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CHIENG: Bill Gates:
he’s rich, he’s brilliant, and apparently,
he’s out of his mind. This is a container
of human feces. CHIENG: Why is one
of the richest men in the world carrying a jar of his own shit? I went to Seattle to find out what’s wrong with Bill Gates. Mr. Gates,
it’s a huge honor to meet you. Just a quick question. What the (bleep) is wrong
with you? I mean, are you okay? Yeah, I’m great.
Love what I’m doing. Okay, so why are you carrying
around your own poop in a jar? I did, uh, have a beaker
of human feces when I was explaining
why we need a reinvented toilet. You don’t need to reinvent
a toilet. We shit in it,
then we push a button, then the shit disappears.
It’s perfect. Well, toilets are something
we take for granted, but billions of people
don’t have them. Even in these growing cities
in poor countries, they can’t afford
to build sewers, and that causes diseases. And so we have to come up
with a very different way of taking care of that waste. CHIENG: And because so much
of the world lacks a sanitary place to poo,
Bill launched the Reinvent the Toilet
Challenge. It funds scientists
to redesign toilets that don’t need a sewer system. We put several hundred million
into this -to show that it can be done.
-Wait, sorry, hang on. You put several hundred million
dollars into toilets. Giving it away, you bet. CHIENG:
Oh, my God. Is Bill Gates literally flushing his fortune
down the toilet? To find out, I flew all the way
to University of South Florida, where Professor Daniel Yeh
and his team are using Gates’ funding to make some sort
of magic poop box. So, what we have here,
essentially, is a miniature version of
the wastewater treatment plant, and we can put this anywhere
in the world. In the bioreactor,
we have microorganisms. They, uh, eat the poop
and turn it into clean water. Okay, why do the microbes
eat the poop? The microbes eat the poop
because that’s what they do. Did you ask them
if they want to do that? Well, uh… Yeah, why don’t you give them
a muffin or something? Maybe they’d like a muffin. Uh, okay,
I’ll make a note of that, but, um, when you show them
the poop, they love it. Despite his crazy talk, there’s
just something about this guy. I don’t know what it is,
but I trust him. So I decided
to give his machine a try. ♪ ♪ (exhales) So, normally, uh, we would have
a block of toilets, right, and then the waste from
the toilets would come here, it’ll go into the machine,
and then, using solar power, we can turn the poopy water
into clean water. -So, you stand by this?
-Yeah. Well, prove it. Okay. ♪ ♪ -Did it work?
-Yeah. Well, how many times
did it not work and you ended up drinking
your own shit? Well, it’s worked so well that, um, we’re actually working
with NASA. Astronauts have to poop, and we can turn that poop
into clean water and nutrients and even energy. -Wait, did you say “energy”?
-Yeah. The, uh, microbes
in the bioreactor make methane. That’s the same stuff
that’s in natural gas, and you can burn it. Bill Gates, you sneaky bastard. You just found
a filthy little back door into the most profitable
industry in the world, energy. You didn’t say anything
about energy! Yeah! One way to make it cheap to process the sewage
is to sell these outputs. You should open with that
next time. Don’t open with the “saving the
world, kids, and disease” thing. Open with,
“Yo, we’re making toilets that can convert shit
into energy.” We need to make these toilets
as expensive as possible, ’cause, based on my research, everyone poops. I mean, everybody. Well, unless we make them
super cheap, they’re not gonna get out
to the poorest who need them the most. Look, I know
you’ve made your money. Some of us here are still trying
to win this game. Well, if you have an idea,
let us know. I’ve got nothing but ideas
for this. -Okay.
-So, this is an iPad. -(chuckles)
-Great device. -I love using it. Um, so,
-Hey, hey, yeah. what’s the worst seat
on a plane? Next to the toilet. But what if every seat
was a toilet? Poop-powered planes. To keep the plane in motion, we have to keep shitting. High pressure, I know, but it gives the airlines
incentive to feed us. I-I’m not sure the numbers work. How ’bout this?
It’s a toilet that you shit in, and it powers a cannon
that shoots the shit out to my neighbor’s house. (laughing) Why are you laughing? That’s not legal. Listen, man, I’m up here
just trying to come up with ideas here
to save the world, okay? -What are you doing?
-Um… that’s what I’m doing. No, that’s what I’m doing. I’m here giving you ideas. All you’re doing
is shitting on them. Well, I don’t think… those ideas are-are ready yet. But we do have a lot of ideas that are in the field, uh, being tested in Durban. Trying to cover the 30%
of their residents that don’t have, uh,
great sewage processing. We are gonna completely change
the future. Everybody’s gonna have
a great toilet. Well, here’s to everyone
having a great toilet. Cheers. -(gulps, sighs)
-(sighs) Not bad. Now guess where that came from. You just drank my shit. How’s it taste? That’s a very successful process
there. It-it tasted like normal water. Good job. CHIENG:
Thank you, Bill. There’s more
where that came from. (laughter)

Maurice Vega

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  1. I don’t believe he spent that much money on an idea that’s already out there. It just needed to be refined. I moved to Vietnam and live here for 3 years. We don’t have a sewer system but we improvise it with a septic tank. The bacteria in bill concept is used in it. Using poop as an energy source is widely used around the world. They have used animal poop to produce power. The only difference between this is bill used human poop.

  2. So what I got from this, is I can actually sell my shit in the future as fuel? Phew, thank god, I guess I don't need to use ebay for that anymore!

  3. Why the hell does a presentation about toilets (or lack thereof) in the 3rd world, require a jar full of shit? Everybody already knows what it looks like, okay? What a fucking dweeb!

  4. That processed poop water is probably safer than some of the water in municipalities (other than just Flint) across America.

  5. I think this whole video is done through virtual reality not the real Bill Gates in person with RC (face to face) that's why they didn't shake hands from the beginning till the end

  6. Actually, I do think this is the best way to get the message through to the millennials: comedy, sarcasm, science & information.

  7. You can tell Bill has been sitting in front of a PC his whole life by the way he's shitting. I mean sitting.

    Hilarious content!

  8. The consumer is already drinking this water. You mean to tell me you didn’t know YOU and your family are already drinking it! Umm yeah, read the small print on your bottle water (keep turning the bottle, you really have to search for it) a Kaiser doctor 👩‍⚕️ let me know all about it, she explained the process too me and said, It’s called “reverse osmosis” sewage 💦 water read the labels on your bottled water, cheers 🥂 FYI: I would not purchase bottled water that is labeled “Reverse Osmosis “ eww 🤮

  9. When you buy apple, you help yourself.

    When you buy Windows you help the world.

    Dislike if you own an Mac
    Like if you own a PC. I need to know who owns what. Plz use the dislike button.

  10. Ronnie is my fckn troll idol!
    And props to both of them for not breaking character 💯 I wanna see the bloopers

  11. People wondering how Gates participated in this interview? Bill Gates keeps the child inside alive. The way he listens, talks, & interacts, doesn't seem to age!

  12. How many times has not worked and you ended up drinking your own shit? hahahaha. This guy got Bill Gates hidden secret.

  13. Hear me out Billy boy
    Astronauts finally land on Mars
    They are planing to stay there till they die
    But oops
    One of them forgot his compact nuclear power generator
    He has to go back and get it from earth
    But they have no gas
    So they have to keep shitting to get energy to go back to earth
    And get there compact nuclear power generator

  14. Fun interview with Bill Gates! Great ideas to build a better future and presented in a fun way. Loved seeing him smile when an iPad was used to showcase ideas…LOL I never knew Mr Gates had such a sense of humor.

  15. Hello there, if you could spare a moment to check out my short film on my channel, I would be so grateful. Wishing you all a million and one blessings.

  16. “So how many times did it not work and you ended up drinking your own shit?” I laughed too hard at that one lol.

  17. This is gross 🤮 pure gross🤮🤮…. But a good Idea for reuse of water and also for energy…but wouldn't it be better if that "processed water" would be directly supplied to toilet for use instead of the drinking system…. Then it would really like it's back from where it came from.. Just a thought!!

  18. Y'all this is the help but pt.2 and instead of a black woman u have an asian man
    And instead of the saying "eat my shit"
    Ronny: "drink my shit"
    Bill Gates: "What are u crazy"
    Ronny: "No but u bout to be cause u just did"

  19. I didn't like the young Bill Gates who jumped a chair during the interview with Connie Chung, but I do like a lot about this old Bill Gates who drunk the poop water 🙂

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