Ben Shapiro Criticizes Milo, Reddit, and Keyboard Warriors

(Off screen) hi! my question is… I feel like it might be a little bit more personal but um what do you think about the places on the internet like slash poll do you know about that at all? (Shapiro) not familiar, no! (Off screen) I’m talking more about the keyboard warriors who… I know have insulted you in different… (Shapiro) like the reddits in the 4chan? (off screen) yeah, like reddits in the 4chan because I feel like they kind of started almost like a political revolution online of getting rid of P.C. but i just wanted to see what you thought about it them? (Shapiro) I think they’re mostly losers who sit in their mother’s basement, smoke pot and masturbate (laughter) I think that my biggest problem would be with this group of people is that there is a… again I’ve spent my entire career fighting against political correctness right I’m the guy who goes to public high schools with under…. with… with poor kids and says to the poor kids the reason your parents are permanently poor is because they’re bad with money and made bad decisions don’t make those decisions and you’ll do better right that’s politically incorrect and that will get you shut down by the high school principal right which happen that’s political incorrectness it is not political incorrectness to shout cock at people right you’re not actually changing anything I’m sorry but shouting cock at people doesn’t make the world a better place it just means that you’re an asshole so the idea… so you know my big problem with this is that there’s a whole generation of young people who are falling into the trap of thinking that principled by saying stupid things and not just saying stupid things, like cuck is just a silly thing but people who are using the n-word in chat rooms because they think ‘oh I’m violating some sort of societal taboo and that makes me cool’ yeah well that’s not going to be so cool when it turns out your employer can search you and now you can’t get a job right it’s not going to be so cool when you fall into this trap of associating with all with all these folks and it turns out that’s on your Facebook page it’s all fun and games until you actually have to live in the real society where the left is willing to go after people now I don’t think the left should go after people for this sort of stuff because I would prefer to live in a society where we can all say whatever we want but I don’t think that you saying these things promotes that because I don’t think it’s important that we have a society where you say the n-word I think it is important that you have a society where you can point out that we’re not disproportionately sending black people to prison we’re sending black people to prison in precisely the proportions they’re committing crimes I think that’s more important than you shouting cock or the n-word right and this is this is my big this is my big problem with you know as you know I have this long-running debate now with my old bud Yiannopoulos it is my big problem with Milo and his entire movement is I think that Milo is not conservative I don’t think he knows anything about conservatism I don’t think he cares about the Constitution he says this openly I think that Milo cares about being a provocateur and I’m sorry I provocateur generation is only valuable in standing for things that are worthwhile it is not… being a provocateur just for the sake of being a provocateur is worthless provoke in the name of something real and decent and then I’ll stand with you provoke in the name of just being a provocateur because you’re violating taboos and you’re wasting my time thank you

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ben only accepts his version of conservativism. it is kind of sad because he has such a brilliant mind and he shuts out everything else.

  2. Nooooo… these are my two favourite people! Don't make me choose between Ben and Milo. I'd have to choose Milo because he's a fellow Brit, but they're both just so smart and quick witted and impossible to get the better of! Love watching both of them shut down SJWs in their different ways!

  3. Ben Shapiro just can't admit he made a fool of himself by backing Michelle Fields in an effort to harm Trump's campaign. Milo brutally called him out on it.

  4. This guy acts like he actually worked a real job to get where he's at. He was just good at school work and his parents had money to send him to a nice school.

  5. "muh… b-b-but he's a j-jew". Go crawl back into your hole po(L). An edgy trump one liner won't win a debate. A well put together thesis will.

  6. Milo DOES provoke in the name of something real and decent: freedom and facts and sanity. Maybe the guys on the internet don't, not all of them anyway. But Milo does. He says something outrageous so people attack him for it, then asks what's wrong with what he said besides it being "offensive". Is what he saying true? Then just because you don't like it, doesn't mean we can't say it. He is also a necessary reaction to the absolutely insane attitudes and ideas from the SJW left. When you attack us for saying completely reasonable things in a polite way, then eventually one of us is gonna stop being polite.

  7. Ben Shapiro is smart, but he is also an idiot if he thinks Reddit is full of losers. Ben has a very narrow view on life, even though I agree with many of his arguments, he is lost on this one.

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