Ben Carson on Christian values and role of government

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ben Carson "Let me tell you a story about the politics of my GOP beginning of the genesis in the great book of revelations of forward thinking and decisive action taking of the first, second and third of all we must, must stand together or divided its almost fall, so vote for me is a vote to see a future in an otherwise 50 shades of grey, but i am black and white issues will make us as one, two, three, buckle my shoe Thank you. Next question please."

  2. Very few real religions exist within today's society.Christians for example have evolved into a sub religion with gender equality. Muslims have not evolved The media is baiting Christianity

  3. If the churches would have helped people instead of just pushing their religion on people and taking their money maybe the government wouldn't have to.

  4. The greatest of the great. Great man and a great leader hats off to dr Ben Carson keep working hard and keep the faith #bencarson2016….

  5. You;re wrong. I'm in Texas and the state ignores health care for the poor. Thats why we need federal power. If we didnt have the federal power the Univ of Miss would still deny blacks admission

  6. I was thinking that Ben sounded like he wanted to issue a kind of Christian Sharia Law..  He wants the Govt. to go away and everyone to be Christian.

  7. If he was right, then people would be doing great right now, because the government certainly isn't taking properly care of its people. Where are all these amazing people that is supposed to help each other? Clearly that doesn't work at all. Maybe when you lived in a small village…but when a city has millions of people and most of them are struggling them selves, this is just retarded. He's pretty much just saying "your shit is not my problem, go ask your neighbors."

  8. Soooo, the government isn't made up by people? It's made up by cyborgs, eh? Well, he's probably right about that one, actually.

  9. Dr. Carson is really intelligent. I'm impressed that he admits that the government taking care of everybody is not working and not the job of the government anyway. Dr. Carson is a realist, yet a man of great integrity, and he's the best choice for president!

  10. "…the farmer was up in the tree picking apples and fell down and broke his leg, everybody pitched in and harvested his crops for him." – Doc Benny
    Of course, in South Carolina and throughout Dixie, Doc Benny's "farmer" and his pals never got up in the tree; instead, Doc Benny's "farmer" grabbed a whip and beat some of Doc Benny's kin to pick those apples. If Doc Benny's "farmer" didn't like the way Doc Benny's kin did the job, well, Doc Benny's "farmer" and some of his pals just hung Doc Benny's kin from that apple tree.
    That was Real Amerika for about a century before the Civil War and for another century between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Act … Away, away, away Down South in Dixie.
    Yee haw!

  11. CNN is democrat's channel so they tend to destroy Dr. Carson so that the democrats can easily win over the other stupid republican candidates 🙂
    Carson will be the best president ever 🙂

  12. Good answer. she assumes welfare helps the poor and Christians should be for it. Welfare in fact hurts the poor and Jesus would be for whatever system helps the poor the best and history proves that system is capitalism.

  13. Blacks are saying that republicans not voting for an Obama nominee are racist. Lol. Dumb. You wanna talk racist? How about the FACT that CNN on this town hall forum. Clumped together a black and 2 Cubans for the first debate. Then for the second debate they left 3 Anglos . ??????? Does anybody else see the fact this is racist as hell. Or are u stupid blind???

  14. Nobody is more racist then democrats …wake up blacks, Latinos and all minorities. These people are sick and are making us all ill. Now CNN GOT THEMSELVES a bakeries sellers guy educated black guy (I bet anything Muslim ) stroking the flames for a race war. Please people realize the bullshit coming your way.. I beg you.

  15. The Government is supposed to represent the will of the People. He's absolutely right when he says the Government is supposed to facilitate what the People want…that's called a Democracy. If the People want to care for the poor…the Government should get it done. Everyone pools their resources, and the People elect someone to take care of it. What else is the Government for, if not to take care of the People?

    This bullshit double-speak is the reason the GOP is not not acting in the People's best interest…and they sure as Hell can't call themselves Christians while campaigning against helping the poor, and bombing innocent civilians in other countries. It's cognitive dissonance…and it's as transparent as a glass house.

  16. By this logic, the government should be abolished, because technically everything it does, from enforcing laws, to public works, to emergency response, is a social service.

    We the people shall build our own roads! We the people shall prosecute criminals ourselves! We the people shall pass laws! We the people shall educate each other!

    Even if that's your train of thought, that the people should take care of everything, then you'll eventually end up with the idea of creating some sort of entity to complete these tasks on your behalf. Everyone would pay into it, and this entity would hire people tasked with building infrastructure, passing laws, etc.

    We'll call it a government!

  17. Ben Carson understands what the America Dream is all about.

    The American Dream Is Not: Being given JUST ENOUGH money to keep your head above water.

  18. "People have the responsibility to take care of the indigent in society"..well the government is made up of people to serve the people so why can't government have a role? very few people are self sufficient nowadays and even those who can survive off the land that was owned by violence in the past would not have the quality of lifestyle if it wasn't for others contributions…I believe in private ownership of companies and wages set by the free market but think everyones basic needs can be met with government assistance if they can't compete or have a's called compassion and people achieve more when they work together than by themselves and I think government helps bring people together and peacefully settling or compromising on competing interests

  19. If the millions of #WeThePeople that love Dr. Carson actually voted for him, he could easily become the president of our country! We are in such desperate need of an honest, genuine, intelligent president.

  20. So the down votes are either from people who decided not to watch/listen at all, or people who believe that someone else (the government in this case) is more capable of taking care of people than they are. Either that, or they simply have no interest in caring for others, so it's easier to point to the government as an answer.

  21. Gotta respect a man who's willing to cut your ass or whack you over the head with a hammer. Respect as far not turning your back to that crazy fool.

  22. The Anti-Carson Troll Army hasn't attacked this thread yet? They must have been told to attack a new conservative target.

  23. Yeah i think the Government should be more Christian too, too bad the Government has been untrustworthy and not Christian since the 9/11 attacks. I'm behind you Carson, we should bring back the Christian values that built this country, and expose things like the fllat earth and the autism from the vaccines.
    Hilllary Clinton 2016/

  24. Ben Chicken Pecking, Tap Dancing, Boot Licking Carson needs to understand one thing about Himself, he can not serve Two Master's at One Time. Either you Serve God or Satan. So far Dr Ben Carson, you have been on the side of Satan claiming to be a Christian. You are serving Two Master's, that's why you will never win anything. Your Two Face, you speak with Folk Tongue.

  25. The country complains about helping its own but what about the trillions the GIVE to other countries each year and the trillions the waste on wars?

  26. He puts a lot of ' faith' into his argument that government interference is at the heart of deprivation in the USA over the last hundred years. His passion is extremely persuasive but a closer look at his premise of how good things were before big government got involved doesn't how much water. For instance the time frame he uses, a 100 years, most of North America and Europe were going through massive industrial and social change. The labour force was hugely expanded by foreign labour and the general workforce was treated appallingly Then you have the Great Depression, 2 world wars and then massive unemployment due to post industrialization and increasing mechanisation. You could argue matters could be a lot worse if government hadn't got involved.

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