Beto O’Rourke On Pete Buttigieg: ‘I Question His Political Courage’ | All In | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Beto is interesting, Pete is very intelligent, Bernie is sweet, Kamela is good, etc etc. All the candidates are “good”, but none of the Democratic contenders are particularly appealing or outstanding. It’s a real shame that the DNC couldn’t find an outstanding American hero type individual who would blow Trumps scam out of the water. Instead, all we have are these half dozen “also-runs”. 😪

  2. Pete Buttigieg has served in the military & Beto shouldn't question his courage. In contrast SpankyPants tRump is a 5 times draft deferring draft dodger & coward & thats the reason he is called "CadetBoneSpurs" amongst many other nicknames & things.

  3. LFG PETE pLz pLz pLz pLz win we need another great president like u and what u could do for the LGBTQ community winning to would me unbelievable and you overall are the best candidate to be president with all your experiences you have had and still have

  4. Neither Pete nor Beto are ready. Having said that, either would be better than the current whitehouse occupant.

  5. Meanwhile a big caravan is at Mexico border
    A year after a mass caravan departed Honduras, a new group tries to head to US from southern Mexico, but is stopped.

  6. Beto, you have no clue on a real solution. You have NO solution. You are acting like dog, just barks.
    You should go back to your state and be a governor and take EVERY ONE’s gun there.

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