Band sings song about CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

Maurice Vega

8 Responses

  1. so…..The guy insults blitzer but sucks up to CNN later and in their enormous egos they believe that the insult was really praise? Wolf Blitzer really is a wolf though, he may not eat babies but his reporting leaves much to be desired.

  2. Ya, Anderson you would. Take it home and use it for your "jammies". It isn't hard for me to imagine Wolf Blitzer doing what the song imagines. He like You Anderson, are full of two things, #1 Yourselves, and #2…..well I think everyone can fill in that blank. After the "green screen" performances of the recent past by You and a host of other "performers" (talking heads), is it any wonder that pretty much nobody trusts the MSM and their "bankster bosses"?!

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