and I lost that marriage. After all this, I went for a business meeting in the DRC and was caught at the airport. When I was at the airport, they told me that they were arresting me because of things I did 20 years ago. I asked them, “I am being called for things I did 20 years ago. Why did you not arrest me all these years?” That was how I ended up in prison. When I landed in prison, people of God, that was when I caught up with Christ. When I ended up in prison, I started looking at the Bible. When I ended up in prison, I started crying. When I ended up in prison, I started seeking Christ. When I was in prison, I heard a voice that said to me, “Whenever you leave this prison, you must leave this prison married.” I had no love, people of God. The love that you see me having now, I did not have it. The spirit made me use women. That was my job because I had money. I would give a woman whatever amount I wanted and use her. That was me. That was not love. God said to me that I must not leave that place without getting married. I phoned her and at the time I phoned her, I had already chased her away from my place. I was already fed up with her; I had already had enough of her. I told her to go home. I had only been with her for three weeks at that time. I told her to buy a ring and bring the ring to the prison on obedience to the voice I had heard. When she came to prison, I had no choice but to kneel down in front of the prison wardens and I married her. As you can see, we are married today. You mean that you got married to your wife while you were in prison? I got married to her while I was in prison. You said that this very demonic influence made you to move you from one woman to another. Could you tell us how this has really destroyed your marriage and if there were any children you had in the course of this? Could you tell us the extent to which this has affected your marital life? People of God, with those spirits – the bush, river and all the other sectors, the grave, I ended up with different woman and I had 13 children. She is taking care of the 13 children. Thirteen children! I did not get them in decent places. I got them in the car, bush, in the water; I took a lot of women and made love with them in the water. That was the kind of life I went through. Before you tell us how you came to know about The SCOAN, what led you to this place for your deliverance, could you tell us exactly what the man of God said in the message of prophecy that very Sunday? The man of God in the message of prophecy said that I was possessed with a marine spirit. I was not married. In the clip, you saw that I was arguing with the man of God that I was married but the man of God said that I was not married, which was true because in the physical, I am married but in the spirit, I was not married because I was married to all those spiritual women. I could not for the past four years have relations with her as my wife. The problem that brought me to The SCOAN was that problem because I was about to tell her to go. When I came here I reported to the man of God that I did not have sexual relations with her. In my second week here the man of God gave me a room where I could stay with my wife. What was exactly the problem you were having and how this problem affected your marriage? What kind of the images you were seeing in dreams in physically? How had they affected your life before you received your deliverance? We know that you have a wonderful testimony to give, but before that tell us how this problem really affected your life before your final deliverance. When my first wife left, I was left alone in the house. When I was alone in the house, I had a vision while I was sleeping. Something I could see physically – I could see small people. My room was upstairs. I saw these small people use ropes to climb to my bedroom. They jumped in while I was sleeping. I was looking at them but it was like a vision. When they came into my bedroom, they looked around; I was looking at them wondering what they were looking around for. Then it came to my mind, that they were looking around for my ex-wife who had been with me. It meant that while I was busy with the other side, my ex-wife was busy with these small people on her side. Since they could not see her, they looked at me and started coming to me. When I looked at them, they started stripping off their trousers. They came to me and wanted to take off my trousers; I was wearing pyjamas. I realised that they wanted to sleep with me and I woke up. This was the experience I had immediately my wife left and I was with these people. Now, finally, tell us the exact problem you had between you and your wife, as a result of you being under this demonic influences. How it affected the marriage between you and your current wife, before your deliverance? I could not sleep with her for the past four years because I had already divorced my past life. That was the biggest mistake I made. When I was trying to focus on her because I was still married to these spirits, they stopped me from having sexual relations with my wife. What does it mean? When I start to touch her and my manhood starts to rise, I would feel a pain that I have never felt before in my life. I would then quickly push her aside and stay on my own. That has continued for the past four years. I could not sleep hugging her by my side. I could not turn on my side. My sleeping position for the past four years has been on my back. That meant that I could not touch her, I could not do anything with her. Because of the pain, I had to sleep with my legs straddled like this. If I closed my legs, the pain would start. I said to myself, “This is no life”. I was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a man who had come to my house. When I was in prison, all my houses and cars were going. All the cars I had were gone. My houses were gone – one house remained. It meant that when I came out of prison, I would not have a house. All the money I had… We came here with money I borrowed – the man who was controlling millions. I faced this nightmare for long before coming to The SCOAN. I was introduced to Emmanuel TV, I prayed all the time over the screen, but nothing was going on. I said to my wife, “Let us borrow money and go to The SCOAN”. If nothing happens to me at The SCOAN, I did not tell her but I had decided to commit suicide. That was what I told myself. I’m sorry for that. I told myself that I would commit suicide if nothing happened. I could not have somebody staying next to me for four years as a tool – I could no longer bear it. When I came here, I had faith after seeing everything on Emmanuel TV. I said, “The man of God can’t fail to solve this small thing when I have seen big things happen of Emmanuel TV.” Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation When our transport pulled up at The SCOAN, I felt energy. I said to myself that my problem would be solved here. I have a medical report from doctors stating that they could not solve my problem. They have operated me twice and I refuse to be operated for the third time. They gave me a medical report that there was nothing they could do but when I came here, I said to myself, “My problem is solved”. When we were taken to out dining hall and rooms on the first day, I could feel energy within me. I started doing exercises which I was no longer doing. If you ask the people who stay with me, I loved exercising. I started doing exercises and had the faith that my problems would be solved. Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation Can you tell us what happened immediately after you received the message of the prophecy? We were given a private room – and we went inside of it. I can see that some people are laughing already. Exactly – now, I am healed. Everything I experienced the past four years is gone. She is now my wife. It is unfortunate that she is going to pay for the last four years. I am saved, people of God. All the troubles that brought me to The SCOAN are things of the past. I thank the ministry of T.B. Joshua, The SCOAN, I thank even those who are watching this at home. This is where you get life. This is where you get deliverance. You get all you need through Christ Jesus. Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation Once again, shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle working God. Now, we thank God Almighty for what He had done in your life. So far so good. We rejoice with you greatly. We believe you are in the best position, with all your experiences with demonic influences to give words of advice to all of us. Based on your experience, what word of advice you have for those who are listening to you all over the world? Many of us wear beautiful suits and you can see us walking around – problems. My advice to men: “Stop craving for power that is unnecessary. Stop going to places that are unnecessary for power. Power only comes from God. Look to God, He is the One who will give you power. The power you are looking for is what will make you to sleep with different women and after everything, you will come home and give your wife HIV/AIDS. Just to say something: God wanted to use me as a “satellite” to you. I went to doctor after all this experience – and I never used a condom in my life – and the doctor said that I was the healthiest man ever. We thank God Almighty for everything he has done in your life. We also want to ask you something for the benefit of our viewers all over the world. You said that before you could not sleep on your side, and you could only lie on your back. You also used to experience pain in your manhood. What can you say after your deliverance? Is the pain over? Everything is over. Let’s put out hands beautifully for the miracle working God. Finally, let’s hear from your wife. My name is Buthelezi. I am from South Africa and he is my husband. He said it all. I am a happy woman now. The man of God was saying last week: “New dream. New marriage” – he was talking to me. Everything in my house is new. It is a new dream, it is a new everything. My kids are new. I believe they are delivered in Jesus’ name. Mr Jabulani Buthelezi & Wife
Prophecy Confirmation That is indeed the summary of the whole thing. She knows that the husband has actually touched every angle of this story. Now, finally, what word of advice you have for women who are out there? Women all over the world – I am saying to you – a man is somebody who needs our support. Support our men; they need us – that’s why Eve was created. Hold on to your husbands, regardless of what they are going through – hold on – and it is going to happen because it happened in my family. Amen. Thank you very much. Let’s clap for wonderful Jesus Christ once again! Indeed, it is a life experience. We thank God Almighty for what He has done in this family, to the glory of God. We also want to admonish by telling you that in as much as you are delivered, through the Word of God you should go and make the Word of God the standard for your life. As you do so, you should always remember that better is not good enough – the best is always yet to come. Once again, shall we put our hands together beautifully for the miracle working God. I want to say that before I could not meet my husband as “husband and wife” and he used to get so angry. He would be so sensitive about every small thing. But now – the miracle has just happened. Miracle happened to me and it can still happen to you. Thank you very much. He doesn’t have pain any more. I saw flames in him – he was doing push-ups – I was like “Wow! This is my first time.” Glory be to God!

Maurice Vega

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    Out of everything that relate in my way
    In Jesus Christ name amen I received my breakthrough tonight

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