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Maurice Vega

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  1. After a long time and many discussions…this one turned out to be a fruitful debate to acquire knowledge,with some caveats and no solution towards conclusion

  2. 25% of population in AP are Naidu's then Mudragada padmanabam ji Contest in elections win all the seats in west east godavari districts some 20 become CM when its hung then fight for Your Caste people Why you always blame political parties think about Poor people in other OC castes too

  3. Kapulu moddulu chaduvu enta chadivinaravu kabatti resevasion kavali. Ma brahmins kashtapadi chaduvina makante kapulake peddapeetham
    Is it not stupidity.

  4. stop playing kodi pandelu,pekatta gambling save money, 3 crops in godavari districts but still we are poor. You are poor because of your lifestyle and behavior why so much gambling is played in Godavari districts on Sankranti festival you are wasting money on gambling. Lot of people from Godavari and Krishna are going to Casino in Srilanka. Change your lifestyle first save money and create wealth !!!

  5. CBN made dirty politics taking few Kapu leaders to his side. TDP has no right to question this Government having made it complicated

  6. I don’t understand the Kapu statement. He says Center has given the option to the states but didn’t make a statement about it. If center didn’t make such statement how come this gentleman know about it? How did CBN do that?

  7. Good discussion !!! Let's see how it turns out to be !!!!! 🤔

    Leaders of high (Mudragada, Chiru etc) calibre should come up front n put up road map of this issue's complete solution !!!

    Everything is there for solution of this issue. Namo is there at centre it's a good sign. YSJ is also flexible I guess !!! If these Kapu leaders come together n makes sense to state n centre, then it can be easily solvable !!!!!

  8. Mr raghunadha ram prajalani thappu thova pattinchakandi asalu clarity lekundaaa GO issue chesi prajalani rechakotte mi oabbam gadupukokandi alage kaapulaki pratyeka gaa iche paristhithi ledu

  9. OC lo pedalaki ani central govt iste only kapulaki adagadam entha varaku correct.Megata OC lu mottam picchola.Anni OC kullalallo pedalu vunnaru.

  10. I don't understand the blody chameleon politics? mudragadda knows that reservation should not cross 50 percent. then how can one give more than 50 percent? so based on population giving 5 out of 10 is the only solution. better now mudragadda come out and create the same psoriasis in AP, as he created to tdp. I pity andhra media

  11. ఇ జిజర్వేషన్లు వల్ల ఇతర కులలాకు చెందిన టాఫర్స్ అరమర్కు లో పోతున్నరు మేరిట్ ను బాట్టి గవర్నమెంట్ ఐన ప్రైవేట్ ఐన పోష్లు తిస్తే బాగుంటుంది

  12. Rendu panttalu panday Godavari district la kapuuuuuuuu laku resarvation kavala vakka panta layniii rayalasima Prakasam guntur Nellore districts valla Ku reservation ivvaloooo Meray chayppaliiiiiii

  13. Oray vedava Reddy's looo rich valluu yekkada unnaruuuu yenddukuuu ivvaliii raaa kapu laku resarvation Reddy's yevarina resarvation adigaraaaaaa siggu unddaliiiiii resarvation adigay vallakuuuuuuu

  14. Emi Damit ledu jagan cheppadu 2 yaers back reservation kudaradu Ani ayina kapulu votes vesaru ippudu kapulaki kavalsindi kula rajakeeyalu kadhu welfare

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