Australian politicians finally defend free speech rights of Julian Assange

Maurice Vega

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  1. What do you think: Will Australia's government stand up to defend Julian Assange's free speech & human rights?
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  2. Rex Patrick is an independent member of the Australian Senate — he is not in the Liberal National Party (LNP) which won the recent Election. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in April 2019 that Assange is "not going to be given special treatment" and "It has got nothing to do with" Australia, "it is a matter for the US". Morrison and his LNP must be the most right-wing Party in the history of Australia. Morrison would be at home in the company of Neocons like Bolton, Pompeo, and Abrams. Quite likely, Morrison would actively support the imprisonment of Julian Assange if given the chance. Do not expect the Australian Government to do anything about the plight of Julian Assange.

  3. Wrong title: "Australian politicians finally defend free speech rights of Julian Assange"

    Correct title: "Australien politicians finally defend free speech rights of Julian Assange"

  4. The fake news "journalists" deserve everything they are getting because of their unethical, and fake political motivated narrative they spew everyday, and they have propagate since Trump has been POTUS, the deep state is after Assange, because he has publicised things on the ex-administration. HRC, he / Assange is a real Journalist! Trump is not gonna go after Assange at all! But if Assange will remain in UK he won't survive! I trust President Trump. IMO

  5. Are journalists allowed to lie? Are journalists allowed to participate the overthrow of the Constitution that protects them?

  6. that is so true what Peter said,American law is now world law! And these half-witted so called journalists who are either too stupid or too cowardly to say `No,this is wrong` Dont seem to realise that Assange is the thin end of the wedge,this is just the beginning of the end of freedom of the press and freedom of speech

  7. The Australian government has behaved disgracefully, hanging Julian Assange out to dry for years. I don't care why they are deciding to speak up for him now, I'm just glad they are.

    Julian Assange has been hospitalised today, God knows what's happened to him in that place. I guess all we can do is pray he's going to be OK.

  8. FYI, Rex Patrick is not an Australian Government member although he's in the Federal Parliament as a Senator for the Centre Alliance (small party rep). He, along with a handful of independents, hold the balance of power in the Senate atm and so may have some impact but don't hold your breath given this involves the US!! There have been protests but they haven't had mainstream media coverage. Many people are keeping the pressure on .. calling and writing to foreign minister and PM, protests etc.. but now Sweden are coming after Julian again!! This is life and death chess game. What a mess!

  9. There is nothing surprising about the Australian Governments behaviour, not to anyone who has lived, worked and been aware there. You have to remember, Australians are AngloSaxons, [mainly, although it's changing], they are part of the 5-eyes Mob, they are vassals. When Washington says "Jump", Canberra says "Yessir, yessir, how high sir, would you like cream with that sir". The stats have shown that the number of over 55yrs living homeless on the streets is rising astronomically. The Governments of Australia raided the private and highly successful Superannuation Fund, to which we workers had paid 7.5% of our income via taxes. They took the billions in it, and shut it down. Now they pay a retirement super so pitiful, it doesn't even cover rents. If you dont own your own house, or have family willing and able to help you, God help you, you end up living on the streets. But Washington needs money, and informed Canberra that Australia would be spending 90$ billion on unwanted or needed F-35's. Did the Government say "No, we can't afford that, it has to go the retired"? The Hell they did. Again, they said "Yessir". So – do you think Washington has not given them orders re how to treat Assange? And their reaction will be as always. "Yessir. certainly Sir".

  10. Oh you hopeless fools! The quislings in Canberra in all parties are so witless and devoid of national responsibility that they will wait for Washington to tell them what to do. The conservative government did nothing to stand up for the rights of two Australians in Guantanamo and sat about while they were left uncharged and incarcerated for five years. Meanwhile in Oz our MSM just repeats US msm lies and accusations and the Australian population knows NOTHING of how Julian Assange is being railroaded, if anything they will repeat the msm line that Assange is the guilty party and that’s only if they have ever heard of him!. Shame and ignorance. There is support for Assange only in progressive US and progressive Europe.
    I like this conversation but I have heard nothing here of what you are talking about! I would be very relieved if what you are saying is true. Peter respect to you.

  11. We once had a government that was for the people but when he demanded the Aust government had a right to intelligence from spy stations in Aust he was another victim of rigime change

  12. Sen. Nick McKim has always defended Assange, but nobody listens to the Greens. Mainstream politicians have never said much other than they can't interfere with UK courts until former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr finally spoke up

  13. Australians have become a weak kneed society. The government in Australia will lick anybody's arse or suck cock if they think it will keep them in power. They walk all over the Australian people and the people let them. She won't be apples any longer. The Aussies need to take a stand, doesn't matter how painful it will be. Melbourne needs to sort itself out. Stand up, fight for your rights, demonstrate in the streets, cause kaos for the government. Start a Yellow Vest movement, demonstrate week after week. Go in the streets and cause as much trouble as you can.

  14. Maddow, Hayes, Cuomo, Lemon made this all possible by 24/7 demonization of Trump and Wikileaks.

  15. Trump needs Assange to launch Trump Media when he retires from politics just before 2020 election. Thus inheriting the 4th estate

  16. Australian govt is USAs balls no what about who's been held to account for all of wikileaks revelations??

  17. pardon for all then empty all prisons too no more DOUBLE STANDARDS PETER LAVELLE what happened to RT ??? usta mean something
    these folks need to address their ruthless behavior and ps strip them of all their stolen assets and no more children to eat or screw {wow what a hell for them }

  18. Your all talking shit u don't even know the evidence they have on him for all we know he could of gave information to terrorists or they got hold of information he stole that could of caused thousands of lives in war zones

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