Beto Straight Up Calls Trump White Supremacist on Live TV

so there is a renewed and re-energized Beto
or war running around out there. He’s running for the Democratic nomination
in 2020 it’s not going super well Beto as port polling two to 3% in his latest post. Second debate polls. His first debate performance was atrocious,
but Beto is on fire this week. I told you earlier this week that Beto was
finally speaking sort of more from the heart. He wasn’t using these calculated talking points
and he was speaking earlier this week about the El Paso shooting very clearly and very
precisely, drawing a connective, a line between Donald Trump’s rhetoric and the shooting and
now he straight up called Donald Trump a white supremacist on live television. Take a look at this clip. Okay. You’ve been very clear that you believe the
president is a racist. Is the president a white supremacist? He is. He’s also made that very clear. He’s dehumanized or sought to do dehumanize
those who do not look like or pray like the majority here in this country. He said, I wished we had more immigrants from
Nordic countries because those from Haiti bring aids, those from Africa come from shithole
nations. Um, he’s been very clear about who he prefers
to be in this country and who he literally wants to keep out with walls and cages and
militarization and torture and cruelty. And again, we in El Paso had borne the brunt
of all of that, but we in El Paso are standing up to all of that right now. And I’ve never been more proud of this community
than I am at this moment. I don’t really know if Trump is a white supremacist. He’s certainly fomenting and coalescing and
encouraging white supremacy. But this is a great new Beto. I set it Monday and I’ll repeat it today. If this had been the better we’d been seeing
all along, he might be polling better than two or 3%. I mean, it’s really a breath of fresh air
in a world riddled with calculated talking points and hedging on everything. And from what I understand, there are people
around Beto. I don’t know if official campaign people or
just people that he talks to who are cautioning him about saying certain things. So bluntly politicians are supposed to you
know, have caveats and speak in vague language that failed Beto completely the calculated
milk toast bullet points have completely failed him and left him in a losing position in this
primary, it’s probably too late already to actually help them recover but maybe not. He has qualified for the third debate. The tell it like it is version of Beto is
absolutely the way to go and in fact this is the version of Beto that almost saw him
take out an incumbent Republican senator in the Red State of Texas, Ted Cruz. He ultimately did lose but not by much and
it was close because it was genuine. Tell it like it is, say what’s on your mind
Beto and it’s really just kind of sad that telling it like it is in normal speech. Is this notable for a politician? Beto was asked a question, he answered it
clearly with a yes or no. He supported it with examples and you can
say, well, it’s easier now for Beto to just let it fly and to behave this way because
he no longer has anything to lose because he’s pulling 2% you may be right about what
has inspired the change. Maybe it is that he feels like he has nothing
else to lose. It could just be that he is genuinely affected
by what’s been going on in El Paso because that is where he’s from, but it’s a sad commentary
on the political environment either way, whatever the reasons are. I’m glad to see this Beto and by the way,
whatever you think about white supremacist as a term for Donald Trump, corporate media
won’t even call Trump a liar. We’ve talked about this before. Corporate media will say when Trump has strayed
from the facts, when Trump has not been accurate in the things that he has said times the president
didn’t tell the whole truth. And from what I understand, there are legal
reasons why many corporate media outlets stopped short of just straight up calling Donald Trump
a liar. But it would really be great if it wasn’t
so rare to just call things what they are. And I’m actually, I’m not, you know, people
know that my politics are more in line with Bernie’s, uh, or with Elizabeth Warren’s for
example. Um, not necessarily Beto O’Rourke, but I hope
that this Beto continues. I hope that this is the better that we see
in the September 12th or 12th and 13th debates. I guess depending on how many people are left
in the race at that point in time because this actually is a Beto that might inspire
rather than confuse and sort of just, uh, make people wonder what is it that he even
really stands for. It feels too calculated. It feels to focus grouped in some way. Let’s hope that it continues. And, uh, by the way, speaking of a politician,
just speaking from the heart and telling it like it is, uh, I was able to watch more of
Bernie’s appearance on the Joe Rogan experience yesterday. A bunch of people on my twitch stream yesterday
said, you really got to check it out. It was really good. And I know that. So, so there’s this like never ending battle,
not to go completely off script here proverbially. Um, uh, but there’s this never ending battle
about should the left appear on Joe Rogan’s show because he allows so many right-wing
talking points to be parroted uninterrupted or should left this avoid Joe Rogan’s show. I think the answer is very clear. Anybody who goes on Joe Rogan’s program is
going to be giving an opera, given an opportunity to sort of flesh out their ideas with only
mild resistance or pushback from Joe. Like that’s the format. And he pushed back on things I said a little
bit when I was on his program back in June. Um, and he pushed back a little bit with Bernie,
but what was fantastic about Bernie’s appearance, which was only I think like 50 or 67 minutes
long or something like that. What was great about it is that Joe provided,
you could argue that it was not enough or too much depending on your politics, but he
provided an amount of pushback to Bernie that was enough of for Bernie to be able to come
right back with counterpoints. That in that environment were very, very strong,
fantastic appearance for Bernie Sanders on the program. I don’t know if it’s you know enough to move
polling for Bernie, but it certainly enough to generate donations for Bernie, which unfortunately
in the money in politics, status quo system that we have makes a difference. And I think it was completely worthwhile for
Bernie to do it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yes, our current president is a white supremacist, and you need to start taking this shit seriously and stop saying things like, "I don't know if trump's a white supremacist, BUT I LIKE THIS NEW BETO"! Goddamn it man, this is serious life and death situations here, and that type of language makes you sound more like a sports commentator than a news journalist. You know good and damn well trump is a white nationalist/supremacist, and until the news media stops playing these fucked up games, you are all just as culpable as he is in these mass murders!!!

  2. David I got a question for you. If someone is not a white suprematist but at the same time they spew out white suprematist talking points and they appear to support actual white suprematists by retweeting their statements and trying to put forth a false equivalency between them and counter protests. Is there any significant distinction between the two?

  3. This is definitely a better Beto. I don’t know if he’’s cut out to be in White House, but hopefully he drops out and runs for Senate!

  4. That is not a statement based on opinion. It is a statement of fact on Drumpf. Drumpf is what he is and will never change!

  5. David, it's not true that standard media won't use the terms "lie" or "liar" in referring to Trump: it has been happening in recent months.

  6. It's so superficial, but Beto has the height factor. It's a known phenomenon that taller people are more likely to get elected, especially nationally (shallow humans).

  7. I like this new Beto-with-a-spine, Beto is no longer Beta.
    I don't think this is a strategy, I think he's genuinely pissed enough at Trump that he's getting off the band-wagon and getting on the wild horse.

  8. Republikkkans on trump:
    I like him. He tells it like it is!

    Republikkkans on Beto:
    Omg such language. We don't want that kind of language in the office.

  9. On Bernie/Rogan, of course he's going to challenge him, that's how Rogan often gets the conversation rolling. It's journalism 101 unit 1 day 1.

  10. I would like to see a giant map of everything Trump has done wrong today. I would like to see how all his Rich buddies benefit from all the calls or non calls he makes in policy. Just a big fat chart I could show one of his followers I work with. They don't believe anything.

  11. What corporate media??? All I see is all media other than Fox News calling trump and his supporters racist and calling for violence against them.

  12. Glad to see Beto swinging. At least, he can do some good with the exposure while his campaign is in the race. He should keep hitting Dump, then drop out, and run for Senate; he'll certainly overtake the Republican in his district.

  13. I hate the narrative that Joe Rogan promotes right wing talking points and that progressives shouldn't feature on his platform. Truth is he's got the biggest podcast in the world and that will only be beneficial for Bernie. I expect the polls will reflect this.

  14. Remember the hatred Trump got bc he pointed out the truth of obama being a muslim sympathizer…hell Republicans were despised for this fact…yet noone..not one person gave a damn..i thank trump everyday for finally being the man to show biased fake ass media

  15. This is not a good look! There's so many dotted lines democrats are filling in right now just because they're angry. The things Trump has said definitely deserve an eyebrow raise, but to be running around banging on every pot and pan you can find screaming, "Racist!!!!!!!!!" makes you look like a lunatic.

  16. It was white supremacists that brought Africans into the America's in the first place and this half wit says that Trump is a white supremacist for wanting to keep them out lol, if this is the level of intelligence in the Democrats they are almost giving away the next election.

  17. Bill Clinton was polling in single digits in entire 1991 part of Democratic primaries, yes even in December of 1991. I think it's obvious to all how Bill ended up by end of it.

    So it's hardly too late for anyone by this point.

  18. I am so thankful Joe had Bernie on! Finally someone that didn’t interrupt, stopped due to time, etc…. Laid out policies like the pro that he is! I now tell people, if you wanna learn about who Bernie is, and what he stands for….then go watch joe rogan! Hear it straight from the horses mouth. #FeelTheBern ✊

  19. WTF David? The Washington Post has a daily lie counter, they are pretty clear about calling his false statements LIES! Hell, I know a guy from the "independant media" who just refused to say that Trump was a white supremacist…

  20. NAHHHHHH if Trump can run his stupid ass mouth name calling people and dogging people, Beto can come back with ful Vigor! At the highest this guy is straight up and DECENT in how he does it!He isnt runchy and disgusting hes is honest and straight forward. Yeah its GREAT to hear someone Bitch slap a jackass across the face. Go Get Him! He Rocks!

  21. What's the difference between a man who is a white supremacist directly and one who isn't but gives white supremacists aid and comfort? The first one is LESS dangerous than the second one, especially if that second one is in power.

  22. So true! I really liked Beto when he ran against Cruz, but I've found him too scripted while running for president. I don't know if I would want him for president this time around, but I do think he should have a role in the new Dem government. He has a great future if he speaks from the heart!

  23. Robert O'Rourke is a clown. How can anyone take him seriously? He uses childish gimmicks to get attention and it's funny and sad

  24. Not once had Trump fomented white supremacy. I mean, all of the major hate crimes of late have all been staged.

  25. One of the things I liked best about Bernie on JRE was that he got to state his position calmly and clearly.

    There was no need for arm waving or gratuitous and apropos uses of the word "damn".

    I really hope Bernie gets a Rogan-Bump.

  26. I'm not gonna say that I completely trust that this is the "real Beto" or the "genuine Beto." But Beto, right now, has gotten a Rudy Giuliani moment. He got a George W. Bush moment. He got a Chris Christie (Hurricane Sandy) moment.

    And I think this was touched on by the folks over on MSNBC. America needs leaders that can lead us. Especially now, when we have this absolute void in the White House, in times of tragedy.

    It has been proven time and time again that this current president doesn't know how to lead in times of crisis. I'm surprised he doesn't just hide underneath his bed. But no, we know where he hides. At either Mar-a-Lago, his golf resort in NJ, or just on Twitter.

    And Beto, he got an opportunity to lead and he took it. And he ran with it. And I hope he continues to. I hope he goes strong after the Latin American vote, because I'm sure he's polling strong right now among them. Because none of the major Democratic candidates really courts that community.

    I'm not saying he has a chance at winning the Democratic nomination, but I hope his energy will fire up the rest of the field and at least make the next debate/town hall more interesting. And him being vocal now about the current president's rhetoric and its roll in these mass shootings will force other candidates to address it.

    Also gun violence is a serious issue and should also be debated upon on a national stage. Hopefully, Beto will also carry that torch.

  27. For my part, David, if it walks and talks like a duck…But learning from the best 😉, what would Trump have to say or do for you to say he's a White Supremacist?

  28. So he literally proves that he’s a calculated standard politician by not being consistent but as soon as he flips to acting the way that’s more appealing to you, you act like he’s the man. How stupid.

  29. It's absolutely refreshing to hear a politician rejecting all the PC bullshit and talking straight up at CHUMPS level! This is the way to beat the creep in our Whitehouse.

  30. My respect for Beto has grown leaps and bounds this week. I love him for speaking out and for offering the people in El Paso genuine compassion and support.

  31. Well done Beto. Run for Senate Beto. I'd rather have the Senate majority than the POTUS.
    We need Stacey Abrams to run in Georgia & Steve Bullock in Montana (Hickenlooper is less clear).
    I am torn about Elizabeth Warren – I prefer her as a candidate to the others, but she would be replaced with a Republican by the GOP Governor.

  32. D. Pakman…If you don't know if Trump is a racist or not…then…something is wrong with you. And why do political video comments if you willfully have your head in the sand and not even researched his life from his racist father on down ??!! What the Eff is wrong with you dude ??

  33. Trump is talking like a white supremacist, allowing his agency’s to act out like white supremacists, promoting white supremacist policy, and normalizing white supremacy. So yes he is

  34. Yup, I knew "Punk Rock Beto" was in there somewhere, dormant, waiting. Welcome back comrade, there is much work to be done.

  35. Beto is gross and this is gross. He might be more flavorful but he's certainly not helping the political climate at all with this shit.

  36. Yes, we definitely should be listening to a desperate moron polling at less than 2 percent. Once again you are the best, dickhead. Great job!!!

  37. And here we have the pot calling the kettle black. Maybe instead of throwing rocks at people, beto, maybe you should go back to work and do your job. What have accomplished lately, besides being part of the party of do nothing?

  38. Hell, it worked for the piece of $hit in our Oval Office!!! It should work for Beto too…he’s a much better person than President Chump!!!

  39. If Trump had ultimate power his white supremacy would be on full display. Right now he's like your racist grandpa.

  40. Beto can be strong here no doubt. Trump is an easy enemy and everyone can feel for him defending his people against that enemy. But he’ll fall flat once again in the debates when he’s up against quality progressive candidates that he can’t say anything against that will make him stand out.

  41. I believe there are some great Democratic candidates for the first time in a long time. Bernie number 1, Elizabeth Warren number 2, Beto I like him so much. he's definitely growing as he goes, but I do believe he's a genuine guy and truly wants to do the right thing for as many people as possible. That's what I think motivates him.

  42. he reminds me of a young congressman John Kennedy certainly not in the way he speaks but that same Irish charisma, he actually looks like he could be a Kennedy.

  43. So Trump literally denounces white supremacy multiple times and he’s “encouraging” white supremacy. You are so full of it David. You’re no more honest than CNN. (One time Obama voter soon to be two time Trump voter and I detest white supremacy)

  44. "White Supremacist" becomes a weaker insult every time it is used. Many whites are hearing it and realising what it describes isn't so bad after all.

    I think most US whites would prefer their race to retain cultural and demographic primacy in America. I think every race would admit to that… so why is it only deemed a dubious, colonial, racist kind of oppressive "Supremacy" when whites admit to it?

  45. You know what I really don’t get? The people who believe the government is being run by passionate white supremacists that are operating “concentration camps” and rounding up brown people based on the color of their skin want the government to have all the guns….. liberals don’t make any sense

  46. The way you talk you really don't know Beto, you haven't been following Beto and haven't really caught up. Beto hasn't changed since his Senate race. Beto doesn't slavishly follow polls as he is out live streaming on the road to the far reaches of Iowa and Sth Carolina doing round tables and town halls and meeting people at their workplaces and in their homes, cooking for people in Flint Michigan, doing housework with a carer in Nevada. If you follow his live stream grass roots you will not see talking points Beto He's the real deal. Go look at his strong policies on www. Betoorourke,com Beto endorses Medicare For America that has a better response than Medicare For All by the experts. Beto is just as progressive as Bernie enough to capture the middle ground. Beto not Bernie is targeted to beat Trump in Texas and seriously change the color of that state. You might be rusted on Bernie supporters, but Beto is going to capture more Independents and disgruntled Republicans Bernie can only dream about.

  47. I would argue that Trump himself is not a White Supremacist…


    Hear me out…

    He is without doubt a dyed-in-the-wool racist, and he has been stoking White Supremacist hatred for crowd reaction and a core cult base. But – and just my opinion – I don't think his narcissism could abide being a mere White Supremacist.

    That would require a belief he was part of a superior group of equally superior people. But Trump is a malignant narcissist and he believes he is superior to everyone. Especially his supporters.

    I've always said, no-one has more comtempt for Donald Trump supporters than Donald Trump.

  48. After Charlottesville Trump without any reservations condemned white nationalists and Nazis. I do not get where people get that he is some kind of a white supremacist.

  49. Beto, Give Them Hell and Damn the Supremacist Racists Republican Torpedoes. Why beat around the bush. Tell It As It Is.

  50. Trump is a pervert neo nazi professional corruptionist TERRORIST president..that HIJACKED our economic n political process with his nazi Republican mafia of ..nothing less..

  51. Of course occupant#45 is white supremacist, he meets all of the criteria, illiterate, ill articulated, disrespectful to minorities and women, inhumane towards children of races other than his , intolerant of other forms of worship, total invalidation toward others, incompetent in his promises, abusive of power, denying other people' rights and property, supportive of destructive groups, but yet destructive of constructive groups, complete disregard for responsability ( non-pay not recognizing wrong doing), causing detrimental damage to members of his immediate circle, (many of them went to jail, because of him,women were assaulted) secretly conspiring with enemy forces (he finally admitted he will welcome Russian collusion in American elections) and many more to enlist here,such as taking the wrong action as a solution to problem, such as attacking allies but supporting foes etc,.so YES!!! he's racist YES he is a white supremacist, YES!!! he's a criminal felon hanging by a thread, only because of the office he so uselessly occupies.

  52. Davide, corporate media (at least cable news) now calls Trump a liar all the time. That bridge was crossed in 2017. They now openly call him a racist all the time. Your statements are just not accurate.

  53. It is so sad to pretend that Trump is a white supremacist. That means that almost 50% of the USA supports a white supremacist. Do you really believe 150 million people like white supremacy? I really feel sorry for you if you believe that. Leftists have such a sad view of the world.

  54. Ironic how you fraudulently claim (lie) that “the corporate media won’t even call Trump a liar”. How can YOU lie so brazenly and not get called on it by your viewers? The media ALL call Trump a liar, CONSTANTLY!!!

  55. tRump benefits from the fear domestic terrorism causes. How simple would it be for tRump to ratchet up his rhetoric and "postpone" the 2020 elections in order to remain in office and safe from indictment? I know what I think – what do YOU think?

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