Black Caller Argues About Reparations

Let’s go next to our call or from the two,
six, seven area code. Who’s calling today from two, six, seven. Oh, hi David. Can you hear me? Yes, I can. Who’s this? Uh, my name is, uh, Tony Holland. All right. Tell me what’s going on. Phil Philly. All right, very good. Um, well I wanted to talk about, uh, reparations
and how I just don’t pretty much agree or I’m not really hearing any realistic. Uh, I don’t know. I just don’t agree with the way that the conversation
is taking place, even from, uh, you know, my, uh, my fellow black people. Um, so here’s a stance really quick, real
rundown. It’s all about slavery, Jim Crow, segregation,
red lining. Uh, we all know those kinds of things that
we’re very well versed in. How I, what I feel is that, um, uh, white
America has a standard response for that, which is, uh, we are going, uh, maintain,
uh, the white supremacist system that is in place by saying that all of those people are
dead and we cannot be held responsible. And I just don’t feel that as a community
we have formed a proper response to that. Uh, so for me, I look at it economically,
black people owned 2% of businesses in the United States of America, meaning that, uh,
almost a hundred percent of us have to leave our community to have access to a single opportunity
in this country. A defining our largest issue. Uh, the root of our issue is in fact labor
dependent. Uh, the, the, you know, we have about six
and a half million black men, over 2 million black women with felony convictions. And the statistics bear out that there is
a one 10th of a percent of a chance at ever being gainfully employed again if you are
black with a felony conviction. Right. So my whole, my whole thing is, one, I don’t
support cash payments whatsoever because there is no reason. I just do not see a successful path. If you were to give a bunch of people money
who have no financial savvy about themselves, then it’s just going to be a waste of money. So for that I agree with, but I support a
comprehensive reparations package that, uh, that, you know, similar to what Maryanne Williamson
says, I advocate elite $250 billion paid in $25 billion yearly increments all for the
purposes of, uh, of establishing and growing black owned businesses and labor dependence
by 50% in a 10 year period. Yeah. So listen, basically, I mean it sounds like
you and I are on a pretty similar page. So I, this actually came up in my conversation
with Sam Harris about a month ago where, uh, yeah, basically I think that a focus on reparations
in the democratic primary may be counterproductive to ultimately getting someone to unseat Trump
as a merely practical matter. That being said, I am very open to the way,
uh, to, to doing reparations. In a way that is not just throwing cash at
people because that will help some people to some degree, but it’s not going to change
really what we’re trying to change at its core. So what, what the idea that I like and I am
open to different ways of doing it in terms of the numbers, is to spend the money in ways
where we’re going to boost minority homeownership. We’re going to boost minority entrepreneurship,
we’re going to fund education and to start trying to level out what are the remaining
inequalities of horrible historical realities in the United States. So it sounds like you and I are sort of on
similar pages. Um, yeah. I mean, yeah, except one point. Um, I honestly take offense to you saying
that, um, you feel that, uh, basically we’ll lose and submit the election to Donald Trump
if we actually, for once in this country, try and represent, represent black people
at the point of their most pressing needs. Well, it’s not a question of taking a, I mean,
it’s not a question of taking offense. You could, you could argue that I’m wrong
about it or that I’m well, well let, let me finish my point. Yeah. Um, I just feel like what is being presented
is people aren’t really thinking outside the box for me. I don’t see an issue with the democratic party,
uh, uh, potentially, uh, losing if they just centered their message around appealing to
the race. Let me make sure, hold on. Let me make sure I understand what you’re
saying. I want to make sure I understand what you’re
saying. When you say you don’t see an issue, are you
saying you don’t think Democrats will lose or you don’t care if they lose by focusing? I just want to make sure I’m understanding
what you’re saying. Do not. Okay. What I am saying is I do not think that that
is the reality. I think that that is the expression of a fear
of the people who haven’t really thought about it beyond a typical talking. You’re right. And I think here’s the important thing to
keep in mind when I say I see it as electorally risky. The conversation you and I are having and
the way you and I would go about this I don’t think is the risky conversation, which is
to deal with things like home ownership and education entrepreneurship. The problem is that whenever it comes up,
the conversation becomes one of how do you decide who we give cash to and how much do
we give them? And you and I both agree that [inaudible]
the wrong conversation and I don’t see them having a conversation that’s different than
that one. That being said, if the conversation they
have is the one you’re having, I’m all for it. Well, well there’s, I think we need to reorient
a discussion and get away from the concept of cash payments in general. I think that is the single biggest thing that
holds us back. I think the second biggest thing is the assumption
that we cannot run on reparations. And when, uh, one of the, one of the things
that I keep in mind is actually shopping a reparations package to uh, actually racist
and, and people that are connected to a hate group such as the KKK. And what I would say to them was, do you want
less black people working and your place of employment? Do you want less black children, you know,
going to school with your white children. Let me, let me finish before you, before you
say this and do you, uh, over here respond and do you want less black people living in
your neighborhood? Well, if you support a comprehensive reparations
package, what we will do is what it will do is allow for the black community to be self
sufficient and they’re going to most likely stay in Bay area when 100% of them don’t have
to leave for opportunities. All right, let me think more about that part. I have not given that part thought. I appreciate the call. I do want to get to a couple more people,
but I, you’ve, you’ve very well explained your position and I appreciate it. Thank you David. I really appreciate your time. You have to do a fantastic show. Uh, I came across you a few months ago, maybe
about three months ago, and I don’t agree with everything you say, but I, it’s just
everything about your presentation, the way you speak, the way you present your ideas
appeals to me. I have listened to the young Turks for five
years, never became a contributor. I became a contributor of yours within the
first week. Thank you. Appreciate it. All right, very good. Good to hear from Tony from Philly. Hope to hear from you again.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Income tax exemption is real doable reperations that doesn't come out of the hands of white Americans and is directly related to labor!

  2. This is what I have always wanted with reperations. Have brought it up multiple times and god damn some liberals (Vocal minority but it harms the conversation MASSIVELY) call me racist for assuming thats what black people want.

    The whole damn issue is to fix what Jim Crow and Slavery caused, put them on an even playing field. It is such a toxic conversation to have. Glad to hear you agree with the substance, though!

  3. Thank fucking goodness this hasn't been much of a talking point at all in the debates, reparations is a losing issue.

    You run on a platform that props up and helps poor people, this disproportionately helps minorities while not giving the Republicans the attack ad of "The Democrats are trying to bribe the election by throwing money at thugs".

  4. Oh please. Reparations for what? I'm on the left but I don't agree with that. There was all kind of slavery. Whites were also slave. We should not forget slavery and use it to remember what not to do and work on more inclusive and equal rights. Compensate another race because of something you can't even quantify? Hell no. That can even be counterproductive because racist people will say "ok, we paid our share so now I can be racist". Those who will be "compensated" will say "oh, you think just because you did reparations you can do what you want?"
    This is not my fight, I'm Caucasian but what is done is done. It's in the past. Let it stay that way. If we keep digging the past we can't move forward. Ever!
    USA has way more important issues to fix. Your president is one of them. This is a distraction you don't need right now because Trump won't even discuss it.

  5. This guy doesn't get how elections work. The electoral college is crucial to keep in mind. The areas that will ultimately decide the general election are composed of rural white people who would most definitely vote against a Democrat focusing on reparations. I am NOT saying that they SHOULD do that. I am just being realistic based on what is known about most people living in those areas. It's unfortunate and really sad, but it's true. This guy is just too focused on his own ideology and not on pragmatically dealing with reality.

  6. Wow, Tony from Philly. Here’s your new sidekick, David! It was well articulated, substantial and he ALMOST managed to fight David off when interrupted. That’s character.

  7. 1:10 There is no logical response to that. You cannot hold people accountable if they are dead. Any hypothetical reparations would be coming from everyone's taxes anyway which would include black people's taxes. There is no logic in giving people free money that never experienced slavery that is funded by white people, black people and everyone else that never had slaves.

  8. Everyone else got cash payments and land when black ppl should have been the first to get reperations so CUT THE CHECK i dont care what you say

  9. This is one of the best calls youve had in a long time. This man made great thoughtful points and has honestly started to make me think about changing my mind about cash reperations (I currentlumy support them but he's giving me second thoughts)

  10. The justification for eradicating inequalities among minorities and poor persons does not have to be reparations for slavery, rather it can be just trying to help them and reduce inequality and progress as a country

  11. I don't get why people flip over reparations especially since it seems black America is asking for a reasonable amount. I live close to an Indian reservation. Natives get paid an INSANE amount monthly and no one bats an eye.

  12. I don't think reparations are appropriate. It will lead to a further divide. We need to look at everything as a whole and repair the system. Why do we need to separate by race or by other differences? I believe it was Morgan Freeman who said to end racism is to stop talking about it. He said "I'll stop calling you a white man and you stop calling me a black man." I'm not saying to forgo any culture or heritage, but why not try to repair the systems that try to divide based on race and realize that everyone is human and should be able to be treated equally?

  13. Trump thanks you for your call. Yang wants to help us all out but nooooooo. Moody's is right about their prediction.

  14. Wouldn't racially-based reparations be a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment? I don't foresee any attempt to implement reparations having much success once it is reviewed by the Supreme Court.

    Perhaps having income-based reparations would be constitutional but increasing social mobility that way is sort of already covered by implementing other social programs such as tuition-free college and universal single-payer healthcare.

  15. To all, I am white, my wife is mexican. I have two mixed children. I was in the army for 8 years and i've had leaders and lead soldiers of all ethnicities as well have called these people friends, brothers and sisters regardless of race, color, or sexual orientation. Segregation is not the answer. To the guy that said he prefers segregation, I'm sorry that you have been dealt a bad hand and you feel that way. Police and military are beacons for white nationalists and that is a huge problem in our law enforcement organizations. but America SHOULD be better than that. No one should feel they are separate. Segregation makes us weaker, it makes us fight ourselves. Saying you prefer segregation just makes things worse. Everyone of every culture brings something to the table.

  16. Why should today's generation pay for the sins of their ancestors?

    You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me

  17. It's definitely owed,but I doubt its gonna happen. Investing in hbcu and investing in African American charities/communities is something that could happen.

  18. Reparations are fucking stupid. We don't punish children for their parents crimes. If you go back far enough everyone would have shit to answer for.

  19. I do not support reparations. I'm sorry but I dont. It's just something we as a country are not ready to grapple with and I think it would incite far more racism and violence.
    Let's work on fixing the systemic issues that hold back African Americans specifically (like they talked about) and minorities generally. I know this argument is flawed but frankly every minority in this country has been abused and discriminated against at some point. I'm not trying to play the oppression Olympics but to do reparations I believe would open a Pandora's box that we are ill equipped to handle. It may be heartless but at some point we need to move on and focus on helping ALL peoples.

    I acknowledge that the harm we did to African Americans was awful, cruel, inhumane and frankly unforgivable but we are what 2, 3 generations removed from that?? The time has passed to pay back INDIVIDUALS who maybe, possibly had slave ancestors. The people getting any type of funds didn't experience slavery and frankly I would selfishly be angry that my tax dollars are going to some 2nd or 3rd generation slave descendant. That's money out of my kid's college fund. My kid's health care. My kid's future. Heck I'm from Brazil, my ancestors had little if nothing to do with the American slave trade.

    What I'm poorly trying to say is we need to acknowledge, honor and account for what we did but giving a very specific group of people cash (+/- mule) isn't the way to do it. Not to even mention who gets counted as slave descendants?? That 1 drop rule surely wouldn't apply. That's my 2 cents, I hope I explained myself ok.

  20. If we don't pay black people reparations, they will just pretend we hit their cars and sue us for damages ! Anything to, as one black person said to me " take from the white man "

  21. Although I agree that the Africans held in slavery was wrong I don't agree with reparations for their American offspring. Universal income will be an eventuallity and so will free education. By free education I mean if you're smart enough you'll go on being educated otherwise you'll receive free training to produce stuff or provide a service. Everyone in this world has been f'd one way or another so no one is special when it comes to suffering including Jews. Plenty have suffered more. I suffered as a child and although it took a while, I feel successful in my career. If I waited on someone to give me money to start a business because I suffered I wouldn't have shit. Guess what people who are waiting on universal income or 40 acres have?

  22. Most of the problems in the black community would be fixed if they finished high school, went to college, stayed out of trouble with the law, waited until marriage to have children and didn't abandon their wives and children. This victim mentality and sense of entitlement is never going to get you anywhere. Your life choices determine your success or failure.

  23. I cannot believe I'm hearing this… Slavery lasted in the New World for four centuries, or four HUNDRED years. On top of that, the Era of Jim Crow lasted a century after that, or one HUNDRED years. THAT means that the ancestors of ADOS suffered under white supremacy, building this country, for HALF a millenia, and TWICE as long as the U.S. has been established. Yet, we are still hearing the typical pushback of not punishing those for something that happened so long, or that we shouldn't be giving money out…disgraceful.

  24. Black Caller Argues about money…
    …. lame way to marginalize a supporter calling in …
    That title is racist af homie!!
    Old racist trope: angry black man/woman

    Lame af to use it, especially since it's far from the facts – that caller was not angry or arguing, and it's offensive that you would mislead with such an awful title like that. The caller even said that he appreciates your work and supports you! Then you rushed him off the phone. I don't know guy, No Tan Bueno

  25. My big worry about reparations is that they might use it as a trojan horse to just say hey we solved it, and never address any other issues african americans have ever again.

  26. No policy that specifies race will have any chance of passing. However policies targeted toward helping rebuild impoverished communities would effectively yield the same benefit to black communities so it'd be smarter to make that the focus.

  27. I feel like there is a big logic gap here. He starts with "America is a white supremacists nation" but then goes on to say "Democrats can win by running on reparations".


  28. If Jews who weren't even Holocaust survivors can get money and Native American Indians can build casinos on their own land, then why is it so difficult for people to grasp the concept of reparations for the descendants of African slaves? Why are you against it? I personally don't think that a cash payment would begin to undo or make up for the injustice that was done but it is a start. What about giving away scholarships for college and trade schools and financial grants for encouraging small businesses and entrepreneurship?

  29. Thats a Republican think tank strategy. Swarm the progressives with more than they can handle. Reparations turns off 90% of people and they will not take you serious. Its a pretty crafty plan

  30. And yet, other groups are brought cash in brown bags. Everyone else gets cash but there is always an issue when it comes to Black Americans getting ours. #cutthecheck

  31. I have some pretty spicy food for thought. If we take money from white descendants of slave buyers to give as reparations to black slave descendants, we should also take from black people who are descended from slave sellers and give that money to white descendants of slave buyers. Some white people profited from owning slaves, some black people profited from capturing and selling slaves, I see that as a pretty fair trade. Remember people, it was called the slave trade not the slave raid, white people paid for slaves fairly. If we actually want to reverse the impact of slavery we can't ignore the slave seller's part.

    I'm not sure how we can do reparations with middle-easterners though, even though they bought more slaves than white Americans, the middle-easteners also ended up getting their slaves killed more often which is why there are less descendants from middle eastern slaves. So I guess they don't have to pay as many reparations.

    To make that more fair, we could assume black people back then were worse at trading and hence got the low end of the deal, so people with ancestor slave sellers wouldn't need to pay as many reparations as ancestor slave buyers.

    If you get the government to specifically aid businesses will be seen a corrupt. I support a simple cash reparations. If we give all that money to black people and they still don't become as rich as white, jewish, or east-asians, then they have no right to complain. Then maybe people will realize that you need a culture of high education, respect, family stability and principle to earn the same benefits as those privileged races. I think black people are smart, and equally as biologically capable as any other race, I just think black culture is terrible. That's not a dig at black people, their culture hurts themselves the most.

    I think there may be a couple racist policies keeping black people down still, and I hope we get to the bottom of that. But come on, most of the places where black people have the worst lives are in inner-city communities governed by Democrats. I'm not saying Republicans are not racist, I'm just saying…

  32. I wonder if David was against the US giving the Jews cash for reparations. I wonder if David is against this country giving Israel cash annually. This country has given reparations in cash forms to many other groups… But when it comes to blk people, let's not give them cash. It's pure bullshit. White people want to rob us of our labor for centuries, keep us from certain schools, keep us from owning houses, keep us poor but then want to decided what's best for us for reparations. White people really do have some fucking nerve. And let's be honest, the reason that David doesn't want to focus on reparations is because he knows that this country is full of racist white people on the Democratic side as well. And if the people who are running focused on reparations, it would turn off the racist Democratic voters. That's the damn truth. Smh

  33. I can't help but feel that the end of this call swerved into the "YIKES" zone. Trying to appeal to racists with segregationist ideals seems a pretty bad direction to go in to me, as a mixed race person. They want an American ethno-state. Enough of them want to think of themselves as the offspring of conquerors. You're not going to get them to vote democrat by convincing them to use their tax dollars to benefit black communities.

  34. I dont like alot of what im hearing in this… I get the white supremacy thing… but using statistics and shit doesnt help in this matter. People need to get off their asses and take these opportunities on their own, not ask for a hand out(which would be the complete opposite of equality btw. Wheres my free hand out?)
    Having trouble getting a job because you are black and have a past felony? I actually dont care that you are black… black or white, if you got a felony then Forget hiring. I dont want to be anywhere around you to begin with.
    I am a white male, but I havent started off any better than any other person, and that is to say I started with nothing at all. Where is this money they think we all have? They want money for shit their ANCESTORS went thru? No… just no.
    Rich people are a problem, I agree… rich people being primarily white is a problem, I agree…. but idk, this video grates on my nerves. Reparations are NOT the answer.

  35. He started off well and made a whole lot of sense and broadened my thinking of my position on reparations, bet then proceeded to jump off a cliff with the whole appealing to racists bit

  36. Not acquiescing to the reparations rhetoric is not the same as attempting to maintain white supremacy. At the same time there is solid truth to fleecing of the American Black. Something must be done to pull them up. The Native Americans too. It cannot be cash.

  37. The only Reparations for black people/ ADOS, is to end by any means White Supremacy/Racism. At the least, make it illegal and punished by a federal law. 25 to life. That’s how you repair a group that has been harmed by a System since the beginning of this “Country.”

  38. The world was built on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. To pretend that it wasn't is only done to play stupid. The US pays reparations to everyone except the people who've suffered the greatest crime in human history. ADOS will not vote Democrat without something for us. Votes are a transaction. Everyone gets to vote that way, except the stolen Descendants of slaves, who are now being called migrant workers in schools. My ancestors were stolen, raped, robbed continually and marginalized bases solely on skin. The first item traded on the NY stock exchange, was my ancestors. It's time to take responsibility for the mistreating of them. Since you all clearly enjoy the wealth you've inherited from your ancestors that was gained while destroying mine.

  39. If anyone should get reparations, it's the Native Americans. Slavery was awful but it was nowhere near as awful as what happened to the natives…

  40. reparations is the single dumbest idea in modern politics

    Im a full blown Bernie style leftist but Id refuse to vote for ANY candidate,including him,that used reparations as a campaign plank

    for the love of all thats sane,stop pretending I owe anyone for what people not related to me did a hundred and fifty years ago

  41. We can't even get a majority of americans to support universal basic income and you think people are gonna ok with reparations? Bwhahahahahahaha ?

  42. Reparations are nothing but a publicity stunt. It's impossible to determine who'd qualify for them, since there's no complete track recordss dating back to pre civil war America. Thus, with this logic, Elizabeth Warren could qualify for reparations for native Americans, lol.
    On top of that, reparations woul change nothing. They'd be a band-aid not adressing real problems and causes of oppression. Reparations shoul have been paid few years after slavery ended. It's as ridiculous as Poland demanding Germany to pay them back for WWII now, when barely anyone who remembers it, still lives.
    If you want to improve black people's lives, then fight for medicare for all, public edducation, criminal reform, and rebuiling the infrastructure. Otherwords, vote for Bernie in 2020, since he's the only principled candiate who stands for these issues.

  43. If reparations pass, most white, hispanic and asian Americans will see it as black privilege and will never take black civil rights issues or the consequences of slavery seriously again. Expect to hear "you got yours, I'm still waiting for my check from the government" a lot in the future.

  44. Interesting idea RE how to sell reparations to inherently racist whites, but I doubt it'll be successful because racist whites explicitly want to prove their superiority thereby keeping a systematic unbalanced status quo in place. Plus, it won't change anything regarding our criminal justice system and war on drugs yet give racist whites absolutely zero incentive to want to change that now that history has been squared in their eyes. Bottom line is that I don't see a pathway to where racist whites will ever be on board for reparations. It has to be done DESPITE them.

  45. My second point is why is David acting as if he has any input on this? Do the jews ask for black input when it came to thier reparations? Did the native Americans ask for outsider input on what they should recieve? Why gives him the right to even remotely think what reparations should "look like". Sit down young man.

  46. Black People have received countless trillions already. It’s over. You didn’t do enough with your reparation. That’s your own fault.

  47. The best form of reparations would be free college for all. Getting an education is important in getting a good job, a large majority of black people can't afford to go to college (take sports scholarships out of the population of university students and look at the number of black kids attending the best colleges), that prevents the community from ever being on a level playing field with non-black people, as the cycle of poverty continues. I'll accept my argument isn't watertight

  48. Imagine the chaos that would ensue after handing out huge bags of cash to 40 something million people most of whom, for whatever reason, are horrible with money management. I can guarantee you it would create many more problems than it could possibly purport to solve.

  49. I'm 70% Native American, 25% Black African and 5% European, so how does Black reparations relate to me, do I get Native American reparations too?

    I think Policy changes correcting racist and race based laws and regulations would better serve Native and Black communities (there are oppressive laws and policies that affect Black and Native communities differently).

    Minorities pay taxes too, so all funding for education, infrastructure, subsidies, scholarships etc. should be distributed fairly (most government funding is invested in White communities, that's white privilege).

    There are cases where reparations are warrented – some Black, Native and Latino families were cheated out of their lands by the Government and given to white farmers, this happened through out the 1900's!

  50. My argument against reparations is simple:
    -It will be paid by those who did not do the original wrong.
    -And it will be received by those who never had the original wrong done to them.
    Reparations involves the two wrong parties, both of whom are no longer with us.

  51. Speaking of reparations, why don't we end all funding and support to Israel, why is some of my hard earned tax dollars being sent to Israel? I never did anything to any Jew, my Native People never did anything to Israel, neither has America!

  52. Lol, no, just no. So when you going to go after the Africans that sold the slaves all over the world? Including the Americans? Repererations are ridiculous on their face. Gtfo

  53. It’s not for the People of the U.K. to continue to apologise and pay for things did during the British empire. Things that happen 300 years ago

    It’s not for the German people today to pay and continue to apologise for things the nazi’s did 70 years ago

    It’s not for the USA today to continue to apologise and pay for things they did when they dropped the atomic bomb 68 years ago

    We can’t live like that…… people today are not responsible for things their ancestors did. I am not you are not we are not.

  54. Just take away the dentramental effect of having a criminal record. Black and white people who don't read into it don't understand how screwed you are with a criminal record.

  55. So you supporting it but you wanna tell us how to spend it huh? Can't really release control can you? I like how you phrased counter productive when you mean white folks not voting for reparations because they really support the way things are their on top were on the bottom why would they give up these invisible powers?

  56. How about reparations for women? How about giving every black adult a $1000 monthly dividend for the rest of their lives?

  57. Im 3% Neanderthal. You guys owe me a LOT of money. Or just make me the ceo of McDonald's even though i have 0 experience. Be careful how you respond btw, i might take offense.

  58. Under this fantasy scheme are reparations only going to be paid to those blacks who can trace their lineage back far enough to have been affected by racist policies in the past or does it go to all black people living in America today?
    If it's the former, then 1st and 2nd generation black immigrants will be paying reparations out of their taxes to blacks from the US. How is that fair?
    If it's the latter, why do they deserve reparations for something their ancestors didn't have to endure?
    If you then decide to apply a law that says that black immigrants are ring fenced, so they don't pay what amounts to a reparations tax, that is discriminating against every other 1st and 2nd gen immigrant into the US.
    Far from being an answer to historical racism, it is a form of modern racism and discrimination.

  59. I only support it for African American descendants of slavery not for all black people(non African Americans) and not black people who recently immigrated. Idk if it should be money but African Americans should get something the whole they dont deserve it is a cop out.
    And it should only be for African Americans not minorities or POCs.

  60. I am very disappointed with the title of this video. I was not the least bit argumentative. This plays into stereotypes, and puts the audience in a negative space before they hear a word I have to say. Do better David.

  61. African war lords were (and still are) complicit in slavery.
    All the players from the original period are dead.
    Reparations from ALL countries involved then. Not just America

  62. ……. so he has not not not researched that italians got reperations and POland jews living in occupied palestine ((check the 1940 map)) every year gets money for what hitler did to them usa dsnt benefit from them being there but marianne had a great response

  63. Just a point. Black WWII vets(drafted and volunteers), of which there were about 2 million, were not eligible for the first GI bill. This includes the Tuskegee airmen. Those benefits would have given millions of black Americans a leg up wrt wealth inequality.

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