Awestruck: Surprising facts about why we fall for charismatic leaders | Jochen Menges | TEDxUHasselt

Maurice Vega

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  1. If making others feeling good would all the charismatic leaders should have, then clowns should be those. True leaders allow their true Self to emerge, to be authentic, true, and allow others around them to be as it is. Others feel good not because the leader makes them laugh but because they subconsciously feel that they are accepted, even encouraged by themselves to be authentic self.

  2. Obama might've been the most charismatic president in US history, as well as the greatest public speaker out of all presidents. Regardless of whether you liked his presidency or not. Double whammy.

  3. All what I got is "Charismatic leaders speech has a bigger influence but put less knowledge in people's minds" So? what do you want? what's your point? how this can help if I'm an attendant or a leader?

  4. And six months after that speech, Americans chose Trump – a lot of charisma and nothing more … Jochen Menges – simply brilliant in this sort of "prediction".

  5. Many in the audience seem to exhibit defensive postures. I wonder why. Did they think he was attacking Obama? Speech writers strive for charisma in speeches and voters expect it.

  6. I generally like Ted talks, but the Tedx ones can be by people who are weird and generally have some kind of trauma they are trying to resolve by telling people they are wrong. This man's speech is about his jealousy of academics. He is trying to resolve his feeling of inadequacy by creating abstract ways in which they 'just couldn't factor it [his skill, emotional intelligence] into any equation they had learnt'. Most academics wouldn't say we 'should talk in equations' because that makes no sense – he has just either fabricated the anecdote for the purpose of laughing at people he feels inferior to or exaggerated what the actual thing was. He also engaged in ridiculous pseudo science such as a periodic table of emotions (what the hell is that about?).

    In short: his talk is just to lash out at scientists whom he feels inferior to and to create a defence mechanism against that: the belief that he has a skill they are too simple to understand.


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