Ayawaso West Wuogon By-Election – Upfront on JoyNews (31-1-19)

and welcome to our continuous coverage of that all-important I was always work on constituency by election that by election that for the first time I see one of the few constituencies without a flashpoint developing some very serious conditions there but as we know and I've been telling you counted as and away very soon we shall be knowing where the results is heading earlier the NDC withdrew from this particular election stating categorically that they are being harassed and the conditions for oppression are not very fertile for them and that the very situation that we find today we'll be exploring the battle ax issue but I have a guest with me here my name is Raymond aqua he is the constituency chairman of the constituency in contention now as I also was water on constituency he is actually representing the opposition National Democratic Congress best Mac a Bob EIT but before then he had the account of the national organizer of the government NPP on what is on folder today we pull all that in perspective get the other perspectives on the ground for you I suggest you buy from the one the NDC had demonstrated it's as far as this election was concerned initially they said that the dates that were gonna vote was a day that to them was in favorable even when we had all agreed on generating Terry first we're gonna cast a ballot after all parties are agreed and signed accordingly and I pack the NDC true is constituency chairman for the Iowa so as to Oh God decided to proceed to call to frustrate the process when that did not work the NBC three days ago had a press conference addressed by his deputy general secretary where Tucano with Robert O'Connor said the voters register was bloated and so for that matter they were going to pull out of the elections that is very instructive for us to know this three days ago but they were going to pull out of the elections because the voters register bloated and they were waiting to hear from the Electoral Commission I said last night they claimed they did not hear from the electoral commission and they had no head from the Electoral Commission this morning of the pulling center incident the NDC decided to use that as a trigger moment and at am as a trigger point to say they were pulling out of the elections the fact of the matter is that in what happen abolish the NPP has condemned the violence that took place but this was one out of the 137 polling centers in Tallinn see in a few West in tirupati where almost 30 to 40 percent of the polling centers for us tender be chaotic you had attacks and counter-attacks we did not retreat the italians where people were being beaten to pulp when the MPP andes leadership came under and the fire we run through the den interior minister Marco younger and what he told us as interior minister hours violence begets violence we did not retreat we so stayed the course because we believe that at the end of the day the sovereign will of the people was going to prevail in 2016 this is a powered well for me I think that you know they are conducted a lazy campaign what we on the ground no David just so clearly America was retreats and also lazy people condition the minds of their supporters that look we are losing so let's find excuses for it I've told you I said in 2016 you a journalist at a time and you stole a journalist you cover the famous led man would count demonstration when we plug someone's eye the NPP never surprise us with party ready to offer an alternative to an incumbent throughout the campaign what seriously conducting has to have to get to do a business organized in press conference idea that work applaud abraca head office didn't even know the voters in the constituency the NBC came by the voters register had been bloated what which in fact which in effect 2016 the sinatra salad is here prepare the same electron album the when we complained the NBC vista da osmium and it beat us that is this is not to justify what did okay on this back this one we have said that what happened was unfortunate what happened was despicable but nobody is able to tell us that what happened was the case of NPV supporters are talking the exact accusation and allegation against what I find very interesting well with my dysfunction to do what the NPP as a party doesn't control the National Security interpreting when we raise a whisker about what a gentleman intrapreneur indiscriminately they told that I was a national security matter today me for us we acclaim our minds that the good people of is always and in fact in anybody like that turnout is always low it was incumbent upon all these parties to ensure that mobilized supporters mobilize the electricity for them to come out strongly and vote the NDC's candidates am I understand it is very close to the pool insult and from the reports we got them from the police statement they had some of his boys protecting his premises some supporters of the damn ruling of the ruling and people thought that they were hiding some stuff there the complaints of the security agencies they did they did visit there and it's an chaotic two members did not visit the premises of the language I don't know his house my health my understanding because we do not control men in khaki man but the NDC attend professional system he establishes Special Forces do address just the same as the people I saw today Granby NDC's delegates conference during disease delegate conference I think that trade fair where the elected be our national offices my understanding was a decent people in khaki and you heard the national organizer of the governing NPP detailing the chronology of events that happened earlier today and what do you understand of the reality is but let me come in studio a man who was there he's been part of the campaign before if I this is really is election because he is the constituency chairman of the constituents in contention that is best mock-up Bobby IT you're welcome sir thank you first last that I mean the what did this incident really happen the house of the parliamentary candidate of the NDC or on the field at Bali she please the house of the committee happen in the house yes and what why do you think that the house was the target for this engagement that is where we are worried if the whole police machinery you know a candidate is contesting his house is within the constituency so ended good security intelligence to third as clarity Araki that at least the candidate should be given even to police protection in the house which did it into in a way all started when in the morning we needed to dispatch food breakfast to our agents and this breakfast is around the same area we offloaded food in the house and the people started taking it away by law whether is food you find home on this day so other people also came in no pasa bias they want to take some food so the numbers increase in the house so all of a sudden this police car with these people who have maxed themselves and my worry is that you've been in this country for very long time even those of us who were born in the service even in the sisters the police that we have then and currently the police that we have our nose in a Polish group deployed in an election day who masks you know Cydia fees by the a human being India you know dark glasses so when I saw that in the morning one station ax boy in the house yes you are in the house of those were sharing the food but by the time I was inside happiness or meeting ok yes mother also meeting so that is it happen and we all came out in the morning some of these pieces called me and I said no I have simple is present as whether they are policemen proper policemen I'm afraid because I have not simple is men in that kind of a Perl before okay so they kill me I don't know why he came back ording to them there was a intelligence that something is happening the house they tell you what was happening no because in any case you if you have an intelligent or something's happened you must come with evidence you understand or you have this year you have this year we want to check and even leave their National Security offices we know how there's no secret offices duty awake okay they may not be they may have gone on the you know see even the gun but they will pick intelligent and no pick the individual by year is the case that the K means para time we were say Jack they started throwing stones no so you're saying that these secrets of issues west or east or dead down on the floor when the car's got the water house you cannot enter the houses the people who were reacting and no no no no that they try to you know provoke the people over there how is that possible no that was is they say the Cape to do investigations investigator we're not there for investigation don't get to know that because Karzai in shooting a lot of people they were shooting they were not having ham in the face pls do ur no even have a spoon or even so stick the sequence you just gave me indicates that somebody did Thurston's well it was that bad and they were provoking a good security officials I'm afraid they were not a doctor they were MPP data for any visible forces which one am i afraid that under which one is no they must we gotta mix the room where do you want in any of the invisible some of our people were boudoir you know any of them saying that some of our people who was identified to be a member of any other someone on social media I pursued a doctor do I pick on i-85 mask people no in one of them was bored enough to remove the mask who to hook one and remove their because if you know about you I know you very well for some years now so if you mask yourself I will be able to identify that it is you okay not strange to me but I'll come to this point again why should we get you some updates on where and who is leading which part of the country specifically which one of the constituency let's not forget this particular constituency has a veranda at 63 or so polished 141 all of these of course 141 polling stations all of them would have to be delivering some resources we have reporters across the entire constituency to give us more first press also is a do FM reporter is actually currently a dab Olympic Presby Church Prince what's happening there I believe he where the voting has just ended I have with me here the presiding officer we welcome you on join you sir could you tell us how the voting started and how the whole thing has been so far so far so good the voting has started smoothly we started on we were done with our distribution of material and exactly 7:00 all our centers started yes and throughout I wish I should get back to prints for the update from the I believe papers Beach where the very presiding officer who took over a course who is entitled of course the gentleman there is a deputy return of saying that in the districts by he in this particular election is the presenter up for that particular polling station what he was telling us is what has been happening since morning and we shall have you back on the line so price will be interacted with this presiding officer as to what happened and I believe more importantly how the counting of the ballot is going well are you able to get prints back on the line duck live case you will be giving us but this is one of the places where we didn't see much activity as was reported early on indeed it is one place that's a stronghold of the LPP if you have seen how their votes interest have been of course I mean you know exempt I believe me you know SMG Oulu you actual kindly extended to parts of airports in this case and if you go to the ballet she area it has been known over the years if you check the electronic voting you would know there for polish dishes around policy have consistently voted the NDC does I have anything to do it what happened today two summers ten years to put fear into the people orchestrated Islam this part this my security agencies you control me the president and that's a wide allocation and I'm telling you have no evidence to suggest now I ask you a question number well did you see in your life they should not tell us that these people are special forces from the police units have you asked the police the police has seen a view axe the police we went to at least we want to lodge a complaint why police headquarters this is a high-profile case so you don't go to any district office only saying that I always work on and you decide good logically ahead but we did know Chama did ok I got a point let's go Chalmers a response they are telling us that the people who were there you cannot feel confidently whether they are policemen or not which police officer responded to your claim this Clemen yes when you go to the police I'm sorry I want a specific one so that I can call up the person that's what this is for the briefing which police pants are in this country media people these invisible forces they go to court they beat you on the street and it cause you're some of you a beating so if today be honest be happy this way you want to share them it's up to you where we are going now as a country I'm afraid the future of this country and you know particularly I'm afraid for you the kind of job that you are let me be clear my mind on this go cow Moos people gonna come when was this today only the 15 people were mixing on leg on campus I'm saying that 15 people we admitted family says 6 currently currently serving Phil on admission Sarah Nora yes the police did not be to the hospital I've been there you've met these people yes you can identify them specific questions and you answer this specific mother I can you identify them I went to the hospital I saw they are they sympathizers of the NDC of course are they ordinary voters of course where they working for you the kid to eat became there to take water that's the policy right yes so the ligand people they say were attacked what happened that's what the ma'am the plant across the constituency and no we also picked equality yes we mininum the planet by if somebody's between access our brother Sam George where he was beating did you ask what happen nobody specifically what he would need a gun we have everything where you will happen to some George the video I seen you that before you say we're bitten live on what happened to them have they be taken to the hospital well yes they were taken drugs so more they were beaten and gonna police raid arrested our people who were beating and they put them behind bars for more than one work one hour why where people were bleeding you understand these kind of impunity is what we are talking about the kanopolis word some George where was beating the police were standing by a whole lot Mecca Saudi trust our police people well we are heading toward as a country am afraid and you know something with the NDC we also need to protect ourself so this kind of people we can train more in multiples that is the very success secrets you can train our tax and we pergamene that bees are attacked because you have acknowledged admitted that your groovy some of them say you did effort to national organizer listen I have also had little members of youth organizer they both knew that these are people what we are going to do is that who trained them we adore them like the we and poppy are doing you as a press man you will be dead – see for yourself into 2020 let's say but you you should know is not a good thing to do so I they are doing it they are killing our people injuring them you are happy with the police has no record of any deaths so far you aware you also worry to die before the police who did I say that clean your people you see that Lee of people and I'm say that the police has no record of me nobody teach you go to their house blood all over somebody was short and redundant boon their bones broke him and spread on the floor who is this person he's also a member of the people who is one of the seven or six each part of the cell and that person has been referred to 37 villagers yes we understand there's somebody at Ted sorry m'lady is the police's actually acknowledged so these are the realities we are talking about how should you do that in a violation you know you are losing the Lucinda president has lost credibility okay I'm sorry all the way was loose in the election their president because defenders nightly president is a midterm election is a presidential election please why did he walk to Malaysia to good about non-violence have attracted a big way simple Oakmont is to blame for a big we have increase in Hindi things if he loses this election it will render this credibility so it I used security to do muffler system to his favor Nana toka not washing sons out of this let me be clay except for Rebecca duty whose win was even reversed by the courts and you know that for George a multimeter substantive member Padma for the air the NDC has no history in that constituency when when you team history can be created us we are here now we are making history this election so you are the one who's being robbed of these seats related you know we had intelligence from the MPs yesterday and that's what I were to be beating they are going to cause mayhem oh really I didn't put the one out there you know sometime that what you put out there was about your dealings with the letter Commission so you picked up intelligence you didn't share with the masses you know what the fun is there to happen leaping at the intelligent listen you know the time we pick the internet was this morning yes some no I'm coming this morning more cause we're coming from reliable sources in NPP real apples also within the embassy I see so just once that our leadership must be very careful because they are bent on doing anything and they will start it in the morning and conclude in the evening this evening if we find ourselves while serving the police – I'm afraid for our lives that is why we recall our pulling agents you go we cannot guarantee our safety but you can be rest assured that the lecture was not dependent and the time you record your Polynesians had no impact on election you know the right it is really it is but you do know for if not that put 30 polices in after we pull out we need those police the police station I praise be acid Academy do we want it because we had 49 the Ummah heart 39 you are not see so did you I'm getting you caught me here so I don't have the funds now but we warm up the police days after the wonder 43 polling stations how many of you want so far so far I'm here how will I know nobody won no no that is what I meant what I have is what you vetoed yes if we are able to really get one out of this frustration then you know what will happen if we were given clean hand in this accusation that NDC is way too formidable Polacco party to edge of my election because of this incident if this is do you think if what happened our brothers who are also boot and more and boarding by County MPP also narrow down to the police stations do you think this country will be simplest one you see as far as vehicle you have rejected completely the idea that these are police officer said that they occur not they are not my brother my brother don't be deceived these are MPP tax what I'm afraid that I realized we are to risk us a country that these people are on board a police vehicle they'll already be a police officers please they are not don't let anybody convince they are police people if they are police people did you show the office one of them who the guy was you know booth he knows the guy said hey guys from Nima he mentioned his name and in leukemia remove that and say you are the guy there are more of those things here that if you will see it you loaded these are the guys were misbehaving it's a pure clean daddy plan MPP plan if we will lose for us to be disgraced that people see our government is not doing well then let us use foul means to consolidate our gain and that is what they did and I'm afraid for this country so for me I will you can act like that their people have to learn from you within the constituency you have go to court the entire political party has tax beyond that see you are saying that oh we were in boarding them we will train them how brought them by them they can't are they invisible invisable for that ideology so that we face is squarely after what happened in Liberia people are still alive this nonsense might stop in this country we disagree smoke causes a bit of also state it's not doing us any good and you will protect the police by dog try the police who gets the bottom of this matter did you see any of the police people who arrested these tax and were able to prosecute them I can I go to their court around speaking on this matter first you say your national chairman went to the police station in fact the headquarters with inclination to report an incident you think it's of this magnitude now you come back to say we don't trust the police is this the start of the end is your is your personal stance on this much for me I don't trust the police especially if the IGP is there and 200 are quieter there two people over there they are there to prosecute MPP agenda okay I never go to the phone eyes let me just get to speak to Nancy MFI Josie is on the line from diversity of Ghana Nancy specifically where are you in the rest of Ghana Ramon so I just left to Roman reach and specifically to attract international school and other polling stations we are currently headed to Lake on for the collation Road police and more difficulty okay the soundtrack of two years where we understand this is supposed to happen now the Jack and Jill is an interesting constitute the polling station if you do know that's the police station that general asking got his zero what they call it votes from where we voted and national elections in 1992 I want to be interested in what's happening there have they finally declared who's leading there right so I have a few results inspires I have a number from I have numbers from a lot of the polling station so happy to the attack angel police station 1a and police station 1p in fact police is through a and all of that but in all of this I I can say that legal husband is reading in all of this followed by Televi Grimpen and then William drop off and Clemente waiting in front in some of the cons in some of the polling stations William dopo and Clement Witte had zero scores if I didn't get one and tell our liberal Punk would get as high as 25 while still al-hassan who gets some 70 the results from polling station one is celery has 25 video had 70 tell Ali reporter 21 also a polling station 1b and Lydia Alcazar 57 will you go for hot 0 and Clements where he also had 0 so I'm a see that even though the gap between Lydia al-hasan and Ella Librium poem is not really that huge it's still a contest between the NDC and it's interesting there but beyond jack-and-jill which of the police station have you visited and is that trench similar to what you just told us from jackandjill so I have not really been able to visit quite a number of ads up polling stations besides the Roman great area well I know that you know the results have been declared already but I have tools from other places like the University of Ghana where I'm currently headed to because we understand that 14 ended our 5 content has already been done the windows have also been declared not at work or 401a for instance della libram Phong had 26 vigil Hassan had 59 William topo had 0 and Clemens with he had zero and if you go to an XP for instance you also get the DeLonghi but when one gets in some 14 and guess what the leader husband was able to get 188 boots and then William du Pape was one so III have those those resourceful yes that's the diversity of God of course that's particular to has been consistently vote in the direction of the NPP which is not surprising the car and Yasui yet now but I also have interesting I also have results from the action was a business colleague and Lydia Hassan led by 90 votes while the lolly preform had 69 William Rohan duo and Clemens who pretty healthy rosso rimmon I must say that I have seen about 40 we sold from 40 different polling stations and I can say that the results that I have that leave your husband has led in all of these polling stations certainly and it's pretty clear that once you give out there we still have if you're 40 is anything to go by one or two left because they are under 43 polling stations we are delivered in this particular election and surely befallen upon these when it gets the collisions that are we should be speaking to you more when we get there Nancy MFI GOC nice reporting there but let me come back history and what about you've seen a trend right I mean doesn't look like your candidate conservation agents will pull out but you put our agents you didn't pull up people with corner people not to go trailer yes you told about not going no when they head you of course and inside are not to go vote yes did you vote yourself no look at me I didn't vote I didn't yes we don't know anybody who is a sympathizer of the NDC that's the water and you see the people the resort that were mentioned okay they were the first two hours of voting okay they realize things were not gooey India fever this were all plants that were arranged actually show that this were go India hi brother kiss me go in their favor anyway because we have allowed our people didn't go to vote so does she take it Lydia should take it the good Lord above would judge all of us and the NPP that's a muku guy who was talking the nationalize of the dance his bodyguard was part of this group all over with Dhaka allocations you make with us subjected it to any proof I'm system that you give me proof you don't have any giving it to your team to shoot it on the screen for everybody to see see see what does I mean what would be up to see the people behind these plans when you went to the police station when you and your officials went to the police station to report it did you submit this evidence to them the police investigation will happen during the investment have you submitted court to produce as a bit overly yes about report the fitness the police will cover better particulates so yeah this record are when you are going you have to provide as a bit that's all the time which the police you had this information I'm saying that during the investigation yeah we make necessary every day data on the face of this matter available to the police they are summed up projecting that this is a sign of what's likely to happen in the main general elections do you think so I think so that is why we need to put our house together as a party but the end is yes you've always had vigilante groups no no the names are about the Pampa not the ahsoka boys all of these abusers and MDC supertaça the for minority research among other parties and so some boys have been known in your MDC for a very long time that is you knew but we are very engagement as a new group the Hawks and all of those are at least the suicide for me from now onwards I believe that as a political party we have to protect ourselves because under nana do nobody secure former president who was said its 207 and ganya Zuba locates he said what he said that an attender they were going to contests yeah he categorically mention done not do we have to be very careful because there is nobody SETI's there's no pin where these ladies I'll give you the footage I mean I've seen that footage did not say that he said it should not vote for somebody who is not peaceful well I guess detail on this at the issues but what I thought I was going to the fullness I just be able to go to the other sections of the constituency what we have had so far is that out of the wonder 43 polish dishes we have 40 results for you and the 40 is there's a clear cut indication that the NPP's candidate is the one leading so Lydia al-hasan is the one leading and full of chili look that closely by the NDC's on the lolli grip on and we should be able to get you some more details about this center the collision center where the fire is also we put together this is an eccentric of Tyria of the investi of ghana and that's where all the action will be and i'm sure we referred up clearly to Natalie who wins I also was working on their can project into the future to see what's going to happen in the main election war she if she eventually becomes a winner maintain that seat oh the obese all surprise coming up in the near future what the NDC maintain dkb or change him for someone they think is more likely to give them the kind of victory that they may require in the next election so all of those are on our plates for a better analysis appreciation of the issues here on join us now I'm still here in the studio with one man who's been in the thick of affairs right from the morning he was one of the few people who alia came out to say that early on we believe that this election is not going well in fact he had shoot the letter Commission on choosing to conduct a lesson on it had fresh another twenty see what happened to that Caucasian where you are thrown out no really you know the case has not been thrown out but the case has now been called like it's a stalking call election is virtually done you know but we have filed a case and it will be in the history book that Supreme Court they are in charge they supervise our Constitution so if somebody is handling the Constitution with impunity who have the right as a citizen to appeal to the Supreme Court that is what we did so if the supreme court things in their wisdom that instead of sista B's the lashing could take place sixty five sisters it's not the Supreme Court we are waiting to hear from them and if they will respect the Constitution then what we are calling for is that this particular relation should they are not so to be fair you want election or not of course nothing that involve the religiosity were seeking that no at that time yes if the Constitution proves us all right meaning that whoever took that decision you understand to conduct the election after systemís the person has acted in violation so all that you accident occurred to say was that for the easy to effects the date on the Tet fresh and not try to say violation of its a violation of the Constitution yes and you are hinging this argument strongly on the section of the Constitution says that when the pressure is dice and this information to Parliament sixty days after that the letter Commission to hold an election and what you see is the latest is that the Supreme Court has not caught the issue yet you don't have a date for hearing yet do you know yes but the issue as the election has happened that does not it has not engaged your case before the course but you ask you to stop an action the action has already happened it doesn't matter I think that Colton a notional provision so immediately you violated the court can come at you at any time provided the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court judges and the Attorney General they want to act fail in the costs of duty with Ghanians about what to do that regard is part of the sea yes but the Attorney General would not suit your interests he would actually pursue the interest of the people that is why we are treading on dangerous ground so I were to go back to the courts and redefine the reliefs you are seeking and in this case instance that issue no we can't we can become very dense is that something you want to do I believe how to talk to my lawyers okay because under our Constitution since 1992 every important election observers are day yeah this particularly because of the nature of the atmosphere all the observers were out really yes could you said the other observers and they are given them a report and they go to issue a final report at the end of the day Cody you could you yes could you is not the only office yes that's it upset I could use an observer Scooby said all the observers are out but could you claim they were there they had representation on the ground okay let's see what do you bring what I they will tell us that the people that I saw in the children going round trying to put fear and panic around the polling stations whether it is right process or is a good atmosphere for any good democracy well I've heard the weather the coordinators Oh could you a battalion say that they were shocked to have seen them because we are going to intimidate the people of course after waiting on could use fine our blood Butte understand I'm not disputing you can imagine leg on compost yeah a cry for Hall you have been a student I was passing by and these guys they know me BT Micah I'm going and I asked is not this place a police station and the truth of try to make sure that they provoke you so in attempt to defend yourself they can do whatever do play masters ask them to do whatever is happening it was a plantain Nana dough would be defeated Daniels will say oh nana do we are the goddamn message was that if you are Gannon and you know that the economy is very hard things are not going well there is insecurity all over come and vote against lonardo so for another not to experience such a defeat then another axe invisible forces to talk of a police service that's a water education is not allegation alludes to this allocation I'm very surprised at you dot a lot bit surprised a media make an allegation amazi for proof he has approval I see folk now can invisible forces people beating a lawmaker and a policeman that's it's only because the man may be a policeman himself and that he believes that his colleagues is utter rights who told you that's a logical conclusion I wish we would arrive at sue so why is it the other police people they live in max their faces they are different units that were there don't be deceived please both at the level where the police gives us information and we take it the police state made I am afraid you've read a police it yeah is there any paragraph that indicates that these people from this unit and that is the Opera for the annuities but the police did not do what if there was not like completely me or that did us the police here these were people dress in a way you see this invisible forces they have a way of dressing the a khaki dress India top t-shirt black tea said I you know that's what they came with I think these are people that people plan that they account me to cause mayhem and beat our people my PC is traumatized the fabric Canada just traumatized me for me some of these things I have experienced on alcohol but large bullets you were telling me about you were telling me about how you went to court how you were seeking among thieves who are not this case going forward to does not send me a good signal that then this is really was not interested in this election because you ain't caught your kids are not behind would I be hypocritical on your side to support this election you know sir yes we didn't go to court to place an injunction on the illegalities we are we were humbly asking the Supreme Court that we'd India trade with India powers this should direct the electric commissioner to the waters respect the constitutional position because we believe that if we should be hundred the Constitution ambassador at our come the document Constitution who become a useless document there are nobody would believe in it nobody would trust it as a potent document that we have in this country going forward and if we refuse to product is you are as done that is my problem because these things will call for civil uprising some time to come because we don't have confidence in your judiciary we don't have confidence in the police you don't have confidence in other arms of government then the citizens would do what you because if you are I hope you are doing citing the people in this case I'm not excited because we are consequences that can happen when were people don't have confidence I'll bet you there are guys that came out openly today that we are going to confront these people unless nighttime I said we are a social democratic party our both our left and right forward back the ordinary so we have to be very careful when there is war is the ordinary can Yahoo sofa by LP people to take advantage of our leniency to cost more become I'm telling you we will openly me I will support it if NDC will have our own tax to face them glory me lessons we got this country does it belong to NPP now I know who died who never taken away so he cannot destroy Ghana before dying I'm sorry buddy to wrap up on this conversation so what we've been doing so far to get to appreciate what's happening on the ground there in the Iowas who was constituency I have with me and he's been with me throughout this conversation the constituency chairman of the MDC who was all the early people to have said we're no longer interested in that particular election because of what had happened now interestingly we also do know that so far some result have come in as shadows it did give us some detail on that we have able to Ghana almost 40 of those polling stations and they are one of the 43 of them so instead of one on three to go it's pretty clear that even among the 40 that we have received so far the NPP's candidate Liddy Al Hassan is in a comfortable lead and I used up a squares person adversely no I mean not to me that the other one II I'm saying you're on trying to say so will be pretty much wrapped up on this conversation you may need to handle what the news and our coverage will continue here on your election headquarters

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  5. We need peace in Ghana don't support one side if NDC do something isn't good let them know and if npp also do something bad let them know Ghana is not for npp and ndc and stop that stomach Journalist

  6. Does this journalist think it's about rattling English and twisting his lips and just enjoying unfruitful debate with his interviewee. Nonsenses

  7. Raymond and journalist like him will contribute to plunging Ghana into chaos. He's just trying to belittle what has happened today. Well if things fall apart he will not able to come and twist and turn his lips on TV as he's doing now. I don't understand why journalist pretend they cannot decipher or read between the lines, they are always pretending. God help us!

  8. This journalist don't want to listen… If you don't wanna listen why did you called him there… Let him talk you are not the only one listening… Kwasia kwa

  9. Sit there and ask stupid questions. When the country begins to burn u will see whether u will have a studio to relax

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