Biden Advisor’s CNN MELTDOWN

>>Earlier this week, Joe Biden rolled out
his vision for fixing healthcare in America. And it’s essentially an expansion of the
Affordable Care Act. Now here at TYT we have various hosts, myself
included, who are much more supportive of a Medicare for All, single payer system. And someone who was actually also very much
in favor of that single payer system was Symone Sanders, when she was working on Bernie Sanders
campaign back in 2016. Now she is an advisor for Biden. And she’s helping with his campaign. And she is of course, saying that she’s in
favor of expanding the Affordable Care Act as opposed to supporting Medicare for All. And when she got called out on it she didn’t
like it so much, take a look.>>You used to and in your prior role working
with Bernie Sanders you intellectually came to the conclusion that you could have Obamacare,
add to it, and get Medicare for All. And obviously, now you’re saying it’s different,
right, cuz Joe Biden is saying you can’t have Medicare for All and Obamacare because Medicare
would replace Obamacare. Here you are back in 2016 and I want to play
it, Symone, because I want to give you a chance to explain to everybody how you came to change
your mind, here you are.>>Thinking big is how we get change in this
country, thinking big is how we got the Affordable Health Care Act and thinking big is how we’re
going to build on that with a Medicare for All single payer system. When we talk about a Medicare for All single
payer system, we’re talking about universal healthcare, we’re not talking about doing
away with Obamacare, with the Affordable Health Care Act. We’re talking about building on its enormous
success. So now Joe Biden says that Medicare for All
would get rid of Obamacare. What is he doing differently?>>Erin, let me push back, let me push back
on you for just a second, because I unequivocally reject what is being said up here. What I just saw, to be clear, let me just
be really clear for a second. Yes, in 2016, I served as the press secretary
for Senator Sanders. I’m extremely proud of the work that I did
on that campaign, and the work that I have gone on to do since, when I left the campaign
in June of 2016. But let me tell you something, talking about
universal healthcare has been a very popular point in the Democratic party. It’s been popular in places across the country. Frankly, it’s popular with Republican voters
and Independent alike. But when you talk about healthcare, when you
talk about coverage, we have to talk about specific plans. In 2016, we were having these conversations,
what Senator Sanders has put on the table is not an expansion of Obamacare.>>It is not.>>Okay, so we have another clip to show you
in just a minute. I thought that answer was bad and it’s about
to get worse in the next clip. But I think the whole basis of the conversation
and the way it’s being framed is disingenuous. Almost like, I don’t know, it’s just deceptive
because Medicare for All would be better. It would be better because it’s like, why
is everyone so married to a healthcare? Why is everyone so married to the Affordable
Care Act knowing that it had so many major flaws? So the way that I see this, the way that the
establishment and the media are trying to frame this is they wanna repealed the Affordable
Care Act, right? And then, you’re gonna have nothing, you’re
gonna have nothing as this debate goes on about Medicare for All, it’s a big risk. No, that’s not what’s gonna happen, the Affordable
Care Act as flawed as it is especially now that the mandate has been repealed, will remain
intact. But you push for Medicare for All to replace
that system. I mean, you can argue that it expands that
system. It’s the ultimate expansion of the Affordable
Care Act, because it’s a single-payer system that covers everything. And we’ve talked about that on the show before. I’m gonna give you the details of Medicare
for All in just a minute because I think that’s important to just repeat what it covers. The plan would allow patients to visit doctors
with no out-of-pocket fees. The inclusive coverage would only require
patients to pay for brand name prescriptions. Okay, let me give you more. His proposal includes a list of financing
options, including different ways of taxing the wealthy. That’s just to answer questions about how
it would be paid for. Hospital services including inpatient and
outpatient hospital care, 24 hours a day. Emergency services and inpatient prescription
drugs, ambulatory patient service, primary and preventative services, including chronic
disease management. Prescription drugs, medical devices, biological
products, including outpatient prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse treatment,
including inpatient care. Laboratory and diagnostic services, comprehensive
reproductive, maternity, and newborn care, it covers everything, oral health meaning
going to the dentist, audiology and vision services. I mean, it’s one thing after the other. It covers way more than the Affordable Care
Act has ever even entertained covering. And so we’re having this ridiculous disingenuous
conversation about whether or not it’s going to expand on the Affordable Care Act. Yeah, yeah, it’s going to expand, the ultimate
expansion. It’s going to cover everything. What they’re so hyper focused on is what are
we gonna do about the private insurers? We got to protect the private insurance which
they’re going to get to in just a second.>>Yeah, well they’re in tough position because
they want the money from those private insurers. And he’s getting a lot of money from that
area. She is in a particularly tough position.>>She put herself in that particular tough
position.>>Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for
her. So there’s obviously no case to be made that
the actually outcomes for individuals Americans would be better under Bidencare, Medicare
for America whatever alternatives versus Medicare for All. You can’t actually make that case, so you
have to the retreat to one of the common criticisms of Medicare for All, which is either saying
it’s impossible to pass, or it costs too much. Those are difficult arguments to make on the
cost side because that study that we talked about most of last year, shows that it would
actually save money over what we have right now. So that undercuts that argument significantly. And the argument that it would be difficult
too pass is either an admission of cowardice that you wouldn’t push for it. Or could be similarly used for any other massive
expansion of healthcare, it is going to be difficult, but it’s worth fighting for. So those two arguments don’t really make sense
to make. So instead, they get into a sort of procedural
thing about expansions and replacements and would there temporarily be, all of that stuff
that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual outcomes.>>Yes.>>They don’t want to talk about the outcomes
because that will get people excited for pushing for the outcomes like Medicare for All.>>So while in that first clip she failed
in making the case for why Bidencare would be better than Medicare for All. In this next clip, she’s about to get even
more defensive because someone had the audacity to finally do her job and ask a question that
should be answered. Take a look.>>For anyone to suggest, for anyone to suggest
that because I worked for Vice President Biden now I feel differently, that’s just not
true. I welcome a conversation, no, no.>>I’m not suggesting you feel differently. But Symone, let me say why I played that.>>I do feel some type of way here.>>Hold on, hold on. I didn’t say it to do a gotcha. I said it because what you said there is different
than what you’re saying now.>>It looked very gotcha.>>You’re a thoughtful, smart person. You’ve changed your mind, and I wanna give
you a chance to explain to people why.>>Because, Erin, I believe in building on
the enormous success of Obamacare. But the plan that is currently on the table,
that is being discussed by a number of folks when they talk about Medicare for All, particular
specifically Senator Sanders’s plan, does not do that.>>And no actual person cares whether we’re
expanding previous legislation or replacing it. They care about how there healthcare will
be delivered, and how much it will cost them. That’s what they care about. This is all procedural bs.>>I totally agree. 100% agree. What really stood out to me there was that
she seemed to be blindsided by that question when a savvy individual who’s working on campaigns,
who was the press secretary for Bernie Sanders, in the 2016 election. You should expect that question, you should
be prepared to answer that question. Instead, she got angry. She accused Erin Burnett of gotcha journalism. You should be ready to explain why you no
longer support a proposal that you championed, that you pretended to be incredibly supportive
of when you were working for Bernie Sanders. Why have you changed your mind? Now your answer might not tell the truth. But as someone who’s worked in press relations
and PR whatever, you should be ready for the spin and she was not even ready for the spin. The only way should could handled it was,
I’m going to get defensive, I’m going to accuse you of gotcha journalism. That is insane to me
>>Yeah, but again, she’s put herself in a tough position. She supported Bernie Sanders, now she supports
him. They’re closer ideologically, than some, I
suppose, than a Hickenlooper, perhaps. But there are wide disparities and on some
of the biggest, most important issues in this primary. So you either have to say that I might have
disagreements with the person I’m supporting on a particular policy, but I believe they’re
the right person to be president. Or you have to explain why you changed your
mind in that policy and she doesn’t want to admit to either of those things.>>She doesn’t even have to, my point is had
she been prepared to answer this question which she should have prepared for, she could
have said something even something as simple, stay calm. I think that Medicare for All, while it’s
an impressive vision, it’s much more practical to focus our efforts on expanding the Affordable
Care Act, right. I mean, I don’t buy that. I don’t believe that, but that would be a
much better answer than the nonsense that she pulled
in that interview. That’s my take.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Fck you guys!!!!! This maniac is getting his base ready for civil war and you fcks are talking about flip flopping on Medicare. I'm so disgusted with the level of outrage from you fakes. BROOK, keep bringing the truth, let these other clowns keep fighting their trivial battles.

  2. How can you still believe politicians in general?
    Those who do politics only do so for two reasons: money and power, certainly not to help improve the lives of citizens.

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  4. Thank Allah Manna was here to figure it all out for me since I'm not smart enough to figure it out myself. What would we do without the young turds?

  5. Simone is obviously a campaign killer!
    She probably gets frustrated because she spends so much time kissing white people's asses while consistently talking shit about Black men! (Well, except for Obama. But I'm sure if he wasn't half white, she wouldn't like him either)

  6. Why is anybody listening to this babbling idiot representing another babbling idiot in Joe Biden? How can any of this be taken seriously? Only other sisters with the same black attitude could have confidence in this babbling fool. I mean really, this is where we've come to in American politics? This thing is a major candidate's campaign adviser. Biden's only reason for this is his usual pandering to one group or the other. Obviously It's the black community he's trying to con into the Biden camp. Why else would anyone hire this loud mouth idiot as an adviser.

  7. Joe Biden will hire Al Sharpton as his campaign manager very soon. Biden will say or do whatever it takes to feather his own pockets, or those of his immediate family. Joe Biden says one thing but his voting record and past actions say quite another. He full well knows the American people are ignorant of his politics. If they vote at all, they'll do it based solely on name recognition.

  8. simone…bla bla bla….lier lier pants on fire…. and yes I am a Democrat no I don't like Joe Biden but if he became the nominee yes I would vote for him

  9. A fat black women got loud and angry. Smh what a stereotype. As a black man with a crush on Simone, I'm disappointed. Those sexy ass lips were full of shit ?. I expected better from her.

  10. Look guys, she sold out to the donors. That's what happens when you join a Corporate Democrat's campaign. I know, it's disappointing and disheartening to watch someone sell out in real time…

  11. I don't get American Media, no where else would a reporter allow non-answer answers. She basically said I disagree with you saying I changed my mind because Single payer is popular, and I worked for Sanders in 2016, and he was for Single payer. If a judge in a court asked you a question and you gave that kind of an answer he would hold you in contempt. Look at Ben Shapiro's interview on the BBC, the BBC reporter did not let him get away with any of the BS our media does.

  12. LEARN you democratic fanatics, you serve the devil well at CNN, so get ready to get stabbed afterwards.

  13. Why is everyone so attached to the affordable care act?.. Money Money, Money Money…Money Money, Money Money, Money Money

  14. These people are all bought and paid for and have no real beliefs that they are willing to stand for, and are all used to having that practice go unquestioned, so why should they prepare an answer to that question. None will be willing to admit they are bought and paid for, whether it is the politician bought off by the corporation or the campaign manager bought off by the politician.

    She gets so defensive because she knows that people are tired of the bought off people and will no longer vote for them. You admit you don't really believe your own shtick your career is over, and probably your candidate's career is over too.

  15. Democrats dont even need to worry about winning an election without an AGENDA for ADOS. We're not gonna vote for anything less.

  16. i saw symone speak when i went to a bernie rally back in 2015 and she was great.. cant believe how much she’s sold out. really shameful.

  17. LOL she came to a safe space, thought she was being attacked, went into meltdown, then was re-assured she was in a safe space, handed a softball, and still blundered the answer with a non-point.


  19. We should just have a Darwinism medicare for all program that would save a lot of money. For example if you eat McDonald's or fast food or whatever, and drink soda all the time, and you become fat/obese and get diabetes, that is not covered in Darwinism medicare for all. You need to go through private insurers for that. If you smoke cigarettes and you get lung cancer you are not covered under Darwinism medicare for all. Private insurers. I have no problem paying more taxes for legitimate illnesses and injuries. I do have a problem paying extra taxes because people are ignorant, and negligent among other things.

  20. Ye ye ye, more "free" sh1t for everyone. Sanders will cover you EVVVRRETHINGGG, pulling it right out of his commie ass. What kind of moron could preach this kinda bullcrap with a straight face? I'm speechless.

  21. Meltdown, really? If we are talking about disingenuous, how about starting with TYT's video titles. So sick of the sensationalist 'DESTROYED' and 'MELTDOWN' rhetoric. Just stick to the facts and commentary which I enjoy.

  22. Come on Simone you're deflecting and reacting like a bought politician.. Thought you were better than that

  23. This is the woman who few years ago wanted to kick all white people out of DNC leadership. If you can't tell they're all frauds , the joke's on you.

  24. I guess people forget what they say on tv from one year to the next. She's a beavers who got caught flip flopping. ????

  25. the CNN host was really hand feeding her the direction they wanted the answer to go, but symone was too dumb to catch on.

  26. The game is up for the private insurers stranglehold on medical care in America and they know it. If they had been honest, fair and trustworthy they wouldn't be in this situation.
    Medicare For All will be happy to hire their staff, rent their buildings, perhaps buy their equipment…and their rich ex-execs and shareholders can fight over the spoils.

  27. She changed her mind because she changed who she worked for. And she knew that was the only real answer. lol. what a dumb ass.

  28. The reason they are tied to the Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with whats best for the American people its trying to mitigate the push back that the party is going to receive from Big Business with Big Pockets that will do and say anything to be able to continue to gouge the American People and jack up prescription prices anytime some new drug become in Vogue. Its really sad that their are multiple State Country run programs out there that we could duplicate and even make stronger but instead we continue to pretend that this is such a tough thing to do. Medicare for all is the easiest and most beneficial for the American people, let's hope that we elect someone who has the fortitude to make it a reality.

  29. Hey bitch, just say I was behind Sanders and I agreed with him, now that I work for Biden, I se what his plan is and I am going to help him with it. Just say that instead of crying. What a joke.

  30. Simone sanders works for butter biscuits!! She dont care who she gets them from, as long as the biscuits are hot and flakey with extra butter!! Goofy ass lady!! ????

  31. This shows you just how little respect they have for Americans. They think we are so stupid that we can't figure out which is better 100% coverage and free at point of sale with Medicare for all or failed Obamacare that still requires crappy coverage and health insurance. And has failed because the courts said mandating people buy health insurance is unconstitutional.

  32. The simple answer is… Biden’s campaign is paying her to take a different stance that betrays everyone else.

    She’s morally bankrupt.

  33. The problem with conventional medicine is that except for fixing broken bones or saving lives in critical A&E situations, Its very dark aged and backward

  34. Beats me how such a great country cannot implement a single-payer health system. In a small country like Spain we have it, and we currently have the 2nd highest life expectancy in the world, after Japan, and according to the World Health Organization we will be number one in 10-15 years. What are you waiting for?

  35. …i totally agree with everybody here…democrats mess-up everything …Trump was right…with him as President we are getting so tired of winning…Trump 2020…KAG…

  36. Reporter: Plays nothing but clips of Simone Sanders talking.

    Simone Sanders: I completely reject what is being said!

    Me: But these are YOUR words…?

  37. Single payer is NOT "an expansion of the Affordable Care Act". Single payer is the POLAR OPPOSITE of the ACA, because the ACA leaves the insurance co's. in charge. Leaving insurance co's in charge is INSANE! A health insurance co's primary goal is not health care, As with every "for profit" corporation its primary goal and reason for existence is maximizing profits for it's shareholders. Profits are maximized by avoiding anyone with health issues, by denying claims, by fine print plans that don't cover what buyers think is covered, and by the highest possible premiums, co-payments, and deductibles.

  38. You can tell Symone's just an opportunistic loud-mouth…. watch how she gets all riled up but the minute the lady said "You're a thoughtful and smart person," Symone calms down and smirks. The girl is driven by ego big time.

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