Become a Certified Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Video

the commission on nurse certification is the certifying autonomous arm of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing the commission on nurse certification Board of Commissioners and CNC staff oversees the clinical nurse leader certification program CNC recognizes individuals who have demonstrated professional standards and knowledge through C&L certification CNCs clinical nurse leader certification program is accredited by the National Commission for certifying agencies because staff are so busy they get overwhelmed very easily patients get overwhelmed easily the value of the clinical nurse leader is we focus on the patient but also how that patient is moving through the system we can see both sides of the equation the reason why I opted out of the BSN program and chose the CNO program was because I didn't want to just use everything that I've learned in nursing school and just stay at the clinical setting I wanted to you know go on and do bigger things I knew that my career goal was to be in a chief nursing officer chief clinical officer position through obtaining a certification of the cnl I was able to demonstrate to my colleagues and peers that I have many of the competencies that are required so when I finally decided to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse I knew the CNO option would be the best fit for me they do offer a lot of flexibility there are students that do go part-time versus full-time I don't think that I need to have any title to use my cnl skills I think that it will be evident when I'm working when I'm on the floor that I'm a leader and I'm invested in my unit in my patients and in my co-workers so I've been able to take this role and really expand it far beyond what I had ever envisioned it would be when I first went through the program and I think that is the amazing thing about this role you can be very influential to the other members of the healthcare team and you understand all perspectives but it really brings everything together to provide the most optimal outcomes in the most cost-effective way for each patient pnacl is the highlight of my career I was born for this role I love the ability to make things better we are liquid dynamite we can do just about anything in any project

Maurice Vega

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