Biden Takes Swipes; Mayor Pete Releases New SC Ad | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. "Bring back the Malarkey!" If Biden gets in, he's making sock hops and malt shops great again! Hide your Chuck Berry records, kids!

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  4. Desperate attempts to try and make a senile old man living in the 50's seem OK. Are you morons seriously promoting this car crash campaign as as a credible candidate to put up against Trump. The Constitution is at stake you effin' pinheads. Or what about Mayor Pete ? 0% with black voters. The Dem's rely on the black women vote, you can't win without them. Warren dive bombed in the polls when she went to the center yet these overpaid idiots are saying the opposite. Why would any Democrat care what a Republican wants as a candidate. Joe! your party died, don't try to do the same to the Dem party cos you've got no party left.

  5. For older folks who recognize the uselessness of government by twitter, Biden's offer of straight from the shoulder talk is not only ok but welcomed.

    If there is one thing Trump has taught us it is the value of mentally saying "Prove it" to our current POTUS whenever he opens his mouth.

    Before Trump we did not recognize the value – the importance – of hiring experienced and honest people as government servants.

    Steve Bannon promised America Trump would "dismantle the administrative state". Now we know what he meant and we are not amused.

    Destruction of the "deep state" – a phrase developed by extreme conservatives and readily co-opted as Tea Party propaganda – means destruction of the nonpartisan careerists who execute the daily tasks of government.

    What wasn't added, but always intended, was the substitution of political appointees in those vacated positions.

    If that sounds a lot like a method of building a nation-wide criminal class, dear reader, you are on the right track.

    If only more citizens would insist on Trump owning his actions, instead of choking down the poisoned koolaid flavored with "a perfect speech" he serves up.

  6. If all these "Candidates" were to spend all these millions on things like schooling and infrastructure, I think the American people would benefit much more from it. This sort of "Presidential" election system is a massive waste of very large amounts of money. I think it is time for America to change this system.

  7. Pete can't manage one racial issue in a town of 100k when he was Mayor–he will drop out soon. He does not project honesty or truthfulness.

  8. mayo pete and malarky joe… please just step down and let real leaders lead. haha.
    starbucks joe and the mika bunch cashing their checks to support these two dorks. ugh.

  9. Family leave is a good thing. Birthing is a rather important thing. It goes far beyond what literature, entertainment, and religion can explain. Of course, the bonding thing is important. That's a selfish kind of concern. Remembering who it happened to who decided to continue (for nine months) "Let it be" is a little more than a politically correct utterance. And sometimes it's a 2nd time . . . reinforcing the previous 'wake-up'. Social Security and 'socialism' ought to get real about it. Andrew Yang has mentioned it.

  10. Biden is a ticking timebomb! If you want four more years of trump Biden is your guy. I mean what else does he have to do?

  11. I barf in my mouth a little bit whenever Pete speaks his empty, meaningless rhetoric. He may as well just chant "baseball" and "apple pie" over and over again. It'd be more honest.

  12. Democrats don't want Progressive candidates? With the full might of the DNC and the media HRC just edged out Bernie Sanders in 2016.

  13. Are you going to pretend like his talking about "kids rubbing his leg hair down" and talking about "loving having kids jumping up & down in his lap" didn't happen??

  14. Mayor Pete never discusses his interactions with fellow soldiers during his military service. Mayor Pete only indicates, that he served in combat, and the countries he's been to. A lot of people learn to get along with their fellow citizens, ( of other ethnicities ), and racial harmony emerges sometimes, through military service. If this was the case with Mayor Pete, my guess is he would use it. Apparently, he's had no such epiphany in the military, and that the "deficit" continues to evidence itself through his time as mayor, and even now on the campaign trail. So, there is a "deficit" of comity between mayor Pete, and people of other nationalities, and ethnic backgrounds. Even, when some of those people, are his own Indiana constituents. That is a glaring problem..

  15. Myka has NEVER heard the euphemism "malarkey?" What does her family DO with their elders, put them to sea on an ice flow? If so, she'd better not age any more.

  16. Every time the MSM leaves Bernie out of the conversation it only helps to boosts his appeal to the voters that he's a danger to the system and exactly what we need. #Bernie2020

  17. Biden is a great man and a patriarch of the Democrats, but Pete Buttigieg has a bright future within the Democratic Party. Whether he is the President or part of the DNC financial committee.

  18. Joe Scarborough over and over again with the centrist Democrat fairy tale. Now, why again did Clinton lose against the most unqualified, most ridiculous opponent ever? She wasn't 'centrist' enough? She wasn't 'establishment' enough? Malarkey!

  19. He lost my vote when overhearing him taking out a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son Hunter. He's a liar, and took advantage of his vice-presidential seat under Obama. Sorry.

  20. The American people will vote our President elect in again, because we have better investigative properties than the propaganda from the Left.

  21. is it malarkey when Uncle Joe whispers in little girls' ears….or is it malarkey when he kisses little girls or touches them? why has the public forgotten about Uncle's Joe's paedophilic behaviors.

  22. Even though I support Liz, Pete is winning me over. I wouldn't mind if he won. At least he won't start a war like Biden has or support segregation and mass incarceration.

  23. These hosts make me sick. Bought by wealthy wall street donors to say the Democratic party isn't for progressives and that Democrats are conservative. BS!! The only president who has served more than two terms was FDRβ€”a PROGRESSIVE Democrat. Democrats want policies that help the poor, sick, and oppressed, not corporations.

  24. Wow, look at that. Bernie is setting everything aflame, and is crushing all the 'normal' metrics for being ahead in the race to this point. And Morning Joe yet again deliberately either doesn't mention him and his successes, or they cast him as the 'worst' of the list for 'too liberal'. THIS is why I really am dubious about the future of MSNBC. Joe and Mika keep driving us to the center with their incredibly blinkered vision of what's important to the country.

  25. 77 yr old Biden is your only hope……NO MALARKEY AAHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA 😁 DEMS done lost their minds, can you say landslide???? Dweebs.

  26. I got hairy legs… they shine golden blonde in the sun, petey buttegg smoothed em over VOTE DEMOCRAT….we knows whats we doin!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  27. But, what about Bernie? Are we not feelin the Bern of a Socialist taking all your money and giving it to someone else.? Eddie Gladd is so Oppressed, Just ask him.

  28. Gropin Joe or Buttegg….who ya got? Oh wait, Audrey Hepburn on acid is still running!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Demonrats … of da smart edumacated folk AHHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

  29. Haha, it's amazing how often the person claiming a "Witch Hunt" is actually the witch.

    I think it's about 100% since 2016 . We need MORE WITCH HUNTS!!!

  30. Fake news, Buttigieg is going nowhere, like Beto the Slender Man creeper. Bloomberg is going nowhere, of course. Another old white rich guy, from ny? Um, no.

  31. Fake impeach is going nowhere. These weirdo candidates are going nowhere. Fake news. All filler while Dems try to figure out how to extort or blackmail Trump down or out. But, he's going nowhere, with that cr — .

  32. Hairy legs Biden should drop out and stop embarrassing himself. And it's so cute how they never say the B word. People are tired of u corporate hacks…feel the bern!

  33. I live in the buckle of the bible belt. What Mayor Pete doesn't get or will never admit is the following, us black folks are very homophobic.

  34. Bernie Sanders keeps quietly moving up in the polls, but he's still MSNBC's Invisible Man.

    At least Fox News doesn't try to hide their bias.

  35. Hey Joe hows that $80 k AΒ  month you and sunnyΒ  gots O your getting low on funds well com on back we gots mo countries

  36. Someone tell Mika how to pronounce Buddha jedge yes say it like that!
    It’s this kind of sloppiness that will end up with Trump in 2020! Yikes

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