Biden’s heated exchange with Iowa voter over Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine

Maurice Vega

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  1. CREEPY JOE BIDEN IS BAD NEWS!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY SO OBVIOUS THAT HE AND HIS DROP OUT SON WERE UP TO NO GOOD. Joe Biden were "FOR SALE". . Joe Got shady a long time ago! I don't feel sorry for him. Fess up to it & move on Joe!!

  2. Fox news took out the part where the voter said Biden nor Trump has a backbone. What ever happen to context and fact news?
    Also, Biden enriching himself. Yeah, I agree. But that same logic should be used on Trump, he is another example of using the office to enrich oneself.
    Are you people seriously this stupid not to see the hypocrisy and irony?

  3. Bidens just mad the he got his son a job in ukraine and in china. And bloomberg is doing the same thing in china. That's why bloomberg says china is our friend because his entire company is in china and that's where all his billions come from.

  4. Soooo the trumps are not enriching them selves from daddy trump? Let's see the trump campaign bought little trump books that's how it hit thee best seller mark, little girl trump is banking from business in China and other countries soooooo what if little biden did money of his daddy I mean all do it I'm sure, so quit your hypocrisy and freaking lies

  5. Me and my son did nothing wrong, I can prove it let’s do push-ups together. LMFAO….
    And THIS is the Democratic front runner?

  6. The difference between Democrats and Republicans is, Democrats will always allow those idiots checkers to state their opinions no matter how insulting it is! Meanwhile, Republicans will escort them out ASAP and yell at them and chant USA USA USA.

  7. Besides not wanting to answer a very good question the people working the floor try to take the microphone away from this person asking the question. The other questions that Biden had been given more like softball questions questions like what was the color of the chandelier in the vice president's office? Joe Biden if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

  8. Biden is Transforming into Alex Baldwin before our Very Eyes. Naked Agression.

    I thot he was going to take a swing at the guy. "You Talking to Me?" "Huh? Are You?!"

  9. I wonder of "Smokin' Joe" is gonna get invited to brawl, er, I mean Town Hall anywhere, anymore? Really, Grampaw.

  10. Quid Pro Quo Joe! So defensive and deflective because he’s so guilty! Investigate the Biden’s!

  11. I am from Iowa and NOW want to go to a Bidens trip into our State!!! He grabbed a young girl at our State Fair by grabbing her by the arm and saying don't mess with me missy because she questioned something and now the disrespect towards an elderly gentleman because he questioned him….I want Mr. BIDEN to grab me like that and see how far he gets with that…that man needs a foot up his rear end!!! IOWANS needs to tell him that is NOT who we are and let him know he is NO longer welcome here…

  12. Poor old Joe he really is a little off. First he is talking about his leg hair yuck and the he wants a push-up challenge 😂😂

  13. That guy at the end still said that he would vote for Biden if he happens to be nominated. This basically is like last election, people voted for Trump so that Hilary would not be president.

  14. He even came forward toward the man…tried to intimidate the man..even mentioned measuring his strength against him. Biden …i see you.

  15. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi would make a great couple..Each would complement each other with their stupidity and ignorance.

  16. Biden lives in a bubble. Like Hillary that bubble will burst soon and he can go on his "I didn't lose it was stolen" book tour… DNC BREEDS WHINERS!

  17. The slow witted Dem loyalists are finally figuring out that old Joey Biden really is the stumble bum that he has always seemed to be. The more microphone time Biden gets the lower he drops in the polls.

  18. Biden is a bully. He doesn't want any questions about the millions of dollars his son got from a fossil fuel company.

  19. Wow it did really look like Biden was going fist a potential voter and insults the potential voter about his IQ level on national tv wow lol

  20. Joe Biden made a mistake of many mistakes which will not be pardoned. And his sons, FEmales also will be accountable.

  21. Time to crank up the heat! it's our turn as Republicans start asking questions hit'm left, hit'm right,and hit'm lowthat's the s*** the cupcake Democrats pulled. it's our turn, enjoy my fellow Americans!

  22. Biden is a liar. He should tell the truth before it all comes out. I have lost respect of this man. His son is a drug addict. Drug addicts tend to be good liars. So Joe wake up

  23. “They won’t be able to show their faces on the street”

    Sure seems like the dark is coming to light. I’m pumped.

  24. Is this the temperament we expect from a would-be President ? Obama must be turning in his hammock at his new house on Martha's Vinyard.

  25. Enriching yourself off of Public Office that's hilarious coming from people who are AOK with Trump & his 4 Kids (including the Son in Law) doing just that everyday & in multiple cases directly at the taxpayers expense for the past 3 years & will go on for as long as he's in office. If you go after the Biden's now for it when do you plan to go after the Trump's? Another reason why the Orange Clown gets laughed at when abroad they know he's illegitimate & violating well known laws

  26. Face it Joe, you said to Ukraine "you not getting the billion unless the prosecutor is fired within 6 hours". And u dare to challenge an old man👎😎

  27. He might be their front runner but that’s going to cost! A lot of independent voters in Iowa! The other 8 people who showed up to hear Joe ramble might have liked the old crook’s response, the majority just saw how bad of a human he is. I wonder how he’d react to the kind of chatter Trump gets daily from the Democratic media? I don’t like to see Joe being picked on, it reminds me of elder abuse! He seriously lacks the mental agility to be productive at much,! who with his record for being to “touchy” would get in front of a bunch of people and talk about “the children rubbing his legs” and “the Children jumping in his lap”. If he has a speech writer he needs to fire them! Get some PR help Joe!

  28. If you see an ad for a selfie drone in this video, DON'T BUY IT IT'S CRAP! I fell for it and the camera sucks, the drone drifts, it's garbage!

  29. Now that wasn't very presidential was it? He can't handle a little town hall meeting what's going to happen when he gets on a debate stage with President Trump! He should just go ahead and quit now! TRUMP 2020!

  30. Why do Dems excuse this behaviour by saying, "ohh, that's just Joe being Joe," but if anyone says, "Let Trump be Trump," THEY'RE DEPLORABLE!(?)

  31. For all the garbage talked about how the President does not use proper decorum, and how he says things that are not very bright nor proper, this exchange by this wannabe president is an exceptional example of entitlement, but more importantly this idea that these overrated individuals think they can speak however they want to a person asking a simple question in a non-combative way. Imagine this dinosaur in the white house. I am literally exhausted with how Democrats waste time, waste real American tax dollars on stupid, do nothing, crap – impeachment – and how so many of them are wasting our time trying to convince us that they are patriotic, and that what they are doing is for the benefit of the country as a whole. It is a stunning joke. The President has gotten a bunch of positive things done with IMMENSE push back. Now imagine if he has more cooperation from so-called America loving Democrats. All I want for Christmas is for November 2020 to get here as fast as it can so that the bulk of them will be God willing voted out of office. Enough.

  32. But..but…but we're high and mighty and above the law. No one can question us or look at our dirty laundry.
    All this while they're being g handcuffed and their Miranda rights are being read to them

  33. Trump could fill football stadiums. The democrats cannot even pay enough weirdos to fill a moose lodge. There must have been fifty people there to see pizza gate Joe. Unfortunately Michelle Obama will be the next president even if nobody votes for it. 👹

  34. Joe Malarkey is pissed because even with MSMs help and the faux impeachment nobody I'd forgetting the years of (dealings)

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