Ayawaso-West Wuogon By-Election Victims Sue Government – AM Show Newspaper Headlines (31-7-19)

no suspension well yeah so in I mean how the speediest get suspended and ECD is it's like easy you went somewhere but easy using full force we know that they were not the main and the forefront of the distribution of power even though they had because it was or did a press conference recently to tell us that be a day you know the day and this is what they have and they are blind the value chain the enola we're no longer the distribution company so now our electricity company of ghana in back by the way that was even I mean PDS wasn't serving the entire meeti of Ghana yes and then easy you were still distributing to the other ones but now PDS is no longer in the picture but guys you remember yesterday in the morning when I did the moderation 4 a.m. talk one of our panelists who joined us by a fool an energy expert raised this issue and this is the second time has been raised on the am shoe the fact that there were certain conditions precedent which were turned into conditions subsequent by who now is the time to ask that question who decided that these things that are necessary for us to determine whether this company called PDS can actually do the job that we are handing them a contract to do these things are checked before the contract is given to them who decided that no let's check them after and handed this thing to PDS putting us in this position of peril which now after further checks understand you know whether you give out the fair that due diligence they said we are they are not quite done with the investigations yes but you see listen to what could your Punk remand said exactly which which I mean doesn't fill me with much much confidence because first of all there was a condition precedent somebody decided it has to be a condition subsequent which means you give them the contract and dangers that did check in those other things you did your checks that you didn't spot it it is your further checks further due diligence that's reviewed these things to us okay so I'm telling that this has been rolled out rebranding and special fortune on it so you see this is a classical example of you knows someone's negligence or someone's incompetence causing financial loss to the state but we're not hearing about you know what's going to happen to that person I guess this is Ellie I mean this brick was if I the news was just last night if you look at the papers and they missed it because it was too late and they had obviously printed their papers so I guess it's today that a lot of things will begin to roll out yeah we can begin to ask the hard questions the things that you're asking but the ones then we knew and have always known is that this particular thing that they've spotted and realized that well what they were told is not valid what they were to buy PDS is not valid this particular thing was a coalition president which was then changed to a condition subsequent we know that let's see what else we learn today well what what if it was the possibility and I'm trying to speculate here that we needed concessionary time because you know the millenium cooperation of the US was on our back does that sound like a good reason to do the wrong thing well it doesn't sound like a good reason but when you have a whip Casey you do the wrong thing sometimes makes you think the last time I think we were we were a sovereign nation we'd proudly declare that every citizen would be also living within our means and so there's gonna be a need there's a mountain we we have the newspaper Iseman I doubt if any of the papers go whole of the PDS now ECG but let's look at what we have in the papers I'll do the Daily Graphic the finder and then the Guinean times you guys are cool with that sure go for it okay so here we go Daily Graphic newspaper front page accessed government reduce interest rates president Hills I have seen that's the International Finance Corporation and then this is quite huge you don't need ten to file cases the Supreme Court makes a ruling on this industry players expressed concern over tax increases is another front-page headline back page of the paper I Owosso West's wagon by-election victims sue governments and I was hoping okay yeah here we go push for legislation on alcohol but this is quite interesting twenty three persons who claim to have suffered various forms of injury in the violence that rocked the Iowa so West welcomed by election on January 31 this year have sued the government for what they described as violations of their fundamental human rights you know what what's most painful and I'm sure that we will come to this so let me just hold my thoughts there let's do the find a newspaper front page of the find up Wasi passes improve but one hundred and seventy four thousand eight hundred and nineteen still miss University grades of a 1/2 C 6 ad B's digital driver benefits agribusiness according to dr. Kofi Mensa Ezreal two assists cocoa board to deal with swollen shook virus disease our dams are not guinea fowls that will fly to bikina that's the vice president this is actually beautiful dr. Bonilla also deploy Navy during close season meaning making so that's it for the finder let me finish off with the Ghanaian times front page of The Times our target a single digits interest rate president assures private sector businesses us speaker black Congressional Caucus observe 400th anniversary of slavery at Cape Coast also Forestry Commission bans hunting from tomorrow wag would hold forty eight thousand 800 people should not blame them before that man could do anything like before that meant to say Jack no another institution the Immigration Service said oh she doesn't have the required documentation to be Ghana so we sent it away so people should not be blaming government so when the Forestry Commission bans something are they burning it for Guardians but not Chinese so kind of Chinese hunt if you know a Chinese person can you hunt hunting by association I mean let's get real here the last time the first you Commission ban something and you know how they even got the original banner on they banned the wrong thing so people were still finding a way around it and then somebody came and said massage that's not how you ban let's ban its well that they banned it well and still the Chinese were listen I think what we are trying to say is this one which looks more like something that makes a nice headline but in reality we wonder how that that's gonna work right because we've got precedence yeah but let's go watch an important age of why a quit holds a thousand 855 results over alleged more practices by students during 2019 YC last certainly of great concern this is almost 50,000 of the results that they're holding on to police chil armed robbers and the police are their cry original police command have mounted is set for the arrest of three suspected armed robbers will be detailed so that if you spot anything if you think you've may have seen you cannot let the police Morocco skin pardons geo protesters also another headline here in on the front page of the paper this morning Center spread details of what's on the front page so let's do the back page police impound burkina faso bound truck with p fj's fertilizers this story we've shared with our viewers this happened on sunday yes industrial fishing trawlers to hold activities for one month is another story on the back page which activities is this a deep-sea fishing or the illegal shallow fishing that which one are they holding I have two okay you go ahead and your source let me read this one okay all right I'll start with a daily guide we have it right here banner headline our dams not guinea fowls bio Mia – NDC let me just say this would I don't have to spend – okay if I do it when I say third-party countries what does that mean all trawlers in third-party countries were to have an observer from monitoring control and surveillance division of the ministry I should comply with the fisheries regulations of boot gunner in their host countries what was your question again my question was that these trawlers and they are only allowed by law to fish in the deep sea I can't fish where the canoe fishermen and you know the local fishermen fish the problem the problem where we have a shortage is where the local fishermen fish not in the deep sea so when you stop the trawlers from fishing in the deep sea you do nothing what are you doing okay but if you said exactly you say you are stopping them from fishing where the canoe fishermen fish and you are stopping them for how long a month mmm yeah basically like saying that we are stopping you from doing the wrong thing for a month you can come back and do the wrong thing yeah yeah I'm robbery stop for a month we are we have a closed season on armed robbery for one month after that every man for himself I have the d-league ID vana headline our dams not guinea fowls bomb you have to MDC's now let me let me say that you have elections in December next year yes no no I thought 2019 no but you will be forgiven for thinking that you do because it sounds as if that's what we are doing look I'm I am one of the biggest fans of dr. Bower still I really am I genuinely think that he holds the key to a lot of the problems that you know we are trying to solve as an issue but he talks to the NDC too much I mean too much even he said in the campaign I don't understand why his comments must be directed at the NDC all the time I mean talking about coo coo and said oh we've done better than the NDC yeah well I mean I just I don't happen to have as much was the word I'm looking for have to be careful how I choose my way okay yeah anyway um you see my question is this our dams are not a guinea fowls nice and catchy and I thank him for the the soundbite but our dams what are they they are not guinea fowls accepted and I certainly hope that they stand up to which we are building dams it's not the guinea fowl standard of the Andes so that if we beat that standard that we consider ourselves a success our dams should serve a purpose for the people in the communities where these dams are being built but we have already learned from the Minister for special thank you initiatives that the dams we are building are meaningless please this is not an interpretation let me tell you what the woman says she said that if you want to build a meaning for them because of me you want to build a meaning for damn it must cost three million dollars we're not spending that much on the dance are we so yes so so we are not building meaning for dams thank you so if a dam is not meaningful what is it so so our dams are not guinea fowls but they are also not meaningful yeah with me rather than rather than you know throwing some white dots at the end EC who even at their best who only form half of the electorate dr. Pommier the vice president of the entire Ghana should please address his comments to us Miku Johansson I never sent guinea fowls to booking of a suit I've never done that so dr. Bonilla if he's explaining their dams to me could you he shouldn't talk about guinea fowl okay so maybe this is not to us why is the vice president of ghana only talking to the NDC because they are also danya's that's it let me finish with a headline on the front on the front of the daily guide there are a few others let's go through them quickly for example who thrown out again ex-muslim boss accomplice ex escapes jail Wow have any of you heard of this look at the details on page six in a moment so4 inform wins fourth vivo energy award is also on the front page NDC chokes on take-or-pay agreements also on the front page let's look at a back real quick don't touch Kwesi Appiah elijah limini Taekwondo boss gets top post do owner and marry grab PM sports tennis and I will miss Ronaldo forever real president is the one who is seeing this yeah he dubs in the best player in the world alright I'll do the daily statesmen banner headline this morning our last see results are on the up more passes recorded for core subjects maths is tops an improvement in Resort is a good thing well done but I think we still have a lot of work oh we have a huge issue if wake is holding on to almost 50,000 of the results yeah yeah zero bola clashing against single-use plastic stuff like that MPs in frenzied fight over L M MDC elections where is it frightened and on the back page US women's football team accuse National Federation of ruse amid P Rao also on the back page how do I pronounce this name is this Sonya Sonya kuba once contract with cortical terminated and that does it for me in the daily statement okay so I I have the gostrey business let me just do the front page of the go straight business quickly move on to the two others I have import duty reforms suppose someone billion Ghana Cedis in 2019 security concerns dragged government expenditure for two consecutive years as a go street business and then we also have our GD that will be the Registrar general's department stakeholder set threshold for beneficial ownership disclosure you also have a attach rate for the forex market so you get to know how the CDs performing against the mega international currencies particularly the US dollar the pound sterling and the others okay do the state statement says our YC result on the app more passes recorded form a core subject masses tops what it also what it feels are the fact that there are still a huge number almost 200,000 who miss and the Mac that would carry them to the University mmm-hmm well let's do the dispatch dispatch says finance ministers take MP agreement may jeopardize future investments in the past sector and as a former CEO for the gmpgl x-mode minority responds to media budget is on the back page and other stories occupying the front page of The Daily Dispatch newspaper do not kill yourselves over MPP ending in DC have made cautions Muslims 44% of ganas MPs are below forty years and attached is a picture of Dominic meter wall the Member of Parliament for Ben Bella also the Minister for defense who according to the caption enter parliament in 2002 at each 24:22 oh and did they say 22 here yeah about 24 should be because I know it's supposed to be 24 well so that story's on page five of PEEP apiece yeah you can go ahead nothing you're done yeah okay all right so for me okay there's a publication from the office of the special prosecutor in two of the newspapers which is the graphic amber and the Ghanian times and the office is obliged to publish cases let me just read directly on a half year basis publish the following information in at least two daily newspapers of national circulation and on the website of the office so two of it that's the list of corruption cases investigated and prosecuted by the office and two is the number of acquittals convictions in cases pending in respect of the cases prosecuted and and the value of proceeds recovered if a me so that's why the office has made this publication in the Daily Graphic and in the dannion times newspaper so list of corruption cases investigated and accused charged for four courts there are two of those one is the Republic and Mahamaya Riga can Kenrick aqua sema4 investigator jointly with Yoko and the second one is the Republic in Hagia hawa nickimja so mala I want Omar Abudu Alex of our body al Haji Abdul mo moany Jesse one day marry Stella at the pasa mo moany Yakubu number and Mohammed IRA so two of the cases one common name that you see in there the states against these persons but Mahamaya got features in both and the list of corruption cases of accused persons arraigned and being prosecuted also true one is the Republican Mahamaya and then the Republican the same person so these two cases which is featured in the list of in cases investigated an accused charged for courts it's also the same as lists of corruption cases of accused persons arraigned and being persecuted so the office has done its duty in terms of this half-year reports and it says section 3 3 B of Acts nine five nine says there have been no acquittals and convictions as the two cases listed about appending has been prosecuted consequently no value of any assets have been recovered so this is as the office stands instead in in terms of its half yearly publication of the cases that it is funding that the usual epistles from the special prosecutor is also not giving the same caption and prominently this is a statutory duty no one is not started so another thing which is of interest which is also related to the courts is the fact that the Supreme Court has tracked down paragraphs one nine and two eight of the first shadow of the revenue administration Act 2016 at nine one five requiring parties to have tins that's the tax identification number before commencing actions in the courts and courts in the same in the court processes as unconstitutional and in contravention of certain provisions in the 1992 Constitution so if you're going to court you don't need anything to be able to do your processing and to have your case ahead and this was taken to code by the Center for juvenile deliquency on April 13 last year yeah and and that's the ruling which is very clear and as you can read it and see informative but it also speaks volumes to the other statutory action that need to be undertaken by citizens or even if it's a rightful action but for which now we've had those directives from the GRE and in an even government machinery especially the executive that citizens needed to have ten before the access certain services one that took certain actions and activities even though rightfully they are entitled to them as propounded by law you see it's because also to all the things that we tend to do based on the intentions because we want to make sure everybody is roped in into the tax database but at the end of the day we don't seem to be following the law and this one is a critical example this one is because a case has been taken to course so there's been a ruling yeah I mean but but if I have to produce a team before I access a certain service then perhaps we need to also test the law whether it's lawful for me to have it because I think as a requirement for yeah you want to have a thing some of those things they tell you they actually yeah and then when you actually officials when they started or when we asked the official when they started all these actions or initiatives they told us they wanted everybody to be tax compliant it's true but then we need or you want us to be tested in other areas yes as well oh that's a good services you want to access and they tell you that where's your team where's your this ok so just real quick in 30 seconds I mentioned that the police is trailing some armed robbers just in case you've come across so this is in the Ghanaian Times newspaper page 3 the robbers were reportedly engaged the police in a shootout when they closed in on them at a shaman and they've escaped so check out the details of you know what the police is asking you to look out for and if you come across them you've seen them you can unless the police I there's not enough time for me to do that alright so we have to take a break for sports and were bring the other no I did all the talking no you didn't do a surprise the segment with you yeah tomorrow Thursday I won't I wouldn't do a lot of talking about a condition precedent for in the UK I miss your baby yes yeah they see belated though wow yeah okay we've got we've got am business right after sport and then Cujo has talked we're discussing the whole ECG tacuba it was tickle right now there's animatic OVA and all the implications take back all the implications not forgetting the MIDI a review as well there's a lot more to talk about in am talk

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