Beto O’Rourke Threatened by Fellow Politician

>>Last night during the Democratic debate
in Houston, Beto O’Rourke unapologetically defended his call for a mandatory assault
weapons buyback program. And as a result, a right wing State Representative
in Texas put out a threat against him. State Representative Briscoe Cain said, quote,
My AR is ready for you Robert Francis. Robert Francis is Beto O’Rourke’s legal name. And that is a threat, that is threatening
a Democratic candidate with violence if he follows through with his proposal. Now for those of you who were wondering what
it is that Beto O’Rourke said during the Democratic debate that fired this guy up so much, take
a look at this video.>>The critics call this confiscation. Are you proposing taking away their guns and
how would this work?>>I am, if it’s a weapon that was designed
to kill people on a battlefield.>>If the high impact, high velocity round,
when it hits your body, shreds everything inside of your body because it was designed
to do that. So that you would bleed to death on a battlefield. And not be able to get up and kill one of
our soldiers. When we see that being used against children
and in Odessa, I met the mother of a 15 year old girl who was shot by an AR-15. And that mother watched her bleed to death
over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that AR-15 in Odessa
and Midland. There weren’t enough ambulances to get to
them in time. Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15, your
AK-47.>>We’re not gonna allow it to be used against
my fellow Americans anymore.>>Now again Texas State Representative Briscoe
Cain responded to that with my AR is ready for you Robert Francis. And so this morning, Twitter decided to take
that tweet down because it violates their terms of service. Twitter said the tweet from Texas State Representative
Briscoe Cain violated its rules against making violent threats, and that it had removed the
tweet the next morning. So what do you ladies think about this?>>Well, first of all, what is the follow
up to that? Because, yes, we know that that’s the digital
space. But what’s happening in real time around making
a terroristic threat? Because just to be clear, had that been a
person of color, an activist, someone who’s associated with an organization such as Black
Lives Matter, they would have a field day, right, would eat that up. But because this is someone that feels they’re
beyond reproach and that they represent someone like the NRA, who as far as I’m concerned
and San Francisco is, there a terrorist organization. And so, what does that look like in real time? What arrests needs to be made? That’s a threat.>>Yes.>>It is a threat and it’s an incitement of
violence. And this has been, this is not an isolated
incident. There have been more and more of these statements
by public figures lately including Meghan McCain talking about a civil war if there
are any gun regulations passed by Democrats. I mean, it’s-
>>He’s just gonna reach into her yoga pants and pull out a girl by.>>These people, I can’t even, I’m sorry.>>I just think that rhetoric matters. And inciting violence like this is unacceptable.>>It absolutely does, as I was saying in
the break. I’m teaching my students in this Intro to
Human Rights class at the beginning of the semester, torture and genocide. And the preconditions for that, guess what,
are always rhetoric. And it’s always about marginalizing a group
of people and making the threat public and not suffering any sort of repercussions beyond
deleting a tweet. What was really interesting is that directly
after the debates, Trevor Noah said, he commented on Beto O’Rourke saying this and saying, you’re
not afraid of them coming for you with their AR-15’s? And this joke became a reality, literally,
like within minutes. And that shows you just how vile and vicious
these folks are, because they are in the scarcity mindset that they think that the white male
against a government that is not their vision of their choosing, their very narrow vision
and choosing. If they are elected, then they think that
we’re gonna, stash up with the guns and kill them all. Which guess what? It hasn’t happened.>>Which is kinda what they thought even during
the Civil War, it’s happening to this epigenetic beer.>>Yes.>>That if we don’t have some sort of control,
they’re going to come for us and they’re going to overthrow us.>>And guess what, there have been government
buyback programs in the US since 1974. They’ve been done on the municipal level and
they’ve been from like Seattle to Baltimore. So this has happened, and I’m just curious
why people want AR-15s and AK-47s. But for me the curiosity also extends to the
state on an international level. I’m a big-time pacifist. I don’t think anybody should have this military-grade
equipment, including governments.>>Yeah, that’s a great point.>>And it’s so interesting that they wouldn’t
at least open the door for gun reform. So even if you’re not making a bold statement
such as Beto O’Rourke, they’re not even trying to have the conversation. And instead they’re scapegoating other causes
like video games.>>Yeah.>>Yeah.>>And they’re like, this generation-
>>Mental health.>>Doesn’t have respect for I think it was-
>>Godlessness.>>Yeah.>>All this nonsense about, all we need is
more religion in schools and it will solve the problem. No we need gun control.>>A teacher had guns, yeah, yeah. Exactly, that’s how we stop violence.

Maurice Vega

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  1. To bring much needed focus to the pivotal issue of climate change, TYT is raising funds to host a Climate Change Town Hall.


  3. This is how you raise an army in a ridiculously corrput nation. You con them into buying their own weapons. Then to die for your racist, religious zealotry and disgusting over abundance.

  4. We need Student debt cancelled, medicare for all, Gun-free zones abolished, Drugs legalized, More guns for law-abiding citizens, Universal basic income, education as a right.

    Disarming ourselves and begging the government to defend us when we are only 50 years out of apartheid is foolish.

  5. Beto just threatened to ignore the Second Amendment running for President of the US, calling for mandatory gun confiscation – is that OK????

  6. This moron is polling about as well, America becoming a socialist country, his campaign slogan should be–> (insignificant, never Irishmen)

  7. I'm sure this guy is under alot of hostility for he says and fully believed is the truth.

    Doesn't mean someone should is worse because it is a fellow law maker…. It means that Beto is a dipshit that is wrong.

    #(ck) common knowledge

  8. That’s not a threat. In Texas it’s legal to protect property. I think these guys forget Texas is not California.

  9. Well good job Beto, you single handily gave the win to Trump. This clip will be played for years and years. Now the Democrats can’t say “Nobody is trying to take your guns”

  10. 4:17 so a government has never subjected it's citizens?.. You sound ridiculous. And btw I'm black and "liberal" on a lot of issues but you guys stance on guns is just uninformed.

  11. Mmm…. wasn’t a terrorist threat. The real terrorist threat of those trying to take our right to defend ourselves. Quit manipulating people by taking things out of context. Fear mongering exists, so do plane tickets to Britain. Their political views align more with your news channel and maybe your message will be more fitting there.

  12. hey turds I think the other guy was talking to you liberals get your toilet paper ready Trump is winning in 2020 brace your self

  13. How is it that him saying MY AR IS READY FOR YOU a threat? How do you know he wasn't referring to the fact that he was ready to give it over to the confiscation? Which is a CLEAR violation to a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and if that is allowed how long will it be till they take away your right to SAY what you want?

  14. What you unthinking people don't realize is that first they will TAKE our right to own a firearm and then they will TAKE your right to free speach because there will be NO ONE there to tell them they can't! There are NO constitutional right that is more important then the other and when you let just 1 be attacked and removed then the rest will NOT survive much longer either! And for proof of this look back at history and see what the NAZI PARTY did to gain it's hold on the people and then HONESTLY look at what you people are doing and you will see that YOU are pacing the way for that to happen again!

  15. AR 15 are not a weapons of war they are no different than another semi automatic weapon. The military uses the m16 or m1 , m60 , 50 cal , SAW. And the reason some of us don't want to talk to you about gun control is because we know what you what is to talk away right.

  16. A Republikkkan who claims that all life is sacred threatens the life of another human. Hypocrite!!!
    Brisco Caín: “i needs me a gun to feel like a man; I ain’t got nothing else that shoots.”

  17. Hi wet old Turkish buffalo ? I rejoined again to see how you liberal mental fucks are doing towards us winning ceaselessly and turning America RREEDD??? oh btw I left your DNC plantation over 2 years ago MAGA2024 !!?????

  18. You dumb fucks want an open border for your votes and want to disarm Americans. TYT should listed as a terrorist organization.

  19. Every person that owns a high powered semi automatic should be red flagged and put on a government watch list. We need to crack down on these terrorists.

  20. Not cool. Threatening to take peoples guns away, is not cool. I'm down with background checks, but not cool with a potential future presidents trying to take peoples guns away.


  22. All the tough macho redhats that mention Chicago. If you cowards are so hungry for war, go down there and teach them gang bangers some manners. Paying bills and showing skills is not a trait of most drunk/druggy right wingers. So I doubt the Scooter cart riding AR militia will go to Chi town .
    Oh and you can take their heroin and black market pain pills as your war trophies. Do it you loud mouth drunk militia right wing jobless druggies !
    this is in satire

  23. Be ironic if the 2nd Amendment was in part for the educated land owning Gentry to be able to put down gangs of rogue hillbillie inbreeders that ran away from their jobs as indentured servants. That would occasionally venture out of the hills and hollers and try to rebel and loot. The ancestors oddly enough of the white trash druggy redhats.

  24. The woman in the middle is teaching people? I’m all about pacifism but at some point you have to come to terms with human nature.

  25. if the lazy drug addict right wing fat ass binge fast food eating criminal minded booze hounds., would get even half as mad about getting some healthcare as they do AR 15 penis augmentations,
    we'd make progress, but they think the Doctor is the voodoo man unless he is writing an OXY script

  26. It's just funny that anyone thinks they can take what I have my 2nd amendment right will defined my property and my family.

  27. How about a compromise, mandatory mental health screening every few years and license requirements to own an AR or have a conceal permit

  28. Why do fat our of shape often drunk druggy right wingers with no self discipline have masturbatory dreams of civil war?

  29. I clearly see you are uneducated, so let me give you a free History lesson. In Russia when the Bolsheviks overthrow the Tsar "The people movement" – they disarmed everybody, using the same arguments you are using. We don't want you to hurt your fellow citizens. You know what they did after? Gulag. They took everybody who did not agree with their political view and throw them in to concentration camps. Where 2.4 millions died according to documents. Well documents, Russians are not Germans, who documented every death in their camps, Russians did not keep tracks at all, so a lot of deaths went undocumented. Independent studies show way over 5 mil death. So you think if you were complying you would be on the save side? Well not so fast. They had quotas, of how many "traitors of the revolution" they should arrest. So if they were not able to meet the quota they just grabbed anyone from the first floor to meet the quota. In this camps women where group rapped, they did all sorts of middle age tourtures and if you survived thouse- you will die from starvation. Well you think something ended here? No. Golodomor. An event in which the Bolsheviks took all the food from farmers/villages in order to meet the export quota. over 3 mil people died from starvation across the country. Food were taken away from basements at gunpoint, people had no way to protect themselves. So now you will ask, but I'm in US why am I studying Russian History. Well, it's not about Russia, it's about many countries who confiscated guns. If in Russia people would be able to fight of a tyrannical government- over 10 mil people would not died. I have an AR-15 not for home defense, it is stupid. For home defense I have my Handguns, way more practical. I have an AR-15 to protect myself and my family against a tyrannical government. And I will kill anybody who will try to take it away from me, because it's better to die from a bullet fighting for freedom, then die from starvation in a concentration camp. Finally a class in statistics, something the democrats did not study at all. Gun ownership per capita in the US is 1.2, in Russia it is 0.12 but the Homocide rate is the same. So even with strict gun laws (in Russia if you shoot a home intruder and he is not armed with a firearm- you go to prison for murder, even if he has beatdown your wife in front of you to the point where she fell unconscious, there was a case exactly as I described). Still the Homocide rate is THE SAME. Looks like your laws aren't working? Statistics, numbers don't lie.

  30. Would you lard ass non working(quite a lot of red staters ssi/Disability for odd reasons) rightys be willing to vote and agree to tax the super rich and large corporations proper. Jail CEO's that order use of undocumented labor to get bigger bonuses, deport any CEO that outsources work from a mega-profit making corporation, fund legit accredited higher ed and vocational schools. And get a form of single payer comprehensive health plan. That focuses on prevention rather than sick care for profit?
    if we let you have your AR toys? be less crimes of despair if we take care of each other some

  31. too bad his poll numbers tanked after this stupid statement. He is now polling behind Biden in Texas which was the only state he was winning in.

  32. That ain’t a threat. I’m a lefty and I stand by Briscoe cain’s sentiment. Whether its President Beto or Trump, I will defend the second amendment. If they want to take away our legal guns they aren’t going to be taken lightly. That’s just what tyrants want. A disarmed populace to rein terror upon to fuel their machine.

  33. Why does anyone need an automatic weapon unless they're planning a mass shooting? You have handguns, rifles and shotguns.
    Don't go threatening Beto.
    Religion? In this country? If terrorists wanna kill christians, they won't find any in the US. Good to know. You bunch of hypocrites.

  34. Beto lost my support. Mandatory buy backs will not work. You are only falling for the conservatives talking point "fascist government is coming to take my guns"

  35. Hey you, that's not a threat, is a promise. Francis is the one who made the threat, in fact also the promise that he will disarm american citizens. He and Kamala are openly saying to America and the whole world: we don't give a F. the 2nd amendment, actually we don't give a F. the whole constitution. And then We The People respond: COME AND TAKE IT.

  36. The left is pushing and pushing and our patience will reach the limit. This country was built on the idea of individual freedom and this f…. are pushing trying to install their tyranny. The left really think all americans, middle America , have lost their spirit of freedom and liberty, looks like they think people is going to be pleased to be lectured and ruled by them. Very far from the truth.

  37. Those that feel the need to buy an AR belive they have a right to protect themselves via any means avalable. The included against government over stepping.

  38. Beto fires me up man. I love him so much. He gets me motivated to make some real change. My 5 year old baby is doing active shooter drills in school. So I will stand behind any law or bill that will keep a gun out of his school.

  39. you idiots promoting gun confiscation of the citizenry are running headlong into fascism where ONLY the police & military & other psychopathic criminals have ALL the weapons, conventional & otherwise. all these school 'shootings' are FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS complete with CRISIS ACTORS with an AGENDA to get the guns away from the people. check out: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook & The Life of Adam (about the fictional character who allegedly shot up the school at Sandy Hook). These will give you the BLUEPRINT of how it's done!

  40. I’ve been thinking really hard about blowing up the White House ‘Madonna, 2016’ How long has it been since a actor killed a president ‘Johnny Depp,2016’

  41. What if the CEO's of concert promotion agencies, amusement parks, mall property management companies. Venue owners, and large retail and restaurant outlets bribe repubs more than the NRA can? And the repubs eventually vote for restrictions, the economy must move on

  42. Lot's of the rightys in the comments seem to be suburban upper mid class sheltered spoiled , helicopter parented punks. They have not seen the pill head lard asses of middle America Right Wingdom,their fellow Repub Trump lovers yet

  43. Why are guns less regulated than my uterus? Think about that for a moment. Do we live in such a violent society that your gun rights matter more over the life of a child? These questions are rhetorical. If you're not willing to have a serious discussion, don't bother commenting.

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