Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump | 2020 Election Prediction | July 27th, 2019

Maurice Vega

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  1. Which is more comptetive? NE-2 or ME-2? If Dems flip PA and MI in 2020, but lose WI, they might need to flip one of NE-2 or ME-2 to get a 269-269 electoral college tie or both to win 270.

  2. Bernie has a better chance of winning Texas than Julian Castro and Bet On My Stork, who are both dirty corperate dems

  3. Bernie wins Wisconsin solidly.. I'd even bet he wins Iowa, Arizona, and North Carolina… Ohio I'm not sure about… But I do see Florida going for Trump, though still a close race..

  4. The rust belt Midwest is definitely Bernie territory, just look at the 2016 primary results against Clinton. While the southern/Southeastern states is still pretty good for Trump, unless some centrist dem gets it. Arizona is definitely in play tho for sure whoever is nominee.

  5. Bernie is a populist. If he goes up against trump, then trump supporters who are otherwise ignorant will see what Bernie says and will see that his ideas are not radical and exist everywhere else in the developed world (guaranteed universal healthcare, paid vacation and leave, etc.)

  6. Dude your FUCKING STUPID if you think sanders does bad with ppl with color! He has the highest numbers with ppl of color, Young ppl, millennials, women!!! And he can easily win the rust belt, The southwest!!! God you don’t know shit!

    Go back and research political science man! Stop posting BS dumbass- he beats Donald by the largest margin! Holy fuck!

    Clearly your a maga guy??!!! – “he does better with white guys?!” Wtf are you talking about?

  7. I could see Sanders very narrowly winning Arizona just because he has such an appeal with young, educated voters who are pervasive through the Phoenix Metropolis. I agree on Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Florida though. Of those, his best hope is North Carolina for the same reasons as Arizona, but I just don't think the demographics are there yet for any of these states to be really in play for the Democrats in general yet.

  8. It’s either going to be Bernie or Biden in the final showdown – and both will gift Trump with a massive win.

    It’s a shame you have democrats win everything. I think you will be surprised in 2020.

  9. 🤔 just like Harris, I don’t think here also Bernie is going to win the rust belt and maybe also Pennsylvania due to trump policies in regards to the economy. Sure, trumps approval ratings maybe low as hell or bad but when talking about economic standpoint, I think that speaks for itself. Like not saying that you may be right or wrong, but, if I were to make a prediction, I would say he would win his reelection against any democrat, maybe no against uncle joe or a moderate dem, by carrying the rust belt and Pennsylvania because of simply economic terms. Because, look, as I stated with Harris, Bernie’s environmental policies would mean a huge loss of industry and manufacturer, things that the Pennsylvanian and rust belt economies depend on. Also, the socialistic platform of Bernie will be another big factor in his defeat, which might be or not all depends of he’s nominated. If we putt all of his stances in the environment, economic policies, social policies, Bernie may loose in the rust belt and in Pennsylvania because I don’t think liberals hold a huge majority there. Democrats may, but not hardcore liberals to outvote other people. You may based you’re predictions in past elections, polls, or other things, but I think of you based it in policies, I think trump may win.

  10. Nobody:
    Bernie Bros: Bernie will win Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, & the Rust Belt!

  11. Bernie Sanders would have literally no chance in Florida. The Cuban population there, which already mostly votes red, would turn out overwhelmingly against Sanders because of his embrace of socialism.

  12. Please increase the volume a bit and PLEASE don't talk so fast. You sound like you're in the middle of a three-day speed jag!

  13. the new people added to the ballot in Florida if it's those felons they can vote but the put a big obstacle in their way if its other people I see Florida go blue narrowly because if of the really really close midterm election results with Andrew Gillum.

  14. I would agree, Trump has lost the rust belt and it would take complete negligence on any Democrat candidate to lose then.

    Clinton didn't even bother campaigning in them and still only less than by a 1% in each state. If a candidate focuses even slightly on these state I can't see Trump carrying any of them.

  15. I think Wisconsin will narrowly tilt to Trump. It has benefited from Trump's economy and his approval rating is not doing too bad there compared to the other rust belt states.

  16. What the fuck is a centrist democrat? Every time I hear someone use that term it's always in reference to a corrupted "Democrat" who takes corporate PAC money. What is centrists philosophy? Don't do anything at all because it will offend Republicans is what I'm getting. Joe Biden is literally incoherent to me. I'm not joking, his sentences makes no sense. Is that what we are supposed to get behind? Again he is unintelligible. Are we supposed to pretend that's normal?

  17. In Trumps defense he won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania in 2016 with approval ratings of -29, -20, -14. Also morning consult is Trumps worst pollster

  18. I wouldn’t really characterize Indiana and Missouri as solid republican. Trump’s approval ratings in both of those states is only +1 (according to Morning Consult) and I think a candidate like Bernie could do significantly better in those states. He might not necessarily win those states but I think it will be very close.

  19. Can you do a 2024 generic prediction based on the projected electoral map? States such as TX and FL would gain electoral votes while the rust belt would likely lose some

  20. Hitler at the End barely held the northern front in 16 his front will be crushed by The Liberal Army in the Fall of 20.

  21. Trump will win at least one Rust Belt state besides Ohio. He will win at least one of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Michigan

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