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let's get talking about some politics there's been mixed reaction among some constituents of Iowa so West work on following the construction of roads around Joel and it environs just the week to the by-elections the construction words were started a week ago has got some resident excited about the faith left being given to the bad roads in the area but it has some question has some of them questioning the timing of the project Battle of Omega has been engaged in the mood that I believe a Enjoli all communities within the Iowa so West Logan constituency ahead of the by-elections the electric Commission has said that first January for the by-election of the Iowa's West worgen constituency we know that this constituency has been without an MP following the demise of Immanuel Sherman same jaquandae MP in the coming days don't be a by-election it appears to be a clean conscience between MVPs Lydia al-hasan and NDC's de la ligue received a poem we also have the PPP's William do a poll and also we have the LPGs Clement Brady what are the chances we are here at Abilene Fay one of the communities and that Iowa's west work on constituency to engage residents on what the make of this by-election what are the expectations we'll be engaging them to find out more so let me find out from you Kwame what are your expectations over the elections next week I thought they started fixing our like 16 main our roots after because of the election we rot died they are not ready to fix the kind of things Forks so I don't think it's right if they are santi to do issues starting before the election it's not it shouldn't be because a lashing time is studded filter light and our roots I don't think is fair so that is what I think that you give us proper reason why we should vote for them it's not about two days three days for election they start with my rude and my life it's not proper so hurry do you also shame menachem is argument that it's a way to buy your vote no it's no because yeah last year before the demise of honorable chairman ting we had a town hall meeting over I promise the consistency that this year Joel available in P is going to have a massive development but they're rude and the street light already the street light we have some light around already why is it like this time so after the death of mr. chair my team and a wife also jump in to be the two standing for the MPP what do you want to see moving forward yeah we done what he said we want us there why for the incoming MP we wanted to continue with the vision of the husband so that if they can tied up the route because they wrote it very bad but he promised out that this year that's what is going to happen and when you go to Georgie Dada Jordi have started already and we come to I believe a part of obliquity rooted in Crete but we want the asphalt rather she put it as fatty they love for the lattices that we are okay with the lightest blah each food I have a street light so what we want is the route so the outcome of freely because when the the n1 is choked with traffic it's like most of the cutter head into a much so much more telepathy used to construe I believe me here so what we did learn we live them to repeat the route to the traffic we flew here to ship especially like how they study 50 our Road and our lighting 16 it's good that is what you want by shouldn't be because of a lesson time before they study and look things so am expecting something better from them not like so something better what exactly do you want meant everything should be but I mean see this kind of bad rules and this etc is no happiness so if they can't do something better that you to help the people around here that is all you want I have Nana Yao and an acquire me with me here they are also residents of Jolie let me first pick their thoughts what do you make of the elections that are coming on nasty well I know that the elections coming off this is a very hot seat especially for for the MPP so I think as we can see if you look around there are lots of stuff that beamed and to remind the people that say we are here for you and know that so I think it shows I it's a hot seat for them and then the nd seat so you can see when you look around so they're also reminding their people that also we are also here we are still here to compete but when you look at when you look at everything it shows that yeah it's Jo Lou and then you know this constituency also includes Lee go on yeah and then yeah me out a lot of people register know that so it's it's a really important when it's a really important one for that matter so from you Nana Kwame what are your expectations overly you know Jo Lou should I say was an MPP seat for and the man died so there's going to be an election or something so I'm just hoping and praying whoever he is he's going to continue from where the man left off it wouldn't be like maybe entity was here and maybe NBC wins whoever comes will be like okay the man was doing this I'm not going to continue from there you should do continuation so that you're going to live in harmony Charlie it's it's very helpful because it got to a point the silver dust all around my job is a little far away from here and you know there's where I good so many doesn't say the husband then the dust is going to be off another stuff so I think it's okay for the will being fixed though I wouldn't say is because of the by-election basis has been done it is good for everybody nothing if should be fixed so let me find out from Yunnan il you you say the MPP is doing a lot today and this is also doing something just to remind people that look we are here for you do you think they are generally here for you don't you in one way or the other thing that they are in orders because they want you to vote for them that's why bi get to know these roots fix these lights fixed yeah the last question you ask the answer is simply yes Murad on the contrary to what he's saying I really think that this shouldn't be a platform for you to be fixing roots and then to be to be doing stuff cause we are ghanians we've been taking for granted a hoe for a whole long so I'm really elections shouldn't be the time that you should see developmental projects and all that going on it that means that you had the the funds to do this by you we're waiting to do it to buy boots and I don't think it's it's it's sensible for well I'm going to be taking the election though but I'm no I'm not going to be swayed because of the road I'm not going to be sweet not from a political point of view I'm going to do it as a citizen because it's my eyewear I have the rights to do so and but looking at the fact that people they are building roots and then making their dreams and then make your streets lights because of the election that's that's that's something appalling because if you had these funds there and then we didn't do it to the elections I mean what do you think of us that you just do it enemy for God we forget that the road was in a mess and order and then with the hissed at they did it to question goes to the quality of the road how long will it keep so are they going to and then I'm sure it was games it was charged with the same amounts that may be doing it properly would but because of elections everything had to be had to move on like a lot Swift swiftly than normal so yeah we are tired of being taken for granted so if you have money to do these things then you do them on time and you do them in time or something before elections so that we know that you are really here for us here at Jolie where residents say this road has been fixed because of the upcoming by-elections they want this to stop residents are saying that politicians should not wait til elections before they start fixing issues that concern them they have a tall list of expectations ranging from security market good world and streetlights modes they are hoping that whoever would emerge winner would help address these issues for joy news Mathilde from Agra Jolie Accra and here in the studio I'm going to take you through a quick information that's about that constituency that particular constituency and how the political parties have fared so far so let me introduce you to those figures right now so we're starting from the Year 1992 in 1992 there was a dr. Frances Napoleon Kakuma whose party was the NCP of course we don't have the details for the votes and the percentage there but in 1996 Rebecca Aquila and ohtake who stood for the NBC one by 15 had 15,000 89 votes and of course at thirty thirty five point one zero percent there but in 2000 George Isaac a mu or the NPP I'm seated hair with seventeen thousand five hundred and fifty five votes move forward from mayor to to 2004 and the NPP maintained the seat with 28,000 636 which also tells you that the population just keeps growing and the NPP at the time was represented by Akashi afirma or sale Perry who was the MP then who is at the moment the she the the chief of staff who is also the very first female chief of staff for Ghana in 2008 madama koshihimo sale Perry maintained the seat for the NPP were 24,000 603 which tells you as well if you look at the 2004 digits that well the figures went down what it means is that it's either the population decreased in fact the voting population decrease are the people decided not to vote in 2012 Amano Chama take a jacuz of the NPP maintained a seat for the NPP s were were thirty one thousand eight hundred and seven votes and in 2016 he still maintained it until he died while he also maintained over thirty two thousand five hundred and ninety one but he died unfortunately last year and which is why there's the need for this by-election his partner is standing in that election I was supposed to have a conversation on this particular development other Iowa so west walk on constituency with the NB c–'s representative were the CPP's representative but they did not show up and so we're not having NACA actually the seat the PPP's representative this show up but was quite impatient and left us along the line but we'll be monitoring that election will bring you more on it

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  1. Point of correction, according to my records 1992 parliamentary seat for ayawaso west wuogon was won by Ken Dzrasah of the crooked NDC.

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