BAKED Season 2 | Episode 3 | Election Fever

Why should our college be considered any
lesser than Harvard or Yale? We will raise the annual budgets of the ECA society… but we won't stop there… We will also address the need of the hour;
which is to help set up a women's hostel. Three posters! Our Wake and Bake poster
is covered by three damn posters! Dude…it'll take us more time to remove
the posters than to put them up again! I had told you guys… putting up Wake and Bake posters during
election season is a waste of money. We've only received four orders in the past two weeks… These f***ng elections have made relaunching Wake and Bake impossible. I'm only saying that this is also important. Collegiate elections are the foundations of democracy. Motivating our youth to elect a deserving leader. There's a free Samosa party by Bhuva! Long Live Bhuva! Is this the way how you do elections?! Deserving my a**! Don't tear it now, bro…please! What's happening, morons? Just great! Tiwariji, how is it going with the elections? Good, good. Bro…we don't have a poster here. Yeah. Opposition. Hey Haris…I wanted to talk to you. Can I have a minute? All okay at home? My mother is fine but my dad has whooping cough. And how is the business?
-The business is good, but why are we walking so fast? And why at such a deserted place? You see Haris…the situation demands it. Election campaigning has started. And Tiwari has decided that this time we will form the government. But we only need one thing for this, Haris… I can assure you guys…I will only vote for you. Country cousins, after all… No. I'm saving it for later. Look Haris…we will take care of the votes. Understood? We need a 'face'. Face? No…what he means is… we need a smart, trustworthy, capable… youngster. who has the guts to run as an independent candidate. We've had enough of NSUI and ABVP. This college needs change, Haris. And I only have one person in mind. Who? Me? No, no, no. I can't do it. How can I do it?
-Dude, don't be like that! If you start acting like this, what about people like us? What about the college? Don't break Tiwari's trust, Haris! All that is fine…but why don't you two contest these elections? This guy…he's been rotting in this college for the past four years! And I have an attendence problem. Dude, we don't even qualify for this post! FOUR years?! That's right. Just look at his face. Look 25 to you? 25? Yeah! Right now my hands are tied…otherwise, I
would've been college president a long time ago! Now tell me…where on earth can we find
a smart, trustworthy, capable youngster? You tell me, Haris. Where? But I don't know anything about politics. And isn't the post of College President meant
for people in their Third Year? That is a party tradition. There is no such
thing like that in the DUSU rules. Really?
-Yup. Here you go. Think about it. Take your time. Tell us by evening. Today is the last date for registrations. Only after that can this college really prosper, Haris! Your answer should be Yes. Bro! Think about it. This is the best thing that
could happen for Wake and Bake… How?
-If Haris becomes college president… we will get to cater for every college fest that happens. On top of that, we can have a rule, which prohibits hostellers from
ordering food from any place other than Wake and Bake. Don't you think it'll be a little awkward watching the
college president frying stuff at a stall? Secondly, your other plan sounds like a plan straight
out of Hitler's book. We can't impose bans! Leave all that. Just think about the presen media!
They'll be all over us! We'll be jizzing money! We can hire people to do our shitty work! I'll hire a driver for all the deliveries. And I will sit on the side car! Exactly! Haris…your Maggi. Thanks. So, what do you think? Tasty. What do you think of Tiwari's proposal? I haven't given it much thought. Why should I enter politics? Wake and Bake and studying takes up a lot of my time anyway. Now that I have some time for myself after the
breakup, I thought I'll learn a foreign language. Mandarin or French?
-French! Are you crazy? Are you seriously crazy? You won't get a better oppurtunity! What oppurtunity? To carry out Tiwari's designs? To make a difference. Yes bro, if you do this, Tiwari and Pradhan will become
your followers, and the not the other way around. And bro, I can't believe you, you of all people saying this. Till now you were making grand statements about
the importance of elections and stuff… And now that you havethe chance to be part of the system… you're shitting your pants! Not cool Haris.
-Not cool Haris! And by the way… what will Tara think? Tara? What will she think? i mean this was your one chance to show
her what a stand up guy you are. You know how interested she is in college politics… Of all people, she would've been most proud of you. And maybe she'll also forgive you about that Nihal episode? That she has already done… Has she really? Do you think girls forget so easily? This was your only chance to wipe
the slate clean and have a fresh start. But…
-Look Haris…If you don't want to do it for the college, don't… if you don't want to do it for the country, don't do it… but do it for love. Do it for Tara. But…
-Trust me. Just trust me. Yeah? Guys this is the plan. These are the steps that
we need to successfully execute in order to… get ahead of Anvesha and that other idiot.
-Bhuva. Yeah, whatever. See, we need to offer people
something in order to get their support. We need to bribe them. But we have nothing to offer… Bhuva is here with beer! Long live Bhuva! And policies? When will we talk about policies? Do you want to win or not? Yeah, but…
-Will . that will be very good. You play chess? I play sometimes with my father in Allahabad… My father says that back in the day,
he played against Kasparov. Imagine! Sit. Let's play a game. Actually I'm getting a little late. I thought I should sleep
early because I have to wake up early tomorrow… we'll play some other time. In the meanwhile, if you can get
the word out…voting booth…8 o'clock… Are you an idiot? No. Sit. Stay there. You're not going anywhere today. What? But you promised Tiwari… then how? Hey! Didn't your parents teach you any manners? Why are you sleeping on my bed, Oni? I'm really stressed out cause of the elections. I need a nap. That's cool. But where's our future president, Haris? He's not here yet?
-No. Did he pick up? His phone's off.
-Off? Yeah. He's really weird. He didn't tell me with whom or where he
was going. Didn't give me any info… I hope he is not involved in an accident… We should ask around all the hospitals if they
have admitted a fool today… There's no need to reach such conclusions. He must've gone
out with Tara and his phone must have gotten switched off. Or a smackie must've robbed him near the Ridge. I'm sure he's fine. We don't need to be worried here, right? Is it Haris?
-No. It's a private number. Speak, speak. Keep it down. Hello Hello…who is speaking? Vipul? Ronit? Tara? Shut up and listen! Bansi bhaiyya has locked Haris in his room. All this is Anvesha's scheme. She is going to rig the election by casting fake votes in the ballot. But why are you telling us this? Hello? Hello? Shit! Dude, is Haris really trapped in the hostel? No. That was Cyrus Broacha from MTV Bakra. Dude, let's go, he needs our help! Are you mad? We just get up and reach Bansi bhaiyya's doorstep… We need a plan! Otherwise he'll screw us up along with Haris. You're right. We need a plan. What's the plan? I think I might have a plan that works. Body, take out the Vespa! We need Tara.
-Yeah. We need Tara. Why do we need Tara?
-Just come. Close the door. Guys…you better have a f***ng brilliant explanation for all this! Tara, I'll explain the sexist nature of my plan later.
But first, we need to get Haris out of here. Hi Tara.
-Hi. What do I have to do?
-Just smoke a ciggarette in the courtyard. We'll handle the rest. That's the stupidest idea ever!
-Tara, you don't understand the hostellers' mentality… this is the perfect plan. Okay. Bansi bhaiyya! Tara's downstairs. She's wearing shorts! Let's go! Haris! Haris! Haris, what the hell are you doing? Hurry up before they come back!
-How can this happen? Checkmate? Haris, come out right now or I'll drag you
out of here by your ball sack! F*** this! Let's go! I can't believe this plan actually worked! Tara!
-Guys, what the hell is actually going on? We got an anonymous call saying this was
Anvesha's scheme of screwing Haris over. Anvesha has rigged the voting. That doesn't sound right. Why would she do that? Politics is a dirty game. Expect the unexpected! Guys, the voting starts in three hours. Let's tell the
election commissioner about all that has gone down. Sir, Anvesha is a liar and a cheat! She is
going to put in fake votes in the ballot box. What nonsense! How dare you make such baseless allegations? What proof do you have? Haris, you can't just accuse another candidate
of election malpractice without proof. Sir, if you want proof, why don't you check Anvesha's bag? What? Why should I do that? If you're innocent, why don't you let them check your bag? This is just ridiculous! Sir, tell them that this
is a clear breach of privacy! Sir…this is not mine. I don't know where this came from… this was never in my bag…I don't know
how this…I swear this is not mine… Anvesha, you are hereby disqualified from the election process. Sir but none of this is mine…
-Kindly step outside. Sir, I really have no clue how this got in my bag…
-Please step outside. Somebody else has done this. You have to listen to me… It's a conspiracy! I'll explain everything…
-Yeah, you'll get a lot of time to explain… Brothers and sisters… Always remember this day. Because today is the day… when we wrested this college… from the hands of cheaters and goons. Today, truth won. And falsehood lost. When you're voting, listen to your conscience. Because today, your vote… is not for free Samosa parties, rain dance parties or hooliganism. It is meant for a capable, honest leader… who cares about you. And who cares about this college. Bhuva won! Our Bhuva won! Only two votes? Why did I get just two votes? Tiwari and Pradhan took us for a ride. They basically wanted him to stand in the elections
only so that they could eliminate Anvesha. They used us. What about the bag? The fake votes? Obviously, it was planted by them. So the poor Haris here could do the expose. Brilliant planning! What say, Haris? This is why you shouldn't trust anyone. I was warning you about those two from the beginning itself! But he never paid heed. 'Country cousins'. Now you see? I'm not talking about them. What do you mean? Why did I get just two votes? One vote was mine… Secret ballot, bro. Don't be cheap. Secret ballot, bro. Don't be cheap.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Oni can't vote anyway in undergrad elections. Hence, two votes assuming that the second vote was by Body.

  2. Scoop whoop always has something to show against the saffron party.. rest the series is fine.. plz try to be NEUTRAL without favouring your sponsors!

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