BidPrime Government Bids Interface Preview

bidprime is the most comprehensive
source of government bids on the web our products simplifies finding government
bids companies simply don’t have the time to locate leads from thousands of
government websites instead we do the work for you
so what makes us different really it’s our technology our proprietary software
gives our clients access to more bids and in real time the following demo will
show how easy our interfaces to use we make account set up a quick process
first select the regions where you want to see leads if you can’t find a
category of products you can list it down here for an account tech to review
keep in mind you can always contact an account manager to ensure your profile
set up correctly you’ll see here that my bid inbox is full of relevant leads
where I can research open delete or save them to be later for many bids we link
you directly to the specifications like here we also store many documents and
specifications issued by the agency for your convenience here I can save bids to
access at a later time if you’re looking for a specific bid
from the past or present you’ll find our search utility useful on the left side
filter your results show just the last three days or the last 365 I can create
an alert to be notified if future bids are released matching this criteria I
can also tell which bids that was already notified of based on this icon
or which ones I have already saved or removed here I can narrow the search
down to just federal bids or state and local or just specific States or
provinces our search also gives you instant feedback by filtering results
according to every small change in adjustment real time is just their way
of doing things the advanced search can be used to find a specific lead or
refine a specific alert you can have multiple users on your account each with
their own unique logins and passwords here I’m creating another user our
interface can actually support large sales forces with hundreds of users you
can designate users to only receive leads from specific States or regions or
specific categories and you can also customize email alert schedules when you
become a member we will customize your account and provide you with welcome
training if you need otherwise support is always just a click away

Maurice Vega

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